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Most Competitive Market Prices

At Chrono Hunter, the power is in your hands. Our experienced team will reach out to our trusted network of luxury watch retailers in the pursuit of finding you the best deal when you buy an Audemars Piguet.


Compare Offers

When you buy an Audemars Piguet through Chrono Hunter you have the opportunity to compare and contrast a wide range of offers from our exclusive network of the top luxury retailers and dealers.


Personalised Service

When buying an Audemars Piguet watch via Chrono Hunter, experience nothing but the finest service, every step of the way. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through until completion of your purchase.


Safe & Secure

Our established relationships with some of the best luxury watch retailers ensure Chrono Hunter always has an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to sell an Audemars Piguet to you. Whether new, pre-owned or second-hand, purchase and transact in a safe and secure environment without compromising on obtaining the best deal.



Most Honest And Reliable Market Prices


When you buy an Audemars Piguet via Chrono Hunter, we make sure your purchase is handled solely by our expert team. 

Our representatives will connect you with our established list of luxury watch retailers who are dedicated to giving you the best offer when you buy an Audemars Piguet.

Our process is so customer-centric that we can lay it all out in a few simple steps:

- If you make the decision to buy an Audemars Piguet, submit a buying request via our platform or on our dedicated app, available on Android or Apple. 

- Your query will be put live to our phenomenal list of vetted luxury watch retailers. 

- The retailers will check to see if they have the timepiece available. If they do, you will receive the best offer possible. You will receive a notification of this via the Chrono platform and app. 

- Since the market is so competitive, retailers will be challenging each other in order to offer you the best deals available, according to market led conditions when you buy an Audemars Piguet

- Take the time to view all the offers via our live portal and check out each one before choosing the proposal you wish to go ahead with.

- Pay the best possible price for your Audemars Piguet watch and conclude the transaction directly with the retailer in the safest and most secure environment.


If you are confused or want to find out more about how to buy an Audemars Piguet through Chrono Hunter, contact our highly experienced team to obtain a better understanding of the brand and discuss the intricacies of your purchase. You can even contact one of our team members to schedule a call and run through all your options when you buy an Audemars Piguet

Since every customer is our main priority, we have collected a list of 5 star reviews on Trustpilot which showcases our authenticity and attention to detail. We provide a first rate level of service when you are looking to buy an Audemars Piguet speedily.

Simply visit to find out more about how you can buy an Audemars Piguet fast and at the most competitive price.


Range Of Offers

If you buy an Audemars Piguet through Chrono Hunter, we give you the choice of not one but multiple offers from our accredited list of top luxury retailers and dealers. 

All you need to do is submit your buying request and begin your search for your desired Audemars Piguet via our online form. When the offers come in to buy, all that’s required is to choose the offer that suits you and conclude the deal with the retailer directly. 

It's important to note that when you buy an Audemars Piguet through our platform, you don’t have to accept any offer. Rather, it’s best to select one of the options straightaway. This is because the marketplace is ever changing and you may end up paying more for your new watch if you decide to wait. 


Authentic Watches Guaranteed

Chrono Hunter guarantees that all watches from our carefully curated selection of retailers are absolutely genuine.

This is paramount if you intend to invest a large sum of money to buy an Audemars Piguet. Opting for an open public marketplace or private purchase carries a lot of risk and potential pitfalls rather than buying through a reputable platform like ours. This is even the case for third party marketplaces:

  • Problem: There’s a chance you may come across a counterfeit or replica timepiece on public platforms. You may end up buying a fake watch while under the assumption it's actually genuine.
  • Solution: Buy an Audemars Piguet fast from Chrono Hunter’s extensive and verified network of genuine dealers or authorised retailers. We ensure that you receive maximum security and avert any deals that seem too good to be true. 


We pride ourselves on working with only the most reliable and qualified luxury retailers. We have ensured to take every step possible to ensure their legitimacy, reputation and quality of service, alongside qualifying every watch as reliable and genuine. 

When you decide to buy an Audemars Piguet through Chrono Hunter, you will only encounter nothing but authentic watches….every single time. You will only ever deal with a credible business with years of expertise during the entire purchase.

Every transaction with Chrono Hunter is closely monitored by our skilled team, ensuring the deal is secure and conducted in the best environment possible. Due to our established relationships with some of the best luxury watch retailers, we always have an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to give you the best deals when you buy an Audemars Piguet

This allows you to relax and enjoy the buying process from start to finish. If you want to  buy an Audemars Piguet and looking to ask further about your purchase, our diligent team is on hand.


