Question Time: Should You Buy The New Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier?
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Question Time: Should You Buy The New Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier?

Question Time: Should You Buy The New Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier?


As Foreigner once sang…‘you’re as cold as ice’. But are you willing to sacrifice a different variation of the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier featured on every watch? This is exactly the case with the latest iteration from the Defy Extreme collection.

Fresh from LMVH Week in January, there's something just as frosty going on watch peeps. Zenith has been hard at work recently, pumping out fists of steel in the form of the Defy Extreme Felipe Pantone with its 45mm stainless steel case and the Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton

Yet it’s exotic materials that seem to be dominating timekeeping headlines of late. A little forged carbon here and a smattering of copper-niobium alloy there.

According to Zenith, the Defy Extreme collection is the toughest 1/100th of a second chronograph ever manufactured. Tough talk from Zenith, but it seems the facts dominate the fiction, especially when it comes to this new model.

Read on to see how this beast doesn't just take the beaten path as Chrono Hunter delves like no other watch blog before to find out whether you should buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier.


A Frosty Reception For the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier?


The 45mm, octagonal titanium case is reminiscent of the architecture of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It also features a rarely semi-precious stone known as chalcedony on the chronograph's protective pushers and bezel. 


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Master Horologer

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Once the process of cutting and hand polishing the stone is complete, the blue chalcedony is revealed in its truest form, with various shades of blue emanating from the stone, giving a glacier-like feel and the undoubtedly Baltic temperatures. It is both dynamic and captivating, displaying the technical prowess of this incredibly popular Swiss luxury watch brand.

Since the translucent shades cannot be altered, every watch is ultimately unique, boosting its resale value for when you decide it’s time to buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier. 

This timepiece uses slightly frosted sapphire crystals on both sides to offer an avant-garde sneaky peek into the skeletonised dial. Bold and rugged on the wrist, the four sub counters have a sapphire crystal with a frosted finish, allowing the movement to be partially seen like you are looking through a thin layer of ice. Nonetheless, watch community fans are as split as those jeans after a long, lazy Sunday lunch.

The frosted subdials are a very intuitive move by Zenith. Not only do they hark to frosty terrains, they also vastly increase the legibility and readability of the dials. It seems like Zenith has figured out how to blend top-quality watchmaking with art, creating a phenomenal model and an even more eclectic ‘Defy’ collection. Ideal for those looking to buy a Zenith with a little je ne sais quoi. 

The hour and minute hands, hour indices and sub-counter hands all boast Super-Luminova for added visibility during darker conditions. The minute track is black, giving a strong contrast to the icy glaze-like appearance on the dial. 

The bracelet is made from polish and brushed titanium, following the same strengths of scratch resistance and lightness as the case. We do like the variety in the option to wear a textured white rubber strap with a folding buckle and a black velcro strap with a triple folding titanium clasp. All of these are interchangeable meaning they can suit any event with just a quick switch of the bracelet/strap. 

You should buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier as an icy alternative to your red hot outfits. The contrast of fire and ice colours is always a winner. If adorned with the white strap, the model would suit a daring red or maroon suit, or for those who wish to be more understated, try the titanium bracelet with a classic navy suit or blue shirt for those smart casual looks. 


Is The Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier Watch Tough?


Yes, yes, a million times yes. You should certainly buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier if you want a watch that's totally impregnable. 

Zenith has gone above and beyond to craft watches that are eternally durable. Inspired by the Desert for their release in 2021, The Defy Extreme Desert, Zenith have done a complete U-turn and ventured to the frosty tips to get inspiration for their new watch The Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier. 

Measuring 45mm in diameter and 15.4mm in height which is sizable but necessary, it is much lighter for the wearer thanks to its titanium construction. With a higher anti magnetism resistance, this timepiece is certainly a tour de force. 

Furthermore, the titanium body means the watch is around 30% tougher than stainless steel and is also 45% lighter in weight. It shows the level of craftsmanship and thought that has gone into this model.


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Master Horologer

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It also features a screw down crown and 12 sided chalcedony insert under the bezel and chalcedony under the protective pushers.  While chalcedony isn't as strong as diamond or topaz, it earns horological points with us due to its pretty frozen aesthetics. 

As is common with Zenith, sapphire crystal features on both sides of the watch, which is highly scratch and abrasion resistant, allowing a direct look into the belly of the beast. Since the crown is screwed down and the case is a very solid material, the watch has a water resistance of 200m meaning you can still hop in the bath, shower or pool with this bad boy on. 

You can buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier with the knowledge that it won't fall apart as soon as you wear it. 


