The Best Green Rolex Watches For Saint Patrick's Day
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The Best Green Rolex Watches For Saint Patrick's Day

The Best Green Rolex Watches For Saint Patrick's Day



Top of the mornin’ to you. We are back once again with the specific intention of letting you in on the best green Rolex watches in preparation for your Saint Patrick's Day bash. 

While we know you will all be extremely responsible and not drink to excess, we want to probe into whether or not your watch game is prepared for the great event. Saint Patrick's Day originally started in the 15th century on March 17th, celebrating the death of Saint Patrick and the return of Christianity into Ireland.

Admittedly, the cultural reasons for the celebration may have disappeared in recent years but a great time should still be had by all. 

That's why we believe here at Chrono Hunter, that you must make the most of the day and show off your green watches with gusto! Join us as we take you through the best green Rolex watches for that blessed Day. Good times and good craic all round!


Rolex Submariner 116610LV

Watch aficionados will recognise this bad boy by a different name - The Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’.

The Submariner ‘Hulk’, as you can imagine, is green both on the dial and the bezel. It takes the title for the most green Rolex ever created so you are in safe hands when donning this on the 17th of March. Introduced in 2010, the model was brought in during the period of the ‘Supercase’ revolution by Rolex.

This meant that while the diameter of the watch did not increase, the lugs and the bezel were widened, giving the appearance that the watch was larger than its 40mm size. 

The bezel is also made of ceramic in Rolex’s own concoction named ‘Cerachrom’. This provides a strong green colour and is extremely resistant to scratching and abrasions. This is perfect as it matches the dials rich colour too and makes the entire model appear seamless.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV - Source - TheLuxuryWatchCompany

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After the revelry and some horological showing off well into the night, what happens when it's pitch black? The Rolex Submariner 116610LV of course. The dial has a sunburst finish which looks awesome when the light hits it and provides the perfect backdrop for applied luminous indices which have white gold edging.

Furthermore, the dial utilises Chromalight which is the brand's own luminous mixture emitting a neon blue when plunged into darkness. Don’t fret, you won't be mistaken for Papa Smurf! 

Fear a few drunken mishaps? The watch is made out of 904L Oyster Steel meaning the watch is extremely robust and is more than capable of handling your inevitable stumbles out of the pub. The watch can also reach an impressive 300m water resistance which is accentuated by the triplock crown and solid caseback.

Wear this with your green leprechaun hat with matching ginger beard or wear it with something a tad smarter like a white shirt with a black suit jacket. The watch is extremely valuable as it is one of the most unique coloured watches in the brand's collection and has since been discontinued after a 10 year run.

You can no longer buy a Rolex 116610LV at retail due to it being discontinued at the time of writing. However, get your hands on one and this will no doubt hold its value over time.


Rolex Datejust II 116333

The Rolex Datejust II may have thrown a few of you watch fans off. 


Rolex Datejust II 116333 - Source - Trovestar

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While it is not as overtly green as the Rolex Submariner 116610LV, a very close look would reveal the green tinged gothic Roman numerals on the dial which stands out beautifully against the slate grey dial. This is also what granted it its name, the ‘Wimbledon Watch’ due to its link to the sporting events colours. 

The case and bracelet are crafted out of the very durable stainless steel and are two toned, featuring yellow gold. The yellow gold bezel is fluted and adds a very nice aesthetic to the watch as it gives it more of a fashionable edge as opposed to its sporty brethren. 

The fluted bezel is also of historical significance as it was originally used to screw the bezel onto the case for waterproofness. Nowadays, it's a beautiful fashion piece which will make your hilarious Irish costume look a little less humiliating. 

Furthemore, the hour markers are crafted from gold which prevents them from tarnishing. The cyclops lens is a useful tool to have if you’ve forgotten how many until March 17th… As if! This Datejust II is extremely distinctive and magnifies the date display for a clear view of the date, especially against the dates white background which is extremely legible.