Revolutionising The Way To Buy An Audemars Piguet

Choosing Chrono Hunter ensures you don’t spend your time unwisely. We treat your purchase with the utmost importance and understand that buying an Audemars Piguet is a very expensive endeavour. 

From experience, we’ve learnt about the negatives of running through many out of date listings and low stock with empty promises from many dealers. We decided to offer the way forward, a new solution by creating a one of a kind platform which responds to the user and offers them the best deals and services possible when buying a luxury watch.. 

This gives customers the opportunity to respond in the most efficient manner, prioritising those watches that match the customer brief, and more importantly, are available to purchase. 

Consequently, with a network of the best retailers and dealers all vying to give you the most competitive offers when you buy an Audemars Piguet, the best possible price is achieved.

The result is Chrono Hunter. 


Personalised Service

When you buy an Audemars Piguet using Chrono Hunter, our only wish is that you feel completely safe and comfortable with every high quality offer you receive. 

Our dedicated team of experts are continually on hand to converse with you directly when you buy an Audemars Piguet…until the purchase is complete. Every customer whether buying or selling will be dealt with respect and with the highest levels of communication. 

Ranging from pre-owned and used Audemars Piguet watches to second hand Audemars Piguets, speak to our expert team today to find out how you can buy an Audemars Piguet, the smart way through Chrono Hunter.


The Chrono Hunter journey

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What Audemars Piguet Watch Can You Buy Via Chrono Hunter?

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is the brand's flagship collection. Introduced in 1972, it's become an indelible symbol of Audemars Piguet ethos of craftsmanship, design and powered by a highly precise movement

Its original purpose was to bridge the gap between both the sports and luxury markets. Created by legendary designer Gerald Genta, it was designed for Basel World with the express intention of blending both industries into one durable, yet effortlessly fashionable timepiece. 

Now past its 50th anniversary, the Royal Oak collection was noted for its steel construction, inspired by a diver helmet. This is characterised by the signature octagonal bezel and eight hexagonal screw design. 

This concept remains in the modern era, however, a few of the design codes and the complexity of the movements have been altered. For example in January 2022, a fresh 50th anniversary Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin 39mm 16202 was released. This featured a new calibre 7121 which replaced calibre 2121 that had been in operation since 1972. 

In the modern era, a number of design codes still remain. The bezels are still octagonal, the hexagonal screws rest within them while the dials tend to feature that attractive Grand Tapisserie aesthetic. Meanwhile, the bracelets remain integrated into the case. 

Over the years, the watches have continued to evolve in their complexity too. In 2010, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Equation of Time used a lunar cycle, perpetual calendar, equation of time and solar time including sunrise and sunset times. This showcased a giant leap in the amount of complications within the watches. 

The dials can either be completely minimalist or quite full with information. For example, the Royal Oak Minute Repeater Supersonnerie is made up of a Grand Tapissiere background, baton hour markers and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock within a black ceramic case. 

Inside however, the watches have a complex 2953 calibre which reads a Supersonnerie, allowing for chiming to be heard as set by the user. However, the Royal Oak Grande Complication 26605CB is a pièce unique and features 3 categories of horological complication, including short time measurement, striking mechanism and astronomical indications. 

There are options to buy limited edition Royal Oak novelties. The Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked is capped at 100 pieces and is made entirely out of black ceramic, features an openworked dial and boasts a range of chronograph, tourbillon and small second functionality. 

You could choose the Royal Oak Minute Repeater Superonnerie which is limited to 20 pieces, which is crafted out of 950 platinum and boasts the calibre 2959. This is capable of supplying a minute repeater alongside small seconds and standard timekeeping. 

The Royal Oak is a coveted watch if you are looking to buy an Audemars Piguet via Chrono Hunter. Due to the collections enduring desirability, we cover most types of Royal Oak models and know the market like no other. This is why you will receive the best possible offers when you buy an Audemars Piguet using our unique platform.

With a fast transaction speed, unrivalled brand knowledge and expert service, Chrono Hunter will endeavour to find the most competitive prices when you buy an Audemars Piguet

Whether you contact us directly or download our dedicated app, available on Apple or Android devices, it could not be simpler or more secure to purchase an Audemars Piguet  watch today through Chrono Hunter.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Around 20 years later from the release of the AP Royal Oak, the Offshore was released in 1993. 

Developing from the 1980s, the era of expansive growth and optimism, the Quartz Crisis had just passed which allowed the Swiss watchmaker to enter a period of economic expansion. 

The AP Royal Oak Offshore today has over 40 different variants which cover extremely complicated editions to simple re-interpretations of classic chronograph models. You can even opt for ISO certified watches which feature a screw-down crown that allows for optimal dive watch capability. 

