Question Time: Should You Buy A Rolex "Wimbledon"
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Question Time: Should You Buy A Rolex "Wimbledon"

Question Time: Should You Buy A Rolex "Wimbledon


Bats, balls and sweaty sports people are on order for Wimbledon fortnight. Beginning this year on July 3rd 2023, two worlds collide in a combination of heritage, sporting prowess and of course time capturing moments in history. 

How about John McEnroe’s epic battles with Bjorn Borg, Jana Novotna with a Royal shoulder to cry on, or Andy Murray’s first British singles victory since Fred Perry in 2013. Yes, that was 10 years but time sadly is not on the Scots side. And now with no Brits in the draw in either the men’s or ladies draw, who is the favourite for Wimbledon 2023? 3rd seed Dimitry Medvedev and the hot favourite Novak Djokovic look certain to meet in the Men’s Final. Djokovic is looking to extend his Grand Slam all-time record to 24 titles. Although don’t rule out the number 1 seed, Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz.

As for the Ladies draw, defending champion Elena Rybakina has been knocked out by Tunisiain Ons Jabeur in a repeat of the 2022 Wimbledon Ladies Final. Once bitten twice shy as they say. Yet second seed Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka is hot on the coattails of achieving tennis greatness if she were to win. Either way, this year’s winner will come from one of Jabeur, Sabalenka, Czech Markéta Vondroušová and Elena Svitolina.


I can feel the taste of victory already..or is it all those champagne corks popping! With the latter into the semi-ifinals at the time of writing, the Ukrainian could capture her first ever title at the All England Club. Will this be the fairytale happy ending for the former wild card entry?

And now with no Brits in the draw in either the men’s or ladies draw, who is the favourite for Wimbledon 2023? 3rd seed Dimitry Medvedev and the hot favourite Novak Djokovic look certain to meet in the Men’s Final. Although don’t rule out American Chris Eubanks.

As for the Ladies draw, it seems Kazhak Elena Rybakina may do a repeat of 2022 when she won Wimbledon in her first ever Grand Slam final. Never rule out second seed Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka while 25th seed Madison Keys has an outside chance of taking the title across the pond.

With Elena Svitolina in the semi-finals at the time of writing, the Ukrainian could capture her first title at the All England Club. Whether it’s written in the stars or at the bottom of that bowl of strawberries and cream at SW19, we are in for a scintillating final few days of the tournament.


Whether it’s written in the stars or at the bottom of that bowl of strawberries and cream at SW19, we are in for a scintillating final few days of the tournament.

Rolex and Wimbledon have been working together since 1978 in the endless pursuit of combining Haute Horlogerie with the intricacy of tennis. Ever since that partnership, a few developments have taken place, including the informal introduction of The Datejust “Wimbledon” ref. 126331 in 2019.

It’s not just this Swiss brand either. Their brother, Tudor, has also been getting into the spirit of things. You might say that’s not cricket. But we are talking about tennis, remember. Did you spot Tudor’s first ambassador and sporting hunk David Beckham rocking the green Black Bay 58 this year?

Without further ado, it’s definitely best if we get into the Pimms and lemonade of this sparkling relationship between the Rolex Datejust and Wimbledon. 


Relationship Between Rolex and Wimbledon


The brand and Wimbledon started way back in 1978 when Wimbledon was called “The Championships''. Of course, tennis took off dramatically and the horological brand joined the rising wave!


Source - Office Chai

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What about Wimbledon? They are played on grass courts cut precisely to 8mm. That's about as precise as Roger Federer’s majestic backhand slices. Representing the peak of tennis. The greatest on court duels like Rod Laver vs John Newcombe have always been highly impressive feats of physical dexterity and phenomenal technique. 

Only the greats have conquered such a prestigious event with many Testimonies from the brand. From women like Angelique Kerber and Garbiñe Muguruza to Stefan Edberg and Björn Borg, the sport has broken barriers in a quest for the best. 

Other champions who have had the pleasure of holding the trophy aloft include not only 8 time champion Roger Federer and wild card entrant Goran Ivanisevic but German legend Boris Becker, achieving Wimbledon glory at the tender age of 17. 

If you’ve watched the sport and have yourself some tasty sports wristwear, you’ll know that the etiquette side of things is as refined as a late 18th century British tea party. From wearing all white to the associations with Pimms, strawberries and cream, Wimbledon is a part of sporting global culture. 