Protected by a sapphire crystal and powered by the Swiss Chronometer 3136 movement with 48 hour power reserve, these specific watches are a true spectacle of beauty and are certainly worth considering if you want to up your watch game. 

Pair this Datejust II with a green suit to look classy or dress it down with dark blue polo if you want to look a tad more casual. The watch is extremely valuable as it has been discontinued since and it's one of the brands only models that features the unique roman numeral colours on the dial.

You cannot buy a Rolex Datejust II 116333 at retail as it has been discontinued since the time of writing. 


Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss isn't just a watch for one day of the year. 

Designed in 1956, The Milgauss was unveiled to meet the expectations of the scientific community. In fact, it's so lauded by the community that it earned the reputation as the perfect magnetic shield by CERN engineers. Specifically, it was capable of reaching 1000 gauss which was phenomenal at the time. 

You want green? The Milgauss’ sapphire crystal is incredibly unique as its got a slightly green tinge to it. Scratch proof and fade proof, the crystal is created to be slightly tinted through a secret process which the brands aren't allowed to divulge in. 

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV - Source - Rolex

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Not to worry though. The sapphire crystal is very effective against the black dial which has white and orange hour markers, brimming with luminescence. With its anti-magnetism through a ‘B’ on the caseback, or the symbol for the magnetic flux density for you timekeeping nerds, the watch is powered by the 3131 movement.

The movement is certified Swiss chronometer, an achievement made specially for the highly competent movements. Crafted out of Oyster steel with an oyster bracelet, the watch is very durable for all your mishaps you will encounter and shines to a beautiful finish when polished. 

The second hand is shaped like a lightning bolt and is orange, which links back to the original model that was released. Let's hope there’s no thunder when you're out on the town gents! The watch is very nice and has very clean lines which allows it to be worn with a smart jacket for the colder nights or rolled up sleeve mint suit shirt for when you're back in-doors. 

The watch is very valuable as there are now only two Milgauss' in production. Furthermore, the watch is unique in its heritage as a watch made for scientists and the cool features like the orange lightning bolt seconds hand enhance the dial and will certainly make your wrist game the talk of St Paddy’s Day.

You can no longer buy a Rolex Milgauss 116400GV at retail as it’s been discontinued.


Rolex Submariner 16610LV

This looks mighty familiar to ‘The Hulk’, Timelords.

You’d be right in saying that, however this watch tones down the colour. In fact, this watch was released first, in front of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV. Similar to the colour scheme of the ‘Starbucks’ model, it was released in 2003 as part of a 50th anniversary of the Submariner, ‘The Submariner 16610LV ‘Kermit’ was born.

Now is certainly not the time to be a muppet watch fans! It was created as an alternative to the traditional black bezel Submariner that had preceded it. The bezel is made out of aluminium as the Cerachrom bezel wasn't introduced until 2005 where it was first adorned on GMT-Master II models. 

It does still harbour some traditional Rolex elements such as Mercedes hands and the classic luminescent batons and dots which are found on these watches. Look out for its top-notch legibility against the black dial which oozes refinement. Based on a ‘Maxi’ dial, the hands and indices are larger, but is doesnt have the ‘Supercase’ that its successor The Hulk had.

This means it's sleek and can slide effortlessly from beneath your cuffs without any risk of it catching and ruining your Saint Paddy’s day attire.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV - Source - The Watch Lounge 

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Housing the 3135 movement, this is a superlative chronometer allowing the watch to be extremely precise which is key for timing precisely when to get the next round of drinks. The watch has its old school elements with its aluminium bezel but modernises it with a fantastic movement allowing the watch to be worn with your retro Shamrock Rovers kit or a smarter cashmere jumper.

The watch is very valuable as it has the vintage bezel its coloured in the rare unique shade. It's also discontinued and lives in the exclusive world of Rolex’s with nicknames. You can no longer buy a Rolex Submariner 16610LV at retail because it has been discontinued at the time of writing.


