Into The Abyss: Bell & Ross Drop New BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze
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Into The Abyss: Bell & Ross Drop New BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze

Into The Abyss: Bell & Ross Drop New BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze


  • Bell & Ross have leapt into the spring season with its BR 05 Skeleton Gold, imbued with a delightful rose gold and evergreen dial during Watches and Wonders 2023. 
  • They have also released the BR 03 in a delightful GMT blue to enhance its professional collection…an excellent timepiece if you wish to buy a Bell & Ross
  • With their new release, the BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze, we are in for a delightful look at their transition out of specific tool types into something that could be an everyday driver. 


Join us as we dive into yet another new release at Watches and Wonders 2023 from Bell & Ross - The BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze. 


Design of the BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze


One question time peeps. Have you ever seen a dive model that is both a diver and crafted out of a bronze case with a white dial. Well, if you know the brand from La-Chaux De-Fonds, you’ll have realised that they released an edition last year with the same material with the only noticeable change being the dial colour. No point changing a winning formula for Watches and Wonders 2023! Specifically, the hands and indices are crafted out of rose gold which stand out superbly against the pearl white dial. It gives the timepiece a lovely tone as it doesn't contrast too sharply but is distinct enough to be readable and legible. It also helps that the indices and hands are dosed with Super-Luminova, even when enjoying a spot of water-skiing or dousing yourself in Lake Geneva when all this furore is over.

BR 03-92 - Source - Watchlounge 

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The case is ideal for diving purposes due to its properties being non-ferrous which, to the folks who aren't interested in science, essentially means the dive model does not contain much iron. This allows it not to rust or corrode as quickly meaning when you buy a Bell & Ross BR 03-92, it won’t dissolve instantly! It's also a nifty feature that the material patinas really nicely over time, meaning your dive model will differ in complexion in regards to how you wear it. Like an aged boat on the sea, your timepiece can endure the toughest situations and still come back with a wonderful gleam and unique design!

Still cautious about taking it for a quick dip? For those who know their ISO codes, you will see that since the BR 03-92 is 300m water resistant, it can count itself as an official dive watch which is ideal for those wanting to buy a Bell & Ross to enjoy the nautical lifestyle. In fact, we picture this snazzy piece just at ease on a boat in Monaco or on your wrist at that big birthday bash. It ultimately has a truly beautiful design which is enhanced by small details emanating from the case. For example, it is screwed down at each corner which gives the dive timepiece a rustic build…very appealing to those seeking a more vintage style. 

The bezel is unidirectional and fitted with markers to help you calculate compression phases while in the sea and crafted out of the polished material to keep the dive model looking seamless. The crown is screwed down on the right hand side of the case to ensure no water can make it in, while it is also covered in rubber to enhance your grip when under the water. 


Technical Features of the BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze


Utilising the same automatic movement as its predecessor, the dive watch is powered by the BR-CAL 302. It does its functions competently such as displaying the hour, minutes and seconds plus the date aperture, located below 4 o'clock. 


BR 03-92 - Source - Bell & Ross

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Beating at a steady 28,800VpH, it is surrounded by a soft iron cage in order to ensure magnetism wont mess with the movement and render the dive watch inaccurate. The movement itself is based on the Sellita SW300 1-a and has a moderate yet not mind blowing power reserve of 38 hours. The solid caseback means the dive watch is fully waterproof for all those water-sports activities or just rocking it by the pool. You should remember, when you decide to buy a Bell & Ross, that although you can't see the movement, it is tucked away safely, both on and off the water.


Final Thoughts On The BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze


The new BR 03-92 release is a welcome update on last year's edition. While it may not have had any massive changes in terms of the movement or the casing, the change of the dial is a nice effect as it changes shade when light hits it, meaning the model is versatile in its design which suits the vibe of Watches and Wonders 2023 and makes it the perfect option when you buy a Bell & Ross 


BR 03-92 - Source - Deployant 

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The movement is tough enough to last you while the model has 300 metres of water resistance meaning you can take this bad boy jet-skiing, windsurfing and or for a frolic in the ocean. The brown calfskin leather strap is very comfortable and allows the 42mm case to be worn with ease. Its boxy shape is unusual style wise but some enthusiasts like a little something outside the box. Mind you, it does not pose any problems in terms of comfort on the wrist. The timepiece will undoubtedly become very valuable over time, especially since it is capped at 999 pieces and is crafted out of sturdy material with the patina and glean appealing to many vintage timepiece lovers


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 03-92 for the retail price of £4,200 - at the time of writing. 


UPDATE: Bell & Ross Releases BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze On Day 4 at Watches And Wonders 2023


They cannot be stopped!


Cyber Skull Bronze - Source - Bell & Ross

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By the time I was about to complete this article, another launch had hit. And here it is. On Thursday afternoon, Bell & Ross released their BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze…and it may be the most avant garde piece yet! The dial is skeletonised and ironically made up of a skull which is crafted out of the same material as the case.  If the Terminator had any wristgame, we can only assume it would look like this. The skull takes centre stage and is shaped to have sharp edges and bevelled corners. While it appears like the skull is hanging by just the edges of its bones on the case, there’s a sapphire crystal which protects it and the case is similarly crafted out of the material. Powered by the hand-wound BR-CAL.210, the jaw of the skull moves, again showing the level of craftsmanship that has gone into this timepiece for Watches and Wonders 2023. Limited to 500 pieces, the material will also patina over time, eventually resulting in an almost entirely new model colour! They are really pushing the boundaries of horology and bringing incredible designs literally to life!


You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze for the retail price of £10,300 - at the time of writing. 




And in the blink of an eye, Day 5 at Watches and Wonders draws to a close. The BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze is a sensational piece. They have developed from their previous design and crafted a model which has the potential to be timeless and distinctive. With its unorthodox box shaped case and limited numbers of 999 pieces, the timepiece is certainly one to look out for once Watches and Wonders 2023 is over and the buying race commences. It's sturdy enough to go down 300 metres and looks good too with its updated mother of pearl dial and toned aesthetic. Well done, guys. It’s a big yes from us!


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