A Sneak Peek Inside The 2023 Rolex Oscars Greenroom
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A Sneak Peek Inside The 2023 Rolex Oscars Greenroom

A Sneak Peek Inside The 2023 Rolex Oscars Greenroom


Rolex and the Oscars…makes sense right? Where time stands still for many hopeful actors and actresses looking to pick up the golden gong. By the way, our congrats go to former Encino Man co-stars Brendan Fraser and Ke Huay Quan who rocked the champagne carpet with their outstanding luxury watches we spotted at The Oscars.

Then there’s all that luxury, glitz and a tad of controversy. No, we ain't talking about the infamous Will Smith slap on Chris Rock, but the potential emergence of the Rolex Daytona platinum version. But let’s face it, that’s only our rather wild yet bold predictions for Watches and Wonders 2023. Yet Rolex has a deep connection with the Academy Awards. Stretching back to 2017, they have been the official timekeeper of The Oscars and curators of The Oscars Greenroom. This Swiss powerhouse has been etched on the silver screen in numerous films through time with high profile appearances on the wrists of Marlon Brando and Sean Connery.

Responsible for launching a brand new design every year at The Oscars, this immersive experience is a horological backstage haven for many presenters and nominees at the time of every Oscars ceremony. Decked out in green like the Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV or Kermit The Frog, the 2023 Oscars revolved around the natural world in all its glory. It’s time to make you green with envy as we take a sneak peek inside the 2023 Rolex Oscars Greenroom.


The Inspiration Behind The Oscars Greenroom


Designed and presented by Rolex since 2016, the Greenroom has undergone a sustainably minded revamp for 2023. What awaited Hollywood’s glitterati was more like Kruger National Park in-lieu of a slick back all leather affair. Not at this year’s Oscars. A tropical super eco-friendly setting awaited presenters and nominees with the colour green as the main protagonist, reinforcing the strong colour of Rolex. Eco refinery meets the environment with a number of different unique design elements delivering an immersive backdrop for The Oscars elite. 


Source: Rolex

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From understated woven wallcoverings and plush cushioning to bold glazed ceramic bamboo stands, the backdrop is truly mesmerising and on point. Right down to the emerald-green rainforest glass leaves, acting as a distinctive canopy running the entire length of the ceiling. We are sure there was plenty of champagne flowing to compliment the tones of this year's unfamiliar carpet as the cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once stole The Oscars with 7 Academy Awards. 

This zen like oasis would have no doubt played host to a few Midori sours and glam green Grasshopper cocktails! With a host of contemporary greens dotted throughout the seating areas, chairs, tables and sofas, Rolex really went to town with the brand's colour reinterpretation. Perhaps they knew St. Patrick's Day was around the corner on March 17th.

Manufactured with the focus on sustainable materials like glass and ceramic, The Oscars Greenroom pays tribute and is an extension of the highly influential Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative. More of that in good time.


Highlights of The Rolex Oscars Greenroom


Like the Rolex Daytona, The Oscars Greenroom has seen several makeovers over the years. While the 94th Academy Awards paid homage to the iconic Los Angeles skyline, other interior design influences have featured a Swiss chalet and an icy polar themed lounge in 2020, expressing the frailty of the environment.


Source: Rolex

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What does Rolex Say?


2023 sees green dominate inside the Oscars Greenroom. A symbol of tranquillity and calm for presenters and nominees to relax in, The Oscars Greenroom, according to the official release from Rolex is;

A convivial space where nominees and presenters gather before and after stepping onto the stage. The Greenroom is an immersive experience for which Rolex develops original decor each year. In 2023, the design of the Greenroom shines the spotlight on the colour green. More than a mere tribute to the chromatic identity of the brand, it is a celebration of our natural world. It is a way for Rolex to poetically express its commitment to the preservation of our ecosystems as part of its Perpetual Planet Initiative…Drawing inspiration from the heart of the rainforest, it is adorned with woven materials…punctuated by ornamental objects in the shapes and colours of tropical vegetation. Rolex pays tribute to the explorers and scientists taking action on the ground, day after day, to protect the planet.”



