11 Top Tudor Watches To Buy Right Now - Black Bay 54, Pelagos 39
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11 Top Tudor Watches To Buy Right Now - Black Bay 54, Pelagos 39

11 Top Tudor Watches To Buy Right Now - Black Bay 54, Pelagos 39


Tudor originated as an offspring of Rolex’s portfolio. Originally named ‘Veuve de Philippe Huther’ and founded in 1926, the owner of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf made the executive decision to acquire the brand and rename it ‘Tudor’. The brand's watches were sold throughout Rolex boutiques and have resulted in the phenomenal brand we know today! Heck, if it’s good enough for their first brand ambassador, David Beckham, you know you are on to a good thing watch fans.

Tudor watches are therefore deemed to be an accessible luxury watch brand which offer an affordable alternative to Rolex watches. With ambassadors like Tom Cruise and singer Lady Gaga, the brand has moved from strength to strength and can now competently deal excellent watches by themselves. 

As such, Chrono Hunter thinks it's only fair to get specific and let you in on the top 6 Tudor watches you should buy right now! Let's roll!


Tudor Pelagos 39


The Tudor Pelagos 39 is one of the watches which has every capability of revolutionising the entire horological industry. One of the hot drops of 2022, The Pelagos first started in 2012 alongside the highly successful Black Bay. Developing over time with upgrades like new movements, watches which were militarised like the FXD and now the Pelagos 39. Suffice to say, it's all great stuff guys and worth you buying!


Technical Features Of The Tudor Pelagos 39


The Pelagos 39 utilises the MT5400 movement which enables the wearer unprecedented accuracy and quality which is perfect for those looking to buy a Tudor.


Pelagos 39 - Source - Tudor

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This automatic movement is given the rare privilege of being COSC certified, meaning this timepiece meets a high standard of precision, operating between -4 to +6 seconds daily, making it a great model to buy.  The Pelagos 39 actually operates between a -2 to +4 variation, allowing the watch to be as accurate as one of Beckham’s crosses! 

The model runs at a strong 4Hz and gives a projected power reserve of 70 hours. Enough to fly to your villa in Marbella for the weekend and back again! 

The movement is extremely secure due to it being protected by the highly regarded variable inertia balance, traversal bridge and robust anti-magnetic silicon hairspring. Consequently, this allows these Tudor watches to remain accurate against any form of magnetism or abrasions meaning you can buy this model with no fear of it dying on you! 


Construction of The Tudor Pelagos 39


The Pelagos 39 is crafted using a unidirectional bezel as an ode to the diving community! And we do love homage at Chrono Hunter. 


Pelagos 39 - Source - Tudor

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On to the bezel which is made of grade 2 titanium and given a highly durable ceramic insert which provides a beautiful shine when polished. This is especially true due to the sunray effect the bezel offers. 

The sunray finish matches the dial which is given a simple colour scheme of a black background alongside white indices. The flange is sandblasted adding extra timekeeping design to the sunray dial as well as enjoying top-notch legibility which is a key aspect for those looking to buy a reliable watch.  

The iconic Tudor snowflake hands are given a good dose of X1 Swiss Super-Luminova not to mention the squared, monobloc ceramic indices. 39mm for a dive watch? This is the future, Timelords! While some may see the brand as pretty vanilla, one cannot deny the craftsmanship. Made out of titanium, this timepiece stings like a butterfly and floats like a bee. That said, it is extremely lightweight yet infinitely tougher than their stainless steel counterparts. Think Rolex Deepsea Challenge or Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Tech if you are looking to buy bulkier watches!


The case is satin-brushed and is fitted with the brand’s signature T-fit clasp system to ensure easy micro-adjustments. Moreover, the diving extension allows the bracelet to expand to fit over a swimsuit. After all, it is a dive watch at heart and if you want to emulate Jacques Cousteau, the Tudor Pelagos 39 is an excellent purchase.

It has however replaced dive watch elements like the helium escape valve in exchange for chamfered bevels and the mirror like sheen given off by the polished titanium casing. By dropping 300 metres of water resistance in comparison with its predecessors, this Tudor model now attains a depth of 200 metres which is more than enough for the common user or avid enthusiast. Unless you want to buy an Omega Ploprof!

