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If you are in the market to buy a Breitling quickly, there is no better site than Chrono Hunter Remove all your concerns by choosing to buy a Breitling through our platform to receive the best possible prices. Covering every kind of buyer, Chrono Hunter can assist with your next purchase in the most timely and secure manner.

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When purchasing a watch through Chrono Hunter, you can expect a seamless, professional experience at every stage, securing offers from trusted retailers to make your journey enjoyable and guarantee a fantastic deal.

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Most Competitive Market Prices

At Chrono Hunter, the power is in your hands. Our experienced team will reach out to our trusted network of luxury watch retailers in the pursuit of finding you the best deal when you buy an Breitling.


Compare Offers

When you buy an Breitling through Chrono Hunter you have the opportunity to compare and contrast a wide range of offers from our exclusive network of the top luxury retailers and dealers.


Personalised Service

When buying an Breitling watch via Chrono Hunter, experience nothing but the finest service, every step of the way. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through until completion of your purchase.


Safe & Secure

Our established relationships with some of the best luxury watch retailers ensure Chrono Hunter always has an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to sell an Breitling to you. Whether new, pre-owned or second-hand, purchase and transact in a safe and secure environment without compromising on obtaining the best deal.


Top Market Prices

During the whole buying process, Chrono Hunter is at the helm of the transaction. Our high quality team can quickly get in contact with our procured list of luxury retailers and authorised dealers. This allows you to find the best possible price when you decide to buy a Breitling

So, how is this achieved?


  1. The first step on the way to buying a Breitling is submitting a query for the timepiece you wish to purchase. This can be done either on our platform or via our dedicated app. 
  2. The buying request will then be sent out to our approved list of high-quality luxury watch retailers.
  3. Our luxury retailers will then check to see if they have the timepiece available. If they do, expect an offer to be sent via the Chrono Hunter platform or on our app. 
  4. Since the market is so competitive and each retailer is vying for your business, it is in the interest of the retailers to offer their best figures possible when you buy a Breitling
  5. Read every offer on our platform and decide which one is the best for you.
  6. Finally, pay the best price for your Breitling watch and conclude the transaction directly with the retailer in the safest and most secure environment.


If you don’t know about Breitling, the best models to buy or simply can’t decide, why not get in touch with Chrono Hunter’s experienced team in order to understand the background behind your desired timepiece. 

We go the extra mile where you can schedule a call with our expert team members to run through all the options available when you want to buy a Breitling. Our main priority is to ensure that the customer remains the focus on every single purchase.

We take meticulous attention to detail, offering the best buying experience and seeking to do everything we can to continue our current 5 star ranking on Trustpilot. When you buy a Breitling, rest assured that Chrono Hunter is the safest and trusted platform to conduct your transaction. 

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Choose Between A Range Of Offers

Opting to buy a Breitling through Chrono Hunter means unlike traditional stores where you receive perhaps one fixed offer for your desired Breitling, this is not the same through our distinctive platform. 

Connect with our exclusive network of the top luxury retailers and dealers to make the choice between a plethora of offers on one single timepiece. Simply submit a buying request and begin your hunt for a watch via our online form and let the offers roll in. Once you receive these offers, choose the best proposal according to your particular requirements and the deal is finalised in a secure manner with one of our vetted retailers or authorised dealers.  

If you don’t want to accept any offers, the decision is yours and yours alone when you buy a Breitling. However, please note that prices may not be consistent due to the ever changing marketplace and you may end up paying more if waiting than the initial offers. 


All Watches Are Certified 

Chrono Hunter prides itself on delivering only authentic and genuine timepieces to all our customers who buy a Breitling

You will not be stuck having to accept one offer, nor will you be likely to receive any false goods as you may when dealing with buying through open public marketplaces, inexperienced sellers, purchasing a watch privately or using third party sites.

  • Potential Issue: Purchasing a counterfeit or fake watch could potentially be a problem when you use public marketplaces or deal privately with third party sites. You may buy a Breitling that looks real, but is actually fake. 
  • Instant Solution: Buy a Breitling from Chrono Hunter to instantly offset any chances or risks working with untrustworthy dealers or receiving a fake offer that seems too incredible to be genuine.

We base our whole sales experience on working with top luxury retailers, meaning you will only deal closely with highly established and reputable dealers. All retailers have been methodically vetted by us to ensure they match our superlative levels of quality. This ensures you can buy a Breitling at the best prices possible in the utmost confidence and safety.

