A Collection Of All New Tudor Timepieces Launched At Watches And Wonders 2024
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A Collection Of All New Tudor Timepieces Launched At Watches And Wonders 2024

A Collection Of All New Tudor Timepieces Launched At Watches And Wonders 2024


Like their slogan “Born To Dare,” if you're a watch enthusiast, brace yourself! 

Tudor, Rolex's spirited younger sibling, has just unleashed a thrilling collection of their latest timepieces at Watches and Wonders 2024.

From expanded families to bold designs, there's something for everyone – whether you're a seasoned collector craving a touch of vintage charm or a newcomer ready to dive into the world of luxury watches…get ready to discover why these watches are shaking up the timekeeping world!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Founded by Hans Wilsdorf (the visionary behind Rolex watches), Tudor was created to offer the same precision and robustness as a Rolex timepiece but at a more accessible price point.

While initially relying on off-the-shelf movements, the Swiss brand has truly come into its own over the last decade with the introduction of in-house calibres and a bold design language that honours its heritage while forging current paths.

The latest Tudor watches continue this trend, revealed at Watches and Wonders 2024 have expanded beloved lines like the Black Bay and Clair de Rose with fresh colours, materials, and complications.

You'll find those all important nods to heritage-inspired dive watches alongside cutting-edge technology. It's a testament to their ability to satisfy both nostalgic collectors and those looking to buy something completely different.

Want to read something that’s truly out of this world? Check out our thoughts on the new Snoopy Moonwatch, inspired by the Omega Speedmaster

Back to this brand at Watches and Wonders 2024 and yes, they are giving those industry titans something to think about.

While other brands like Rolex and Cartier may be streets ahead, according to the latest industry report on the top Swiss watch brands by Morgan Stanley and LuxeConsult, they have already carved out their own niche.

They offer exceptional quality and eye-catching designs alongside a dash of approachability. It speaks to all spectres of seasoned enthusiasts and those making their first foray into buying entry-level watches.

In terms of obtaining the most bang for your buck in the circa £3,000 price bracket, they pack more of a punch than Jake Paul could when he faces Mike Tyson later this year.

Think METAS and COSC certified movements as well as the exquisite craftsmanship of their timepieces that’s given the same attention to detail as Rolex

So what exactly have they unfurled for ravenous horophiles this year at Watches and Wonders 2024? It’s time to find out.


The Swiss Brand Expands The Black Bay Family

Okay, buckle up. Let's dive a little deeper. 

This isn't any ordinary timepiece – it's a statement piece dripping with dive timepiece DNA. Remember, this Swiss brand wasn't just playing around when they crafted rugged tool watches for the French Navy back in the '50s – a brand that knows its way around the ocean depths.

Those iconic Snowflake hands? Born out of the need for ultimate visibility underwater, something brands like Omega with their Seamaster collection prioritise. 

How about the domed crystal? This is a nod to the iconic plexiglass that could withstand extreme pressure, a feature shared with iconic dive watches like the Rolex Submariner

And let's talk versatility for a second –  these timepieces effortlessly transition from ocean adventures to special occasions seamlessly, offering a similar do-it-all appeal to others like the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.

Why has this model become a modern classic, you ask? Simple: It's a masterclass in blending timeless design with modern watchmaking prowess. Like Buzz Aldrin, this Swiss giant is not afraid to boldly go where no man has gone before. 

Oozing creativity with colours and materials, they never lose sight of that core functionality. Plus, those in-house movements? A definite sign that they are starting to catch up now. So, are you ready to join this revolution? Allow Chrono Hunter to fill you in on why this iconic watch collection just got a whole lot hotter.

And let us explain why these new releases at Watches and Wonders 2024 are guaranteed to cause some major horological envy.


The Black Bay 58 GMT Takes Flight

Alright, globetrotters and weekend warriors, the new Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT has landed. Yes, we know IWC may have produced some of the best pilot timepieces out there like the iconic Mark series.

But perhaps over time, these may become your go-to travel buddies. 