Pair this beauty with your luxury Villebrequin swimming trunks for those beachside days in Bali or dress it up with a black suit to match the dial when sealing deals in the office. Feeling like you need to buy an investment piece? The Pelagos 39 is COSC certified and represents a new breed of dive watch. Therefore, it has potential to be a solid Tudor watch to invest in. 

You can buy a Tudor Pelagos 39 at retail for £3,850 at the time of writing. 


Black Bay 54


Following on from the stunning Tudor Submariner 54, the Black Bay 54 follows a few of the same design codes as its predecessor. Released during Watches and Wonders 2023, The Black Bay 54 is a fresh breed of a stunning model which is certainly worth a buy! Following on from the phenomenal Oyster Prince Submariner way back in 1958, the black dial with gold elements has continued through the years!


Technical Features


Powered by the same calibre as the Pelagos 39, you can buy this model and receive the highly revered calibre MT5400.


Black Bay 54 - Source -  Tudor

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It’s an automatic movement which features a few key components which enhance the quality of the movement. Take for example the balance bridge, the variable inertia wheel and even a silicon hairspring in order to repel any magnetism in order to ensure the quality of the movement. 

Beating at a steady rate of 4Hz, the model operates well within the parameters of COSC requirements, hitting a solid rate of -2/+4 seconds per day. Furthermore, we like the strong power reserve of 70 hours. Suffice to say, you won't be running into any trouble if you buy a Tudor Black Bay 54!


Construction of the Tudor Black Bay 54


Composed of stainless steel, the craftsmanship styles are very much linked to the older Oyster Prince reference 7922. 

By keeping the case sizing at 37mm, the design codes follow the structure of the 7922. That's not all! By not using hash marks and keeping the triangle at 12 o’clock, the watch clearly relates back to the vintage watches of the 50s which allows the watch to be versatile in its modern movements and classic casing. Fantastic!


Black Bay 54 - Source -  Tudor

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Tudor have stayed ahead of the horological curve by keeping their model capped at 37mm. After all, didnt you know that smaller watches are now very much in favour! The Black Bay 54 features silver markings on the bezel in order to keep with the steely aesthetic of the model. 

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that both the indices and hands hark to the vintage stylings of Tudor watches of yesteryear. Given a golden tinge, they clearly stand out against the black dial and add a luxurious yet elegant feel to what ultimately is a dive watch. 

The bezel is given a serrated edge in order to enhance your grip when turning, keeping with the diver vibe. Furthermore, the solid caseback, as well as the domed sapphire caseback all relate to the diving endeavours you may find yourself committed to if you decide to buy a Tudor Black Bay 54!

Buy this model and wear it over a few cocktails in Claridges, for that chic pool party or with a stunning suit. This model is as malleable as it is durable, allowing you to buy this bad boy and pair it with any manner of versatile outfits. The Black Bay’s heritage is evergreen and has since been updated to a modern construction with its on trend smaller wrist size and strong MT5400 calibre. Suffice to say, this model has the potential to be the best Tudor watch to invest in if you seek to buy a Tudor Black Bay 54.

You can buy a Tudor Black Bay 54 at retail starting from £3,030 at the time of writing. 


Tudor 1926 - 36mm 


As the lesser known brother of the brand’s portfolio, The underrated Tudor 1926 is named after the brand's registration of the name ‘Tudor’ by Rolex owner Hans Wilsdorf. The collection is eclectic and we believe it to be the epitome of the brand's dress watch lineup!


Technical Features


Most of The 1926 features the automatic ETA 2824 movement. 


1926 - Source - Komax 

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The movement is one that has been outsourced which does for many pose itself as a negative due to in-house movements being more revered. This is the same for the ETA 2671 which is featured in the smaller 28mm watches and runs at around the same figures of the 2824. 

Meanwhile, the steady 4Hz movement pulsates at a respectable rate while the modest 38 hour power reserve means you can let your model off your wrist for just under 2 days. Chrono Hunter believes that you should keep this bad boy around the office or for after work drinks!

While you may be a little disappointed at the results of the movement, we can assure you that for the classy model style and affordable price point, you won't be dismayed for too long!


Construction Of The Tudor 1926


Crafted out of stainless steel, this particular model measures 36mm, offering ample room on your wrist to showcase it with cuffs.


1926 - Source - Watch Palace

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Given a sublime polished finish, the model offers a mirror like sheen which enhances the dress model aesthetic that the brand is aiming for. A brushed effect would’ve been too reminiscent of sports watches and the mirror like finish allows light to glint off the watch, drawing more eyes than you would maybe care for! You’ll certainly be talk of the town if you buy a Tudor 1926!

