Rolex Drops Hot New 2023 Releases - Titanium Yacht Master 42, GMT Master II, Daytona, 1908 and 40mm Explorer
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Rolex Drops Hot New 2023 Releases - Titanium Yacht Master 42, GMT Master II, Daytona, 1908 and 40mm Explorer

Rolex Drops Hot New 2023 Releases - Titanium Yacht Master 42, GMT Master II, Daytona, 1908 and 40mm Explorer


Hello, Timelords! Watches and Wonders 2023 is underway and with it comes the promise of new releases from many big brands. As I’m sure you horological nerds had March 27th well and truly highlighted on your calendars, yesterday got things off with a bang from all the big hitters from Patek Phillipe to of course Rolex. And we have already seen some incredible releases. 

With Cartier releasing a new Tank Normale model and Chopard keeping their eagle soaring with the new Chopard Alpine Eagle XPS, Rolex have surprisingly come out with some new iterations of their own. Without exposing too much too soon, join us as we delve into the exclusive releases from Rolex on the first day of Watches and Wonders 2023!


Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona - 60th Anniversary


All watch fans should already be familiar with the incredible story behind the revered Rolex Daytona


Daytona Cosmograph - Source - Rolex

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The Daytona struggled upon its release in 1963 as it was a manual wind watch in an automatic era. After experiencing a few new updates including taking on Zenith’s automatic calibre, The ‘El Primero’ in 1988, the watch saw a turn of good fortune, eventually resulting in a ceramic bezel edition being released in 2016 for Baselworld and actor Paul Newman’s edition selling for just under £15m. Now that 2023 is upon us, The Daytona collection has finally been graced across the board with some new and exclusive updates. Believe us, dear timekeepers. These updates are certainly more than we bargained for!




The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is updated in everything bar the iconic dial structure.


Daytona Cosmograph - Source - Rolex

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The first thing you eagle eyed watch lovers may have noticed is the strong distinction in the visual aspect of the watch. The slight rings around the sub dials are given a strong contrast in colour to the dial's face. This is cleverly done as it allows for maximum legibility. The Daytona has always made sure to attain this however, for example the Daytona panda dial edition is an excellent contrast of black and white. Think we are still operating with stainless steel? The 2023 edition of the Daytona is available in their own 950 platinum which is an alloy made up of 950% platinum and blended with ruthenium to create a very durable material. 

Furthermore, it is available in classic Oyster steel and even 18K gold. Like the long overdue Fury vs Usyk unification title match, there are no punches pulled here! The bezel varies per model, for example the yellow gold dial features a black ceramic bezel and has a PVD effect in platinum or yellow gold conducted over the tachymetric scale in order to enhance the small details against the colour of the bezel. 

They still remembered that they don't need to fix what isn't broken and as such, kept the Oyster bracelet on most models, such as the platinum, Oystersteel, Rolesor or Everose gold editions. The 18K gold variant features an Oysterflex bracelet which utilises an elastic material in black to blend with the black counters against the gold case and dial. Both bracelets have the Oysterlock clasp to ensure security and the Easylink extension for when you need the extra room. The platinum edition has an icy blue dial which looks like the Tiffany blue editions of the past, the Oystersteel and Rolesor editions have a creamy lacquer dial and the Everose edition goes dark with a black dial with ‘sun dust’ subdials that are an exclusive everose colour variant. 




These new breeds of The Daytona with their first ever caseback made of sapphire are powered by the new calibre 4131. Self-winding, it has fewer parts allowing the watch to be tougher and have exceptional accuracy and precision. 


Daytona Cosmograph - Source - Oracle Time

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Utilising a column wheel with other updates such as a vertical clutch allows the watch to be quick off the mark. They still like their little details and as such, give a Cotes de Geneve decoration on the bridges which are viewable through the exhibition back on each edition. The calibre uses a Chronergy escapement to make the watch reliable and resistant to magnetic fields. They also benefit from their patented Parachrom hairspring which provides security and stability against shocks and temperature fluctuations. Oh, but we are not done yet!

The movement is further protected by Paraflex shock absorbers which effectively reduce any effect of you clumsily banging your watch. Combine this with an oscillator placed on top of the absorbers to further enhance the protection and you have an unbeatable watch! These releases have been COSC certified and given Superlative Chronometer Certification just to boast how incredibly precise these watches are. Yes, Rolex, your horological and marketing prowess is unsurpassed. We know you're the top dogs… can we now have a free Daytona?!