Look upon these as the vintage-inspired, jet-setting cousin of the classic model. And trust us, this ain't your grandpa's Black Bay 58 GMT – They’ve upped their game with some significantly striking specs.

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

First off the timekeeping conveyor belt is the slim size! The 39mm stainless steel case keeps things perfectly compact, a nod to those svelte mid-century tool timepieces. This ensures comfortable wear on pretty much any wrist.

And what about that beautiful bi-colour bezel?  

A touch of retro flair that comes in both a cool, classy blue and brown or a bold, adventurous black and gold. No matter your style, there's a Black Bay 58 GMT that screams "world domination" (in the best way possible, of course).

Oh, and did we mention the in-house movement? That's right, Rolex's sibling is flexing their muscles with the Manufacture Calibre MT5402, boasting a COSC-certified chronometer rating for superior accuracy.

Furthermore, with a weekend-proof 65 hour power reserve, you can ditch the winding ritual for a whole weekend getaway – this chronometer will keep ticking along even if your jet lag has you snoozing for an extra day.

Carrying on a tradition of exceptional legibility, the generously iconic lumed snowflake hands and hour markers ensure maximum readability in any lighting condition.

Whether you're sipping cocktails poolside in Bali or scrambling across airport terminals at 3 AM (because hey, adventures don't always stick to a schedule). 

This is the true DNA of this timepiece at its finest, folks – a timeless luxury design that Gerald Genta may have given a thumbs up to back in the day. It gets you where you need to go, no matter the time zone.

Speaking of… if you were obsessed with the original model, get ready to fall head over heels. 

With a bidirectional bezel, this version of the 58 GMT builds on everything people loved about its predecessor, adding that extra layer of globetrotting functionality with snowflake hands that can be independently adjusted to display a second-time zone. 

Meanwhile, there are gilted numerals and accents on the bezel with a matt black dial not to mention a steely edge making it an excellent luxury sports watch contender. This isn't just another travel time watch, folks – it's a conversation starter guaranteed to turn heads wherever you roam. 

But what we have been thirsting over the most here on the new and improved Black Bay 58 GMT is of course that scintillating Coke bezel. Rolex, you can put your Sprite back in the chiller…at least for a minute.

As of April 2024, you can buy a Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT at retail for £3,770 if you desire this timepiece with a rubber strap, or £3,960 for the Black and burgundy bezel option.


Black Bay 58 GMT Specs



Case Material

Stainless Steel




Polished and Satin

Bezel Type

24-hour Bidirectional Rotatable

Bezel Material

Stainless Steel with Black and Burgundy Anodized Aluminum Insert

Winding Crown Material

Stainless Steel

Winding Crown Function


Crown Emblem


Dial Color

Black, Domed

Hour Markers

Gilt Applied


Domed Sapphire

Water Resistance

200 metres (660 feet)

Bracelet/Strap Options

3-link "rivet-style" stainless steel bracelet with polished and satin finishes / Rubber strap


"T-fit" clasp

Movement Calibre

Manufacture Calibre MT5450-U (COSC and METAS certified)

Movement Type

Self-winding mechanical with bidirectional rotor system

Movement Function

Integrated GMT

Power Reserve

65 hours (METAS certified)


COSC certified chronometer, METAS Master Chronometer certified


Centre jumping hour hand, 24-hour hand, minute hand, seconds hand, instantaneous date at 3 o'clock (synchronised with jumping hour hand), stop-seconds for precise time setting


Variable inertia balance with micro-adjustment screw, Non-magnetic silicon balance spring


28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)




The Swiss Monochromatic Black Bay Makes A Statement

Calling all wristwatch lovers who crave a tad more cutting edge! 

Enter the legendary Tudor Black Bay collection which has just got a huge shot of adrenaline with the release of three brand new monochrome models revealed at Watches and Wonders 2024 - and they're guaranteed to send shivers down your wrist.

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Let's dissect these beauties, shall we?

The new model is in black and white. This stunner keeps to its original proportions, offering a 41mm stainless steel case for those who want to buy a Tudor with a bolder wrist presence. 

But don't worry, there’s plenty more to get our silicon hairsprings on the end of our necks standing up.

