The Ultimate Lowdown On Bell & Ross Watches (Brand, History, Models)
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The Ultimate Lowdown On Bell & Ross Watches (Brand, History, Models)

The Ultimate Lowdown On Bell & Ross Watches (Brand, History, Models)


You’ve spent hours if not days perusing through lists and lists of the best watches for men and you think you’ve found the timepiece of your dreams. And that brand, may we present to you is called Bell & Ross! It’s one of those brands which isn't as well known as Rolex but the design and craftsmanship is funky enough to make you look twice. 

Gen-Z are becoming increasingly enamoured with the unorthodox, moving away from conventional designs and seeking luxury watches for men who forge their own timekeeping path. Without giving too much away, we can assure you that this is what the brand excels at!

So, why exactly should you consider buying the brand's watches for men? And what makes them tick precisely? Join us, Timelords as Chrono Hunter runs through the fascinating history of the brand, frequently asked questions and some of their greatest releases to date. 


History of Bell & Ross


As one of the newer brands on the horological scene, Bell & Ross was only founded in 1992 in France. Take this into consideration, Blancpain was founded in 1735, making it 257 years older. Talk about age before beauty.


Hydromax - Source - Unique Watch Guide

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As is the case with the horological universe, age doesn't equate to success. Take Hublot, established in 1980 and stormin the horological scene with their exotic materials and the first ever watch made from coffee grounds in the form of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin

But let’s wake up and smell the coffee for just a second. The Bell & Ross vision of a functional timepiece for men which packs plenty of longevity was seized upon by the enthusiasts and instantly adored. The design codes followed one of the toughest sectors in the world…the military!

Originally, Bell & Ross watches for men were initially crafted in Germany by a company named Sinn Spezialuhren. For context, this was a brand that was already firmly established in the world of tool watches for men. Therefore, the union between the brands was more impressive than Manchester City signing Erling Haaland!

But what’s the horological scores on the doors? The initial timepieces were therefore known as ‘Bell & Ross by Sinn’. A pretty big mouthful you might say, but the team released a slew of highly innovative timepieces. Take for example the Space 1 which would be the first chronometer to be worn in space, or the Hydromax 11,100m which had the ability to cope with an astonishing 11,000 metres of water pressure. 


While the union of the two businesses was successful in its output, they sadly parted ways in 2002 after the brand got their own production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. From this point onwards, they cemented their name in horological history through an array of intriguing models, especially their signature square faced watches for men.

From reaching the Guiness Book Of World Records in 1997 with their Hydromax model hitting 11,100 metres to launching the first jumping hours digital display timepiece, the Vintage 123 Heure Sautante in 2002, the brand shows no signs of stopping!  And time doesn’t stand still for us either. Did we mention they are also the official timepiece supplier for the Space Lab Mission and French Air Force?


Time never ceases to amaze us in the case of the brand. From releasing the Diver 300 which represented one of the few mechanical dive models of its time in 2003, The brand kept releasing several models to stay ahead of the curve. 

As such, the highly regarded BR 02 collection was released in 2007, instantly becoming the brands main dive timepiece due to its distinctive tonneau casing and updated 1000 metres depth. The BR 03-92 Diver took centre stage in 2017, bringing with it the title of the world's first square-shaped dive model and a bronze edition was released in 2018. 


Most Popular Bell & Ross Models


The brand has progressed rapidly since forging their own path. This means that there are a hell of a lot of watches for men to choose from! In the interests of saving your precious time (pardon the pun), we have selected the top 6 collections which we think epitomise Bell & Ross as the cutting-edge brand they are today. 


BR 01


The BR 01 represented the very first steps from the brand into the world of square models. Launched in 2005, the timepieces are certainly sizable as they average a size of 46mm. Oh yes, gents if you like big models, Bell and Ross tick most of the boxes and are a rival to several Panerai models such as the Luminor Regatta Chrono Flyback and the Panerai Submersible Forze Speciali Experience, both measuring 47mm. 


Tourbillon - Source - Bell & Ross 

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The BR 01 collection has seen a few alterations throughout its diminutive reign. The initial design ultimately represented a cockpit instrument first and foremost due to its squared design and sleek curved corners. The collection would then continue to expand as the timepieces started to include complications from 2007 onwards. 