Why Are Rolex And Wimbledon Conjoined? 


This isn’t a recent endeavour, Timelords. Dating back to 1978, Rolex shared a racket with The Championships as tennis became increasingly popular. The Swiss powerhouse served and volleyed their way to becoming the Official Timekeeper of the event when tennis was slowly reaching global domination. 

If you keep a close eye out, you may have noticed Roger Federer wearing the brand when lifting his 8 Wimbledon titles, the last of which coming in 2017. Adorning the new Sky Dweller for 2023 as a guest in the Royal box, Federer may be soaring to greater heights his private jet with this timepiece. Adorned with an annual calendar and GMT function, it’s certainly a timepiece fit for the travelling man. 

This product placement is the same for all winners of the competition. Talk about marketing to the extreme! The brand has been supporting this event for more than 40 years! The great relationship between Wimbledon and the brand has of course led to the release of a beautiful piece, the aptly titled Rolex Wimbledon.


History Behind The Rolex Datejust and Wimbledon 


It’s strange because not many people actually know that Wimbledon is a strong inspiration behind a particular Datejust model


The brand spotted at Wimbledon - Source - Ministry of Sport

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Brief History of The Rolex Wimbledon Ref. 126331


Originally released in 1945, the Rolex Wimbledon is so called after The Datejust, the first timepiece that blended a date with a self winding movement that was simultaneously waterproof and a chronometer. 

Celebrating 40 years of the iconic brand, the Datejust ref. 126331 has since become a mainstay of the brand. Developing from the circular face style to the fluted bezel it has today, the timepiece has been confirmed as a luxurious model and not an everyday affair 

Its iconic functions like the cyclops eye came in 1954 and has remained in the watches design ever since. On the other hand, it has varied and changed since its inception. New materials have been introduced and the styles have been altered to get the best results possible. However the same points remain. 

It’s a sublime timekeeper that prioritises both time and date with a healthy dose of refinement. 


Rolex Datejust and Wimbledon Ref. 126331


Without getting too much into the timepiece just yet, The Rolex Wimbledon first garnered its distinctive nickname in 2019 upon the reference 116333. They are the masters of subtlety. 

A closer inspection would reveal that they have never explicitly mentioned that The Rolex Wimbledon is named after the event per se. We can strongly hazard a guess however as the model is regularly involved with the tournament. 

The timepiece has incorporated a variety of references, from the 116234 to the 126331. This means the iconic dial has been displayed on beautiful yellow gold and steel materials. Did we mention that yellow gold watches are extremely fashionable?

Without withholding you from your own manicured green lawns, let’s get into the details of the latest Wimbledon ref. 126331.


Construction Of The Rolex Wimbledon Ref. 126331


Made from both Oyster Steel and Everose Gold for its case, The Datejust ref 126331 creates a highly reliable two-tone timepiece. Enjoying an Oyster steel bracelet, the model is rough and ready for life’s triumphs.


Ref. 126331 

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As we know, the Swiss brand uses their own foundries to create their materials for the case and bracelet. As such, the high quality Everose gold, not to mention renowned Oyster steel case and bracelet is extremely durable and has a beautiful shine when quickly buffed. Make sure that case and bracelet look ready to go with a navy suit for the important business meeting or a slicked back black cashmere jumper to look comfy yet refined.

Since they are both rather steely in complexion, The Datejust 126331 can be worn with a variety of outfits due to its grey exterior and bracelet. This doesn’t mean the timepiece and its metallic case and bracelet is a miserable affair either, Timelords! Far from it.

There’s really no need to be grey. Why so? Because Chrono Hunter delivers the best rays of horological light from the horological world with all the latest up to the minute natterings and chitterings. 

So, in the beginning, the bezel on the Datejust was a coin shape, instead of the highly luxurious fluted bezel style we see today on the timepiece. Typically associated with the Day-Date, only the most refined watches can lay claim to wearing such an iconic bezel such as Jay Z and controversial Donald Trump.

As well as ensuring the waterproofness of the watches as the bezel atop the case is screwed on, it also matches the caseback of the model. The case is crafted out of Everose Gold, so luxury is abundant! While the bracelet is crafted out of Oyster steel, it’s still immensely desirable and collectible due to its beautiful finish and strength.