The bezel is given a polished finish, pertaining to the rest of the case and allows the model to be seamless in its construction. It doesn't have the serrated edges of dive watches like the Rolex Submariner or the AM/PM indices the brands own Black Bay GMT watches. Instead, it's fixed in place and negates any engravings in order to keep the model extremely minimalist and clean. 

The dial is opaline, offering the cleaness of white with a waffle dial, pertaining to the artistic and extremely hypnotic dial motif that the brand has chosen for this model. It instantly draws the eye to the watch and allows the purple indices and hands to be instantly visible. Notice the minute intervals on the periphery of the dial are removed from the waffle pattern, allowing them to stand out against the plain white background. 


The date aperture at 3 o'clock is subtle and could almost be missed if not for the black numbering and its prominent positioning on the dial's face. Protected by a sapphire crystal, you can ensure that it's not just a model for good looks, it can read the time exceptionally well. The bracelet is similarly crafted out of stainless steel but deviates in its finish, utilising both satin brushing for the outer links and a polished glean for the centre links. 

While it's water resistant to 100 metres, we recommend you wear this beauty for the best events in your life like your wedding day or buying it after that big promotion. If you need further inspiration about special occasion watches, you might want to peruse one of our recent features here

The model may not be the most valuable watch you will own due to its limited notoriety amongst the brand's collectors. However, don't be dissuaded, Timelords! This is still a stunning watch that still has potential to be the best Tudor watch for investment.

You can buy a Tudor 1926 36mm at retail for £1,660 at the time of writing. 


Tudor Submariner


As we’ve already expressed, Tudor and Rolex are timekeeping brothers in arms, with Rolex taking the role as the older, more established brother of the pair. As such, we may notice some cross over in regards to the watches released by each brand. The Submariner is certainly no exception! In 1999, The Submariner was discontinued meaning you have to be extra quick to get your hands on one!


Technical Features


The Submariner utilises the ETA 2483 movement. 


Submariner - Source - Bazamu

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As an automatic movement, it’s not the fastest model to be frank, as it runs at 18,000VpH. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t bring down the quality of the model itself. It’s important to remember that this is a collection that was discontinued pre-2000 after all!

The model utilises some very important updates however like a Glucydur balance with Incabloc shock protection. A balance made of Glucydur is excellent as its construction as a copper alloy allows the model to be hard and resistant to any corrosion and magnetic fields. The Incabloc shock protection essentially dampens the impact of knocks and abrasions, allowing the model to continue to run with ease. 


Construction Of The Tudor Submariner


The case is crafted out of stainless steel and has a little difference to it when compared to some of the other brands watches. 


Submariner - Source - Tudor Sub

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Rolex supported Tudor through their early years by offering their movements and cases. This model is no exception as the case is actually one from Rolex themselves. Not to cramp the brand's style but to have a case from Rolex is a massive boost in the quality of the model. 

Measuring 39.5mm, the model is fairly small for a dive watch and utilises other Rolex features like the sizable crown with features Rolex insignia and the bulky lugs on either side of it. The dial's face features all the vintage aspects you would expect from a model stemming back to the 1960s. Matt black, cream indices and Mercedes hands stand out superbly against the dial. 

The minute intervals are given the same colour, allowing the dial's face to stand out clearly in an obvious promotion of legibility. Yet, Super-Luminova isn't used here. Sigh. Rather, tritium is adopted which offers a more limited glow over a period of time. 

While it may not be as effective as the later SuperLuminova or Luminova updates, it enhances its collectability due to tritium being rarely used today. The acrylic crystal rises sharply from the model, creating a unique dome design which isn't very present in modern watches to date. Since it doesn’t use a sapphire crystal, the vintage status of the model is again confirmed, offering a phenomenal opportunity as the best Tudor watch to invest in.


Submariner - Source - Tudor Collector 

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The bracelet gives a nod to Rolex as it uses the classic Oyster bracelet which utilises a brushed finish on the outside and a polished finish on the inside. This means that the ruggedness of the model is retained through the brushed finish while the more formal polished finish allows the watch to be worn in a variety of situations. 