The initial Royal Oak Offshore was initially the canvas for AP’s creativity. Featuring almost all the characteristics of the normal Royal Oak including the octagonal bezel, hexagonal screws and integrated bracelets. However, the Offshore was increased to a much larger 42mm case diameter with a few modern updates such as Therban rubber inserts.   

The Royal Oak Offshore was initially criticised for being too big. But this didn’t prevent stars like F1 driver Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello to Arnold Schwarzenegger popularising the collection after becoming avid wearers. 

In the modern era, the watches retain their 42mm case size and enjoy gorgeous dial aesthetics which are the envy of many such as the Méga-Tapisserie finish. The watches are noted for their large pushpiece-guards which tie in between the watches' sturdiness and durability. 

Available in materials like titanium, ceramic, and precious metals such as yellow gold and white gold, the Royal Oak Offshore has other varieties to boot like gem-set models found in the Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph 26423BC, made from 18K white gold and coated in diamonds

Complex and oozing character, you can choose a self-winding flying tourbillon chronograph model like the 26622CE which is crafted out of black ceramic. However, you can opt for a moon-phase model such as the Offshore Grande Complication 26582CB. Measuring 44mm x 15.5mm, this offers white ceramic and a moonphase indication located at 12 o’clock.

The Royal Oak has an impressive line of dress watches such as the music infused Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition or the 2024 Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph 1017 ALYX 9SM in collaboration with designer Matthew Williams. 

The Royal Oak Offshore is a larger and more visible brother to the classic Royal Oak. While this design can be polarising for some users, it offers a great opportunity for a sports and dress watch wearer due to their inherent durability and functionality. Isn’t it time you considered the best place to buy an Audemars Piguet. 

Chrono Hunter provides an essential service for those looking to buy an Audemars Piguet. Work with us and trust our unparalleled brand expertise and the highest standards of service. 

Our in-house team fully understands the true value when you wish to buy an Audemars Piguet On top of this, we can connect you to our array of top notch luxury retailers and professional authorised dealers who have years of expertise in this sector.

Furthermore, our super speedy process ensures you can enjoy the watch in next to no time 


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept

The Royal Oak Concept is one of AP’s most valued collections as it is a fantastic platform for their creative milieu. 

François-Henry Bennahmias stated that “the Royal Oak Concept is not your first watch” which is a reference to how innovative and influential the designs are behind the collection. Launched in 2002, the initial release of the Royal Oak Concept was crafted out of Alacrite 602, an alloy that's solely used in aerospace and medical industries. 

Furthermore the watches were fitted with the Calibre 2896 which has an integrated “dynamographe” emanating shock-resistance up to 50 Gs. This watch was the bridge between normal horology and the future of avant-garde timekeeping. 

Later evolving into a carbon edition in 2008 and a GMT Tourbillon version in 2011 which has a crown position indicator alongside a tourbillon, a second time indicator and a ceramic bezel. This sits nicely alongside a satin-finished titanium case. 

The Concept line is home to the legendary RD#1 Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie. Released in 2015, it developed from the original Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie. The timepiece focused on producing the best quality sound for the minute repeater. Featuring a new innovation which improved the steel gongs, the acoustics were vastly improved and contained three of their patents. 

Nowadays, the watches have very few editions when compared with the other Royal Oak lines. Limited to 14 pieces, the models range from 38.5mm to upwards of 42mm in case diameter. Interestingly enough, there are no steel watches which means these exclusive pieces are only available in 18K white gold, pink gold and titanium. 

You could choose to buy a gem-set model in the shape of the Concept Flying Tourbillo. This comes in 38.5mm of white gold and brilliant cut diamonds across the dial, flange and cases. And lest we forget to mention those sought after pop culture inspired pieces like the Concept Tourbillon Spider-Man.

This incorporates a white gold figurine of Spider-man seemingly suspended in the air and a Black Panther version with the same effect. 

You can opt for split second chronograph GMT large date functionality as seen through the 26650TI, or the flying tourbillon GMT 26589IO which features a skeletonised dial against a titanium case. 

The Royal Oak Concept is a line which is for the confident AP lover who enjoys the extreme technical skills of the brand, alongside avant garde skeletonised dials and innovative materials. So, how do I buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept quickly? 

Think Chrono Hunter of course. 

Why not compare offers on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and use our one of a kind portal to contrast multiple offers via our distinguished selection of luxury watch retailers. 

Save time and money searching for the best deal and use the most trusted platform around. Why not buy Audemars Piguet watches the smart way and take advantage of the best possible prices, quick turnaround and the finest network of retailers.


Audemars Piguet Millenary

The Millenary collection has quickly become one of the brand's most contemporary and creative lines.