The BR 01 Tourbillon is a perfect example of this. Crafted using the highly innovative and light carbon fibre for its dial and innards, the casing itself was made out of titanium and further strengthened by a coating of DLC. The tourbillon itself takes centre stage at 6 o’clock as its skeletonised construction draws eyes due to its avant-garde design. With only a main minute hand, the hour hand is located on a sub dial under 12 o’clock. 


The timepiece houses a tourbillon, regulator, power reserve indicator and precision indicator. Talk about more bang for your buck! 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon at retail for £90,000 at the time of writing. 


BR 01-93 - Source - Bell & Ross

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The BR 01 collection has ventured into the world of GMT timepieces. The BR 01-93 is one such model that utilises a seconds time zone function as well as a mechanical automatic movement in order for the debonair businessman to keep time accurately while crossing different time zones.

Sized up at 46mm, the timepiece is crafted in a stainless steel case which receives a black PVD coating. Housing a date function situated at 4 o’clock and attached with a black rubber strap, it can reach 100 metres of water resistance due to its screw down crown and caseback.


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 01 at retail for £3,600 at the time of writing. 


BR 05 


The BR 05 collection represented a significant change in mindset for the brand. 


Chrono - Source - Bell & Ross

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The BR 05 was the next step in the brand's plan for timekeeping domination! Step forward The BR 01 and BR 03 with their square cases and circular dials which were heavily influenced by military history. 

Bulbous and highly legible this smacks of Bell & Ross..the models are hard to miss! The design was secured but resulted in limitations in terms of other design codes. Like the Nike swoosh or the Starbucks mermaid, the brand is so well known for this unique design pattern that it is hard to associate it with any other watch design. Yet, the sleek visuals of the integrated bracelet play another important role.

The BR 05 is trimmed down to 40mm while still retaining the familiar square casing and circular dial design. The collection has continuously developed over the course of time. The BR 05 Chrono sized up at 42mm accounts for the sub dials yet kept the refinement of the integrated bracelet. Crafted out of satin polished steel, this timepiece enjoys a black sunray dial which stands out superbly. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono at retail for £6,000 at the time of writing. 


But hold the front page for a tick. Watches and Wonders 2023 then came along and catapulted the collection into the realms of luxury and opulence! Releasing the BR 05 Skeleton Golden and the BR 05 Skeleton Gold, both models are crafted with the utmost intricacy, detail and respect. 


BR 05 Skeleton - Source - Bell & Ross 

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Both editions feature a skeletonised dial which is incredibly avant-garde in design and something that the brand does not really utilise. The Skeleton gold edition is crafted out of polished and satin finished steel and features a golden hue tinted transparent panel in front of the rhodium plated movement. This gives the appearance of a golden sheen and allows the movement itself to cast shadows, exemplifying the unorthodox construction.

The BR 05 Skeleton Gold follows these same design codes. The main difference is the timepiece is crafted entirely out of 18K rose gold! Still featuring an openworked dial, it oozes luxury, refinery and pure wealth, representing a dramatic shift from the typical tool timepiece design Bell and Ross usually follow. Capped at 99 pieces, be quick off the block time peeps as this bad boy will run out as quickly as their BR-CAL.322 movement!


You can buy a Bell & Ross Skeleton Golden at retail for £6,500 while the Skeleton Gold is priced at £32,000 MSRP at the time of writing. 


BR Vintage Collection


The brand's vintage collection takes great pride in reminding us of the eclectic history of watchmaking. By taking direct influence from those beloved timepieces stemming as far back as the 1940’s, the brand linked the vintage collection to the times where form over function was de rigueur.

This doesn't mean that the brand resigns these models to rehashes of previous watches for men. Not at all, Timelords! In fact, the brand perfectly blends the past with the present through their stunning BR V2-94 collection. Taking inspiration from their previous model, the BR V2 Chronograph, the models follow the design codes of both aviation and pilot timepieces. 


