New Hublot Watches in 2023: Update to The OG Classic Fusion and The Big Bang Neon Yellow Makes An Explosion For 2023
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New Hublot Watches in 2023: Update to The OG Classic Fusion and The Big Bang Neon Yellow Makes An Explosion For 2023

New Hublot Watches in 2023: Update to The OG Classic Fusion and The Big Bang Neon Yellow Makes An Explosion For 2023


It has been over a month since Hublot launched its official Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. And now, they are back on the watch scene in 2023 with another explosion…The Big Bang Tourbillon that is! Together with several new models including nine new Classic Fusion Originals, we give you the lowdown on Hublot’s brand new releases this year.


Founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a relative newcomer to the luxury watch market. Part of the LVMH Group, Hublot is considered by some as the ultimate fashion statement. With savvy marketing affiliations, they have been worn by the likes of PSG sensation Kylian Mbappé, The Dallas Cowboys and US golfer Dustin Johnson.


Dripping with style, the Swiss brand has revolutionised design with some of their latest pieces right off the horological conveyor belt. If you are in the market to buy a Hublot, we predict some of these particular timepieces won’t be available for long. 


But time is of the essence. Gentlemen, we won’t keep you in the dark any longer as we reveal the top Hublot watches in 2023.


Hublot Classic Fusion Original


As limited edition watches become more and more coveted, luxury watch fans are in for a treat with this modern classic. Introducing The Hublot Classic Fusion Original. 

Hublot Classic Fusion Original - Source: Hublot

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Harking back to when Hublot was established, the start of the 80’s was not all about Charles and Diana’s wedding or luminous shell suits. It was also about gold cases with rubber straps. Yes, unimaginable but true. 

If you want to buy a watch that shakes up all conventional watchmaking, Hublot’s Classic Fusion does not disappoint. Available in either 33mm, 38mm or 42mm cases, there are a host of colours to choose from in this reworked luxury sports model.

Watch enthusiasts have three different materials at their disposal including 18ct yellow gold, titanium or black ceramic. No doubt you will find the perfect size for your wrist. 

The distinct six screws on the case and bezel are undeniably Hublot. Then there’s a revamped angular design that exudes simplicity while each size offers a different movement. Housed in the 33mm model is a quartz movement with the 38mm and 42mm versions showcasing a powerful automatic calibre HUB1110 (Sellita SW300-1) and a 40 hour plus power reserve.

And with half of Hublot’s sales comprising The Classic Fusion pieces, it’s no wonder they have become popular. Furthermore, Hublot’s ladies watch sales have risen to 27% last year, making the option of smaller size watches a smart move. 

Apparently smaller is most certainly bigger when it comes to the current trend in the watch industry. Consequently, this collection makes it even more appealing for men and women. Bold as brass, the contemporary Classic Fusion watches still retain the cutting edge rubber strap, black lacquered dial and signature hallmark located at noon. 

All of Hublot’s intricate mechanical components can be admired on the back of the watch via its sapphire crystal case back. With only 500 pieces produced, if you want to buy a Hublot with optimal sporty refinement, The Classic Fusion Original is definitely on the Swiss luxury agenda for 2023.

Add in Hublot wearers such as England manager Gareth Southgate and Jose Mourinho and it may very well turn out to be the “Special” watch.


Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal 


If you want to buy a watch with added sparkle this year, may we present The Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal.


Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal - Source: Hublot

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Similar in design to the brand new Classic Fusion lineup, note the addition of the spectacular gold flakes which have been meticulously positioned onto the black lacquered dial. With a retail price of £18,100, the melange of black and gold is always a horological winner but it’s the gold flakes that really sets this unique piece apart. 

Working as hard as Lord Alan Sugar, the Metallurgy and Materials laboratory at Hublot have the Midas touch creating this mesmerising yet painstaking effect. Their “Art of Fusion” strapline involves heating up 24ct gold flakes and positioning them on top of the captivating polished black dial. Numerous layers of clear lacquer are then added offering maximum protection and achieving this distinct look. 

