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At Chrono Hunter, you can buy a Longines securely via our unique platform and enjoy multiple offers from the most trustworthy luxury retailers. All of these luxury retailers have been carefully approved by us. Whether first time buyer or avid watch collector, we cater to your every buying need.

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When purchasing a watch through Chrono Hunter, you can expect a seamless, professional experience at every stage, securing offers from trusted retailers to make your journey enjoyable and guarantee a fantastic deal.

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Most Competitive Market Prices

At Chrono Hunter, the power is in your hands. Our experienced team will reach out to our trusted network of luxury watch retailers in the pursuit of finding you the best deal when you buy a Longines.


Compare Offers

When you buy a Longines through Chrono Hunter you have the opportunity to compare and contrast a wide range of offers from our exclusive network of the top luxury retailers and dealers.


Personalised Service

When buying a Longines watch via Chrono Hunter, experience nothing but the finest service, every step of the way. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through until completion of your purchase.


Safe & Secure

Our established relationships with some of the best luxury watch retailers ensure Chrono Hunter always has an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to sell a Longines to you. Whether new, pre-owned or second-hand, purchase and transact in a safe and secure environment without compromising on obtaining the best deal.


Most Trustworthy Deals

Choosing to buy a Longines through Chrono Hunter is a safe bet. Every transaction that passes through us is conducted with your best interests in mind and optimal security, giving you peace of mind at every step of the process. 

If you are interested in a quick purchase, but still want to have all your concerns and desires met, Chrono Hunter is the number one choice. Our entire process is stress free and safe, resulting in a method that provides price-competitive deals with the top retailers and an end product that satisfies all types of customers, enthusiasts, horophiles and avid collectors. 

Our platform is so unique and desirable due to our ability to directly connect you with luxury retailers. All of your queries or concerns are simultaneously addressed by our dedicated team of experts who are on hand when you decide to make a purchase.

Below is our six step walkthrough on how to buy a Longines via Chrono Hunter.

  1. Submit a query for the timepiece you wish to purchase, either on our platform or via our dedicated app, available on both Apple and Android devices. 
  2. Your request is sent to our handpicked list of top luxury retailers.
  3. Our approved luxury retailers review their respective inventories to see if they have the watch available. If they have it, you will instantly receive an offer via our website or app. 
  4. We’ve designed the layout of our platform to ensure that each retailer is working in your best interests, providing the most competitive offer when you buy a Longines
  5. Peruse offers either in your account or via our official Chrono Hunter app and decide which one is best for you.
  6. Once you’ve decided to buy a Longines, conclude the deal directly with the retailer in the safest and most secure manner.

We are a visionary within the space and can offer you a clear insight into which Longines timepiece you should choose. We cover the majority of Longines portfolio, so why not connect with our experienced team today in order to discover which model is suitable.

Throughout your buying journey with us, our team will be regularly liaising with you to address any problems you may have, or answer any questions. Every purchase is different but we take great care on focusing on each and every customer as proven by our outstanding array of 5 star reviews on Trustpilot. 

We can advise the best options when you are looking to buy a Longines, and organise an easy communication method via email or telephone. You remain the priority throughout the transaction. When you want to buy a Longines speedily, rest assured that Chrono Hunter is the safest and most trusted platform to conduct your transaction. 

Simply visit to find out more about how you can buy a Longines and at the most competitive price.


Plethora Of Offers

We understand that opting to buy a Longines can result in concern for a lot of people.

Therefore, be it new or pre-owned, opting to buy a Longines via Chrono Hunter is the best route as we remove the fixed price design from the majority of the horological marketplace. Our concept is unique, secure and puts you in complete control of the purchase, ensuring you do not encounter an unverified seller with no experience or pay over the odds. 

By having such a rich plethora of high-quality trusted retailers, we ensure that you will receive not one, but many offers from our esteemed network of verified luxury watch retailers. All we ask is that you send in a buying request and begin your hunt for a watch via our easy to complete online form.

We guarantee that you are the sole focus of the transaction and will strive to go the extra mile until the transaction is concluded. 

