Top 5 Rolex Watches to Buy This Month
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Top 5 Rolex Watches to Buy This Month

Top 5 Rolex Watches to Buy This Month


Buying a Rolex watch because you’ve always wanted to own one because you’re a collector, or because you love wearing one means you most likely have your eye on a certain reference already.  Or maybe you’re open to ideas.  

But when buying a Rolex, you really want to be careful that you’re also making a good investment.  Although a Rolex is small enough to reside on your wrist, it can be as big a purchase as a car.  So when you’re considering the best Rolex watch to buy, make sure you take into account whether or not the Rolex watch that’s calling your name is likely to be a good investment.  

Predicting which Rolex watches are the best to buy at any given time is a little bit like being a fortune teller.  In general, you can’t really go wrong buying any Rolex watch as they all tend to hold their value.  But picking the one that’s going to have a substantial increase in value in a few years is not quite so easy.  But there are certain things that are fairly reliable indicators.  

For instance, if a  Rolex watch is going to be discontinued, it can be a prediction of a rise in demand and therefore resale value.  Another good bet is that the vintage steel sports references such as Daytonas and Submariners will maintain their value at a minimum and more than likely increase in value over the long term.  And one last good bet is a Rolex watch that’s a special edition with a limited production number, or a hard-to-find dial.  These are likely to be a good investment. 

You can keep all of these things in mind and still find the Rolex watch that’s going to make you feel like a million every time you wear it.  Here are our top 5 to consider this month: 


Rolex Milgauss - Reference 116400GV

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“Mille” is French for ‘thousand’ and “gauss” is a measurement of magnetic induction.  These two words merge to give this Rolex watch its name.  Created in 1956, it was designed for scientists and engineers. 


Made of Oystersteel, the 40mm case comes with a Z-blue dial - a brilliant turquoise - that has only ever been used with this particular Rolex watch.  The minute and hour hands are white, like the baton hour markers.  


But original to this  Rolex watch is the lightening-shaped orange second hand and the orange second markers running around the perimeter. The crystal has a bright green edge and is scratch and fade proof.  The Rolex watch is powered by the 3131 calibre, it’s waterproof to 100 metres (330 feet) and has a 48 hour power reserve. 


There is an option that has a black dial.  With this edition, the 3, 6 and 9 batons are light orange while all the others are white.  Everything else about the Rolex watch is the same as the Z-blue, including the bright green edge around the crystal.  


Yacht-Master II - Reference 116688

Photo credited to Rolex

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Introduced first in 2010, this 44mm yellow-gold Yacht-Master II has all the characteristics of a traditional sports Rolex.   It has a blue bi-directional cerachrom bezel which acts as a programmable regatta countdown timer. The bezel has gold numbers and, unusually, it works with the internal mechanism of the watch. It is, of course, scratch and fade-proof. 


The dial is white, but there are a number of other colours here to catch the eye.  The yellow sub-dial gives thel 60-second counter.  The on-dial 10-minute countdown is outlined in blue with small red triangles at each half minute interval.  The hour hand has a large circle of luminescence to distinguish it from the minute hand in low light.  Each hour marker is a square, except for the 12 which is a rectangle. 


This Rolex watch is equipped with the 4160 calibre.  It’s water-resistant to 100 metres and has a power reserve of 72 hours. 


“Cameron” Sea-dweller - Reference 136660

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This Rolex watch was released in 2014 to commemorate the historic dive of film maker James Cameron.  This 44mm Oystersteel has a D-blue dial, graduating from bright to dark, with big hour markers that are luminescent for easy reading underwater.  

Made of particularly corrosion-resistant Oystersteel, this Rolex watch is waterproof to an astonishing 3,900 metres (12,800 feet) and has a unidirectional 60-minute rotating bezel for timing dives and decompression times. The bezel is black Cerachrom, virtually scratch-proof and unaffected by UV rays. 

This Rolex watch is powered by the calibre 3235.  Shock and magnetic resistant, it has a power reserve of 70 hours.  


Oyster Perpetual 31 - Reference 277200

Photo 41mm Oyster Perpertual 

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The Oyster Perpetual was the first ever waterproof watch, launched in 1926.  It has all the style and charisma that comes with the Rolex brand as well as the mechanical, self-winding movement with Paraflex shock absorbers. 

The dial comes in a bundle of fun choices including Silver, Turquoise Blue, Bright Blue, Green, Bright Black and Pink.  

The Turquoise Blue - nicknamed ‘Tiffany’ - because of the resemblance to the brand colour of Tiffany - is very popular and yet Rolex has discontinued it in the Oyster Perpetual 41.  It’s available at the moment in 31mm and 36mm.  Because this colour has become hard to find, it might indicate a particularly good investment, if you can find one. 


Submariner 41 - Reference 124060

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The Submariner is synonymous with the name Rolex. You can never go wrong owning any Submariner.  The style of the 124060 is traditional and understated.  The dial is black with bold batons at the 3, 6 and 9 point and circles for the other hours, except for the 12 spot which is a triangle.  They are of course, luminescent.  The black bidirectional bezel has 60 minutes etched in white for timing dives and decompressions. 

Waterproof to 300 metres (1000 ft), this Rolex watch has the 3230 calibre and has a power reserve of 70 hours. 



These are our five Rolex watches of the month.  There are others you can consider too, so do your research carefully.  If you want any help finding a watch, contact Chrono Hunter for help. 


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