Question Time: Should You Buy The Highly Polished New Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror Chronograph Watch?
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Question Time: Should You Buy The Highly Polished New Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror Chronograph Watch?

Question Time: Should You Buy The Highly Polished New Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror Chronograph Watch?


With stealth-like design, out of this world mirrored finishing and futuristic architecture like no other watch on the market, is it time to buy the new Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror? Let’s take a look.


At A Glance

  • Just before 2023 is out and the tinsel is hung on the Christmas tree, Zenith surprises us again with a new release in the shape of the Defy Extreme Mirror.
  • Brimming with reflective polished chrome properties, this camouflage influenced dial with its mirror-like surfaces is sure to light up enthusiasts and collectors alike.
  • Home to the legendary El Primero movement, this 1/100th of a second high beat chronograph is truly intergalactic with its spaced out shiny elements, delivering a look into the stirling openworked dial.
  • Benefitting from flat planes ensuring wearers can look glare free at this novelty from every possible angle, the new Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror is a chromatic triumph of engineering and precision.
  • At the forefront of high beat, pioneering chronograph watches with two escapements beating merrily at 50Hz and 5Hz, the mesmerising glean across the bezel, dial and case takes the Defy collection up another notch.
  • With silver coloured counters, rapid interchangeable strap mechanism, dodecagonal bezel and devilishly rugged good looks, it takes camouflage influenced watches to the extreme.


1. Zenith Defies Horophiles Again With A Shiny New Camouflage Inspired Watch


Let’s be honest. This won’t be the first nor the last time that the peeps over at Zenith have dazzled us with one of their new watches. 

Defy Extreme “Open Sea”, Source: Sothebys

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Daring, adventurous and one of the best luxury sports watches to grace the current horological scene, The Defy Extreme has been running like clockwork since 2021 with a mindblowing dual regulating organ. An extension of the Defy range, this latest must have beauty is what we feel to be their answer to Zaratsu polishing, made famous by Grand Seiko

And with enough polishing to shine all 38 of Sir Alex Ferguson’s trophies, captured in a 26 year reign as Manchester United manager, there’s still plenty of chrome left in the horological tank to produce a watch that should be considered their boldest yet. 2023 has been a sparkling year for the Le Locle brand with a collection of launches that again has defied the odds in terms of horology and impeccable precision. 

Sir Alex Ferguson holding the final of his shiny 13 FA Premier League titles, Source: Sports Brief

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If you are feeling inspired to delve deeper into some of their newest releases this year, here is a recap below of some of their hottest releases to have graced the horological sphere;

- Question Time: Should You Buy The New Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier?

- New Release: Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton Boutique Edition Watch

- Zenith Debuts Not One But Two New Rainbow Themed DEFY 21 Chroma II Novelties

As flashy as DJ Khaled’s Rolex Daytona Eye Of The Tiger and as handsome as George Clooney sipping a Nespresso while gazing lovingly into his Omega Speedmaster 57 or Aqua Terra 150M (he owns both) it’s about time we deep dived into this all singing, all dancing monolithic timepiece.  


2. Personality Of The Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror 


Well, this is no wacky hall of mirrors at the funfair. Far from it.

Source: Zenith

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The Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror is more tempting of a treat than the new Willy Wonka movie. Jam packed with more mirror-polished surfaces than the BBC Strictly Come Dancing trophy (hats off to 2023 winners Ellie Leach and Vito Copolla), this novelty could easily be seen on the set of Alice in Wonderland.

Step through the looking glass for just a second, and this distortion free stainless steel 45mm chronograph is a reflection of the times it appears. Admire your external surroundings from every single mirrored metallic finish on the watch from its instantly recognisable dodecahedron bezel, wedge like crown guards, chapter ring and openworked dial to the sapphire crystal.

The latter gives you an opportunity to take a sneaky peek into the dial which houses lots of complexity, a trio of silver subdials that benefit from mirror-polishing. The black logo and signature brand silver star is like the faceted angles, clear as day with added depth coming from the chapter ring.

The typical 3, 6, 9 set up of this crisp chronograph are as follows;

  • Small seconds positioned at 9 o’clock
  • 60 second counter located at 6 clock
  • 30 minute counter situated at 3 o’clock

Don’t miss the hour markers, minute and hour hands that have been applied and enjoy rhodium plating. Meanwhile, there is a generous dose of Super-Luminova that you will discover across many elements of this watch such as the hour and minute hands as well as the hands based within the sub dials. 

Source: Zenith

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On top of this, both the indexes and hands are brushed within an inch or millimetre of their presence to drill home this truly mesmerising piece that evokes memories of former glories during the 60's...namely their Spaceman model. Then there’s the highly sought after and super-rare Rolex Space Dweller which recently commanded a six figure sum at auction. But we have no time to waste!

On to the integrated bracelet which is made from completely polished stainless steel and perfectly compliments the out of this world look that would certainly put StarMan David Bowie in his place. We do like the H-link design which is as tough as The Hulk and looks just as opulent on the wrist.

Daringly bold and as brash as a Jean Paul Gaultier outfit at Paris Fashion Week, there is another option for wearers in the form of a durable black rubber or black fabric Velcro strap. Now we might be facing a cost of living crisis but why have they added in a two for the price of one offer into this twenty grand plus timepiece? 

Source: Zenith

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Our survey says you may want to buy a cloth or microfiber implement as this may suffer blemishes straight off the bat due to all that mirror-polishing. Yes, the straps might be as heavy duty as a JCB.