Steel Heritage - Source - Bell & Ross

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The BR V2-94 Steel Heritage epitomises this as the heritage collection was launched in 2009 with one key principle, taking inspiration from all the models in the brand’s timekeeping portfolio. In essence, the timepiece has a clear inspiration of instrumental panels taken from 1960s aircrafts which use a satin polished case with retro sand coloured indices. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross V2-94 Steel Heritage at retail for £4,300 at the time of writing. 


Bellytanker - Source - The Rake

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Not to worry, Timelords. The brand deviates from their pilot watches for men in this particular collection! The BR V2-94 Bellytanker is an example of their ability to craft models with the latest materials but still have them relate to their own history. And no, this ain’t no belly flop of a watch!  

The Belly Tanker collection follows the round casings of vintage models and has a distinct connection with the record-breaking homemade car races which took place in North America during the 1950s.  

Aimed at racing drivers, the BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze takes the collection to new realms of luxury. Limited to 999 pieces, the watch's case is crafted out of bronze which gives a beautiful patina over time, ensuring each one has a one of a kind hue. The black dial stands out superbly and offers maximum legibility. Pair it with some khaki chinos and a crisp white shirt for those dress down Fridays in the office. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross V2-94 Belltanker Bronze at retail for £4,900 at the time of writing. 


BR S Quartz


The BR S Quartz collection relates to the stunning history that the brand has with the aeronautical industry. As we’ve previously mentioned, the brand had their fingers in the Aeronautical industry as far back as 1994 with their Space 1 release, or to us horological nerds, the first automatic chronometer to be worn in space!


BR S Blue Diamond Eagle - Source - The Week

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The models typically measure 39mm and are built with the iconic square casing which looks sublime in a smaller sizing. You may be wondering, what does the ‘S’ stand for in the title? Well, as the brand phrases it themselves, it references a few terms like ‘smaller, sleeker and smarter’. What a great trio to have!

The highly ergonomic sizing allows for optimum comfort and style in all scenarios. Take for example the BR S Blue Diamond Eagle Diamonds. As a reference to the navigators that used stars to give direction when sailing, diamonds are set into the dial's face in a style reminiscent of the star constellation ‘Jupiter's Eagle’. Against the blue dial face, the watch looks stunning, especially when complimented with the diamond fitted bezel. You should pair this timepiece with evening wear like a smart suit shirt or a fitted navy cashmere jumper for that extra sparkle. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle Diamonds at retail for £5,800 at the time of writing. 

BR S Black Matte - Source - Bell & Ross

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If that starry sky fails to catch your eye, you can take things down a notch with the BR S Black Matte. Similarly sized at 39mm, the model is very sleek in its design. The case is crafted out of ceramic and complemented with a black Super-Luminova filled dial face, which ensures legibility in all circumstances. 

The timepiece is powered by the BR-CAL.102.Quartz calibre which runs the hours, minutes, small seconds and a date aperture between 4 and 5 o’clock. You can easily pull this off with a black bomber jacket to dress it down while hitting the hottest bars around town!


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR S Black Matte at retail for £2,250 at the time of writing. 


BR-XI Tourbillon


The BR-XI collection is the brand's technical masterpiece!


BR-XI White Hawk - Source - Bell & Ross

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The BR-XI collection is crafted with the same iconic squared design but decides to feature exceptional engineering to let the timepieces clearly be differentiated from the other models. The collection is heavily inspired by 21st century fighter planes. As these aero-nautical beauties are highly advanced in terms of technology and design, the BR-XI collection follows suit. 

One such example is the BR-XI Tourbillon White Hawk. Capped at 20 pieces, the model is given an avant garde skeletonisation construction as well as a stunning colour scheme of silver, white and hints of red on the sub-dials. At 45mm, slimmer wrists beware…nevertheless, it's all for a good reason! Crafted out of micro blasted titanium with functions like a 30-minute timer, a 60 minute timer at 1 o'clock and a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, the timepiece is as complicated as it is incredible to look at!


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR-XI Tourbillon White Hawk at retail for £132,000


Don’t jump to conclusions too fast, Timelords. There are plenty of other models too! The BR-XI Tourbillon Instrument De Marine perfectly relates to both traditions with a strong dose of modernity. So how can the two live in harmony? The timepiece is powered by the BR-CAL.238 which powers the highly complex flying tourbillon function at 6 o’clock, a 60 minute timer at 1 o'clock not to mention a 30 minute timer at 11 o’clock. 