When you buy a Breitling using Chrono Hunter, we can assure you nothing but genuine watches from our network of the best luxury retailers. We guarantee top deals according to the most accurate market led conditions from our list.

We ensure that when you buy a watch via Chrono Hunter, it is handled in the safest and most secure way. Our established relationships have been formed with some of the most well regarded luxury watch retailers over the years. We will always have an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to offer you a watch when you wish to buy a Breitling

Avoiding scammers or timewasters, we aim to put you at complete ease throughout the entire buying process. To discuss further details about your purchase, our diligent team is on hand should you have any queries or to put your mind at ease.

Offering A Revolutionary Way To Buy a Breitling

We understand that time is precious.

So when you come to buy a Breitling, select Chrono Hunter as your go-to platform. We value your business and respect that this is a high value purchase. In this way, we ensure your custom is treated the exact same way as the rest of our clients.

We recognized that the marketplace is filled with out of date listings, lines which are consistently out of stock or watches valued at a higher price than they should be. Chrono Hunter opted for a brand new innovative solution. 

We found that we could build a platform that offers a one of a kind realtime portal that puts specific buying requests out to the most reputable retailers in the country. This allows the retailers to respond quickly and ensure the process between you and them is seamless.

This is especially since they are already briefed on what you are looking for. Consequently, with a network of trusted retailers and dealers all vying to give you the most competitive offers when you buy a Breitling, the best possible price is assured. 

The result is Chrono Hunter. 

Customised Service

Deciding to buy a Breitling using Chrono Hunter is a step into the ultimate watch buying experience. We only work with the most reputable retailers while our exceptional team can personalise their service to suit your purchasing requirements.

Whether first time buyer or looking to expand your collection, we have built up an unrivalled, dedicated team of experts who are perpetually on hand to liaise with you about the best deals possible when you buy a Breitling…right through until the purchase is complete. Every customer request is monitored closely by our team at every step of the process.

If now is the time to buy a Breitling that's pre-owned, used or brand new, we can cover every type of watch, even if they are limited edition, vintage or second hand. Simply speak to our expert team today to find out how you can buy a Breitling the smart way through Chrono Hunter.


The Chrono Hunter journey

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What Breitling Watch Can You Buy Via Chrono Hunter?

Breitling Chronomat

The Breitling Chronomat is the everyday watch that can be competently used for a high-powered event like the Golden Globes to a more sporty situation. 

During the 1980s, Breitling was taken over by Ernest Schneider. He found out that the Italian Frecce Tricolori Jet team was interested in a new chronograph for their pilots to wear. Looking for a design that was both stylish outside of the cockpit but functional enough to cope with the high speeds of flying, the mechanical watches were an entirely new chronograph that fits the pilots. 

Ernest Schneider flew planes which meant he understood the design codes of the watches. He knew pilots tended to break their crystals when leaving the cockpit as they hit the metal aircraft canopy. This prompted the famed “rider tabs” to be made which slightly recessed the crystal into the bezel.

The rider tabs correspond to the quarters of the hour. These can be unscrewed and inverted which is useful for the bezel to have a countdown function, essential for those flying or racing

Released to celebrate 100 years of Breitling, the Chronomat was created in 1984 under the ref 81950. The watches are given a range of notable design elements. For example, the interchangeable 15 and 45 rider tabs are ideal for regatta functions while there is a Rouleaux bracelet that's inherently dressy. 

In the modern era, the watches come in many materials such as two-tone steel and gold like the Super Chronomat Automatic 38mm, or just solid gold like the Super Chronomat 44mm Boutique Edition. 

There are a number of dial colours to choose from, including rich greens and browns to muted whites and blacks. The watches tend to start at around 32mm case diameter and can range in size to around 45mm. 

Models like the Chronomat Automatic 36 South Sea represent the pinnacle of their designs. This is associated with paradise environments such as golden beaches and lush trees as noted through the green dial and strap. The bezel is coated in brightly coloured gems and diamond hour markers which pertains to the luxury of the pieces. So, where should you go to buy a Breitling Navitimer?

Use Chrono Hunter today to enjoy the best possible prices when you buy a Breitling Chronomat and benefit from the smoothest transaction, fast turnaround and first class security. Concluding the deal with one of our vetted retailers means you can buy this esteemed watch safely, with authenticity guaranteed on every single purchase. 