Nonetheless, it gives the wearer the chance to offset the uber chic luxury sports look for a more understated look to take the edge off while still lauding its instance chronograph properties and truly energetic spirit. Look, nothing can take away the powerful impact of the steel bracelet which compliments the timepiece majestically and is no doubt fit for a King, Prince or any special occasion. 

However, there is a strap alternative for those who want to buy a Zenith without the full on polishing and mirrored drama throughout.


Official Specs - Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror



Dial material

Sapphire crystal

Case diameter


Case thickness


Case material

Polished stainless steel


Sapphire with an AR coating

Lug to lug distance



El Primero 9004

Number of jewels



Hours and minutes in the centre. Small seconds located at 9 o'clock, 1/100th of a second chronograph: - Central chronograph hand that performs one revolution every second - 30-minute counter based at 3 o'clock - 60-second counter at 6 o'clock - chronograph power-reserve indicator situated at 12 o'clock

Strap/Bracelet options

Completely interchangeable H link mirror-polished stainless steel bracelet which comes complete with a duo of complimentary straps made from black rubber and Velcro 

Water resistance

200 metres

Limited edition



3. El Primero 9004 Movement


There is no higher powered movement than the El Primero and this is what you will find inside the new Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror. Solid as a punch from Mike Tyson, this automatic chronograph movement is a world beater bar none. What with its generous star shaped rotor embellished in silver tones replicated in the hues from the dial and case. 

El Primero 9004, Source: Watchbase

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The El Primero 9004 operates at a high frequency, often at 36,000 vibrations per hour (VPH) which runs as smooth as silk. This high oscillation rate contributes to the movement's exceptional accuracy in timekeeping.

The movement utilises a column-wheel mechanism for the chronograph function. This sophisticated component ensures smooth and precise operation of the chronograph, enhancing the overall user experience and is packed with technological advancements. Time events thanks to its 1/100th of a second chronograph function which runs like clockwork, but does have its cons. 

It can go through the power reserve in less than an hour if used repeatedly. If that’s what one has to sacrifice for cutting edge watchmaking then so be it. As complex as a Mondrian painting, this movement is brimming with contemporary looks emanating from the skeleton bridges and vertical brushing. 

Note this movement has not one but two escapements doing their thing in the background but nonetheless significant. The 5Hz escapement allows for easy time telling while the separately wound chronograph function pulsates at a mind blowing 50Hz. The power reserve indicator can be found close to 12 o’ clock on the dial and is solely for the chronograph function.

The El Primero 9004 can be admired through the caseback made from sapphire crystal where you will discover the star-shaped rotor. Rounded off with a weekend-proof power reserve of around 50 hours, we firmly believe you cannot go wrong flexing what is considered among many to be the King of movements.


4. Where Can You Buy A New Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror?


Available in physical stores and through their official online site, you can buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror for £23,100 at retail (As of December 2023). Don’t forget, this monochromatic shining beauty is decked out on a stainless steel bracelet with two further complimentary straps thrown in made from Velcro and black rubber. 


5. What’s Our View?


We thought you would never ask!

With enough angles to make Novak Djokovic go the extra mile on Centre Court, the blingy Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror has many levels…and faceted angles to it.

Rigorous in its production, it is one of the most visually pleasing watches of 2023. The way in which it has the ability to reflect the environment you are within is a feat of engineering in itself. A unique model if ever there was one, the ultra-reflective execution may not please every horophile wanting to purchase.

But the mirror-polished impact this timepiece has had on us is undeniably powerful. Rugged but by no means deft, it has 200 metres of water resistance, meaning it is capable of some dive related activities. Personally, the Extreme collection still takes some of its design cues from half a century ago and no matter how strange or cosmic the delivery, it does seem to work…on some levels.

While the new Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror is similar in visuals and promotion to an Area 51 advertisement with added Roswell vibes, the brand sure knows how to make a truly astronomical impression.


6. Do Zenith Watches Hold Value?


In the majority of circumstances no. Although the Neuchâtel based brand are to a degree the best in the business for incredibly precise chronograph watches and more affordable when compared to the big horological hitters like Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe, they don’t tend to hold value as much. Well, which top luxury brand does?! 

Take for example the recent Defy Skyline Boutique Edition. With a retail price of £9,700, secondary market prices weigh in around £7,300 (as of December 2023). Unfortunately, as with most other major luxury brands, they will not retain value due to a number of key factors from brand recognition and exclusivity to market value and supply and demand. 

In this way, the Le Locle brand produces around 25,000 watches. This in effect is far lower than Rolex who produce 1 million annually, but they simply don’t hold their value like a Rolex would.

Them’s the brakes.


7. Conclusion


Although they are stepping on Panerai territory when it comes to oversized luxury watches at 45mm, the immense technical engineering and aesthetical pleasure in this new timepiece is something to behold. Oh and they have one of the most legendary movements in the business.

Taking luxury sports to the next level and giving it a mirror-polished finish is what makes this brand a cut above among their competitors. This is particularly given inspiration when it comes to the powerful chronograph function, dashing around the dial almost like Freddy Mercury…travelling at the speed of light. Well, one second to be precise  

And if Carlsberg were to give out awards for best chronograph watches, you'd be certain that Zenith would most probably take home the horological spoils…every single time.

These guys really know how to take things to the extreme.

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