BR-X1 Instrument De Marine - Source - Bell & Ross

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The case is crafted out of 18K rose gold and ‘precious’ wood, resulting in a stunning amalgamation of traditional woodwork with modern flexes of yellow gold. The dial is skeletonised and features gilt applique indices which are given a healthy dose of Super-Luminova. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR-XI Tourbillon Instrument De Marine at retail for £128,000


BR-X5 Collection


The BR-X5 collection is another set of timepieces that prides itself on the brand's aeronautical history. The timepieces follow the usual design codes of a squared case with a very distinct circular dial. Of course, like the brand usually does, there is a secret surprise! Unlike The X Factor, we won’t take a break to give you the scoop because time never stops.

The intricate design of the timepieces can only be seen when turned on the watches side. The watches are all built up in layers and usually size up at 41mm. The BR-X5 clearly distinguishes itself from BR-05 in that regard, as well as the highly skilled movement and subsequent complications which are clearly present on the dial. 


BR-X5 Black Steel - Source - Bell & Ross

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Take for example the BR-X5 Black Steel. Equipped with the stunning movement, the BR-Cal.323, the movement is designed by Kenissi, a movement provider you horological fiends will know which powers Tudor and Chanel timepieces. The movement is COSC certified, allowing it to be titled as a Chronometer. This means the timepiece is classified as a highly accurate and reliable timepiece. Guaranteed to run for at least 5 years, this model is certainly an investment piece for longevity!


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel at retail for £6,500


Do Bell & Ross Watches Hold Its Value?


The short answer is unfortunately no, avid horophiles.


This isn't meant to be a slight on the brand as they do produce some mightily classic watches for men. They are a great brand with success in breaking records and releasing phenomenal aviation watches and pilot watches for men. Sadly though, this doesn't quite give sufficient horological justice in our view to hold its original value at resale. This is primarily due to the fact that they don't yet have the magic formula of supply vs demand nailed down like Rolex or Cartier.

Simply put, they supply more watches than there is demand for them. This means that enthusiasts won't have to resort to the secondary market to be in with a sniff of owning a timepiece from the brand. 


Cyber Skull Bronze - Source - Bell & Ross

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BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze


Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that all of their watches for men will not yield a potential resale value. If you land on a model which is either rare, vintage or with a distinctive back story, you have a chance of gleaning some value back. 

Take for example the BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze which was released at Watches and Wonders 2023. Manufactured out of the very unorthodox bronze, the watches dial is literally skeletonised as a skull and bones insignia takes centre stage. This is similar to a degree to one of our faves from 2023, namely the iconic rock and roll hand gesture found on the Richard Mille RM66

If you power the hand wound BR-CAL.210 calibre, the jaw of the skull moves in conjunction with your turning. Truly terrifying! The bronze will though patina over time, allowing the timepiece to change in colour and be completely unique to your wrist. With only 500 pieces available, this limited edition timepiece is very rare and has the potential to increase in value. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross Cyber Skull Bronze at retail for £10,300 at the time of writing. 


Tourbillon Skull - Source - Bell & Ross

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This isn't an isolated example either..oh no. Enter stage left The Tourbillon Skull, another example of a timepiece which has every chance of increasing in value. Released in 2011, the tourbillon was regarded as the epitome of watchmaking and artistry. The brand took the complication a step further by placing it into a virtually indestructible black titanium case with accompanying DLC finish to ensure its longevity. 


The dial rises out of the case to greet you due to its 3D skull feature. Capped at just 20 pieces, the timepiece is extremely rare and has every potential to increase in value…if you can get your mitts on one. The bell tolls dear time peeps.


You can buy a Bell & Ross Tourbillon Skull at retail for £100,000 at the time of writing.


Best Bell & Ross Watches To Invest In


As previously mentioned, it's best that you get your hands on either a vintage or a rare model. You must remember however that the brand has only been in production since 1992, meaning the chances of getting never let alone finding a truly vintage timepiece is very difficult to come by. Fear not, Timelords. The brand also has rare watches for men in abundance.


