MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79230B Through Chrono Hunter?
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MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79230B Through Chrono Hunter?

MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79230B Through Chrono Hunter?


  • Since 2018, Tudor has been producing some of the most rock solid dive watches around in the form of the slimmed down Tudor Black Bay 58.
  • With an ode to designs dating back to the 1950’s, there are plenty of timekeeping niceties packed into the Tudor Black Bay 58 including stainless steel, an outstanding clasp and a mass balance wheel.
  • Originating from the inaugural Tudor Submariner diver reference 7924 from 1958, the Black Bay 58 is viewed by many as a direct descendant of the popular Submariner.
  • A 1 monthly performance chart, taken from April 2023 reflects detailed figures of the highest and lowest offers received from our trusted network of luxury watch retailers to customers who sold a Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79230B through Chrono Hunter.


Why Is The Tudor Black Bay 58 So Good?


Simply put, it's an excellent substitute for the Rolex Submariner. Even the silhouette on this baby is reminiscent of vintage Submariners which pushes many watch enthusiast buttons. From its popular monolithic flank to its sleeker design on the wrist, for those looking to buy a Tudor, The Black Bay 58 ticks many horological boxes. 

Source: Tudor

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Even the aesthetics of this watch would set you back tens of thousands of pounds that packed everything into the Tudor Black Bay 58. Oh yes, don’t get us started on the riveted bracelet which won’t look out of place in the boardroom or beachside. Then there’s the large onion ring style crown that sits so beautifully on the side. 

The aluminium bezel offers a very much retro vibe to rival Philip Schofield and although the Rolex Submariner case is more exciting due to its complicated crown guards, we ain’t putting a dampener on things. Not even the fact you cannot really turn the bezel with gloves on. As a tool watch, it may be redundant but you won’t be packing this up to gather dust in your drawer or loft. Oh no. The Black Bay 58 is so much more watch peeps. 

Providing excellent value for money compared to a no-date Sub (circa £2,500 versus nearly £5,800 at the time of writing), this is the perfect cost of living crisis luxury watch for many horophiles. Even the Tudor Pelagos 39, one of the hottest watches of 2022, retails at nearly 50% more…£3850 at the time of writing.


Personality Of The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight


The black and gold version brings a real richness and warmth to the wearer whilst, on the other hand, the blue model looks rather sportier with a soupcon of effortless chic. 


Source: Tudor

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After all, if you want to buy a Rolex Submariner two tone crafted from white or yellow gold, you need to have the wallet size of Bill Gates to grab one. Currently priced at more than £14,000 on the secondary market (at the time of writing), the fact that a Submariner “Bluesy” is almost seven times the price of The Black Bay 58 should tell you everything. 

Blue dial watches in Rolex circles are few and far between but owning a Tudor Black Bay 58 in its smart cobalt blue is still a thing of beauty. Just swap over brand names and you’ll be hard pressed to notice the aesthetical difference. 


39 Is The Magic Number


No, not three watch fans, but 39. It’s not time for a game of bingo but rather a focus on the importance of why the Black Bay 58 is so popular - its size. 


Source: Escapement Magazine

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Its evolution into a slim 39mm timepiece ensures the Black Bay 58 is bang on trend with slimmer watches. Oh this is all the rage…where have you been? Plus, there have been a host of the greatest watches of all time sized up at 39mm such as the original Royal Oak from 1972 and the legendary TAG Heuer Monaco.

The former Black Bay may have been as chunky as a chocolate bar but nonetheless, the new 58 is still just as delicious on the wrist. 


The MT5402 Movement 


The crowning (pardon the pun) accolade of any major watch brand, we are all for the in-house movement and Tudor goes to town with the exclusively built MT5402. We could prattle on about Kenissi movements which can be found inside all Black Bay models and the controversy surrounding it. 


MT5402 Movement - Source: Pinterest

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A partnership between three major companies, namely Chanel, Breitling and of course Tudor, here’s some breaking news for you loyal readers. Kenissi actually reuses watchmaking technology and components from Rolex…but we’ll let them off. Mind you, half a century ago, Rolex was just as culpable. They imported numerous movements from Aegler, a specialist movement manufacturer out of Switzerland. 

