Question Time: Should You Buy The Brand New Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Watch In Titanium?
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Question Time: Should You Buy The Brand New Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Watch In Titanium?

Question Time: Should You Buy The Brand New Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Watch In Titanium?


We are sure that by now, you know all about the Longines Spirit Collection. If you don’t, do not worry. We will clue you in and deck you out like a Christmas tree throughout the duration of this article! 

The Spirit collection entered the arena in 2020, and took inspiration from their aviation heritage. This includes working with the likes of record breakers Amelia Earhart and Elinor Smith. The Swiss outfit have continued their great legacy with the fantastic Spirit collection and the introduction of the awesome Flyback functionality. 

They have been pretty switched on with their watches too, releasing the Spirit Zulu 39mm earlier this year to the great excitement of Chrono Hunter HQ. Offering a play on the previous GMT Longines watches, they slashed the watch down to a more modern 39mm case that is the identical size to the much talked about Tudor Pelagos 39mm.

Don’t be fooled however time peeps. They certainly were not born yesterday! In fact, the watches history is one so imbued with revolution and pilot heritage, that we think it’s only fair to swat up with a little revision on the background behind the new Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph…now available in grade 5 titanium. 


Introduction To The Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Titanium


The Spirit collection first cracked the horological boardwalk towards the last quarter of 2020. 


Amelia Earhart, Source: The New York Times

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Behind the collection is a strong lineage of well known aviators that utilised Longines to achieve their storied histories. Featuring Elinor Smith and Amelia Earhart, it was Elinor Smith that broke an altitude record by touching 32,000 feet in 1931. As expected, she adopted the brand’s instruments onboard her aircraft to help her in her pilot related pursuits!

Amelia Earhart on the other hand, broke the record of being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. Longines was the only onboard equipment at that time, but we can only assume she got the best around. Breaking the women's speed transcontinental record, the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross and breaking the women's altitude record of 14,000 feet in 1922, she is a real icon to the brand.

However, time goes by as they say. Back to the watches we have before us and you are in for a horological feast for the eyes. But first, just how associated are they with the flyback chronograph complication

Well, flyback functionality would soon be cemented in their timekeeping legacy after the brand filed for a patent for the flyback mechanism in 1935. In fact, the brand from Switzerland patented the flyback mechanism in 1938. However, they actually utilised flyback functionality way back in 1925 but decided to wait ten years before deciding to patent it! Was this a waste of time…we certainly don’t think this is the case.


What Does A Flyback Chronograph Movement Mean?

The flyback movement allows for multiple time measurements to be conducted, all while time is still ongoing, meaning a new measurement can be started thanks to the simple click of a button.  

In this way, the button allows you to stop, reset to zero and restart…all in one swift motion. Perfect for gents looking to buy a watch for that race to the boardroom or last minute train dash.

Spirit Flyback Caseback - Source - Brand’s Site

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The collection prides itself on the traditional aesthetics of pilot watches, with a fresh display of modern features to keep the watches looking as new as Ed Sheeran’s drop with Casio. With an ode to the past and the current Spirit watches lineup, you’ll notice large crowns, a slanted flange and prominent, luminous indices across the board. Tell me more. 

So, just how accurate are the latest titanium watches to the past? The St. Imier brand is perpetually faithful to its pilot heritage! So, let’s save the talking and get straight into the details of the beautiful new Spirit Flyback Chronograph in Grade 5 titanium. 


Construction Of The Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Titanium


Running for around three years, The line has been regularly renewed by the Swiss company, in order to keep the brand horologically hot to trot. 


Spirit Flyback Source - Brand’s Site


This has been one of the variations that has consistently evolved over time. Originally released in steel, they have decided to up the ante to feature a highly regarded Grade 5 titanium design. 

Measuring 42mm, the use of Grade 5 titanium ensures these specific watches are kept lightweight while maintaining its pristine durability. This is due to the properties of the material, allowing it to be both highly resistant to chemicals, hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion and around 60% lighter than iron and 40% lighter than copper. 