Skeleton Tourbillon - Source - Bell & Ross

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BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire Black


Take for example the BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire Black. This timepiece is extraordinarily transparent due to its extensive use of sapphire throughout the piece. Sapphire is the only material capable of offering durability as well as transparency. As the second hardest material in the world, this timepiece is a bit like Iron Man…basically indestructible! The use of black for the movement is reminiscent of the aircraft instrument influence. 

Meanwhile, the transparent case and rubber strap are therefore only interrupted by the movement and the rubies which are adorned in the majestic tourbillon cage. Limited to only one piece, the model is extremely desirable and it could certainly be considered a timepiece which could possibly supersede its original value. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire Black at retail for £355,000 at the time of writing. 


BR 01-92 - Source - Bell & Ross

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Another example is the BR 01-92 Gold Ingot. Following on from the timeless design structure of the formidable BR 01 collection, this rendition doesn’t need Spandau Ballet to sell it. It takes the timepiece to even greater heights. We should probably clarify here, Timelords. Everything on this timepiece is as gold as it comes! The dial, case, indices and hands are all crafted from 18K rose gold. 

Following on from its ‘Gold Ingot’ name, the only thing that's not gold is the strap which is actually a beautiful alligator leather band. Make it snappy time fiends as this is limited to just 250 pieces. Produced from a highly popular precious metal not to mention its flashy and iconic construction allows it to be a potential investment opportunity! Why not consider styling it out with something equally sharp like a black italian tux to accentuate the beautiful gold?


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Gold Ingot at retail for £15,300 at the time of writing. 


New 2023 Bell & Ross Releases 


The brand has been on a horological splurge recently. One close look at Watches and Wonders 2023 will reveal an impressive collection of Bell & Ross watches for men! 


BR 03-92


Take for example the BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze. 

BR 03-92 - Source - Bell & Ross

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Crafted out of bronze and fitted with a very tasty white dial, the watch is the perfect accompaniment for your diving needs. Bronze is non-ferrous which essentially means that the watch won't corrode as quickly due to its low iron content.  Did we mention that it offers a stunning patina over time, leading to a delightful colour which is absolutely unique? 

Running at 28,800VpH, the BR-CAL 302 offers an impressive 300 metres of water resistance due to its solid caseback. You can easily pull this off with a pair of trunks by your private pool in Malta or when living it large at a work do. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 03-92 at retail for £4,200 at the time of writing. 


BR 03 Professional Collection GMT Blue


The BR 03 Professional Collection GMT Blue was another hot release during Watches and Wonders 2023, offering a new edition to the GMT collection. 


BR 03-93 - Source - Bell & Ross

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Coming in at 42mm, the model is utilitarian to the nth degree due to its typical square casing and extremely legible indices and red arrow GMT hand. The bezel is two-tone in grey and blue, offering two AM and PM functions to assist with the GMT hand. 

Like James Bond, The BR-CAL.303 is a smooth operator, running at a competent 28,800VpH and offering a fairly long power reserve of 42 hours. Although characterised for the travelling man with the GMT function, you can pull the blue sunray dial off with a matching navy suit when dealing with those hard to impress corporate bigwigs. One look at your wrist will soon change matters. 


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 03-93 at retail for £3,800 at the time of writing. 


BR 05 Green Gold


The BR 05 Green Gold comes in at 40mm and crafted out of a stunning 18K rose gold case. 


BR 05 Green Gold - Source - Bell & Ross

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The use of the precious metal elevates this timepiece and allows it to be worn in a multitude of scenarios. These aren't your standard watches for men! But where does the green come into it? One look at the dial should yield the answer for you! The dial is British Racing Green and features highly legible Arabic and baton indices. 

The BR-CAL.321 is an automatic winding movement which powers the standard hour, minutes and seconds functions, as well as producing a beastly frequency of 28,800VpH. 42 hours of power reserve entitles the timepiece to be taken off for just under 2 days. Don't go jetting off without it. Consider sporting this number with a green bomber jacket for a dressed down look or go all out and wear it with a cream suit for those meetings when you need to make a statement!


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 05 Green Gold at retail for £30,900 at the time of writing. 


Where Are Bell & Ross Manufactured?


