The Top 5 Luxury Watches Fit For London Fashion Week
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The Top 5 Luxury Watches Fit For London Fashion Week

The Top 5 Luxury Watches Fit For London Fashion Week


Finding a suitable watch for life’s events is a very challenging proposition. Each scenario requires a watch to match the vibes and general attire. From swanky dinners to that smart office bash, you want to be equipped with a suitable luxury watch for added bling. 

Now, for events such as London Fashion Week or other equally fashion-centric situations, you need your watch game to be on point. Since the 1960’s, London Fashion Week has been the pinnacle event for creativity globally. Numerous designers have influenced the runway like Alexandra McQueen, Barbara Hulanicki and Posh Spice herself Victoria Beckham. 

Rocking up to any razzle dazzle event with an inferior piece is just a recipe for social disaster. We know you by now, timelords. We fully understand you respect time like no other. And we are confident you want to make a bigger impact than the new creative head of Burberry, Daniel Lee who will be introducing his first collection this year. 

This is why gents, Chrono Hunter, have painstakingly researched our Top 5 luxury watches fit for London Fashion Week. Whether pairing your timepiece with your Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer collection, it’s time to get ready for the cameras!


Santos De Cartier Watch - Medium Model


Sometimes the best fashion is one that's so iconic and raved about that people would get Stockholm syndrome if it disappeared. Nothing epitomises this more than when you buy a Cartier Santos.


Santos De Cartier - Source - Cartier

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Dating back to 1904, The Santos De Cartier watch is steeped in history. Created by Cartier for Brazilian aviator Santos Dumont, he wanted a timepiece that could be worn on the wrist due to the impracticality of the watch being in a pocket.

This is especially the case when flying an aircraft. The Cartier Santos is not only the world’s first pilot’s watch but also the first men’s wristwatch.

In the modern era, it is now worn dutifully by Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise in stainless steel and one of basketball’s G.O.A.T’s Steph Curry who wears the navy Santos De Cartier that debuted in March 2022. 

The design structure is as unchanged as its glorious history. Its unique square case and Roman numerals have remained unaltered for over a century, implying that these are working and the public cannot get enough. 

The Santos De Cartier doesn't miss a beat on anything. The integrated bracelet is finely finished, meaning that it gives a clean look. It allows the model to be one cohesive unit without the bracelet appearing unnatural to the case.

The bracelet also contains a ‘Smartlink’ which is a crafty tool for those looking to change the size of the bracelet themselves without needing any tools. Very useful for whipping it out and showing it off on other people's wrists!

The dial is silver opaline with blued steel sword hands which wind underneath a sapphire crystal. This is all housed inside of a steel and 18k gold case which complements each other perfectly. Who says silver and gold can't be joined in matrimony? 


As one of the first brands to introduce visible screws on the bezel, Cartier are an innovator of design, wonderfully bringing together the art deco style of the squares of the case and on the dial. 

The Santos De Cartier also houses the first ever in-house Santos calibre, named the 1847 MC movement which gives a power reserve of 40h and a steady beat of 4Hz. It's an automatic movement and reaches 100m of water resistance meaning it can be worn all day without the risk of it packing in. At 35mm, the modernised Santos gives off a subtle charm which isn't spoiled by being ostentatious in size. 

The Santos De Cartier can be dressed up or down as its Quickswitch bracelet system allows the wearer to bring in a calfskin leather strap, which is included in the purchase, and quickly interchange between either strap or bracelet. London Fashion Week requires constant change, so in order to keep up with the pace, it's a very helpful addition. 

The Santos De Cartier exudes style, comfort and versatility, perpetuated by its long standing history and its timeless design. The ideal watch for those flexing their style chops at London Fashion Week.


You can buy a Cartier Santos at retail for £8,900


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar


Good fashion is bodacious, bad fashion is ostentatious. You will never fare on the ostentatious side if you buy an Audemars Piguet



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar - Source - Robb Report

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There is nothing that epitomises the above line so well as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. Since Audemars Piguet's inception in 1875, they have a strong horological heritage, creating the first repeater wristwatch in 1892 and the incredibly well known Royal Oak collection. 

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar features a sizing of 41mm and the phenomenal self-winding calibre 5134. Based on an older movement, the calibre 2120, the movement has been enlarged to a high finish with 22k gold monobloc rotors and a composition of 374 parts. 

This is very impressive, especially since the caseback is made out of sapphire crystal so you can see directly into its mechanisms. Ideal to show off to your boss at that late meeting. Fashion is a complex beast so buy an Audemars Piguet to make sure that your watch is just as intricate.

Where this model of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar deviates from its predecessors is the powerful blue that encapsulates the entire watch. A genuine fashion statement in itself, the case, the dials and the bracelet are presented in a striking blue hue. This is the first time a watch has been crafted in blue ceramic, progressing the skill of luxury manufacturing.

Featuring a blue Grande Tapisserie pattern dial with blue subdials, this bold blue beauty is accompanied by a perpetual calendar and astronomical movement. The entire model screams of a night sky filled with stars, suggesting that if you buy an Audemars Piguet like this, you too can mix it with the hoi polloi even after London Fashion Week. 

Blue is a great fit for everyone as it's a foundation colour. The rest of your outfit, therefore, does not need to change too much to accompany this model as its daring cobalt tones will electrify any outfit. This particular watch works well with either rolled-up shirt sleeves or an inspired overcoat combination. 

This model at the time of writing is only priced at request.


Patek Philippe Ref. 5373P-001 Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph


London Fashion Week is revered for showcasing the greatest brands, coming together in celebration and secret competition of the most daring and progressive outfits. 