Rolex Daytona 116508 

Possibly the most regal of the brands watches, The Daytona 116508 is a stunner of a watch. The Daytona is already revered as extremely influential even after its slow start due to its manual movement and obscure design. It’s since bounced back and has become one of the hallmarks of the brand. 

The tachymetric scale is a big factor for the Daytona as it symbolises its sporty edge and its inherent relationship with racing. After all, it was designed to be the best tool for a driver while on the track.

Rolex Daytona 116508 - Source - The Watch Club

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The dial is different on this Daytona as its bright green with 3 subdials etched in gold and red. The indices and hands are gold applique and stand out superbly against the Chromalight dial which significantly enhances the dial's legibility.

The central sweep seconds can competently read the time up to ⅛ of a second while the remaining two counters measure time in hours and minutes. Admittedly we don't think you’ll be needing these but who knows? Maybe you’ll be measuring your alcohol per breath intake…

The case is crafted out of 18K gold which is made out of the brand's own foundries. That's right, Timelords. You get your hands on this and you will be as bright as Saint Patrick’s halo. This also applied to the Oyster bracelet which is also crafted out of 18CT gold and looks superb when given a little TLC.

Housing the 4130 movement, this self-winding mechanical chronograph needs fewer components than a standard chronograph, thus making it more reliable and less likely to encounter any faults. As it's COSC certified, it's guaranteed to be extremely precise meaning you won't miss out the moment it turns 00:00 on March 17th.

The movement also includes a Parachrom Hairspring which is very resistant to shocks and temperature changes which is helpful in a crowded environment like an Irish pub on March 17th. 

You will look the part if you wear this due to its bright green dial evidently shown against the golden case and bracelet. If you wear this with a smart shirt, you may encounter people that may turn ‘green’ with envy! Packed with heritage and racing spirit, these watches are extremely valuable and will more than likely hold its value.

Crafted in an unusual gold instead of stainless steel like the previous watches, the green dial is very rare amongst Rolex models and is highly desirable. 

You can no longer buy a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116508 at retail as it’s been discontinued.


​​Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN

The Rolex GMT-Master II originated in 1955 as a solution for pilots to keep track of two time zones while navigating the craft. 

Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN - Source - The Watch Club

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Introduced in 2005, The 116718LN was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the watch. This model features a Cerachrom bezel which is extremely durable against all manner of marks. It is bi-directional and features a 24 hour zone, extremely effective for calculating three time zones as the hour hand and minute hands tell GMT time.

As per watches originating around this time, the GMT-Master II is fitted with a ‘Maxi’ dial white widens the hands and indices, allowing for a clear look when all you have is the time to glimpse down. As opposed to the ‘Supercase’ the watch is sleek and almost tapers to your hand. The indices are white and edged with gold, matching the gold and white hands. 

These run on top of a dark green dial which creates the same regal effect as the Daytona 116508. This is enhanced further as the dial is layered with chromalight which offers a blue light during the night. At 40mm, the watch isn't too big so you can still slip it beneath your shirt cuffs if a situation calls for it.

The Oyster bracelet is very comfortable and is polished, giving a fantastic allure to the gold colour. Furthermore, the bracelet utilises an ‘Easylink’ connection which allows you to lengthen and detract the watch when you're feeling a bit stuffy on the wrist. 

A horophile’s delight, suffice to say, you will have one of the best watches to enhance your collection. Its regal colours should go with most colours but would never look better than on a green suit shirt with gold rings to accentuate the watch.

The watch is extremely valuable as it was discontinued in 2018, making there more demand than there is supply. Furthermore, the green dial is rare, especially with the gold case and bracelet. 

You cannot buy a Rolex GMT Master II 116718LN at retail as it has been discontinued at the time of writing. 


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300

The Oyster Perpetual 124300 is universally acknowledged as the staple of Rolex watches. 

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 - Source - Watch Vault

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The emerald green dial is a joy to behold while its white indices fashioned from gold prevent tarnishing. The dial is vibrant and is extremely legible due to the strong contrast of the white on green. The case and bracelet is crafted out of Oyster Steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and brushes up beautifully when given a quick polish.

