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About Us


An introduction to Chrono Hunter, the smartest way to buy or sell a luxury watch. Meet the team and find out what we do and how the Chrono Hunter platform works.


Simply upload a link to a watch you have seen online or enter the details, sit back and relax whilst we hunt down the perfect watches matching your description. You'll receive multiple offers from our network of reputable retailers to compare and decide which one is best for you. No more searching through outdated ads or missing out on the best deals that haven't yet reached online marketplaces. Get live offers, real prices for watches that are available right now. Members are under no obligation to buy but can compare the offers, make further enquiries and make their decisions - saving both time and money.


Chrono Hunter’s founders have years’ of experience in the watch industry seeking hard-to-find watches from across their international network of watch luxury watch retailers. Every luxury watch retailer on chronohunter.com has been handpicked. Together they offer the perfect mix of specialists covering everything from luxury to vintage. The network is steadily growing in order to provide access to the very best from around the world - and the ability to hunt down the rarest of watches.

Luxury watch retailers you can Trust

A hand-picked network of established, industry-recognised and industry-leading retailers.

Uncompromising Service

From our real-time search to concierge service to data security, our brand is built on outstanding service.

Guaranteed Prices

Compare offers, choose and then buy direct from the luxury watch retailer. Meaning no middle-men and no hidden fees.


Simply enter the details of the watch you are looking to sell and let the offers roll in. Compare multiple offers. Guaranteed offers from our network of reputable luxury watch retailers. No dealing with time wasting private individuals Sell in a safe and secure environment Sell with zero seller fees.


Chrono Hunter members are a group of watch collectors and enthusiasts. Members have access to exclusive offers sourced by the Chrono Hunter team. As a member you will also be invited to VIP events where you will be able to network with like minded individuals.

Chrono Hunter Founders

Sam Rayner

The first Rolex I bought was Datejust II, known as the Wimbledon edition due to the green roman numerals on the slate grey dial. When I spotted it, I knew I had to buy it as a 21st birthday present for myself, I'm generous like that!

Shortly after that impulse purchase I saw the same Rolex on the way to Amsterdam for £1300 less! I got home, started researching and found the same model for a whole range of prices. This was my first lesson in the value of shopping wisely!

I'd been working in the City and then in tech and together with Max the idea for Chrono Hunter really began to take shape. I've known Max for a number of years and the time really does feel really right for us to do something around our mutual interest in watches and for every watch collector out there looking for better service and that magic watch.

Favorite watch:Patek Philippe Aquanaut - 5164A-001 Travel Time
Max Nordigian

The first watch I really loved was a steel Rolex Daytona with a black face. Although Daytonas are classics this particular model was quite tricky to find. It's now worth nearly twice what I paid for it, but then I'd never sell it.

Working in the property industry I found there's a real love for watches and my Daytona sparked many conversations. I soon got to know the watches people wanted and, using my knowledge, began buying and selling. In doing so, I encountered the issues with traditional watch selling websites and so built up a network of contacts with the best luxury watch retailers in the UK and Europe. And so the idea behind Chrono Hunter was born!

My business partner Sam shares the same love for watches. Together I knew we could come up with a better value and more efficient way of putting buyers in touch with the best luxury watch retailers.

Favorite watch:Patek Philippe 5726/1A-001 Stainless Steel
David Wingrove
Business Manager

My interest in watches began quite literally with a blast, with nine year old me loudly watching a VHS copy of the classic 1995 James Bond movie, Goldeneye. In the film, Bond uses his Q-Branch issued Omega Seamaster Professional, ref 2541.80 to (spoilers) laser his way out of an exploding train, remotely set detonators that blow up the hidden satellite facility, and one up the baddie’s wristgame with the “new model”. It played such an iconic part in the plot, that it grew my interest to discover more about other luxury brands and models. I joined Chrono Hunter in 2018, having spent the best part of a decade honing my customer service and selling skills in the world of retail. Prior to my current role, I previously worked at Europe's leading pre-owned luxury watch specialist. I want to share with our customers and retail partners alike, my knowledge and passion for luxury watches, so that everyone has the opportunity to buy and sell safely and confidently at a fair price.

Favorite watch:Favourite watch - Rolex 1665 Sea Dweller ‘Double Red’
Niam Chandaria
Social Media Manager

As a young boy, whenever my family and I travelled, we always took pictures...


Outside my role as Social Media and Content Manager, you can regularly find me following my passion for automotive and landscape photography, and my first ‘proper’ watch was a Tag Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Limited Edition.


My interest and love for watches has come a long way since my school and college days, and when the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight was released at Baselworld 2018, I knew I had to add to my growing collection.


Having spent almost my entire lifetime taking photos, I really enjoy the engagement and challenges that handling the media and photography portfolio for Chrono Hunter brings.

Favorite watch:Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ Extra-Thin With Salmon Dial


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    Registered Retailers Increased by 125% and over £100,000 worth of business through Chrono Hunter in the first three months of going live.

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  • August 16, 2018

    Pre registration opens and 500 people sign up