This includes having the power to not accept any offers, and not incur any fees for doing so. We ensure the buying power remains firmly in your hands when you buy a Longines using our distinctive platform. However, please note prices may not be consistent due to the fluctuating marketplace, and you may end up paying more if waiting. 


Completely Genuine

We only work with the finest list of luxury watch retailers who satisfy a variety of credentials to join our platform. 

You will therefore only be dealing with the best possible retailers on timepieces that are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. They have all been confirmed by our top luxury retailers as legitimate and provide the strongest possible reason to buy a Longines via Chrono Hunter.

By closely partnering with the best luxury retailers, you will have a strong selection of top luxury watches to choose from pre-owned to second hand. No new or used timepieces bought through our platform are counterfeit and have been through a rigorous process.

Finding a fake timepiece is likely in unregulated environments like public marketplaces, dealing with inexperienced sellers, social media outlets, purchasing a watch via a private seller or using third party sites, open to potential risks.

  • Possible Problem: You may come across a counterfeit timepiece on the public marketplace or when dealing with an individual dealer. You may therefore buy a Longines that looks real, but turns out to be fake which may be too late. 
  • Easy Solution: We suggest you buy a Longines from a reputable platform such as Chrono Hunter to reduce the chances of buying a fake watch, and remove any danger or doubt of purchasing a cheap replica.

We only work with the best luxury retailers around, showcasing years of experience and offering only the top prices and offers. They have established themselves as giants in the industry with impeccable reputations and credibility. 

This guarantees not only reassurance but that you can buy a Longines quickly and at the best prices possible in the utmost confidence and safety. If you are in the market to buy a Longines, we recommend Chrono Hunter as you will only be buying authentic watches from our handpicked network of the best luxury retailers. 

We guarantee top deals according to the most accurate market led conditions.


The Smarter Way To Buy A Longines 

If you buy a Longines, it should be done in a secure environment and with your best interests at heart. We completely understand the importance of such a high value purchase. 

Therefore, opting to buy a Longines using Chrono Hunter will result in you having an easy to access platform for all your watchmaking needs. We only need a few moments of your time to receive and confirm your buying request. 

Our market leading platform has become a mainstay in the industry and ensures users can submit swift buying requests while receiving multiple offers from a carefully curated list of approved retailers. 

They are already provided with your request and specifics. Therefore, they can swiftly provide available watches and deliver the most competitive offers in real time within hours or even minutes. 

Is now the moment to buy a Longines? If so, why not consider using Chrono Hunter where the best possible price is assured, every single time.


Personalised Service

If you are looking to buy a Longines rapidly via Chrono Hunter, we offer a fresh take on how to buy a watch. This includes a rapid turnaround, instant communication and a wealth of price competitive deals. We ensure that you are dealing with an unprecedented level of service and are entitled to the most exceptional deals possible…all within a closed network.

We have curated a phenomenal level of pre-owned watch experience and brand knowledge. Instantly receive high quality offers and operate with confidence in our technical knowledge. The final result is a seamless process designed to put the buyer firmly in charge with a secure conclusion where you purchase directly with one of our vetted luxury retailers. 

Contact us to learn of the best deals possible when you buy a Longines. This is in conjunction with our exceptional customer service team where we put you at the forefront of every buying process. 

Ranging from pre-owned, used or brand new, Chrono Hunter covers every type of watch and buyer, even if you want to purchase limited edition or vintage models. Simply speak to one of our representatives today to find out how you can buy a Longines the smart way.


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Longines HydroConquest

The Longines Hydroconquest was introduced in 2007 and has swiftly become the brands out and out dive watch collection. 

The Hydroconquest collection is known for a few key aspects, including their durability, resistance and high levels of legibility. For example, the watches can yield a brilliant 300 metres of water resistance which is dive-certified and ensures first rate waterproofness.

In terms of readability, the timepieces are fitted with luminous hands and hour markers. This is perfect for those who like diving as they clearly stand out in all conditions, regardless of how dark the conditions are. 

Available in a number of case sizes like 39mm 41mm, 43mm and 44mm, the cases are fitted with prominent bezels, crowns and large straps. Available in steel and ceramic, they are built with strength in mind. 