Breitling Avenger

The Avenger has become an integral part of Breitling’s lineup, especially since it is considered to be a phenomenal aviation timepiece. Debuting in 2001, Breitling evolved the collection in 2019 to suit the modern consumer but still retains the classic elements of the watches. 

The line has become associated with Breilting’s pilot ambassadors such as famous astronaut Scott Kelly who spent 520 days in space, Rocío González Torres, commandant of the Spanish Air Force and Luke Bannister who won first prize in the World Drone Prix in Dubai.

The first Breitling Avenger was the titanium Chrono Avenger E13360 which had a 300 metre water resistance and later moved onto the Chrono Avenger M1 which utilised Breitling’s 73 Superquartz movement with a 1000 metre water resistance. 

It was on the shoulders of Georges Kern when he joined Breitling in 2017 to revamp the line. Now, the Breitling Avenger has swiftly become a top collection for adventurers who are interested in highly durable timepieces. 

The watches come in a range of materials such as steel and black ceramic. This shows Breitling’s willingness to evolve past classic materials like steel and employ innovative black ceramic materials as found within the COSC certified B01 Chronograph 44 Night Mission. 

This line tends to be the larger of Breitling’s watches. The smallest models tend to measure upwards of 42mm and can reach 44mm on models like the steel Avenger B01 Chronograph 44mm. 

Featuring a wide range of dial colours, including yellow, green, blue and more monochrome shades like white and black, models like the Avenger B01 Chronograph 44 Night Mission feature titanium elements on the crown and the folding clasp on the strap. 

If you are seeking to buy a Breitling Avenger but don’t know where to source one from, we recommend you choose Chrono Hunter. Over time, we've meticulously assembled a list of luxury retailers, handpicking partners who share our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service and best possible prices across every transaction. 

Vying for your business, our goal is to ensure you receive the most competitive price according to true market value when making your purchase through our distinctive platform.


Breitling Navitimer

The Navitimer is what the Speedmaster is to Omega or the Tank is to Cartier. Legendary.

It has become one of Breitling’s flagship lines and qualifies as one of the most influential pilots watches of all time. As a result, Breitling uses the Navitimer to prove their status as one of the top horological brands. Consistently evolving and perpetually redesigned, the Navitimer is the go-to line for those who want to buy a Breitling

Willy Breitling was approached by The US Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) in 1952 with the express interest in creating a new chronograph for their members. Willy created the Navitimer in order to cope with all the calculations and equations a pilot would need to work out while in flight. This includes fuel consumption, rate of climb and even conversion of miles to nautical miles. 

Willy adapted the logarithmic slide rule that was present on the 1940s Chronomat to be fitted onto the rotating bezel of the Navitimer and fitted it with a small bead rim for optimal grip. Sized at 41mm, the watches became an instant success and would classify Breitling as the official supplier to world aviation following on from the Navitmer becoming the go-to watch for pilots during the booming age of transcontinental travel during the 1950s. 

The Navitmer changed over time, growing to 48mm in the late 1960s, the same time period they began working on their first automatic mechanical chronograph calibre. With a career spanning well over 65 years, the Navitimer is still deemed to be the top watch for pilots globally. 

Today, the Navitmer has perpetually evolved to feature a range of materials and dial styles. For example, you could buy an 18K red gold edition with a beautiful dark green dial like the B01 Chronograph 46mm RB0137241L1R1. You could buy a Breitling in a far more dressier version like the smaller Navitimer Automatic 36mm, complete with a stunning mint green dial and accompanying green alligator leather strap. 

The dials can vary in colour and style, including a beautiful Mother-Of-Pearl shade to a hot copper or rich blue shade. The watches measure between 36mm to a giant 47mm which demonstrates the line has the ability to cater to a range of styles and functionality. 

While they do seem to only be available in steel, two tone and solid gold, this is more than enough for most people, especially since there is such a range of dial colours and case sizes. 

You may be interested in those limited edition watches such as the Navitimer 1959 edition. Made out of platinum and following classic elements of the original 806 reference, there is only one place to visit to buy a Breitling Navitimer second-hand or new.

If you're looking to buy a Breitling quickly at the best possible price, turn to Chrono Hunter’s streamlined platform for your next purchase. We encourage you to look at our 5-star Trustpilot reviews to see why so many customers use Chrono Hunter to buy a Breitling.