You’re probably wondering by now, ‘where is the Wimbledon inspiration on the watches?’ All in good time, my deeply loyal horological friends!


Staring The Watch In The Face 


The dial of The Datejust is given a sexy slate grey background. Granted a sunray finish, light can competently be cast throughout the timepiece, enhancing the visibility of the dial.

Save your salmon dials for another time or other avant garde watches we like such as the H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds Smoked Salmon Dial


Ref. 126331

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The brushed lines protrude outwards from the centre of the dial, casting light all around as if the light hits it perfectly just like Andre Agassi’s legendary double backhand. The 

Wimbledon timepiece’s dial is coated with Chromalight, the brand's own source of luminescence which provides a neon blue light when in darkness. 

You don’t need to see the case or the bracelet, just ensure your style and your wrist are illuminated to the max. Now, for the Wimbledon bit! 

The hour markers display large black Roman numerals which clearly stand out against the slate grey dial. They are also gently edged with a luminous green colouring. If you didn’t know, colourful men's watches for horological consumers nowadays are firmly on the agenda, especially green dial watches!


More on Chrono Hunter about the best colourful watches for men;


An unofficial timepiece of the Championships due to its similar colour scheme reflected in the Datejust, it could be argued that these accents are typically associated with the brand's logo. Yet, the answer lies in the blessed lawns at SW19. 

The green tinge on The timepiece clearly offers a new side to the brand. It’s not often that the classical watches, especially dress watches like the new 1908 or Sky Dweller, feature bright flashes of colour. The Wimbledon model isn’t your standard dress timepiece. In this case, the colour is a necessary aspect to promote the heritage of the brand's illustrious partnership with Wimbledon. 

The dial itself is rather unconventional. Featuring Roman numerals, the 9 o’clock hour marker is a baton instead. While this could be criticised as it doesn't really marry up to the entire Rolex Wimbledon, it is actually so the logo at 12 o’clock and date aperture with Cyclops eye at 3 o’clock is more consistent to these specific watches. 

Brought together beautifully alongside The Oyster bracelet, it blends the durability of the classic bracelet with the latest technology, the watch features an Oysterclasp and Easylink comfort extension link to quickly expand the length of the bracelet by up to 5mm. 


Technical Features of The Rolex Wimbledon Ref. 126331


The watch is powered by the movement 3235.



Ref. 126331 

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Manufactured by the brand, the 3235 movement prides itself on its exceptionally high level of accuracy. As a Superlative Chronometer, the watch provides both COSC certification and the brands own stamp of approval on the movement. 

It’s no wonder why The Wimbledon model runs like clockwork. The 3235 movement is capable of operating between -2/+2 seconds every day adhering to the Swiss brand’s meticulous attention to detail and precision.

The Wimbledon ref. 126331 may not have a GMT function or is adorned with lab-grown diamonds, but it represents the peak of classic minimalism and immense power thanks to its highly accurate Superlative movement.

Running the standard timekeeping functions, the watches movement competently allows for instantaneous date changes with a rapid setting function. The movement 3235 is capable of stop-seconds which allows the time keeping to be measured precisely and with comprehensively no detail spared. 

Sounds like the same level of quality Chrono Hunter produces when you look to buy a watch or sell a watch through us. Let’s face it...Where else can you receive multiple offers on a Rolex Wimbledon ref. 126331?

Protected by a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and the brands own Paraflex shock absorbers, the watches are not only capable of resisting magnetism, they have the ability to withstand most shocks to the system. It has an immense power reserve of 70 hours and a very reliable running rate of 28,800VpH. 

Enough time for you to jet off to the Cote D’Azur for some croissants and a  cafe au lait!


What’s Our View On The Rolex Wimbledon Ref. 126331?


We think The Wimbledon ref. 126331 is a truly astonishing watch and remains highly desirable among enthusiasts and collectors. 


Ref. 126331

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If you’ve paid close attention to our other articles, you’ll realise that the brand never explicitly mentions any brand or marketing collaboration within their watches. That’s probably why many enthusiasts already instantly recognise some of the most popular nicknames from the brand like “The Hulk,” and The Submariner “Bluesy”

Take for example The Deepsea Sea-Dweller James Cameron. Admittedly, the murky sea style dial is a strong giveaway, but no “James Cameron” verbiage is used that directly links to the actual collaboration. In this respect, the brands allow these watches to become possible grail watches or cult watches due to the community taking the lead in terms of naming them. After all, doesn’t everyone love an inside joke?