Originally from France, the brand ended up where the big brands usually roam! Their production facility is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland wherein every aspect of the timepiece is created, from design to fine tuning. 


Fun Facts About Bell & Ross Watches For Men


  • It was originally a university project between Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rossilo. The two names would eventually result in ‘Bell & Ross’.
  • They supplied timepieces to the French Air Force in 1992 where they now supply timepieces to the Escadron de Chasse 2/4 La Fayette and The French Space Program. 
  • They have spread their horological wings into racing as in 2016, they joined forces with Renault Sport Formula 1 Team. Look for ‘Alpine F1 Team Watch Collection’ thanks to the Renault re-branding.
  • Think Omega have all the Space glory with their Speedmaster? The brand released the Space 1 which became the first chronometer to be worn in space in 1994. 
  • They released the Vintage 123 Heure Sautante in 1992 which became the first jumping hour timepiece with a power reserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bell and Ross Watches For Men


Q. Is Bell & Ross Worth The Money?

  1. The data is leaning more towards no than yes. Don’t let this discourage you, however! If you land on a rare model like the BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire Black, you are in with a shot.

Q. Are Bell & Ross Watches Good?

  1. Bell & Ross watches for men are made to be incredibly durable and look fantastic. From using precious metals in the watches' construction to the impressive feats they have achieved over the years, Bell & Ross are a luxury brand for a reason.

Q. Should I Buy A Bell & Ross Watch?

  1. Bell & Ross offer stunning luxury watches for men at prices vastly lower than their competitors such as Audemars Piguet and Rolex. While you shouldn't expect to make a profit at resale, be assured that you are buying into a highly reputable and established brand.

Q. What Is The Most Expensive Bell & Ross Watch?

  1. The BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire was released at Baselworld in 2018, bringing with it a shockwave due to its highly unorthodox sapphire construction. With only six models ever created, you can buy a BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire at retail for a cool £355,000. 

Q. What Is The Most Affordable Bell & Ross Watch?

  1. The most affordable entry-level timepiece is the BR S Quartz collection with models such as the BR S Black Matte. You can buy a Bell & Ross BR S Quartz at retail for £2,250. 


Why Are Bell & Ross So Special?


The brand is the new timekeeping kid on the block.


They have a lot to prove in order to peak enthusiasts and collector's interests. But all they need is of course time. This is the case if they want to scale the peaks to sit alongside the watchmaking greats like Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. But, they are already making phenomenal waves in the horological sea. 

From breaking records in their early days to releasing highly avant-garde watches for men, they have adapted well to each flurry of trends while maintaining their iconic shape. The BR 01 represented the brand's first release on their own and it went down a storm. It has since set the blueprints for every other timepiece in their portfolio and given them exposure to a very large consumer fan base.

Although they are not brimming with a lineal heritage like major Swiss brands such as Vacheron Constantin and The Beast from Le Brassus, Audemars Piguet. They are special because they came in and claimed their own design and style almost instantaneously. And that deserves a slight tip of our horological hat.




Time’s up…for now. Bell & Ross continues its march, bringing with it new materials and designs upon every release. The original design followed an instrument in the cockpit. What a journey to skulls and bones, right? The brand doesn't fear change. It embraces it, caresses it and empowers the timekeeping revolution. 

Their latest adaptations at Watches and Wonders 2023 has brought gold to the table and their use of PVD for previous models shows their willingness to develop their models for longevity. They know the modern consumer too and its square faced watches for men are arguably some of the most recognizable in the industry. They do away with tachymetric scales and instead replace them with GMT functions as on their BR 03 Professional Collection GMT Blue, released during Watches and Wonders 2023

The brand is nearly as special as Jose Mourinho…despite his first defeat in a major European Final against Sevilla in the 2023 Europa League Final. And, we are lucky to have them in the watchmaking world!

Want help finding your next model? Feeling like you need to buy a Bell & Ross in next to no time? Then why not get in contact with Chrono Hunter here! If you feel you deserve to buy a watch, it may be worth having a look over our superb Trustpilot reviews to confirm that we are the ones to choose. With our peerless service, expertise in Bell and Ross, not to mention a safe and secure platform, rest assured you are in the best hands!


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