Yet as Bob Dylan proclaimed, the times are a changing. Research and technological development has moved on since the 1970s with watch movements becoming increasingly simpler to produce. It might not be cheap as chips but best leave the skilled craftsmen to carry out their horological work on areas like Cotes de Geneve, finishing and decoration.

Influenced by the first ever in-house calibre from Tudor back in 2015, there are silicon hairsprings and adjusted balance wheels aplenty going on under the bonnet. Boasting 27 jewels, this nearly three day power reserve means you can jet off for the weekend to live it up and be back at your desk Monday morning before having to wind your watch. Great timing you might say!


What We Like:


  • 70 hour power reserve
  • 200 metres water resistance
  • Well executed steel bracelet, sublime engineering, simple removal and superb tapering, beginning at 20mm right down to 16mm located where the clasp sits.
  • Ability to accommodate thinner wrists thanks to the female-end links.
  • COSC rated in-house MT5402 movement.
  • The watch is less than 12mm thick which ensures a svelte and comfortable appearance.


Analysis Of Selling A Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Through Chrono Hunter - April 2023


The stats are in. So what do the horological figures reveal about how much you can sell your Tudor Black Bay 58 through Chrono Hunter?

Over this one month performance chart from April 2023, the following can be noted about selling your Tudor Black Bay 58 through us;


  • The highest offers received from our established network of luxury retailers looking to buy your Tudor Black Bay 58 remained consistent - £1,700 from the start to the end of the month.
  • The lowest offers received from our luxury watch retailers increased slightly by just over 9% towards the middle of the month.
  • The overall lowest offers received from our luxury retailers to buy a Black Bay 58 increased by just over 3% by the end of April 2023.

5 Reasons Why The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Holds Its Value


  1. There are many vintage Black Bay Fifty-Eight models that will hold value such as the GMT 79830B or reference 79030N in black.
  2. Depreciation in brand value is far less by around 5%-25%, compared to other models such as Breitling that will depreciate by at least 30%-40%. 
  3. After the successful launch of the new Black Bay 54 at Watches and Wonders 2023, the Tudor Black Bay 58 will hold its value over the long term relatively more compared to other collections.
  4. One of the best alternative Rolex sports watches on the market and at 40%-60% less making it an affordable entry-level luxury watch.
  5. With the popular blue dial version, the Black Bay 58 created such hype upon release it actually traded over the MSRP originally, making it an attractive proposition.


5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Through Chrono Hunter


  1. Our handpicked selection of the most trusted luxury watch retailers means you are very much in safe hands when you sell your Tudor.
  2. There’s no need to trawl through listings, turn to the grey market or deal with eBay sales that may lead to all manner of problems regarding payment and security.
  3. Where else can you receive a multitude of offers on a Tudor watch at the click of a button? Chrono Hunter of course! Achieve the best possible price for your Tudor Black Bay by filling in our form here or downloading our dedicated app today, available on both Apple and Apple marketplaces.
  4. Experience first class expertise and peerless service from our customer service team who understand Tudor watches inside and out. Check out our Trustpilot reviews to discover why we are the go-to site for selling Tudor watches.
  5. The power is in your hands. Ultimately, you are in total control of the sale. Choose the offer that is right for you and let Chrono Hunter take care of the rest, right through until completion.




Tudor watches may be the smaller brother of Rolex but still pack a timekeeping punch when it comes to timepiece value. Sure, they may be in the watchmaking shadow but they have been going since 1926. In this way, Tudor has plenty of heritage and sufficient back story that has turned it into an excellent alternative to the bigger Swiss boys like Rolex, VC and AP. In 2026, Tudor watches will be marking its centenary but Wilsdorf was onto something when he created this new brand. 

New markets, new potential and new luxury vintage alternatives were introduced. And these elements cottoned on as Tudor watches have even been used by the US and French Navy among others. With all the furore surrounding new Tudor watches from WOW 23 in the shape of the Black Bay 54, the 58 still has a long way to run.

Looking to sell your Tudor Black Bay 58 for the best possible price? Want to experience first-class service and the safest platform for your sale? Look no further than Chrono Hunter. Contact us here to find out how we can assist in selling your Black Bay 58 and any other Tudor watches. With more than 900 five star reviews on Trustpilot, we are your number one source when you want to buy a watch or sell a watch. Forget the rest, it’s time to try the best!


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