This time round we are talking a 13.6mm profile, 60 minute unidirectional bezel, silver accents and 200m water resistance – still a dive piece at heart, just with more swagger than former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

Oh, and did we mention the in-house MT5602-U movement with a 70-hour power reserve? 

Yeah, this is a workhorse wrapped in a monochromatic masterpiece. Next up, we have the S&G version (reference: m7941a1a0nu-0002). This model takes the "blackout" treatment to a different level with its sleek, black steel case and matching bracelet. 

But here's the twist: those iconic snowflake hands and hour markers gleam with a luxurious touch of gold, adding a touch of retro-inspired flair to the modern darkness. It's the perfect statement timepiece for those who like their shadows with a hint of glitz.

Last, but certainly not least, is the PVD model (reference m7941a1a0nu-0003). This bad boy is built for those who live life on the edge (or maybe just have a penchant for seriously cool timepieces).

The physical vapour deposition coating takes the "blackout" concept to the extreme, making it tougher than many luxury diamond watches (almost).  

And don't let the darkness fool you – this timepiece still boasts all the functionality you expect from a classic Tudor, including the trusty MT5602-U movement and 200m water resistance.

So, there you have it, folks – three brand new monochrome Black Bay timepieces, each with their own unique personality. 

Whether you're a fan of the classic option aesthetic writ large, appreciate a touch of gold bling, or want to buy a luxury watch that can handle anything you throw at it, there's a monochromatic masterpiece waiting to be yours.  

As of April 2024, you can buy a Tudor of this calibre at retail for:

  • Ref: M7941A1A0NU-0002 for £3,630 with a 41mm steel case and black rubber strap.
  • Ref: M7941A1A0NU-0003 for £3,910 with a 41mm steel case and five-link stainless steel bracelet.
  • Ref: M7941A1A0NU-0001 for £3,820 with a 41mm steel case and three-link stainless steel bracelet.


The Black Bay Specs




Case Material

Stainless Steel






Polished and Satin

Bezel Type


Bezel Insert Material

Black Aluminium

Winding Crown Material

Stainless Steel

Winding Crown Function


Crown Emblem


Dial Color

Black, Domed

Hour Markers

Applied, Silver


Domed Sapphire

Water Resistance

200 metres (660 feet)

Bracelet/Strap Options

3-link steel, 5-link steel, rubber


"T-fit" clasp

Movement Calibre


Movement Type

Self-winding mechanical


COSC, METAS Master Chronometer


Centre hour, minute, seconds

Power Reserve

70 hours


The Black Bay 58 Goes For 18K Gold

Like the Kermit Oris last year, this may very well steal the show at Watches and Wonders 2024. Blingier than Jay-Z rocking his Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300G at the Grammys, Our Swiss brand has just dropped one so opulent, it might make King Midas blush. 

We're talking about the Black Bay 58 18K of course, crafted entirely from solid yellow gold (reference number M79018V-0006). This isn't your stereotypical gold ticker. That's right, folks!

Tudor understands how to do luxury without losing its edge. The case size? A perfectly sized 39mm with that beautifully finished 18k yellow gold gleam.

And while it's more decadent than a sit down dinner with Emperor Nero, it's actually built for adventure with a hefty 200m water resistance. It just goes to prove this timepiece isn't just about striking looks.

After all, beauty is only calibre deep, isn't it?

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Those iconic snowflake hands? Solid gold, catching the light with every flick of the wrist. The bezel? Unidirectional and pure gold, adorned with a matte green aluminium insert for a touch of sporty refinement. 

Even the bracelet links shimmer, crafted from satin-finished 18k gold and secured by a sturdy T-fit clasp, ensuring it'll stay put through every champagne toast, smoked salmon canape and high-stakes poker game.

And the showstopper? That vibrant matt green dial! Domed and undeniably luxurious, it adds a touch of panache to the classic gold aesthetic. But beneath the surface, the in-house MT5400 movement (COSC-certified of course) boasts a 70-hour power reserve.

This can be seen in all its horological glory through the exhibition caseback.