The cases are usually crafted into a three dimensional design. This is commonly fitted with an elliptical case and off centre dial which adds to the creativity of the watches. This works alongside the oval case which allows you to view into the glorious movement. 

In regards to the movement, Audemars Piguet has cleverly reversed the Calibre 4101 in order to display the concealed elements of the movement while allowing the user an unrestricted view through the caseback. This intentional act shows the complexity and intricate skill the brand has in every sphere of watchmaking. 

Since its inception in 1995, it has been a phenomenal platform for showcasing the architecture and complex aesthetics of the brand. 

The dial is equally intricate. Featuring multiple elements such as the off-centre dial and other aspects such as an openworked caseback and small seconds counter, it blends the finest of Haute Horlogerie with one of the top luxury watchmaking brands.

The Calibre 4101 is finished exceptionally well, including Cotès de Gènève finishing and circular graining which is visible through the exhibition caseback. The Millenary watches are noted for only being available in very limited numbers, but featuring a range of complications like a perpetual calendar alongside chronographs and tourbillons

Inspired by the 1950s models which were characterised by the oval casing, the Millenary line is incredibly innovative with an equally impressive amount of complexity. Besides, it never quite reached the epic heights of the Royal Oak and the line has since been discontinued from AP’s shelves. 

All the Millenary models come with a unique aesthetic. Typically associated with an elliptical shaped case and off centre dial, the watches are available in a range of materials including rose gold and white gold. 

Accompanied on a Milanese style bracelet that follows a mesh construction of many small links, this beautiful bracelet was inspired by designer Carolina Bucci, the driving force behind the Royal Oak Frosted Gold finishes.  

The Millenary collection is a perfect addition to anyone looking for a dress watch. It doesn’t have the sportier edge of the Royal Oak which is a refreshing change for those who want to buy an Audemars Piguet for quality without the Royal Oak whistles and bells. 

Do you want to buy an Audemars Piguet quickly on the safest platform on the market? Save money the smart way and discuss your requirements with Chrono Hunter today. 

Benefit from dedicated service and buy an Audemars Piguet from only the most reputable retailers as part of our exclusive network. With a fast turnaround, compare multiple offers from our approved list of retailers and purchase an Audemars Piguet watch with consummate ease


Audemars Piguet Code 11.59

The Audemars Piguet Code 11:59 is the brand's latest venture into creating a completely new line. 

Debuted in 2019 during SIHH, this collection was released with a vast array of models, totalling 13 new references, 6 pieces and 3 new calibres. 

For AP to release a new line with so many new watches and references was an incredibly bold step, especially since the design codes deviate so strongly away from the now-iconic Royal Oak framework. 

Sized at 41mm, these watches appear to be completely circular in construction as shaped by the polished bezel. However, the middle case is octagonal which adds a strange design and dimensional twist to the classic dress look. 

The lugs are separate from the middle case, instead focusing specifically on the bezel and the bottom of the case. The curved sapphire crystal offers a dual domed aesthetic which allows for an optimal view of the dial…no matter where you are looking. 

The dials are perhaps the most complicated and difficult to comprehend depending on the model you choose. For example, the Ultra-Complication Universelle RD#4 features an openworked dial that showcases the highly complex Calibre 1000 with all the functions like Grande Sonnerie Supersonnerie, Minute Repeater, Perpetual Calendar, Split-Seconds Flyback Chronograph and Flying Tourbillon. 

However, other models like the Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon 26396NB has a black onyx dial with 18K pink gold hands and just a skeletonised tourbillon at 6 o’clock. This means that Audemars Piguet offers you a range of models in the Code 11:59 line, without all of them being overly complex or overly simplistic. 

The Code 11:59 has a range of materials too. For example, you can opt for a blue ceramic timepiece like ref. 26600NB or choose a simpler steel timepiece like ref. 2693ST. Of course, there are precious metal options available to wearers like the sleek 18K white and pink gold. 

The watches come with a range of functions. In the case of ref. 15212NB, this is made up of a Starwheel complication which adds a contemporary feel to the wandering hours complication, a feature that displays the hours that move along an arc-shaped minute scale. This is made up of three wandering hour discs that rotate in the centre of the dial. 

The Code 11:59 is the ultimate collection for horophiles seeking to buy an Audemars Piguet with edge in terms of avant-garde timepieces. As the newest line from the brand, it may oppose all traditional styles from AP, but still retains its traditional craftsmanship and dedication to building the perfect watch. 

If you want to buy an Audemars Piguet Code 11:59 at the best price, look no further than Chrono Hunter and buy the smart way today. Receive brilliant service within a high quality environment.