Representing a perfect entry point to the Rolex Submariner, you can wear this delightful vintage piece in the sea due to its 200 metres water resistance or in the office in your new sharp suit while displaying its ultra minimalist design. Vintage watches are more in demand than Boris Johnson’s unredacted diaries, providing the perfect opportunity to invest. 

This is especially the case when it comes to watches with a rich heritage. By incorporating some of Rolex’s creations like the bracelet and case, the model is more durable than your standard Tudor and the association with such a lauded brand will enable its value to further increase. Vintage elements like the usage of tritium on the indices and hands mean the model is more desirable to collectors, allowing this to become one of the best Tudor watches to invest in. 

You can no longer buy a Tudor Submariner at retail but you can buy it on the secondary market for around £10,500 at the time of writing. 


Tudor Black Bay 58 Bronze


Bronze watches are something that's becoming a little more familiar in the horological world. In fact, this Watches and Wonders 2023 yielded some stunning watches like The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 White Bronze. But The Black Bay 58 Bronze is a genuine horological contender in this field and we’re all for it!


Technical Features 


Sized up at 43mm, the Black Bay 58 Bronze instantly makes a mark by being one of the larger watches in the Black Bay collection. 


​​Black Bay 58 - Source - ISOCHRONO

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Powered by the calibre MT5601, it houses the variable-inertia balance and impressive 70 hour power reserve. The model both has the longevity and durability to withstand all your busy lifestyles! Cranking out 28,800VpH of horological goodness, the automatic movement powers itself through the day effortlessly. 

COSC certified, accuracy and reliability is a given, especially since it employs the use of silicon balance springs to counteract any of those nasty magnetic fields. Perfect for those looking to buy a watch that will stand out in the office!


Construction Of The Tudor Black Bay 58 Bronze


Bronze by name and without doubt bronze by its very nature, this baby is heavier than steel. Therefore, this model is not for the faint hearted or those who are too climatised to steel Black Bay watches. It doesn't feel like you are wearing a 47mm Panerai Luminor Marina however, so leave your negative connotations at the front door before slipping this on!

 Black Bay 58 Bronze - Source - Beyond The Dial

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The Black Bay 58 Bronze is extremely sturdy and is enhanced over other materials such as anti corrosion and scratch resistance. The caseback is satin finished and is given a bronze PVD coating instead of being actually crafted from bronze. 

Due to the screw down crown, serrated rotatable bezel edge and solid caseback, the model is capable of reaching depths of 200 metres of water resistance. Crafted with sapphire crystal, the watch is tough and repellent against most scratches. The dial is given a matte grey colour scheme which allows the bronze edged white hands and indices clear legibility. 

The Arabic numerals are complemented with circular indices to create a stunning dial design, especially with the Rolex inspired Mercedes hands. The strap is crafted out of grey nubuck leather, providing a supple band to hold the bronze watch to your wrist. The strap has a bronze buckle in order to keep the entire model seamless and enhance the security of the watch. You’ll have nothing but the utmost protection should you decide to buy a Tudor Bay 58 Bronze.

Bronze is a stunning colour and patinas over time, allowing the watch to change and be unique to the wearer. This means that while it will appear phenomenal riding the waves like the bronze boats of old, it looks just as sublime alongside a black cashmere jumper!

The Black Bay 58 Bronze has bags of potential for avid collectors and enthusiasts. This is because bronze is rarely used in the horological world, especially since it patinas, making it individual to the user. The movement is COSC certified, allowing the watch to last longer and not become quickly inaccurate, rendering the watch reliable and maybe even the best Tudor watch to invest in!

You can buy a Tudor Black Bay 58 Bronze at retail for £3,680 at the time of writing. 


Tudor Black Bay GMT 


GMT Watches have been expanding since, well the age of transcontinental travel in the 50’s. As such, the brand has jumped on board with some stunning editions of GMT watches


Technical Features


The MT5652 movement is given the brand’s charm of COSC certification and is given an accuracy variation of between -4/+6 seconds per day. 

 Black Bay GMT - Source - ROX Magazine

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The watch utilises a ‘jumping hand’ which allows three time zones to be calculated instead of the usual two. The jumping hand allows time to be manipulated through just a few alterations of the crown. The jumping hand and the standard GMT hand is more than enough for calculations against the 24 hour bezel. 

Offering a 70 hour power reserve, the watch will allow you to enjoy that last minute weekend getaway, a quick trip to the Bahamas and back or a cruise around the sunny peninsulas!