The Oyster bracelet was first introduced in the 1930s and is very durable as well as comfortable. 

This is primarily due to the three-piece link structure that makes its way throughout the bracelet. It shows the level of detail that is in the bracelet as it's an undoubtedly complex procedure to make them with individual pieces. The in-house 3230 movement saw its launch in 2020.

It is extremely anti-magnetic, shock resistant and very precise due to mechanisms like the Chronergy escapement, allowing the watch to be both efficient and reliable. 

The watch is deceptively simple, allowing its lush green dial to take centre stage without the interruption of subdials or tachymeters.

Furthemore, the colour is influenced by the ‘Stella dials’ which became prevalent during the 1970s in the Day-Date models. Due to the Oyster Perpetual being so understated, it can be dressed up or dressed down as it is very malleable. For example, you could pull this off with a green jumper or a green T-shirt and not have the watch look out of place.

It is a valuable watch as it sums up the design that Rolex has been gearing towards all these years. The green dial is unique and adds a little zest to the fairly simple case design. You can buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 for £5,550 as of June 2024.


Rolex Sky-Dweller 336934

Introduced in 2012, The Rolex Sky-Dweller debuted back in Baselworld. Oh those were good times! 

Representing the first fresh Rolex in 20 years, it may not be as new as the Rolex 1908 or the platinum dial version which caused a stir at Watches and Wonders 2024 , but it is a truly stunning innovation. Perfect Saint Patrick’s Day timepiece? You bet all your green four leaf clovers it is!

Source - Rolex

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The Rolex Sky-Dweller reference 336934 is crafted out of Oyster Steel and white gold, blending two fabulous materials into one stunning timepiece. Defined as Rolesor, this is a material that Rolex adopted during the early 1930s to merge the affordability of steel alongside the luxury of the precious metal white gold material.

On top of this green Rolex Sky-Dweller 336934 is the phenomenal fluted bezel. Its original purpose was to secure the bezel onto the case and ensure the watches retain their waterproof capability. Now, the fluted finish is a signature aspect of the brand, especially since it now links in with the Ring Command system. 

The Ring Command system relates to the various functions on the absolutely fabulous, mint green dial. Showcasing an off-centre 24 hour disc that presents AM and PM hours, a red rectangle appears across each of the 12 windows around the dial, reflecting the current month.

The Saros annual calendar is a phenomenal feature that capably alters between months, regardless whether they have 28 or 30 days. The date ties in with local time and can instantly change depending on your current time zone. Be it dashing to the gate for that important overseas business trip, or popping open a few champagne bottles beachside, this one has lots of flex appeal.

Within the timepieces is the 9002 calibre. Capable of providing accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day and a 72 hour power reserve, the movements are protected by Paraflex shock absorbers and a Parachrom hairspring to ensure their timekeeping. 

You can buy a Rolex Sky-Dweller 336934 at retail for £13,850 as of June 2024. 


Rolex GMT-Master II 126720VTNR - Sprite

The Rolex GMT-Master II was originally launched in 1954. Initially only available for the famed “Pepsi” bezel with red and blue insert, the timepieces eventually evolved to feature a green insert back in 2022. 

Source - Rolex

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Crafted out of Oyster Steel, the timepieces are inherently very durable and are capable of resisting corrosion. Utilising 904L steel, the alloy is used in both aerospace and chemical industries, while capable of fending off any scratches and abrasions easily. Perfect for combating those Saint Patrick’s Day drinks, or if you have had a few too many cocktails poolside…

Given a pitch black dial, this is framed by a two-tone bezel in black and green. Crafted out of Cerachrom, this showcases a bidirectional rotatable 24 hour scale that separates the home and away times. This works in conjunction with an extra 24-hour hand to allow travellers to instantly change to their new time zone instantly. 

Made up of dot, baton and triangle hour markers, they feature a Chromalight display which is a patented material by Rolex, offering exceptional levels of luminescence. Interestingly, the date aperture and the crown is based on the left-hand side, resulting in his being the only left handed Rolex watch, ever!