It thrives from releasing the unexpected into the world which is exactly what Patek Philippe did in 2022. Releasing this split seconds monopusher chronograph with a perpetual calendar, its unique feature comes in the form of it being Patek Philippe's first ever left handed chronograph in Patek Philippe's recent history.

While you don't have to visit a left-handed shop if you choose to buy a Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph, you can purchase it for its phenomenal collectability. 


5373P-001 Split Seconds Monopusher Chronograph - Source - Patek Philippe

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This release is seemingly crafted to be exclusively designed to suit left handed collectors, among with its high level complication design, it satisfies all manner of watch aficionados. 

The Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph utilises a ‘destro’ design. This means that the crown and pushers are at 9 o’clock instead of the usual placement at 3 o’clock. The case is made out of platinum and measures 38.3mm, housing a manual wound calibre, the CHR-27-525 PS Q.

It is the thinnest split-seconds chronograph movement ever built which stands at the forefront of Patek Philippe’s technical innovations. 

Its charcoal dial has the typical Patek Philippe gradiation as seen in Nautilus models like the 7118/1A-011. The blood red chronograph hands stand markedly against the dial, hinting to Patek’s sportier models such as the Aquanaut 5968A-001. The black calfskin strap is as rugged as Gerard Butler with daring red stitching, edging on its periphery as an ode to the hands on the dial. 

This model, at an event like London Fashion Week, shows you have a fantastic horological nous Pair with a red Harrington or bomber jacket and tie in the theme of red the watch projecting a great smart yet elegant style.


This model is only upon request if you wish to buy a Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph.


Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal


If you really want to be Mr It at London Fashion Week, you must have something in your armoury that doesn’t make you sparkle but get’s other pulses ticking.


Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal - Source - Hublot

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What better way to do so than to buy a watch containing the rarest form of gold on earth. Introducing the Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal. Gold crystals can be formed into incredible patterns and designs when under enough pressure but they are almost impossible to find in nature. Oh, it’s true watch fans…it’s true. Hublot has managed to lab grow the gold crystal and used it to decorate their timepiece. 

The entirety of the watch is blacked out, meaning the gold flakes stand out superbly. We can only imagine that this is what King Midas' would have plumped for if he chose to buy a Hublot. Completely unique in design, the gold crystals cannot be adapted into shapes. They are then laid out by Hublot’s master artisans onto the dial and covered in a transparent lacquer. 

I should also mention this is all conducted in a vacuum to avoid air bubbles forming. The lacquer is applied 20 times and polished in order to make it look like there is nothing covering the flakes or the hands on the dial. 

Measuring 42mm, the Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal presents an automatic calibre HUB1110 with a 42 hour power reserve. Blending satin and polished finish together on the black ceramic case, it emanates a wonderful lustre,  making the gold flakes starkly visible.

Black and gold is forever a timeless combination. Buy a Hublot and experience the golden touch by accentuating this watch with a dark green suit or brown loafers. 


This model at the time of writing retails at £18,100.


Vacheron Constantin Historique 222


London Fashion Week celebrates the creatively bold with a wonderful array of colours, but no more than the bravery of wearing all gold watches. Done wrong and you could look like Del Boy. Done right and you could be the talk of the town. This ideology should certainly be in your mind when you buy a watch


Vacheron Constantin 222 Historique - Source - Vacheron Constantin 

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In March 2022, Vacheron Constantin reissued a contemporary re-edition of the 37mm diameter yellow gold 222 ‘Jumbo’. From its presence in the 1970s, the iconic Vacheron Constantin 222 Historique represented a ‘sporty-chic’ model with its epic monobloc flat based tonneau shaped case and fluted bezel. 

It also has an integrated bracelet, linking to the robust edge of its sporty side, while still being able to relate to beauty through its gentle lines and curvature. Other intricacies like the Maltese cross at 5 o’clock highlights you are in possession of one of the greatest watch brands of all time if you buy a Vacheron Constantin

The re-issue still nods to its predecessor but adds a few alterations just to keep up with modern reliability and comfort. For example, the 18k 3N yellow gold case has an exhibition back which reveals the new generation in-house calibre 2455/2. And yes, Hallmark Geneva Certified comes as standard with this beauty, featuring an oscillating weight repurposed for this specific model. 

At a phenomenal 28,800 Vph, its precision is bang on the money and its top-quality finish. The dial remains gold toned with straight hour markers and luminescent baton hands that take on a green hue when dark. 

It’s a masterpiece to rival Picasso himself. Named 222 for Vacheron Constantin's 222nd anniversary, it epitomises what can be done with gold without venturing into the tasteless and tactless realms of tacky fashion. 

This time next year Rodney we could be millionaires…well possibly as it is rumoured there are 100 pieces of the 222 available in yellow gold. Even rarer are some factory set 222 watches with diamonds encased in various areas including the dial, bracelet and bezel. Own one of these and expect to sell a Vacheron Constantin for six figures.

This beauty can be paired with anything as Brad Pitt showed in a photo taken with him in a tye-dye jumper and baggy blue jeans, all while adorning the Vacheron Constantin 222. It brings up any outfit and oozes that cool charm most folks could only dream of.


You can buy a Vacheron Constantin 222 for retail at £66,500. 




Well, gents, we hope you can appreciate time is our enemy here. This is by no means our definitive list but we hope you have lots of inspiration when it comes to upping your watch game in time for London Fashion Week.

Often timepieces define the modern man and your style stakes must be at their highest in order to stand along the rows of fashion icons. The 5 luxury watches above should stand you in good stead for commanding as much style status as Zac Efron, Henry Golding or David Beckham. 

From cult classics like the Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 to the understated yet extremely unique Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal, these options are highly lauded amongst watch aficionados who appreciate good fashion sense. Be bold, be brave and don't be afraid to stand out from the horological crowd!

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