Here's the thing: owning a solid gold timepiece is the ultimate insider flex. If you decide to buy a model from Rolex's 'little brother ', it says you not only appreciate fine wrist candy but also timeless style, whilst not being afraid to stand out from the Rolex crowd.

Are you ready to take your chronometer game to the next level with the latest 58 18K gold timepiece?  If so, let's be honest, if you've got the confidence to pull this “golden green” number off, nothing else in your timepiece collection will even compare. 

Perhaps only the now official world’s most complicated timepiece in the world…the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers 'Berkley Grand Complication. Introduced at Watches and Wonders 2024 with a mind boggling 63 complications and 2,877 components, this follows reference 57260 with a mere 57!

And you know we love to give you the best of the best in the horological world.

As of April 2024, you can buy a Tudor Black Bay 58 18K (reference number M79018V-0006) at a retail price of around £27,610.

It features a COSC-certified manufacture Calibre MT5400 movement housed within a 39mm solid yellow gold case and bracelet, unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2024.


Black Bay 58 18K Specs




Case Material

18 ct yellow gold with satin finish






Open, sapphire crystal

Bezel Type

Unidirectional rotatable

Bezel Insert Material

Matt green anodized aluminium

Winding Crown Material

18 ct yellow gold, screw-down

Crown Emblem


Dial Color

Matt green

Hour Markers

Applied, 18 ct yellow gold


Domed sapphire crystal

Water Resistance

200 metres (660 feet)

Bracelet/Strap Options

3-link 18 ct yellow gold bracelet


"T-fit" clasp

Movement Calibre


Movement Type

Self-winding mechanical




Centre hour, minute, seconds

Power Reserve

70 hours

Material Notes

Solid 18 ct yellow gold


The Clair de Rose Blooms In Blue

Tudor Blue Revitalizes a Classic!


Move over, ladies watches! The Clair de Rose isn't just getting a new colourway – it's a statement of modern elegance.

Brought to light at Watches and Wonders 2024 are now available in three sizes, think of it as a fresh, sophisticated take on a timeless classic, offering a touch of boldness alongside the line's signature feminine charm.

Let's talk about options, shall we? 

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

Think of the new Clair de Rose as the brand’s answer to the Rolex Datejust –  steeped in heritage but thoroughly its own. Both offer refined designs and robust in-house movements, but this model adds a touch more contemporary flair with those striking blue dials

Ideal for the everyday wearer, Tudor's not playing around – the new Clair de Rose now comes in a range of sizes (26mm, 30mm, and 34mm) to suit every wrist. Want a dash of vintage flair? Opt for the classic Roman numerals. 

Feeling a bit more sparkly? Those alternating diamond indices will add just the right amount of dazzle to any outfit for in or out of the office. Like the Swiss monochrome Black Bay timepiece, it’s the perfect mix of customization and classic sophistication.

Those iconic details haven't gone anywhere. The opaline finish on those blue dials? Pure class. The domed sapphire crystal? A nod to those glamorous watches of yesteryear. Even the five-link "Beads of Rice" bracelet is brimming with retro vibes, proving that classic-inspired never goes out of style.

But don't think the Clair de Rose is stuck in the past. Hidden within those polished steel cases are robust in-house calibres (T201 or T601, depending on size), a 38-hour power reserve and reliability that'll outlast any trend such as double-wristing

And, with 100m (330 ft) water resistance to boot, they are not just your average cocktail party timepieces. Oh no, they’re also perfect for weekend adventures too.

Ready To Bloom With The Clair de Rose?

This year's refresh at Watches and Wonders 2024 has given the Clair de Rose a whole new lease on life. Those blue dials and stainless steel cases add a touch of modern cool, making these watches perfect for women who appreciate timeless style with a contemporary twist. 

Whether it's your first luxury chronometer or a cherished addition to your already blooming collection, the Clair de Rose in blue is guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks.

As of April 2024, you can buy a Tudor Clair de Rose, available in three sizes (26mm, 30mm, and 34mm) and two dial variations (opaline or blue with Roman numerals or diamonds) to suit diverse styles. 