Fitted with an Oyster bracelet, the Rolex GMT Sprite seamlessly links in with the timepiece and ensures optimal durability alongside a refined style. Ideal for dinner parties, weddings or any special occasion, we like its all round functional 5mm extension, in the event you need a few extra millimetres after a large brunch!

Within the steel case resides the fabulous 3285 calibre, providing a fantastic -2/+2 second per day accuracy, alongside a 70 hour power reserve. Fitted with a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, the timepieces offer exceptional accuracy, great so you are time for that St. Patrick’s Day get together. 

You can buy a Rolex GMT-Master II 126720VTNR at retail for £9,800 as of June 2024. 


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31mm 277200

Released in 2020, Rolex treated us all to a new taste of those oh so savoury Stella dials, following the misery of Covid-19. Did that stop Saint Patrick’s Day festivities? 

Certainly not in spirit anyway! Inspired by the original models from the 1970s, the exuberant timepieces take the monochrome black and whites of the original models and play them up with a fresh shade of green. 

Source - Rolex

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Rolex committed to using 31mm of Oyster Steel to continue the gorgeous steely aesthetic that the Oyster Perpetual is known for. Its anti-corrosive properties work well with thoroughly polished and brushed finishing that propels the watch from its Rolex blueprint status to a fabulous everyday timepiece.

Rolex uses a brass plate for the dial, and then commits to layering six sheens of green lacquer to create a smooth finish. Then, Rolex used varnishing and polishing to give the dial its wow-factor, including allowing the hand-riveted baton hour markers and hands to clearly stand out. 

Affixed onto an Oyster bracelet, the watches produce a highly ergonomic feel that prioritises durability and comfort that only a strap produced way back in the 1930s could ever provide!

Within the timepieces beats the fabulous perpetual, self-winding 3230 calibre. Providing a -2/+2 seconds per day accuracy, this gorgeous green-dialled model is fitted with a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, yielding a fabulous weekend-proof 70 hour power reserve. 

That’s enough time showboat your wrist round the curves of the Monaco Grand Prix or blend in with the hallowed green turf at Wimbledon

You can buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm 124300 at retail for £4,950 as of June 2024. 


Rolex Day-Date 40mm 228238

The Rolex Day-Date 40mm has swiftly become a staple of the Rolex dress watch scene and many a gents collection. Introduced in 1956, they became the first watches to show the date and the day spelled out in full. That’s our inspiration behind why we use Saint Patrick’s Day instead of St Patrick's Day!

Source - Rolex

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However, the Rolex Day-Date 40mm 228238 shows all the conventional complications, but with an avant-garde twist thanks to the dial. Fresh to the Rolex catalogue in 2024, the Day-Date 40mm is a new take on what could easily be classified as one of the brands most classic lines. 

Crafted out of 18K yellow gold, this material is made up of only the finest metals as per Rolex’s policy of creating everything with excellence, and in-house, using their very own foundries. Along the top of the case lies the fluted bezel, a distinct reminder of this being one of the brand's more elegant models.

It similarly offers a phenomenal frame for the gorgeous green dial. Given an ombré finish, the dark green centre turns into a black periphery which works superbly against any boardroom look or elegant attire. This aesthetic has been in Rolex’s stalls since the 1980s before being re popularised in 2019 and now utilised in 2024. 

The aesthetic is attained via using lacquer, deviating from the green centre and getting progressively darker with the application of black lacquer. This allows the yellow gold Roman numerals to clearly stand out, alongside the equally yellow gold baton hands. At 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock, there remains the legendary full day and date complication. 

Affixed onto a President bracelet, famous for being worn by the U.S. Presidents like Nixon, Ford and Reagan, the watches are inherently very fashionable, especially since the bracelet has been a staple of the Day-Date line since 1956. Totalling the classic semi-circular three link design, the timepieces are exceptionally refined in its yellow gold construction. 