Colour is not the priority on these pieces, resulting in the models being available in dark shades and a few other variations like white and dark green. Everything about the watches are geared towards the diving world, including the diving scale on the ratcheted bezel and prominent Arabic numerals.

There are some models available in steel and gold elements on the crown, centre links and bezel edging. This is more luxurious than the classic steel models, and has the potential to be more valuable due to the precious metal features. 

So, where should you go to buy a Longines HydroConquest fast? Use Chrono Hunter today to enjoy the best possible prices when you buy a Longines Hydroconquest and benefit from the smoothest transaction, speedy turnaround and first class security. 

Concluding the deal with one of our approved luxury retailers means you can buy this esteemed watch safely, with authenticity guaranteed on every single purchase. 


Longines Master Collection

The Longines Master Collection has earned a grand title due to its elegant design and subtle features that make the watches so desirable.  

Originally debuted in 2005, the timepieces were famed for a number of features that made the timepieces attractive. Known for self-winding mechanical movements that are fitted into round cases, the dials are made up of blued leaf shaped hands and hour markers that are defined as either Roman numerals or calligraphic Arabic indices.

Featuring textured motifs across the centre of the dials, the timepieces are made up of a range of complications, including moon-phase indicators, complete calendars and chronographs

However, some Longines models are extremely well designed, for example the Longines Master Annual Calendar, released in 2019. There have since been special Longines 190th Anniversary timepieces in 2022, which have been designated to the Master collection. 

Available in steel and precious metals, the watches 40mm diameter is svelte and are given thin heights due to them being out and out dress watches. Secured with leather straps, the timepieces are inherently very luxurious and would work perfectly with smart attire. 

If you are seeking to buy a Longines Master Collection quickly, look no further than Chrono Hunter for your purchasing needs. 

We’ve curated a network of the finest luxury retailers and handpicked partners who share our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service and the best possible prices across every transaction. Our goal is to ensure you receive the top service and most competitive price according to true market value when making your purchase through our distinctive platform.


Longines Spirit

The Longines Spirit is the ultimate pilot timepiece. Longines and the aviation industry have been in a close relationship since Longines provided instruments for the pilots. 

For example in 1932, legendary pilot Amelia Earhart crossed the Atlantic solo with the Longines Chronograph on her wrist. Since watches were the only available navigation instrument available at the time, this proved invaluable to judging fuel consumption and distance to landing. 

Longines were also associated with Paul-Emile Victor, a man who crossed the Greenland ice cap in 1936. He was supplied with three Longines stopwatches to calculate longitude and measure his path across. Similarly, Longines were associated with Elinor Smith, the woman who broke the women’s solo record for endurance, speed and altitude, all with Longines instruments alongside her.

The Spirit line takes all the influences of the above pilots and aviation lovers, and combines them into an elegant timepiece. Featuring classic pilot elements like an oversized crown and highly legible Arabic numerals. 

They are powered by phenomenal COSC certified self winding movements that are fitted with silicon hairsprings and feature strong power reserves. The Spirit dials come in a range of styles, including black, silver and a sun-ray blue shade. 

All of them feature the legendary 5 star emblem below the central hands as a reference to the quality of the brands movements. Furthermore, the timepieces come in a range of materials, from titanium, bronze, ceramic and even precious metals like gold. 

If you're looking to buy a Longines quickly at the best possible price, turn to Chrono Hunter’s easy to understand platform for your next purchase. We encourage you to look at our 5-star Trustpilot reviews to see why so many customers use Chrono Hunter to buy a Longines.

With first class service, quick turnaround and a multitude of offers from our close-knit selection of retailers, why choose anywhere else to buy a watch.


Longines Conquest

The Longines Conquest line could be considered one of the most popular lines from Longines to date. Released in 1954, the timepieces followed on from the Flagship collection. 

Originally featuring a screw down caseback and waterproof design, the timepieces were inspired by the post-war favour of diving, mountain climbing and hiking. Sports watches quickly became one of the most popular timepiece styles and the “Conquest” title relates to its usability in all conditions. 

The modern Longines Conquest presents a fabulous character that retains the durability of the classic model, but ensures that there is enough elegance to allow users to wear this as an everyday timepiece. 