Each model features a five-link stainless steel bracelet and a reliable self-winding T601 or T201 movement, depending on the size. Prices start around £2,160 and offer a compelling combination of luxury and performance.

  • Ref: M35200-0009 for £2,160 with a 26mm steel case and blue dial.
  • Ref: M35500-0009 for £2,250 with a 30mm steel case and blue dial.
  • Ref: M35800-0009 for £2,340 with a 34mm steel case and blue dial.
  • Ref: M35200-0010 for £2,710 with a 26mm steel case and Diamond-set dial.
  • Ref: M35500-0010 for £2,800 with a 30mm steel case and Diamond-set dial.
  • Ref: M35800-0010 for £2,890 with a 34mm steel case and Diamond-set dial.

Clair de Rose Specs







Self-winding mechanical, Calibre T601 (34mm) or T201 (26 or 30mm)


Stainless steel with satin-brushed and polished finishes


26mm, 30mm, 34mm

Dial Colours

Blue or Opaline

Dial Features

Delicate decorations in relief, punctuated with Roman numerals or diamonds


Smooth stainless steel with polished finish

Winding Crown

Screw-down, stainless steel with blue spinel cabochon


Domed sapphire crystal

Water Resistance

100m (330 ft)


Stainless steel 5-link "beads of rice" bracelet, folding clasp with safety catch

Power Reserve

Approx. 38 hours


Centre hour, minute, and seconds. Date at 3 o'clock. Stop-seconds for precise time setting.


Five-year transferable guarantee


35200, 35500, 35800


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tudor Watches Hold Value?

The answer is a resounding "It depends", but overall, if you are asking the question do Tudor watches hold their value, you would be surprised. Every novelty has value but some do more than others.

This boils down to a number of factors including provenance, condition, supply and demand not to mention brand exclusivity. 

Realistically they are not going to retain value on the secondary market as much as Rolex or your “Holy Trinity” members like Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe.

Let's get real for a moment, timekeeping lovers – does dropping serious cash on a timepiece from this Swiss brand mean you'll be able to sell it for a profit later?

Think of it this way: Most luxury watches are like fancy sports cars –  they lose a chunk of value the moment you drive them off the lot…or in this case strolled out of the boutique store or authorised dealer. 

But these timepieces? They're more like that trusty classic car that everyone wants. Sure, it might have a few scratches, but it's built to last and has that undeniable cool factor.

Here's why their novelties aren't just a fleeting fling:

  • In-House Muscle: They mainly use their own in-house movements, giving them more control over their craftsmanship and keeping those prices from going haywire.
  • The Black Bay Effect: Lines like the 58K and others are modern icons, and limited editions or special models can fetch a pretty penny down the line. Think of them as the future timepieces collectors may drool over.
  • The Rolex Connection: The brand may be Rolex's approachable little sibling, but that family connection gives them noteworthy brand power. It's like buying the cooler cousin's hand-me-downs – they're bound to be in demand over the long term.

Plus, don't forget those celebs rocking Tudor, from footballers like David Beckham (their first brand ambassador) to celebs like Lady Gaga, these luxury timepieces have major star pulling power. That kind of buzz keeps 'em in the limelight.

Of course, no wrist ticker is a guaranteed goldmine unless you own a Patek Philippe Ref. 1518!. The market can be temperamental at the best of times. Therefore, if you damage your’s, all bets are off.

But if you choose wisely (think popular models, good condition), it could be more than just a pretty timepiece – it could be a solid investment that'll outlast those flash-in-the-pan brands crowding your Instagram feed.


Where Can I Buy New Tudor Watches?

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How Does The New Black Bay 58 GMT Compare To Similar Models From Omega Or Breitling?

When you compare the updated Black Bay 58 GMT revealed at Watches and Wonders 2024 to similar models like the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M or the Breitling Superocean, you’ll find that when the new model struts into the ring, it is unashamed; rocking vintage-inspired looks and that in-house Calibre MT5450-U self-winding movement.

Choose between the cool black dial with yellow accents or the sophisticated blue dial with silver accents – both are serious contenders.  But before you throw your money down, let's see how the new Black Bay 58 GMT stacks up against the latest offerings from Omega and Breitling in a battle for your wrist.