Considering its capability of matching steel in terms of strength, this in our view is a top material for those searching to purchase an everyday wearer. 42mm is by no means small either, especially when taking into account the thickness of 17mm. You will notice compared to other models that the feel is that bit chunkier on the wrist. 

They have intelligently allowed for the watches to maintain its first rate legibility with a big dial, while simultaneously providing feather touch design. We won’t lie to you timelords… these are certainly bulky watches that may just require Arnie shaped arms!

The watch's case size is part of the course when it comes to the collection. The diameter and thickness is identical to the previous steel variation. Yet, the only deviation has been the Spirit Zulu Time in its 39mm case thus slimming down the visuals. Another explanation for the sizing is the external rotating bezel and movement which (as we will get too in good time!) is as powerful as The Hulk

The Spirit Flyback Chronograph pride themselves on blending polishing with brushing in order to attain a perfect balance of both dressy and sporty. Royal Oak sports-chic lovers, anyone? The lugs and case sides are aggressively polished, leaning more to the Gerard Butler manly man’s design, while both the chamfered edges and pushers are rigorously polished to a fine sheen. 

Boasting a screw in crown as well as a caseback that's locked in with six screws, they are more than capable of reaching 100 metres of water resistance. Not bad for a watch that's supposed to be in the air!

The sapphire crystal wraps around the dial's face and is surrounded by a bi-directional bezel. They opt to use a ceramic insert to the markers on the bezel. Available in matte black, the 60-minute scale on the bezel is luminated up and features negative relief numerals that are coated in a generous dose of Super-Luminova 

So, that's the bezel. What about the dial? The face is complemented with a gilt dial, meaning a dial that has features which are coated in a thin layer of gold. Luxury knows no bounds with this beauty. Featuring an anthracite dial that excellently combines with the darker precious metal sheen, the watches ensure to keep the legibility high and the look understated. 

A far cry from the colourful scheme of the A. Lange & Söhne Pink Gold 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar, we really enjoy the subtle colouring of this particular timepiece. The entirety of the dial is given a healthy dose of gilt finishing. From the small rings around the sub dials to the prominent hands and inner flange, a golden sheen is present throughout that smacks of vintage. 

Combined with a healthy dose of Super-Luminova within the large Arabic numerals and through the centre of the hands, legibility is top priority with just a quick glance down. The watch's dial is given the classic design with five applied stars. What does this mean? All we are saying is that you should be prepared to get starry eyed like a night at the Oscars.


Technical Features Of The Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Titanium


While the watch's caseback has six screws, we can enjoy a gorgeous sneaky peek through its sapphire crystal in the centre. 


Source - Brand’s Site

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Like Alice in Wonderland, it is time to go through the looking glass for a minute. Here, we can see into the captivating calibre L791.4. Their watches are noted for utilising Valjoux movements for a period in the past. 

However, they began making their own and then promptly stopping when they became a part of Swatch Group in 1983. This is of course because they now had access to huge movement manufacturer, ETA as they are in the conglomerates portfolio alongside other top luxury brands such as Omega and Blancpain.

Combining a high quality, exclusive ETA calibre for these watches, they aren't something that’s thrown in haphazardly. This timepiece boasts a column wheel and silicon balance spring to ensure magnetism is repelled and pristine accuracy is maintained throughout. 

Boasting a 4Hz frequency which pulsates at 28,800VpH, the watches also have an impressive 68 hour power reserve, as well as being Chronometer certified. That’s what the 5 gold stars on the dial means!

So there’s plenty of time for that overseas business trip or vineyard tour in the South of France. 


Our View Of The Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Titanium


Chrono Hunter has stared at these watches for hours, trying to decipher the faults that have been committed or the glaring problems of the watch. We couldn't find a jot or a jolt out of place! 