The construction of Everose Gold and steel allows these watches to be considered as dress watches or a more casual timepiece. Versatile and sought after, this novelty is highly desired in a world where people are searching to buy a watch with a multi-purpose one size fits all policy. 

Only the most versatile watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or tennis players like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Coco Gauff and Polish number 1 ranked Iga Swiatek can live up to these high standards.

The green etchings around the Roman numerals offer an unusual dynamic for the watches. This allows the watches to be individualised which is a big plus for those looking to invest in a Rolex Wimbledon model.

We believe the watches have strong potential as an investment piece. Blending numerals, rich heritage and spotting magnitude, it makes the Rolex Wimbledon model a very popular investment option. The fluted bezel and cyclops date situated at 3 o’clock is timeless and should be considered as a potential investment. 

If you find yourself on Centre Court with the model, you can get into the spirit of things with a cream white shirt to match the strawberries and the players. Feeling even smarter? Take David Beckham’s approach and wear a beige suit and brown tie. We wouldn’t dare ask the Tudor ambassador for his views on the Wimbledon timepiece! Would we?

As of July 2023, you can buy a Rolex Datejust 41mm Wimbledon 126331 at retail for £12,450. 


Other Specifications Of The Rolex Wimbledon Ref. 126331


That's a lot of info to take in, Time Peeps. In the interests of keeping your mind refreshed about these wonderful watches, why not take a look at the table below. 


Reference Numbers

Dial Colour




Slate Grey 

Bracelet - Oyster

Oyster steel and Everose Gold Case and Oyster steel bracelet


Superlative Chronometer - The brands perpetual, mechanical, self-winding calibre -  3235


Centre hour, minute and seconds hands. Instantaneous date with rapid setting. Stop-seconds for precise time setting

Case Back


Water Resistance

100 metres

Case Thickness





Oyster Steel


Who Wears A Wimbledon Rolex?


Only the finest adorn a Rolex Wimbledon.

Worn by tennis legends like Garbine Muguruza and former Argentine tennis player Juan Martin del Potro, the watch has even touched the wrist of highly acclaimed star Roger Federer! This was slap bang on the wrist of the Swiss maestro on the occasion of his 8th Wimbledon triumph back in 2017. 

In fact, Federer was sporting a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II in 2009 at the same time he was smashing altogether different records…overtaking US icon Pete Sampras’ Grand Slam record


Is Rolex Wimbledon Discontinued? 


It most certainly is not, Timelords! While past editions like the 126303-0020 or the 26234-0045 may no longer see daylight, the latest ref. 126331 is still very much like Novak Djokovic…in top condition!

Just in case you forgot, you can buy a Rolex Wimbledon ref. 126331 at retail for £12,450 (as of July 2023)


Other Rolex Wimbledon References


  • Datejust 41 Ref. 126303-0020 - Yellow Gold and Oyster Steel Casing 
  • Datejust 36 Ref. 126200-0017 - Oyster Steel case and bracelet
  • Datejust 36 Ref. 126234-0045 - Rolesor case and Oyster Steel bracelet




Time gentlemen, please. 

Truth be told, Timelords, the question of whether should you buy a Rolex Wimbledon is not a hard one. Absolutely! Trust us, we don’t require to rally any support for this enduring timepiece which has been a part of some of the finest sporting moments on the planet. 

The combination of luxury apparel, premium precision and durability is something that cannot be understated in the horological world. Most brands have to choose! The link (not the bracelet type of link!) between stainless steel, Everose gold case and steel bracelet makes a Rolex Wimbledon watch incredibly versatile, ensuring interchangeability for all manner of outfits. 

The dial is unique beyond comprehension. No where else in the brands portfolio will you find a dial so unquestionably linked to one of the major events in the sporting calendar. The dial has remained the same for this line, with only the material changing such as the 116333 in Oyster steel and yellow gold case. 

We’ve waxed lyrical about this beauty for a while now. And truth be told, we really cannot get enough! There’s no need for Hawk Eye here. Thank you for joining us and keep your eyes out for some more articles from yours truly. 


Rest assured that’s game, set and match …for now.


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