Let's talk specs: 

Firstly, the Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT keeps it streamlined with a compact 39mm stainless steel, bi-colour aluminium bezel, and 200m water resistance.

Omega's Seamaster Diver 300M comes in slightly bigger at 42mm, with a ceramic bezel, 300m water resistance and that cutting-edge Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8938.

Breitling's Superocean II is the wildcard in the horological deck. With a ton of size options (36mm to 46mm), stainless steel or mixed materials builds, and crazy water resistance reaching up to 1000m in some models, it truly is an expansive line.

Features-wise, this Swiss ticker keeps its throwback vibes and iconic Snowflake hands. Omega ups the luxury ante with that METAS certification and sleek dials. On the other hand, Breitling is all about ruggedness and those eye-popping design options.  

Price-wise, Tudor usually takes the cake with a lower price tag in contrast to its pricier rivals.

So, who wins this GMT showdown? It depends on your style, personality and budget. Tudor delivers classic charm and value with excellent materials, movement and finishing. Omega offers cutting-edge tech and luxury vibes. While Breitling appeals to those who want to buy a watch built like a tank in some cases.

Ultimately, they're all knockout GMTs – the final decision to buy from one of these top luxury watch brands is yours!


Are The New Tudor Watches As Difficult To Obtain As Other Luxury Brands?

Scoring that shiny piece or one that has been highlighted at Watches and Wonders 2024– is it a mission impossible that Tom Cruise cannot get out of? 

As per an elusive Patek Philippe Nautilus or one of those impressive Rolex Daytonas that have waitlists longer than that pillow list at your upcoming 5 star hotel stay. Well, hold on, because the answer depends on a few aspects.

First off, Tudor's not your secret budget Rolex anymore.  

They've been upping their game with innovative in-house movements, seriously cool designs, and a ton of buzz in the timekeeping world. Many more people are craving that Tudor action, especially for those hot releases like the new Black Bay models. 

Translation: waitlists are a possibility, particularly if your heart is set on a specific model or a limited edition model from this brand.

But here's the good news for all you connoisseurs: compared to those top-tier luxury brands that leave you waiting for years, Tudor's generally got better production running.

That means you have a fighting chance of snagging the one you want without that agonising wait. It might not be an instant gratification situation, but at least it won't feel like waiting for next year’s Watches and Wonders event.

So, are they impossible to buy? In a word, no, not exactly.

However, they're definitely not some forgotten treasure in the sector anymore. If you see a model that makes your heart skip a beat, don't dawdle – contact Chrono Hunter today to get your hands on your very own dream timekeeper.! 

Be it a Black Bay 58, Black Bay 54, Ranger or Black Bay Pro, our live portal ensures you can enjoy numerous offers from our handpicked selection of the top luxury retailers, saving time and money.



So, what's the verdict on the latest Tudor’s revealed at Watches and Wonders 2024? 

These new releases aren't just rehashes of past successes – the brand is pushing the boundaries ever more, offering a delicious mix of vintage charm and modern innovation.

Whether drawn to the bold Black Bay collection or yearn for that showstopping Black Bay 58 GMT life, there's a watch out there with your name on it.

And here's the kicker; while brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Omega continue to dominate, Tudor's out there proving that a "luxury timepiece" doesn't have to mean unattainable.

Bottom line is that it’s time to rethink what you know about their collection. If you dismissed them as 'Rolex's little brother' in the past, these latest releases at Watches and Wonders 2024 will make you eat your words.

They have found their own voice, and enthusiasts everywhere are listening intently.

Ready to join a luxury Swiss brand revolution? Chrono Hunter has your back!

We'll help you track down that perfect Tudor timepiece. Even if you choose to buy a model from their hot new releases or decide on a hidden gem in the pre-owned market, we are on hand every step of the way until your purchase is complete.

Avoid those waitlists and find a terrific timepiece that makes your heart sing.

That’s a wrap…for the time being. We’ll see you on the other side in Geneva for Watches and Wonders 2025!


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