Within the precious metal timepiece pulsaes the self-winding 3255 calibre. It produces a reliable -2/+2 seconds per day accuracy and 70 hour power reserve, as guaranteed by the Superlative Chronometer certification. 

You can buy a Rolex Day-Date 40 228238 at retail for £33,800 as of June 2024. 


Rolex Datejust 41mm 126334

The Rolex Datejust was introduced in 1945 to celebrate 40 years of the legendary Rolex brand. It symbolised progression and represented the first timepiece to be a self-winding chronometer showing a date window on the dial. 

Source - Rolex

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Crafted out of both Oyster Steel and white gold, the timepieces blend both luxury alongside the durability and refinement of steel. This means they are inherently more affordable than their all-out luxury men’s timepieces. Secured onto an Oyster bracelet, we like the fact they retain a little sporty elegance, but are still phenomenal dress watches

On top of the timepieces is a fluted bezel. Crafted out of white gold, they surround the dial and offer the perfect frame to the green dial. How is this achieved? Through PVD and electroplating which is finished with varnish to produce a surface Carlo Ancelotti would be proud of rocking. 

Mind you, after Los Blancos victory in the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final against Borussia Dortmund, the seven time winner of the said trophy prefers the IWC Portugieser  Perpetual Calendar (IW502122)

The sunray finish on the Datejust 126334 produces a beautiful light reflection throughout the face, enhancing the visibility of the baton hour markers and the slender hands. Given a strip of Luminova through their centre, they are extremely legible and clearly stand out. 

At 3 o’clock is a date aperture that is enhanced via their legendary Cyclops eye, enhancing the legibility of the date. Within the timepieces is the Calibre 3235. Offering a -2/+2 seconds per day precision and 70 hour power reserve, rest assured of Superlative Chronometer certification, producing the accuracy and first rate quality of the movement.

You can buy a Rolex Datejust 41mm at retail for £9,000 as of June 2024.


Rolex Day-Date 36mm 128238

The Rolex Day-Date 36mm 128238 is a wonderful play on the legendary Day-Date line. Gone is the steely durability and in with the fabulous precious metal play!

Source - Rolex

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Crafted out of 18K yellow gold, the timepieces use the finest 18K gold alloys to produce a fabulous material made within their very own foundries and designed using their own craftsmen. The material can be seen within the case and the bracelet

Oh yes, the bracelet is equally luxurious too! Built into the classic President bracelet, this was a staple for this specific Day-Date line since 1956. Strapped on top is a brilliant fluted bezel that offers a fabulous design code, pertaining to inherent luxury. In our view, this really is a “made it watch” 

Onto the green dial, this uses an attractive ombré face that features a dark green centre that melds into a blackened periphery. Astride the black edging, Rolex uses diamonds that are set in 18K gold to represent the hour markers. The hands are made out of 18K yellow gold and are ultra sophisticated to keep with the rest of the pieces.

At 3 o’clock, there is also a date aperture that is promoted via a Cyclops eye for optimal legibility. 

Within the golden case skips the mechanical self-winding 3255 calibre. Providing a -2/+2 seconds per day accuracy and 70 hour power reserve, the timepieces are bolstered by a Paramagnetic hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers to keep pace with your everyday activities. 

You can buy a Rolex Day-Date 36mm 128238 at retail for £33,300 as of June 2024.



That's it, Timelords! We’ve run through the best green Rolex watches for Saint Patrick’s Day. The green dial is pretty rare in the brands' collection so be aware of this when you come to buy a watch with a green dial. All of the watches are extremely durable and can brush up really nicely when given a little polish.

This is certainly the case for the gold models which will shine beautifully against the green dial. Speaking of which, we would love to see more gold watches released at Watches and Wonders 2023 as the 80’s vibe could see a well deserved comeback. 

But if green is your thing, we must give a nod to the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M in polished green which has been highly praised in timekeeping circles. Anyways, that’s it for now. Just make sure to be merry and rejoice over these spectacular green watches. Sláinte!


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