Construction of The Tudor Black Bay GMT


The Black Bay GMT features a polished finish on the sides of the watch, giving a mirror-like glean to those casting eyes on it. They are pretty sizable too, relating to the tool watch nature of the watch and its necessity to have width for added durability. 


Black Bay GMT - Source - Tudor

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The model has a thin bezel with a serrated edge to allow maximum grip in all circumstances. In comparison to the case, the bezel comes across as very small but its strong colour scheme allows the bezel to beam out of the watch beautifully. 

Reminiscent of Rolex GMT watches from 2018, the Black Bay GMT utilises a ‘Pepsi’ style bezel with the red and blue colour scheme. While it doesnt use the highly durable ceramic bezel that Rolex employs, the brand goes for an aluminium bezel instead which offers the watch a more vintage slant. 

The bezel markedly stands out around the matt black dial, offering clear visibility of the AM and PM indices on the bezel. The indices and snowflake hands are given a cream colour, allowing clear legibility against the black dial. The indices vary between prominent dots and rectangles which are extremely legible, especially since they are all doused with a blast of Super-Luminova. 

The bracelet is crafted out of stainless steel and tapers in size from 22mm from the lugs to 18mm at the clasp which allows a more comfortable wear on the wrist. Coherent in its stainless steel build with the aesthetically pleasing Pepsi style bezel, the watch can be worn when shaking hands with family at a get-together, firing out spreadsheets in the office or lounging around by the swim-up bar.

The Black Bay GMT will potentially become more valuable as it uses the same coloured bezel as the highly revered Rolex ‘Pepsi’ as it is made out of aluminium, relating to the vintage construction of older watches. The latest release at Watches and Wonders 2023 utilises the highly desired Opaline dial which isn't used all that often in the horological world! These little amendments could make this beauty the best Tudor watch to invest in 2023!

You can buy a Tudor Black Bay GMT at retail for £3,590 at the time of writing. 


Tudor Black Bay P01


The Tudor Black Bay P01 has its history dating back to the prototypes made for the US Navy  

in the 1960s. 


Technical Features


The Tudor Black Bay P01 is powered by the Calibre MT5612. This movement powers functions like the hours, minutes, seconds and the date aperture which is present at 3 o’clock. Unfortunately, the watch has a solid caseback, but don't be dissuaded yet time peeps! The movement features an open worked rotor which features various finishes like sandblasting and sand-brushing.


Black Bay P01 - Source - Pons 1845

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Complemented with a variable inertia balance and a traversing bridge, the watch is built for longevity and durability. The movement is also supported by a non-magnetic silicon spring which means the watch is more than suitable for firing off emails at your work computer! With a 70 hour power reserve, the watch is COSC certified, ensuring the quality of the movement. 


Construction Of The Tudor Black Bay P01


As part of the Black Bay family, the watch combines both the classic aesthetic of the collection with the prototype touches of the past. 


Black Bay P01 - Source - Luxify

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The dial's face enjoys its classic snowflake hands which relates to the iconic Black Bay feature in 1969. So, what makes this watch a prototype? The ‘hinged end-link system’ relates to a patent in 1968 and essentially allows a locking and dismantling system for the bezel to ensure its longevity. 

This particular patent has been adapted for the P01 model, as the bi-directional rotating bezel features a stop system at the end link at 12 o’clock. The watch is waterproof up to 200 metres due to the solid caseback and the date aperture at 3 o’clock offers a nice addition to the dial's face. 

The dial is matt black while the circle and baton style indices are luminescent, ensuring visibility at all times. Crafted out of stainless steel, the case is satin-brushed, giving the watch a grainy effect, and lending to the rugged nature of the watch. 

Step into summer with style and pair this with a short sleeve polo shirt for summer. The watch has the potential to be the best Tudor watch to invest in because its unorthodox construction as a Tudor watch, renders it a rarer model, especially since it was originally a prototype many moons ago.

You can buy a Tudor Black Bay P01 at retail for £3,350. 


Tudor Royal 38mm


The Tudor Royal 38mm is a staple of the Tudor sport-chic style. 


Technical Features 


The Tudor Royal 38mm is fitted with the Calibre T601. 

The movement itself is a self-winding mechanical movement which has the capability of pulling a 38 hours power reserve. While the movement is not bad, the real fun comes in the form of stunning dial colour and an interesting colour scheme in terms of the case.