Fitted with solid crown protectors, thick ceramic bezels and highly legible dials, the timepieces are inherently sporty pieces. Available in 41mm to 43mm case diameter, the timepieces can range from 100 metres to 300 metres of water resistance. 

Users have the option to choose from steel or steel and ceramic watches, and a plethora of dial colours, including black or blue to green or silver. Furthermore, if you are interested in dressing up the watches, you can opt for a leather strap as opposed to the classic metal bracelet.

To enhance the complexity of the pieces, users can opt for models which utilise chronograph and date complications. The chronograph models offer a clear sporting element to the pieces, and can be used to measure different elements of time. 

If you want to buy a Longines Conquest, you should select the most trusted platform on the market. Chrono Hunter’s carefully curated and vetted network of the best watch retailers, speedy turnaround and unrivalled brand knowledge ensures you will receive the most competitive prices when you buy a Longines.

Our streamlined platform ensures you receive numerous offers from our network of luxury retailers via our live portal through an account or our app. 

Fill out a buying request here, wait for the offers to come in, accept the proposal which suits you best and conclude your purchase directly with one of our approved retailers.


Longines Elegance 

Longines are commonly associated with the sporting world, but they also have a rich history of creating excellent luxury timepieces. 

Longines innovations throughout the 19th and 20th Century made them figureheads of the technical industry, allowing them to take the role of official timekeepers of many sporting events like the Commonwealth games. Between 1940 and 1970, Longines evolved their style to incorporate more luxurious designs and attract a wider audience. 

Released in 1984, the Longines Elegance is beautifully versatile, capable of being worn with a formal suit to being dressed with jeans and a simple T-shirt. The watches are given exceptional slender designs in a variety of materials like steel and two-tone materials like steel and gold. 

Totalling 39mm to 41mm, the watches are very well designed and ergonomic on the wrist. The timepieces also have the option to be fitted with diamonds. However, if that style is too luxurious, you can opt for the simpler, no-diamond editions.

Affixed onto a range of strap types including steel bracelets and leather straps, the watches boast a rainbow of attractive shades, including silver, grey, blue and white. For other complicated versions, users can choose versions with a date aperture at 3 o’clock.  

So, how do I buy a Longines quickly? If you want to compare offers on the Longines Conquest, use Chrono Hunter to compare and contrast multiple offers via our distinguished selection of retailers on our exclusive platform. 

Buy with confidence and never get a raw deal or pound the streets in vain again. Why not buy a Longines the smart way and take advantage of the best possible prices, quick turnaround and a handpicked network of the best luxury watch retailers.


Longines Record Collection

The Longines Record Collection has a history that runs back before Longines was ever associated with the line! Record was founded in 1903 by a collection of businessmen who were interested in selling the “Sector Watch”. This was a triangular watch that was fitted with a retrograde function.

Later, Record was acquired by Longines in the 1960s, but promptly shut down in 1991 after Longines came into financial trouble. The record collection in the modern era has been revitalised with all the classic elegance and excellence of the classic lines. 

Available in a range of case diameters, including 38.5 to 40mm of solid steel. Some timepieces feature precious metals elements in the form of pink gold along the centre links of the strap and the polished bezel. 

There are no diamonds or particularly luxurious elements that can be boasted across the dial. The dials come in a range of shades including navy blue, silver and black. The hour markers range across a variety of designs, including Roman numerals, Arabic numerals and dots. 

You can opt for models with dual sub dial functionality at 3 and 9 o’clock, totalling chronograph functions. The watches come with a steel bracelet or a leather strap, allowing versatility in a variety of situations. 

If you want to buy a Longines Record watch at the best price, look no further than Chrono Hunter and buy the smart way today. Benefit from finest service conducted in the safest and most secure environment with a speedy turnaround.


Longines Flagship

The Longines Flagship dates back to 1957 which was the same year as the launch of the iconic Omega Speedmaster. Designed to be a legendary and exceptionally elegant timepiece, the line is worn by celebs like Kate Winslet due to the ergonomic design and tasteful feel of the watches. 

The Longines Flagship is crafted out of a multitude of materials, including steel, rose gold and yellow gold, boasting the inherent luxury behind the timepieces. Available in a range of case sizes from 38mm to 40mm, the watches feature a variety of fabulous dial colours, including beige, blue, silver, yellow and silver. 