With first class service, speedy turnaround and a multitude of offers from our close-knit selection of retailers, why choose anywhere else to buy a watch.


Breitling Top Time

The Breitling Top Time is a highly versatile line for the chic and stylish who want to buy a Breitling without the excessive functionality of the pilot or dive watches. 

Inspired by the vibrancy and counterculture feel of the 1960s, the Top Time was originally designed for young people, but can suit the modern gentleman who appreciates fashion

The Top Time was created as an alternative to the sporty Navitimer line. Originally designed in 1962, the watches were launched in 1964 and feature chronograph functions within an exceptionally elegant case made up of clean lines. 

The “Top Time” title is intentionally kept short as a reference to the catchy and exciting energy of the 60s. The original design allows the user to choose between three different outer scales, including a tachymetric scale, pulsometer and decimal scale. All of them have fantastic functions which are useful for racers, sportsmen and those who just want to read time with expert precision. 

Interestingly, one Breitling Top Time, the reference 2002, was featured in the 1965 Thunderball film after it was given by Q to James Bond. Featuring an integrated Geiger counter, this watch sold for around £104,000 at auction in 2013. 

The Top Time eventually adopted a distinctive dial nicknamed Zorro which featured black triangular designs against white subdials and red elements. The Top Time has always been Breitling’s platform for creativity which explains why the watches remain so avant garde in the modern era. 

The current Top Time models feature a range of collaboration pieces and designs. For example, the B21 Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Cobra show Breitling’s appreciation of the 1960s, including the releases of some phenomenal sports cars. The Corvette comes in a walnut brown dial and features complexity such as a tourbillon at 12 o’clock. 

Other editions like the Ford Mustang are crafted out of yellow gold and feature a beautiful green dial while the classic B01 is designed out of red gold, features a soft brown dial and showcases three black subdials. 

Ranging from 40mm to 45mm, they have brown dials as well as minimalist white editions. Some of them are very complex like the B01 Deus which features chronograph capability, while others are more reserved like the B01 Triumph. This totals two subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock.  

If you want to buy a Breitling Top Time, we recommend you select the most trusted platform on the market. Chrono Hunter’s vetted network of the best watch retailers, speedy turnaround and unrivalled brand knowledge ensures you will receive the most competitive prices when you buy a Breitling according to current market conditions.

Our easy to use platform ensures you receive numerous offers from our network of luxury retailers via our live portal. Fill out a buying request here, simply wait for the offers to come in, accept the proposal which suits you best and conclude your purchase directly with one of our approved retailers. Safe, secure and streamlined. 


Breitling Premier

The Breitling Premier line is famed for its influence in the aviation industry, but still popularised today due to its immense elegance. The watches utilise simple circular case designs alongside easy to read dials. 

Back in the 1940s, Breitling released aviation instruments for The British Royal Air Forces which are noted for their precision and reliability. While Breitling were noted for producing fantastic chronograph timepieces, the Premier watches were designed to offer a different level of style for the public. 

Released in 1943, the Premier name is inspired by the French word for “First”. The Premier line is still sporty and versatile, but not as much as the Navitimer or the Superocean that would be released around a decade later. 

Available in solid gold or steel, the Premier watches are designed to be suitable for every kind of lifestyle. The dials also alternate between square pushers to round pushers and chronograph functions which cover two and three subdials. All the hour markers are luminescent which showcases the legibility of the pieces. 

The Premier line evolved to the Duograph in 1944 which was available in steel or solid gold and kept the same design codes of the Premier, including square and round pushers. Add in more complex functions like a split second chronograph and this is classed as one of the most complicated functions to date. 

The Datora was also released which housed a full calendar function to the Premier, including a moon phase indication, available in steel and gold. Today, the Premier line comes in steel and gold. For example, the Premier B01 Chronograph 42mm is crafted entirely out of red gold and features a beautiful cream dial. 

The Premier B01 Chronograph 42mm AB0145371L1A1 is designed out of steel and is built in a thoroughly polished steel case. There are two chronograph functions at 3 and 9 o’clock, alongside a date aperture based at 6 o’clock. 

Available at 40mm to 43mm, the watches don’t have the variety of sizes like the Navitimer, but it's still an accessible case size for most people. The dials are quite different however, such as coming in whites, blacks and even copper. 