Is the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier Watch Technically Proficient?


Not to worry, Timelords. This machine isn't all muscle and no mind. 


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Monochrome Watches

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Housing the El Primero 21 Calibre 9004 movement, this chronograph represents the ingenuity and craftsmanship of over 50 years. It perfects the automatic high frequency chronograph, equipping it with the latest technology to bolster its technical abilities. 

In fact, the El Primero 9004 is seen in many higher end chronographs over the last few years showcasing how effective they can manage this particular compilation.

Containing two regulating organs and escapements, one runs at 5Hz for timekeeping while the other one operates at a phenomenal 50Hz. The timekeeping element has a very respectable 36,000vph while the chronograph escapement function operates at an incredible 360,000vph. This more than backs up their claim of a real 1/100th of a second chronograph function. 

While its timekeeping may not lay a finger regarding speed compared to its horological sibling, The Zenith Defy Inventor, running at 129,000vph, most mechanical watches tend to run is 18,000 to 28,000vph, showing unequivocally that the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier is an extremely pulsating movement. 


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Zenith

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Providing 200m of water resistance, the real meat of the watch comes in the form of the 1/100th of a second chronograph. Each escapement has a power source and it's different for each mode, namely the timekeeping and chronograph.

The mainspring barrel is wound by rotor movements, while the chronograph is wound by hand. The chronograph is limited to 50 minutes due to its high power and the watch but when fully wound, it runs for a minimum of 50 hours. 

It's a central chronograph hand that makes one turn every second, a 30 minute counter at 3 o'clock, a 60 second counter at 6 o'clock and a chronograph power-reserve indicator at 12 o'clock. It also has the hours and minutes in the centre with the small seconds sundial located at 9 o'clock. 

What’s Our View?


The Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier is a technically brilliant watch. 


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Monochrome Watches

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Using the classic El Primero and modernising it, creating a powerful movement for an even stronger watch. As one of the few movements that are capable of measuring time intervals of up to 1/100th of a second, the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier is in a select group of watches which are horologically great. 

To buy a watch like this is to obtain something that could run no matter the conditions or the amount of time you have it.


Will the Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier Watch Hold Its Value?


For devoted followers of Question Time, you will know that value is held or increased through scarcity, the laws of supply and demand not to mention current market conditions.

Have no concerns about The Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier. As it's limited to just 50 pieces, the demand will undoubtedly surpass the supply of the model, making its resale value drastically increase. 


Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier - Source - Master Horologer

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For clarity, at the time of writing, The Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier has already run out of stock…we did warn you!

Symbolising the perplexing demand for limited-edition models, it appears everyone at this time is into glacier landscapes and exotic materials. Since it’s only one of a few models that have the capability of reaching 1/100th of a second, the watches value is again increased as its part of an exclusive club of high quality movements.

The chalcedony effect cannot be altered or changed meaning that each one of the 50 models produced is as unique as a snowflake. In the same vein as the Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal with its individual gold flakes, independence is rewarded with value. 

As such, to buy a watch like this, you have the knowledge that it will keep its value if you were to fall out of love with it. But on the face of it watch lovers, that's not likely to happen!




So, watch peeps, it’s time for the final verdict. Don’t go cold on us just yet!

It appears these final moments are either a death knell for shoddy timekeeping or an ascension to the realms of great watchmaking. 

I am pleased to say that this watch is more than worth its weight in gold (or titanium in this case). It's built to last, has the technical ability to thrive in any environment and looks awesome with its inspirations based on wintery landscapes and frozen terrains. 

The distinctive chalcedony accents blended with exotic materials and lightning quick movements prove Zenith are at the forefront of watchmaking. You can buy a Zenith Defy Extreme Glacier for the retail price of £23,100. The next question is where should I go to buy such a model?

You could work with a single retailer in the hope that they provide you with the best deal or spend more time going around lots of sellers to see if they have your watch in stock. Alternatively, you could go down the eBay route which is full of slippery paths where you may end up with a counterfeit Zenith watch. 

It's a disheartening thought to believe you may be overpriced or turned away when you just want to buy a Zenith. Or there’s the future…Chrono Hunter. As the UK’s leading luxury watch broker, you can submit your enquiry here which will then be distributed to our trusted selection of the finest luxury watch retailers. 

Receive offers in less than 24 hours and save money on your next purchase. Why not download our app or get in contact with Chrono Hunter here to buy a Zenith with no fear of haggling or unauthorised deals falling through. 

By cutting out the time spent searching for your watch, we give you that precious time to spend with it. 


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