Royal - Source - Tudor

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Construction Of The Tudor Royal 38mm


The construction Of The Tudor Royal 38mm is centred around Tudor’s skillfully crafted sports watches, but with the added dose of good looks!

The watch has an integrated bracelet which allows the entire piece to be seamlessly connected. The Royal collection isn't as well known as the Black Bay portfolio, but these latest editions could have the possibility to move the collection up in the ranks! 

The dial is chocolate brown which stands out superbly against the two-tone bracelet and case. The case blends both polished and satin finished, resulting in a stunning effect throughout. The dial features applied Roman Numerals and a date aperture which can be seen at 3 o’clock. As for the bezel, it is crafted out of yellow gold and is slightly notched, offering more dimensions to the watches aesthetics. 

The integrated bracelet is crafted out of 316L steel and yellow gold and consists of 5 rows of links. This time, satin-brushed finishes are visible on the central links, while there is a polished finish present on the intermediate links, resulting in a rugged effect which is more than apt for the sports watch. 

Feeling as rugged as the timepiece? Get on some classic blue jeans and a denim jacket for that Canadian Tux look when out socialising with your buddies! The watches' uncanny construction of both steel and yellow gold stand the model out in the Tudor brand. Combine this with the integrated bracelet style, akin to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and you have a piece which may be the best Tudor watch to invest in 2023!

You can buy a Tudor Royal 38mm at retail for £3,020. 


Tudor Royal 41mm


The Royal collection has been updated at this year's Watches and Wonders 2023


Technical Features


Powered by the Calibre T603, The Tudor Royal 41mm has a self-winding mechanical movement which has a fairly competent power reserve of 38 hours. Throw it off for your business trip and return home to it still running!

Royal - Source - Tudor

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COSC certified the ETA movement varies per each model as Tudor has released quite a few such as a 28mm, 34mm, 38mm and of course, this stunning 41mm edition.


Construction Of The Tudor Royal 41mm


Crafted from stainless steel, the case and bracelet are both given a sublime satin finish, resulting in a shine when light hits it. As mentioned with the previous Tudor Royal model, the dial is given a stunning salmon update. 


Royal - Source - Tudor

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Salmon? While we can appreciate your confusion at such a radical colour, let us assure you that all the big boys are jumping on board with this! Take a look at Breitling’s B25 Datora 42 Copper. Or how about the funky A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon? And one more for good luck…what about the Patek Philippe 5172G! Why not check out our top salmon dial watches guide and look pretty in pink whatever time of day it is. 

When it comes to the dial, this is given eight diamonds on the indices and applied Roman numerals, plus a day of the week at 12 o'clock and date aperture at 3 o'clock. While these watches have the potential to be crowded, the dial is surprisingly clean and the diamonds are a fantastic flourish of luxury refinery! Feeling as jazzy as the dial? Get on your finest threads like a slate grey suit to match the case and integrated bracelet. 

The diamond studded dial and suave integrated bracelet, not to mention the highly unique salmon colour, makes these scintillating watches a hot contender as one of the best Tudor watches to invest in. 

You can buy a Tudor Royal 41mm at retail for £2,670 at the time of writing this.


Tudor Glamour Double Date


So, we’ve delved into the world of sports-chic. How could we not mention retro-chic? Think the Nile Rodgers of the horological world. But don’t freak out just yet time peeps. Let’s take a deep dive right now.


Technical Features


The Glamour Double Date moves away from the sporty solid case backs by adopting an exhibition caseback instead. This entitles us to a stunning first hand view of the stunning Calibre MT5641. The self-winding movement is COSC certified and is also a mechanical movement with a bi-directional rotor system. With a power reserve of 70 hours, you can take this watch over the weekend while cruising a few sunny peninsulas. 


Construction Of The Tudor Glamour Double Date


The watches feature a double bezel which essentially allows for more curvature and a design which is inherently unique to the Glamour collection. This precise angling instantly draws eyes to the stunning dial. The sapphire crystal is domed, stretching over the dial and promoting the legibility of the indices and hands. 

At 42mm, the watch is crafted out of stainless steel and is given a delightful polished finish, allowing the watch to be very clean, fitting in perfectly with the aesthetic of the bezel. The dial is silver which expertly stands out against the yellow gold plated hour markers and hands. Need we mention there are 11 diamonds adorned upon each indices apart from 12 o’clock which is reserved for the Tudor logo.