Source - Brand’s Site

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They have released a sterling piece of pilot inspired history and is reinforced (nearly) as much as the Rolex Deepsea Challenge with a great build. This is supplemented with a striking finish through the brushing and polishing aesthetics. Given a circular dial with highly legible Arabic numerals and a highly visible 60-minute graduated bezel, the key bits are given enough illumination to shine with the background dark enough to let the luxurious gilt dial shine through majestically. 

If we were to nitpick, we’d ask that the case be dropped down ever so slightly to a more modern size and they utilise an in-house calibre. These aren't hanging offences though, especially since the case size is necessary to house the calibre and fulfil its eligibility criteria. 

ETA are supporters of many other brands, including Omega, Breitling and even IWC, so we don’t feel too upset about them not being entirely self sufficient. Style wise, pair this new novelty with a suit if you remember to keep your sleeves rolled up. We recommend a charcoal grey suit jacket and brown brogues to enhance the moodiness of the watch. 

Feeling a little sportier? Get yourself a brown suede jacket and stand in the grandstand with the knowledge that even the referee’s wont have better timekeeping equipment on!

Available in a NATO strap in a grey shade or a same material bracelet, you can easily interchange between them due to the watch's easy exchange system. The bracelet is fitted with a double safety folding clasp and a push piece to open, while we like the look and feel of the bracelet. 

Easy to flex and universal for sports and luxury wear, it means you can effortlessly slip this on and off from office to cocktail bar in a matter of seconds. The NATO strap is objectively more sporty. Nevertheless, we recommend the bracelet for boardroom and the NATO strap for those more outdoorsy gents! If you are stuck though with only one option, we’d opt for the bracelet every time.

Boasting a 5 star COSC certified movement and a to-die-for casing, we tip our hats to them for another new horological accomplishment.


Other Specs Of The Longines Spirit Flyback In Titanium


Let’s save you a little bit of time. Below is a handy grid that clearly defines all elements of these handsome new watches

Reference Numbers

Dial Colour




Anthracite Dial 


Grade 5 Titanium


Anthracite Dial


Grade 5 Titanium 



COSC Certified - ETA L791 - Self Winding movement


Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Flyback Chronograph, 60 seconds hand, 30 minutes counter.

Case Back


Water Resistance

100 metres

Case Thickness




Balance Spring

Monocrystalline Silicon

COSC Certified?




Lug Distance


Bracelet/Strap Material 

Steel bracelet/ NATO strap

Limited Edition



Where Can You Buy A New Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph in Titanium?


As of October 2023, you can buy a Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph Watch in grade 5 titanium at retail for:

  • Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph (Bracelet) - £5,000
  • Longines Spirit Flyback Chronograph (NATO) - £4,700




Now, Timelords. Should you buy a Longines Spirit Flyback in grade 5 titanium? After intense deliberation, studying the materials and the movement, we have found that the new watches are certainly worth your consideration! 

They ensure a strong history with a solid performance of high quality pieces. As they are Swiss made, they are held to a high standard due to the rules stipulated upon horological business within the country. For example, at least 60% of the manufacturing costs must be made within Switzerland, ensuring a high level of materials. 

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Developing from the iconic Flyback patent almost 100 years ago, the new adaptation has combined the great COSC certified movement with Flyback functionality, all within the security of a great timepiece. 

This fantastic release has cast a fresh light on the collection. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Longines watch if it didn’t have iconic features like the five star emblem, flyback chronograph function and high quality ETA calibre. Longines knows when to update and innovate, including the introduction of a great Grade 5 titanium material that makes the new Spirit Flyback Chronograph so sleek and appealing.

Another addition to the St. Imier brand, we only have high hopes for this latest timepiece. If you’ve fallen in love with luxury watches just as much as us, you may be wondering, ‘where can I get my hands on such a watch?’ 

Well, it’s time to reveal the answer!

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