Are you looking to buy a Breitling Premier from the most trusted of retailers? Perhaps you are looking to buy a pre-owned or second hand watch? Whatever the scenario, Chrono Hunter is here to help guide you through the purchase process smoothly and securely. 

Why not use our seamless platform to take advantage of the best deals available from our handpicked selection of reputable retailers. We only work with the best, giving you the most competitive prices, rapid turnaround, the highest levels of service and a purchasing experience like no other.

Trust us when we say you're in the safest possible hands when you buy a Breitling using Chrono Hunter.


Breitling Superocean

The Breitling Superocean is one of the brands all out dive watches. Designed explicitly for maximum water resistance and durability, the watches can still be a top option for slim elegance (if you opt for the time only versions), but they are fantastic for sports and diving activities. 

Breitling worked to the demands of the 1950s which saw a growing interest in diving. Therefore, in 1957, Breitling released the reference 1004 and 807 which are time-only and chronograph watches respectively. These two represented the start of the Superocean line. 

The watches are characterised by having highly legible dials which are given oversized circular and triangular hour markers in typical Breitling fashion. This range later evolved to feature the “slow-motion” chronograph calibre. 

This opts to give the chronograph hand one revolution per hour instead of per minute which allows the wearer to read the diving duration with the chronograph hand and the minute track on the dial without needing to look for a minute recorder. 

Releasing an automatic Superocean in 1964, they even released a Superocean Deep Sea in 1983 which features a helium escapement caseback with 1000 metres of water resistance. 

In the modern era, the Superocean retains all its classic style points, including the highly legible dial and easily accessible bezel with serrated edge. Available in 38mm to 47mm case sizes, the watches can either be a smaller, dressy size or a larger and more durable design. 

Available in two-tone, steel and solid gold, you can select from a myriad of colourful dials with all tones of the rainbow in green, blue and yellow.

Created in conjunction with brand ambassador Kelly Slater and her brand Outerknown, you can source limited edition models like the Heritage ‘57 Outerknown, capped at 500 pieces which is available in the duo-material of steel and 18K red gold. 

If you think now is the moment to buy a Breitling watch at the best price, look no further than Chrono Hunter and buy the smart way today. Benefit from nothing but the finest service conducted in the safest and most secure environment while receiving multiple offers on our real-time portal.


Breitling Classic AVI

The Breitling Classic AVI is noted for being incredibly durable and capable of withstanding most knocks and abrasions. In the modern era, these watches are COSC certified, offer optimal readability with highly legible dials and can be purchased in a range of materials such as steel and gold. 

Furthermore, the models range from complications like GMT, day-dates and chronograph functions. Originally starting with the Ref 765 AVI Co-Pilot in 1953, they developed from the 1930s cockpit clocks and wrist chronographs, released from Breitling’s HUIT Aviation Department. 

Fitted with a rotating 12-hour bezel that could competently record flight times, these pieces earned the nickname of “Co-pilot” due to their assistive design elements. The Ref 765 AVI became the blueprint for the Classic AVI timepieces.

In the modern era, the watches are available from 40mm to 47mm which offers a big range in terms of case sizes. Available in metals like steel and solid gold, the Chronograph 42 Curtiss Warhawk celebrates the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk flight 1938. This has a green dial, large Arabic numerals and chronograph subdials in a steel case. 

Other watches like the B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Mosquito Night Fighter use innovative materials like black ceramic. Inspired by the Night Fighter 2 which is a lightweight plane, the watches have titanium pushers and a pitch black dial with highly legible Arabic numerals. 

These watches range from the muted dial colours of white and black to the brighter shades of green and blue. If you are interested in some minimalist models, we recommend the limited edition Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition. Capped at 1953 pieces, the models are crafted out of steel and feature a simple chronograph display against a black dial. 

There are more complex models like the B04 Chronograph GMT 46 P-51 Mustang. This is crafted out of red gold and features chronograph functions and GMT capabilities through the 24 hour markings on the inner bezel and red tipped GMT hand. COSC certified, the models are powerful and guaranteed to be exceptionally reliable. 

So, how do I buy a Breitling quickly? If you want to compare offers on the Breitling Classic AVI, use Chrono Hunter to compare and contrast multiple offers via our distinguished selection of retailers on our exclusive platform. 

Buy with confidence and never get a raw deal or pound the streets in vain again. Why not buy a Breitling the smart way and take advantage of the best possible prices, quick turnaround and a handpicked network of the best luxury watch retailers.