The small seconds complication at 6 o’clock and a large double date complication at 12 o’clock. The double date complication is unusual but looks sublime as a refined effect on the classy dial face. Everyone knows that you shouldn't mix silver and yellow gold but we feel it works an absolute charm here!

The bracelet is crafted out of steel and yellow gold, with just the centre links being polished out of the 5 rows. This creates a nice distinction against the rest of the grainy links, promoting the yellow gold and now steely finished metals. 

We suggest wearing these magnificent watches alongside a polo shirt for those dressed down days with friends or wearing a black suit with gold cufflinks to enhance the yellow gold features. Steel and yellow gold are winning colours here. The complications serve to enhance the sleek design, allowing this watch to be a hot contender for the best Tudor watch to invest in. 

You can buy a Tudor Glamour Double Date 42mm at retail for £4,690. 


Tudor Ranger


The Tudor Ranger is one of the newer collections in the horological world. The collection was released in 2022 and marked the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition.


Technical Features


The Tudor Ranger features the Calibre MT5402. 

 Ranger - Source - ISOCHRONO

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The calibre has the stunning honour of being COSC certified, essentially meaning that it is good enough to be qualified as a chronometer. In fact, the Calibre MT5402 is so skilled that the watch can capably run between -4 and +6 seconds variation, instead pulling numbers like -2 and +4 seconds variation. 

The variable-inertia balance, traversing bridge and silicon balance spring, ensures the watch is tough against magnetism and possible inaccuracy. With a tough power reserve of 70 hours, the watch can be left for the weekend then worn again on Monday in time for your big business meeting. 


Construction Of The Tudor Ranger


The British North Greenland Expedition was a penultimate moment for Tudor watches as it represented one of the world's first real-world experiments. It was a raging success as the Oyster Prince watches maintained their first-rate accuracy.


Ranger - Source - 12&60

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As such, the Tudor Ranger needed to replicate the durability of such a success. That's why in 2022, the Ranger was released. It follows the design codes of its predecessors such as the circular dial as found in the 1952 Oyster Prince and the subsequent 1965 Oyster Prince Ranger. 

The case is crafted out of stainless steel and is given a satin finish, producing a slightly grainy aesthetic. Perfect for the rough and ready world of arctic (or British) conditions! The watch is waterproof to 100 metres and the bezel blends both satin-brushed finishes, resulting in a smooth allure. The dial is pitch black, promoting the legibility of the Arabic and baton numerals. 

The bracelet on the Tudor Ranger is a delightful addition to the watch. The bracelet is crafted out of steel and features a Tudor T-fit safety catch and a rapid adjustment system, ensuring quick size alterations. 

You can adorn these types of watches when you're out in the garden, sorting out your flower beds for summer, or dressing it up with a nice pair of grey chinos and black suit shirt. It really is a versatile number! You have yourself a piece of horological history that has been modded up with a solid calibre, Tudor’s gun slinging rapid adjustment clasp and a stunning finish throughout. The possibilities of this timepiece again ensure it is one of the best Tudor watches to invest in.

You can buy a Tudor Ranger 39mm at retail for £2,630. 




Tudor watches are certainly worth your time if you are looking for a phenomenal watch or a watch brimming with heritage and precision. From the incredible history of the Black Bay collections to the underrated 1926 collection, the brand is more than skilled at releasing impressive watches for entry-level enthusiasts looking to buy a timepiece of this calibre with numerous watchmaking elements you might find in pricier models. 

After all, Hans Wilsdorf was on to something. His vision for the brand was to be an affordable way to ascend the Rolex ladder…one day! And if 11 watches aint enough, we think you should take a closer look at The Black Bay Chrono All Blacks. Giving the typical diving watch a more intricate feel, the additions of a tachymetric scale and sub dials give the watch a sublime design in comparison with other watches.

Limited to 1,181 pieces, it is linked to the highly successful New Zealand rugby team. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy a Tudor Black Bay Chrono All Blacks at retail due to it being discontinued in 2019. However, you can source it on the secondary market for around £9,000 at the time of writing. 

Tudor has offered consumers a chance to own a piece of great horological quality at a more affordable price. Following the same design codes as Rolex, Tudor plays to the same design codes as their bigger brother brand, while offering Hans Wilsdorf’s vision unfurl before you as the ideal entry-level watch to the majesty of Rolex watches…Long live the King.



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