Measuring 42mm, The Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal delivers an automatic calibre HUB1110, 42 hour power reserve, satin finished and polished black ceramic case, 50 metres of water resistance and an alligator leather or black rubber strap.

So, is this model worth its weight in gold?

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai


In association with SORAI (Save Our Rhinos Africa India) the charity founded by Hublot ambassador and former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, the Swiss brand has unveiled its third limited edition watch. 

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai - Source: Forbes

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A stunning timepiece, The inspiration of the new Hublot Big Bang Unico SORAI focuses on vibrant sunset accents and the increasing peril faced by rhinos from poachers at dusk. Vibrant watches are certainly on trend recently in the ever changing luxury watch scene. 

Measuring 44mm, this stunning micro-blasted limited edition piece is again one to watch. The skeletonized dial enjoys a rhino applique with a breathtaking array of vibrant tones epitomising nightfall from yellow and orange to purple and pink.

Buy a Hublot like this and know you will be making a powerful contribution to aiding the rangers in protecting endangered species.

A Sorai logo is adorned on the sapphire caseback while other highlights include 100m of water resistance, 72 hour power reserve and an impressive in-house MHUB1280 UNICO self-winding movement. The striking rhino-grey ceramic case is just as eye-catching.

Meanwhile, its one click changeable strap system ensures swapping between the grey or black, purple and orange camo fabric straps effortlessly. Match or accentuate the dial - it’s up to you. With an RRP of £20,800, The Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai is limited to just 100 pieces.

Since 2019, Hublot has been raising awareness and donating to this most worthy cause. It has allowed SORAI to benefit from cutting edge technologies, additional surveillance and saving many orphaned or wounded rhinos.

As a result, part of Hublot’s sales will be going to SORAI to help keep rhinos safe from not just poachers but the possible threat of extinction.


Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Saxem Act II


“It has taken us almost three years of research, after the MP-11 Emerald Green, to develop a new colour fit for our Big Bang that would be totally transparent and completely resistant. Once again, Hublot is pushing the possibilities of technology and aesthetics and fusing them to create a unique neon yellow manufacture piece.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.


Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Saxem Act II - Source: Hublot

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More F. Scott Fitzgerald than Swiss watchmaking if you read the header, this outlandish neon yellow number is turning luxury watch sector heads in 2023. 

Enter stage left, The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Saxem Act II. What makes this so special is Hublot’s obsession with exploring translucent colours. SAXEM is better known as Sapphire Aluminium Oxide and Rare Earth Mineral. 

Considered to be the simplest element in sapphire, buy a watch with SAXEM and it may contain materials you may never have heard of before. Anyone for thulium and holmium? We thought so!

Genuine watch lovers are due to go bananas over the awe-inspiring skeletonized visuals. Slap this timepiece on your wrist and it’s sure to turn others not yellow but most likely green with envy. The SAXEM steals the show here as it’s frequently used in lasers or satellites. 

Not seen before in watchmaking circles, the complexity of manufacturing a transparent and ultra-resistant super-fluorescent watch took three years for Hublot to perfect. But in the relentless pursuit of achieving the impossible, Hublot has managed to achieve watchmaking first. 

The space technology citrus inspired hues and distinctive material has been noted formerly in The Hublot Big MP-11 Act I. Beam me up Scotty! Yet Act II is much more dramatic. Featuring a highly precise HUB6035 self-winding calibre with micro-rotor and 72 hour power reserve, The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Saxem Act II has lots going on. 

Marvel at its skeletonized movement that many will salivate over, enjoy the One Click system for easy strap exchange and titanium deployment buckle. Artistic licence is really taken to extremes in this particular piece, limited to just 50 pieces.

And if you wish to buy a watch like this? the retail price of The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon SAXEM Act II? In excess of a whopping £180,000. 


Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Purple Sapphire


Purple and blue carbon cases dominate the limited edition Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon range. Its ultra-lightweight properties, torque resistance and comfort is popular among F1 cars.


Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Purple Sapphire - Source: Hublot

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New for 2023, these fabulous new shades encapsulate this model beautifully. We do like the purple version with its stunning sapphire case, 60 second tourbillon and self-winding calibre HUB6020 movement. 

Boasting a 115 hour power reserve and sapphire crystal dial, the glorious openwork is a joy to behold showcasing Hublot’s incredible watchmaking skills. The transparent purple rubber strap and micro-glass fibres are as daring as it comes and is unrivalled in both functionality and visuals.

A design taken from The Unico automatic chronograph, it comes with a hefty retail price of £177,000. And with only 50 pieces available, The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon will no doubt kick off the New Year with an enormous blast.


Hublot Big Bang Integrated King Gold Rainbow Editions


Rainbow watches have recently been trending over the last few years with many brands getting in on the act. Hublot is no stranger to this phenomenon with not one but two Big Bang Integrated Rainbow Editions. Recognised as one of the industry leaders concerning rainbow watches, Hublot makes this product category stand out.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated Rainbow - Source: GMT Post

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Let’s give them the proper intro they deserve - The Hublot Big Bang Integrated King Gold Rainbow and The Hublot Big Bang Time Only Rainbow. Emblazoned with blue topaz, ruby, tsavorite not to mention pink, orange, blue, yellow sapphire and amethyst, The Big Bang Integrated King Gold Rainbow enjoys 174 stones on the bezel and case with more than 760 on the bracelet alone.

The Big Bang Integrated Time Only King Gold Rainbow provides 176 sparkling jewels with a staggering 748 jewels set within the integrated bracelet links. Mind blowing. Measuring 42mm and utilising Hublot’s main gold alloy, namely King Gold, The Hublot Big Bang King Gold Rainbow leans on the current look of the Big Bang Unico Integrated models. 

Less than 13.5mm thick, it screams Big Bang collection with integrated lugs, 72 hour power reserve, the usual half dozen exposed screws on the bezel and an angular case. A winding crown which is rubberized can be seen at 3 o’clock, while there are rectangular shaped pushers offering easy access to the movement. 

Beating at 4Hz, it is powered by the HUB1280 self-winding chronograph providing flyback performance. The column wheel Unico mechanism can be viewed through the distinctive skeletonised creation. 


Source: Hublot

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The slimmed down time-only version with date function is just as offbeat thanks to its array of jewels. At 40mm, it is just 9.25mm thick and complemented by the calibre HUB1710, signature integrated lugs, 100m water resistance and approximate 50 hour power reserve. On the wrist, it has a rather slender demure in spite of its electrifying spectrum appearance. 

How about the price of the Big Bang Integrated King Gold Rainbow and Big Bang Integrated Time Only King Gold Rainbow? The King Gold Rainbow comes in at around £128,000 with the time-only model around £140,000.

As Judy Garland once said, you may be able to discover one of these beauties…somewhere over the rainbow. 




Hublot tends to be as divisive as Donald Trump. Splitting the watch community down the middle, Carlo Crocco brought sporty refinement to the horological table and succeeded. 

When gold cases and rubber straps were a sin, Crocco was groundbreaking for his time. Why can’t they go together? And so the “Art of Fusion” was born and Hublot has reaped the rewards ever since.

To this day, Hublot’s brand perception remains pretty unchanged as the go-to fashion watch among high profile celebs and sports stars. This is especially the case at the turn of the millennium when oversized watches were de rigueur. 

In fact, most watch nerds and hardcore collectors tend to turn their noses upward at this Swiss manufacturer as an all fur and no knickers outfit. 

Although they don’t share the same importance as other large models like The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Rescue or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, Hublot is the ideal watch to show off on a big night out, dinner with friends or your best friend's wedding. 

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