You have the option to choose from versions with diamonds, available along the dotted hour markers. The circular case designs are exceptionally attractive. Fitted with a polished bezel, this provides a gorgeous shine that encapsulates the dial. 

The 5-link straps are ooze luxury, combating the more sporty three link designs. They are also polished, seamlessly blending in with the bezel and tying in perfectly with the lugs. All the models are fitted with a self-winding calibre which allows users to actively use the watch without having to stop and wind the crown. 

The Longines Flagship is a great piece if you are looking to buy a Longines watch via Chrono Hunter. We know the market like no other which is why you will receive the best possible offers should you choose to buy a Longines using our unique platform.

With quick turnaround, premium service, exclusive retailers, unrivalled brand expertise and market knowledge, Chrono Hunter will endeavour to find the most competitive prices when you buy a LonginesFrom new to pre-owned, contact us directly or download our dedicated app, available on Apple or Android devices. It really could not be simpler or secure to purchase a Longines watch today using Chrono Hunter.


Longines Legend Diver

Introduced in 2007, The Longines Legend Diver has a fabulous dive watch heritage that sees the brand’s tie in with all things nautical.

Stretching back to 1937, Longines released the world's first chronograph with waterproof push-buttons. 

The Longines Legend Diver followed on from the immense legacy of the Super-Compressor from 1959. Designed in 36mm to 42mm case diameters, the timepieces are given fabulous proportions and stunning colours. 

Secured with a box-shaped sapphire crystal and fitted with two screw-in crowns and screw-down caseback, the watches are fitted with shaded dials that boast luminous hands and hour markers, alongside interjecting luminous squares or Arabic numerals. 

Fitted with an internal rotating diving bezel, the Longines Legend Diver is fitted with mechanical movements that are supported with silicon balance springs. For the dial colours, users can choose from either beige, grey and blue dials. 

The 7 link bracelets are incredibly desirable due to their highly avant-garde influence. They feature polished centre links that move up to the circular polished bezel, alongside brushed outerlinks. Isn’t it time you considered the best place to buy a Longines Legend Diver? 

Chrono Hunter provides an incredible swift and secure service when you want to purchase Longines watches. And in the utmost confidence. Buy a Longines through us and expect unparalleled brand expertise and the highest standards of service. 

Our in-house team fully understands the true value when you wish to buy a Longines. On top of this, our super speedy process ensures you can enjoy the watch in next to no time while concluding the transaction directly with one of our approved luxury retailers. 

Safe, secure, seamless. 


Longines Ultra-Chron

Longines are an exceptional brand in most areas, but one sphere where they particularly excel is producing their phenomenally accurate dive watches. The Longines Ultra-Chron is the first ever high-frequency diver, blending the durability of the seas, along with a high-powered movement. 

Longines have produced brilliant movements in their past. This includes producing the first wristwatch with a 36,600VpH movement in 1959 that was Observatory Chronometer certified. 

This would later be the principal factor behind the creation of the Ultra-Chron Diver in 1968. Becoming the world's first high-frequency divers watch with the Calibre 431, this produces a rapid 36,600VpH. 

For modern novelties, they are crafted in a 43mm steel cushion casing. With a thickness of around 13.6mm, the Ultra-Chron still retains its legendary dive watch name due to its 300 metre water resistance. This is exemplified by the unidirectional rotating bezel that's fitted with a dive-scale. 

The solid caseback is fitted with the Ultra-Chron logo and stamped with Ultra Chronometer Officially Certified engraving. Meanwhile, the pitch black dial allows the applied baton hour markers to clearly stand out that is also reflected in the baton hands. 

So, how do I buy my Longines quickly? If you want to compare offers on the Longines Ultra-Chron from the most reputable source in the luxury watch sector, use Chrono Hunter for your next purchase.

Compare multiple offers via our distinguished selection of luxury watch retailers on our one of a kind platform. Don’t get a raw deal or pound the streets in vain. Why not buy a Longines the smart way, save time and take advantage of the best possible prices, quick turnaround and a closed portal with authenticity guaranteed.