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The Top 12 Most Popular Patek Philippe Watches For Men | Chrono Hunter

The scope of Patek Philippe’s portfolio as a watchmaker means there’s something for luxury timepiece fans of all descriptions to enjoy. However, market demand often dictates how certain models remain favourites among collectors. This demand can impac

    May 14, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    The Top 12 Most Popular Omega Watches For Men | ChronoHunter

    For decades, Omega wristwatches have been adorned by those traversing the stars (Neil Armstrong), Hollywood celebrities (George Clooney) and even royalty (Prince William). Here are what we consider the 12 most popular Omega Watches.

    Apr 28, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    The Best Watches To Buy Under £20,000 | CHRONO HUNTER

    It’s the one you’ve been saving for and now it’s time to empty your wallet.

    Apr 28, 2021Read more

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    Chrono Hunter
    Why is there a long waiting list for certain Rolex watches? | Chrono Hunter

    Ever wondered why Rolex have such a long waiting list for certain models? Does the list really exist? Read on to find out.

    Mar 22, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    10 TOP Tips on How to spot a fake Rolex watch | CHRONO HUNTER

    In the horology world, the Rolex name is ubiquitous with precision engineering, high-class functionality and world-beating design. With Rolex, you get what you pay for: it can take up to a year for some models to be manufactured and assembled...

    Feb 19, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    Is A Watch A Good Investment?

    Chrono Hunter explains why now is a good time to invest in a luxury watch, from Rolex and Patek Philippe, to Cartier and Chopard. Find out how to make money from your watch.

    Feb 5, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    The Rolex Price Increase 2020 | Will There Be a 2021 Rolex Price Increase?

    Rolex increased the prices of their watches in January 2020 but will they increase their prices again in 2021

    Jan 13, 2021Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    Clean Your Watch Regularly To Avoid It Getting Ruined! | CHRONO HUNTER

    Why should you clean your watch, and what is the best way to do it? Follow these easy tips that you can do at home to clean watches made of steel, and all types of gold, as well as those with a leather or rubber strap.

    Dec 7, 2020Read more
    Chrono Hunter
    REVIEW: Five of the best men’s watches under £5,000 | CHRONO HUNTER

    Watches are luxury items — a consideration to be made once all your other life essentials are covered. That being said a watch is still an incredibly useful tool, a stylish accessory, and something everyone should add to their everyday wardrobe.

    Dec 5, 2020Read more