Final Outlook


Well, looks like we predicted these updates to The Daytona perfectly! The Daytona needed a spruce up and they have delivered many new releases with some great updates to its movement and design. We can expect these timepieces to be snatched up very quickly due to their positive developments in design and function and will undoubtedly become very sought after. 


Here is a list of pricings if you want to buy a Rolex Daytona at retail:

  • Daytona 126500 - £12,700
  • Daytona in Rolesor - £16,400
  • Gold with Oysterflex bracelet - Upwards of £25,800
  • Gold with Bracelet - Upwards of £33,300
  • Daytona in Platinum - On Request


Rolex Yacht-Master 42 - RLX Titanium


For Rolex to use titanium on their Yacht-Master 42 could provide some competition to their now discontinued platinum Yacht-Master!


Yacht-Master - Source - Rolex

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The Yacht-Master collection is one that they have not neglected (unlike the Daytona until now!). Last updated in 2019 at Baselworld, the Yacht-Master was released at 42mm which is the biggest iteration of the collection to date and was the first to come in white gold. We suppose it only makes sense that they would use the new materials on timepieces that seem to look fantastic in everything!




As you may have already guessed, the Yacht-Master uses titanium for its main material makeup. This isn't any ordinary kind of titanium though…


Yacht-Master 42 - Source - Rolex

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They have created ‘RLX titanium’ which is grade 5 titanium alloy. This means that as well as having the inherent properties of titanium such as its lightness and toughness, it can also be given a phenomenal finish which is ideal for those looking to buy a Rolex with a little pzazz. The Yacht-Master 42 retains its size but takes the weight away with the replacement of titanium. The bracelet and case are given a grainy effect which is achieved by a satin finish and is unique to the material, RLX titanium. This contrasts well with the gleaming effect on the lugs, across and under the bezel on the case and to the crown guards.  

It also houses a black 60 minute Cerachrom bezel which is bidirectional which is key for life on the waves as the Yacht-Master collection has always boasted as you can measure time more efficiently. The edge is serrated to ensure maximum grip at all times. Due to its links to the water, it is waterproof up to 100m and the movement is secured through a triplock crown and a solid RLX titanium caseback. The sapphire crystal is very durable and scratch resistant and features a cyclops eye for easy reading of the date at 3 o'clock. Featuring an RLX titanium Oyster bracelet, this beauty is secured by the Oysterlock clasp and Easylink extension link to let the user extend or retract its length. 




The Yacht-Master is still adopted with the same 3235 calibre from 2019. Nothing wrong with keeping the high standard consistent!


Yacht-Master 42 - Source - Rolex

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The calibre 3235 is COSC certified and given Superlative Chronometer certification, ensuring the quality of the movement in terms of durability and precision. With a 70 hour power reserve, the watch will comfortably last without you for a weekend!


Final Outlook


The Yacht-Master 42 titanium is as tough as old boots but negates the need for excess weight. It's a cracking choice of material for a larger watch and it represents their willingness to break out of the norm and try something new. You can wear this while out on your Yacht with Jeff Bezos or while shaking hands with new clients in the office. Its updates are purely design based due to the movement remaining the same but that still means the watch has the potential to be valuable as it is suitable for the modern wearer who needs some good looking and light wrist wear for everyday life. 


If you want to strike while the horological iron is hot, you can buy a Rolex Yacht-Master 42 at retail for £11,800 - at the time of writing. 


GMT Master II - Yellow Gold and Rolesor


The GMT Master II is more known for its nicknames than its references!

GMT Master II Two Tone - Source - Rolex

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Originally it was businessmen and pilots who would buy a Rolex GMT Master II due to its capabilities of counting 2 time zones when travelling across countries via an aircraft. I assume we’ve all heard of the ‘Pepsi’, ‘Batman’, and the ‘Root beer’ right? The GMT Master II was the first watch to feature Cerachrom bezel which came in 2005 onto the GMT Master II 116718LN. In full yellow gold, it seems like we have come full circle and arrived back at where the brilliant trend of ceramic bezels all began. 