Source: Rolex

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36


Among the kitted out green space, there are a wealth of symbolic luxury watches presented inside The Oscars Greenroom with the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 taking pride of place. And if you are considering a Rolex Datejust, take a look at our guide on whether you should buy a Rolex Datejust 126334. We are confident that this timepiece will hold its value over a period.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36, Source: The Hour Glass

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A symbolic timepiece in every sense, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 was no doubt selected for its incredible technical quality, expert craftsmanship and legendary status. This self-winding water resistant wristwatch was the first to showcase a date window at 3 o’clock ensuring its place at The Oscar's top table. 

Instantly recognisable and unmistakably Rolex, it’s considered one of the best men’s dress watches around. Paired with a satin tux, three piece suit or cashmere ensemble, the highly distinguishable fluted-motif dial, subtle light glistening on the face and classic good looks ensures it remains as timelessly elegant as The Oscars. At the time of writing, watch lovers can buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 for £6,300. 


Paolo Lenti 


To execute the Greenroom and its ethos, the design team at Rolex undertook a collab with Paolo Lenti. The renowned indoor and outdoor furniture designer from Italy is notorious for her understanding of accents and hues while producing recyclable materials.

The result was smooth contouring shapes, elegance and of course the concentration on both the colour green and sustainability. In fact, Lenti’s influence is nearly as big as the Rolex Submariner with some of her environmentally friendly furniture proudly sitting in the homes of many Hollywood celebrities like Robert Downey Jr.


Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative


Linked to the environmental theme emanating from the Oscars Greenroom, Rolex has established its near century long tradition of commitment to the planet thanks to the Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative. 


Rolex championing Dr. Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue - Source: Forbes

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Cinematic history aside, they have pioneered and broken down all boundaries of exploration and human discovery through this initiative over time. Encompassing enterprises and individuals Rolex have dedicated themselves to gaining an understanding of the current plight of Earth, the obstacles it faces and how to propose solutions. Rolex has a continual steadfast approach to how the environment affects us and is based on three main pillars. This was reinforced in 2019 at the launch of the Perpetual Planet Initiative alongside the Rolex Awards for Enterprise and their long term affiliation with the National Geographic Society and Mission Blue. 

Today, this scheme has increased to house 20-plus partners, showing how vital the environment plays an integral role in Rolex branding campaigns. 


Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative


Launched in 2002, the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative help support up and coming individuals across five artistic disciplines. For 2023-2024, some of the most iconic global artists from Visual Arts, Literature, Film, Music and Architecture will mentor a talented artist. This year’s cinematic participant is Jia Zhang-Ke, considered one of the most highly acclaimed Chinese independent filmmaking directors of recent times. 


Martin Scorsese attending Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Gala - Source: Haute Living

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But the close affinity between Rolex and The Oscars doesn’t stop their time peeps. Martin Scorcese and Titanic director James Cameron are official Rolex Testimonies with the Swiss giant already quids in with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Unveiled in Los Angeles in September 2021, this venue takes in the sciences, arts and moviemaking legends. Spanning 50,000 square feet, why not take time out to visit the Rolex Gallery housed within and its permanent exposition, entitled “Stories of Cinema”.




Oh, if those Greenroom walls could talk. One of the most important events in the history of cinema, The Oscars is the pinnacle for any actor or actress. And all for something that weighs less than 9 pounds. A celebration of dedication, cinematic prowess, craft and diversity, you can see Hans Wilsdorf’s horological handprints all over this prestigious event.

As his motto goes “work done handsomely” is reflected across these elements that go into making The Oscars what it is for the last 95 years. It is this incredible partnership between Rolex and The Oscars that puts greatness on an altogether different scale while paying attention to preserving the art, emerging talent and conservation focus through its Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative. I think it’s time for a well deserved glass of Cristal, don't you!

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