About Us

About Us


Chrono Hunter is the smart way to buy or sell a luxury watch. Founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a safe place for watch lovers to buy and sell whilst also ensuring they're getting a fair price. Since our launch we have helped thousands of people find the best deal and safely transact over £10 million worth of watches and this number is growing. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves so if you're in the market for a new or used luxury watch or would like to sell yours, don't hesitate to contact our specialist team today.

Hunting down the watch you're looking for

Simply upload a link to a watch you have seen online or enter the details, sit back and relax whilst we hunt down the perfect watches matching your description. You'll receive multiple offers from our network of reputable retailers to compare and decide which one is best for you. No more searching through outdated ads or missing out on the best deals that haven't yet reached online marketplaces. Get live offers, real prices for watches that are available right now. Members can compare the offers, make further enquiries and make their decisions - saving both time and money.

We Only Work With The Best


Every luxury watch retailer on chronohunter.com has been handpicked. Together they offer the perfect mix of specialists covering everything from luxury to vintage. The network is steadily growing in order to provide access to the very best from around the world - and the ability to hunt down the rarest of watches.

Luxury watch retailers you can Trust

A hand-picked network of established, industry-recognised and industry-leading retailers.

Uncompromising Service

From our real-time search to concierge service to data security, our brand is built on outstanding service.

Guaranteed Prices

Compare offers, choose and then buy direct from the luxury watch retailer. Meaning no middle-men and no hidden fees.

Secure the best sales price

Simply enter the details of the watch you are looking to sell and let the offers roll in. Compare multiple offers. Guaranteed offers from our network of reputable luxury watch retailers. No dealing with time wasting private individuals. Sell in a safe and secure environment.

A Safe and Secure Environment

Chrono Hunter prides itself on only working with the best to ensure safety and security when transacting high value timepieces

Chrono Hunter Founders

Sam Rayner
Co CEO & Founder

Meet Sam Rayner, the Co-founder of Chrono Hunter. With an unquenchable passion for horology, Sam embarked on a journey to redefine the luxury watch market.

His vision: to establish Chrono Hunter as the premier destination for buying and selling exquisite timepieces. Committed to creating a secure platform, Sam envisions a space where enthusiasts can transact with confidence, knowing they're in a safe environment.

Under his guidance, Chrono Hunter strives to unite buyers and sellers worldwide, offering not only a marketplace but an experience—a platform where fair prices and authenticity are guaranteed. Sam's dedication to fostering a community of trust within the world of luxury watches drives Chrono Hunter's mission, aspiring to elevate it to the pinnacle of the industry.

Favorite watch:Patek Philippe Aquanaut - 5164A-001 Travel Time
Max Nordigian

Introducing Max Nordigian, the Co-founder of Chrono Hunter. A connoisseur of timepieces with an innate passion for watches, Max's journey led him to orchestrate deals between discerning buyers and sellers long before the inception of Chrono Hunter.

This experience has bestowed him with a profound understanding of the intricacies that matter most to individuals when it comes to luxury watch transactions. Rooted in this insight, Max is committed to delivering an unparalleled level of service through Chrono Hunter.

His dedication stems from a fervent belief that every interaction with Chrono Hunter should be marked by excellence. With a strong devotion to ensuring customer satisfaction, Max endeavors to shape Chrono Hunter into more than a marketplace—it's a promise of exceptional experiences within the world of luxury watches.

Favorite watch:Patek Philippe 5726/1A-001 Stainless Steel
David Wingrove
Business Manager

Meet David Wingrove, the Business Manager of Chrono Hunter, the orchestrator of seamless operations and the bridge between retail partners and private clients. David's fascination with luxury watches ignited at the tender age of 9, sparked by a James Bond movie.

Now, with years of experience under his belt, his passion has evolved into a comprehensive understanding of horology's finer nuances. Leveraging his extensive background in the retail sector, David ensures the day-to-day functioning of Chrono Hunter remains effortlessly efficient.

His role is not merely administrative; it's about curating experiences. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, he nurtures relationships, creating a synergy that benefits both our valued retail partners and cherished private clients. In the tapestry of Chrono Hunter, David's thread weaves excellence into every aspect.

Favorite watch:Favourite watch - Rolex 1665 Sea Dweller ‘Double Red’
Niam Chandaria
Social Media Manager

Introducing Niam Chandaria, a Senior Sales Advisor and Social Media Coordinator at Chrono Hunter. With an inherent passion for luxury watches and a keen eye for photography, Niam's journey seamlessly marries his interests. A dedicated advocate for customer satisfaction, he brings his customer-service prowess to the forefront of his role. Niam's affinity for luxury watches extends beyond transactions; he understands that each piece tells a unique story.

As a Senior Sales Advisor, he guides clients with tailored expertise, ensuring their journey in the world of horology is both informed and delightful. Additionally, Niam's creative finesse shines through as he masterfully curates Chrono Hunter's social media presence. Through his lens, the essence of timepieces comes alive. Niam's dedication crafts a tapestry where passion, service, and artistry converge.

Favorite watch:Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ Extra-Thin With Salmon Dial


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