The new designs feature the famed Cerachrom bezels which have 24 hour engravings in a hybrid of black and grey ceramic. Utilising the same PVD method as used on the Daytona’s above, the numerals are filled with yellow in order to enhance their legibility against the dark backdrop of the bezel. The bezel is serrated to ensure grip when quickly making adjustments. 


Source: Rolex

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In one edition of the GMT Master II, yellow gold Rolesor is used on the bezel, crown and a strip of links down the centre of the bracelet which contrasts well with the Oyster steel build on the case and outer links on the bracelet. On the other edition, the entire bracelet and case is made from 18K yellow gold while the bezel and dial are black providing a strong contrast and aside from being legible, look awesome! The GMT Master II has the typical functions of a standard GMT Master such as having a triangular 24 hour hand allowing it to show the time in 2 different countries with separate time zones. 

At 40mm, the Oyster case is secured tight which allows a solid water resistance of 100 metres. Crafted from both Oyster steel and yellow gold, the case is both luxurious and very durable, securing the movement inside the screw down case. Locked in with a triplock crown and given a cyclops eye to promote legibility, the case is very secure. The Jubilee bracelet is adopted here and equipped with the renowned Oysterlock clasp to ensure first rate stability on the wrist. 




The GMT Master II has the updated 3285 calibre which was made in house and was created in 2018. It’s self winding and is created to be very precise as its COSC and Superlative Chronometer certified. 



Rolex GMT Master II - Source - Rolex

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With a power reserve of 70 hours, the watch utilises a Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers to deal with the fluctuations in temperature and bumps of everyday life. It has an estimated precision of -2/+2 seconds per day which is phenomenal in comparison to COSC expectations of -4/+6 seconds per day. 


Final Outlook


They have switched things up by adding a little colour to a success line. The use of Rolesor shows their commitment to innovation and progressing their own materials on models. While we didn't expect them to go rogue and start removing the famed Cerachrom bezel, they have ultimately surprised us by changing up the GMT Master II with some funky colours. These watches have the potential to be very valuable as they use materials which are not frequently adopted by them but still retain the GMT-Master charm with its dual timezone functions and classic Cerachrom bezel. It’s your turn to think up a nickname when you buy a Rolex GMT Master II!


You can buy a Rolex GMT-Master II at retail for £32,700 at the time of writing


In a Nutshell


Here is the full lowdown of all the happenings from Rolex on Day One of Watches and Wonders 2023;


- Rolex Milgauss. Discontinued as of March 27th, 2023. Time to say goodbye to a dear old friend.

- All meteorite dials and green dial in the Daytona range have been discontinued.

- Platinum Daytona unveiled with brand new open case back.

- Oysterflex Daytonas steel and gold version as well as steel panda versions unveiled.

- Sky Dweller green dial launched, similar in aesthetics to the popular Datejust 41mm.

- Sky Dweller rose gold version with blue dial. Our hot tip is potentially the next coveted watch from this range.

- Sky Dweller in Oysterflex strap launched.

- GMT Master II yellow and two tone steel gold debuts on the classic Jubilee bracelet (nice retro feel from the 80s and 90s models).

- YachtMaster 42mm in titanium ceramic bezel introduced

- Bigger Explorer model with 40mm dial launched

- Six new versions of the 36mm Day-Date models in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Everose Gold, or Platinum with new dial colours featuring turquoise and green aventurine. There are also three intriguing puzzle dials available.

- Perpetual 1908 Collection launched. Derived from the year Rolex was officially trademarked in Switzerland, we haven’t seen a dress watch of this calibre in a long time!




Did we miss anything?? It appears Rolex has taken the Watches and Wonders event by the scruff of its neck at the moment. It's very exciting to see them fearlessly throwing out new models and iterations when we didn't even expect the word ‘Daytona’ to cross their lips, let alone give us more options to buy a Rolex Daytona! From utilising innovative materials like Rolesor and titanium, they have pushed the boundaries of watchmaking that little bit further. It's not just the design which has improved either, as they updated the Daytona’s movement to be even more exceptional and reliable. We can guarantee that these aren't ideas thrown out last minute and they have been planning this for let’s say quite a while. 

We bid you farewell until the next flurry of watches crosses our path at Watches and Wonders…any second now. Until then, join us back here shortly for more drops and discussions!

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