Question Time: Should You Buy The Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067
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Question Time: Should You Buy The Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067

Question Time: Should You Buy The Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067


Rolex has always had its horological fingers in the diving world. From the first waterproof watch, the Oyster to the iconic Submariner in 1953 and the subsequent release of the Sea-Dweller in 1967, they haven't failed to impress with their multi-functional dive models. And now with the new launch of the sporty-looking RLX titanium Yacht-Master 42 at Watches and Wonders 2023, this material is certainly sailing high presently!

The release of the Deepsea Challenge was just as spectacular with it accomplishing phenomenal feats which we will talk about later in the article. It has since been released in titanium which is an ideal material for a model as bulky and overtly orange shaped as this particular timepiece. Without further ado, join us as we take a trip through memory lane and see whether you should consider buying this horological beast of the ocean.


History Of The Rolex Deepsea Challenge


Considered by many as the king of dive timepieces, Rolex was the first brand to create a model to reach 330 metres, The Submariner. By this example alone, they have comfortably shown their skill in creating dive timepieces which can break and surpass records.


 Sea-Dweller - Source - The Watch Club

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In the 1960s’ the Swiss giant released the Deepsea special which was an experimental model designed to withstand the harshest of conditions which aptly led to it going down in the Challenger Deep segment of the Mariana Trench - the deepest point on earth. It reached 10,916 metres and returned to the surface perfectly functional. If that's not a selling point to buy a Rolex, we really don't know what is! Let’s face it, watch peeps. Anything submerged beyond 4 kilometers is no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination.

They would hit another record again in 2012 with this model when it plunged with Titanic director James Cameron (pardon the pun) achieving the first solo dive into the deepest point on earth, the only dive made since the very successful descent into the trench in 1960. Released in 2012 as an experimental dive piece made to reach 12,000 metres depth, this would become the deepest diving model in the world. This solidified the brand’s position as a trailblazer, a technological king and the timepiece ability to withstand immense pressures on an object that’s less than 6cm in diameter.

They have since decided to create a titanium edition of the same model, propelling it from an experimental model to one for public consumption. Launched in November 2022, there’s been hot debate around the size of the timepiece. It’s no shrinking violet my friends…this is a behemoth on the wrist. Of course, if size isn't your thing and you are looking for the ultimate dress model, Chrono Hunter suggests looking towards a Rolex Datejust, Cartier Tank or a Richard Mille to keep you looking trendy and a little slimmer on the wrist as Summer arrives.  Join us now as we explain what the Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067 has to offer and whether it’s time to buy a Rolex Deepsea Challenge!


Case Of The Rolex Deepsea Challenge 


While the case was famous then for its bulky build, we believe it's only fair that it gets its own subheading here. It's certainly a factor to consider if you want to buy a watch which is bulkier than a top Sumo wrestler’s diet. 


Deepsea Challenge, Source - Rolex

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If you're planning on breaking the world record dive and getting to 11,000 metres depth, you should definitely look at reference 126067. The case in 2012 was crafted from stainless steel which is an extremely durable model, capable of withstanding immense pressures as the previous dives have shown. They decided to take things up a notch with the reference 126067 by making the case entirely out of titanium.


What Is The Benefit Of Titanium?


It's important to clarify, as with most materials they have produced such as Rolesium, Oyster Steel or Cerachrom, this titanium is crafted in their own foundries. Named RLX titanium, it's a grade 5 titanium alloy which has a sole purpose of making the bulky weight of the model lighter while still maintaining durability. This does sound like an impossible feat but titanium is, by its very nature, around 30% lighter than its 904L steel predecessor and around 30% stronger. Titanium is therefore a very precious metal and one that's been cleverly utilised by them here. If there was ever a model in dire need of being lighter, it's this 50mm tank. For comparison, you could buy a Rolex like this which is obviously very bulky on the wrist or you could decide to level down and buy a Cartier Tank which is around half the size at 25.7mm for the small model. The case leans into its extreme ruggedness by having a grainy feel which is strange due to the satin finish that was performed on the case and bracelet. It does make the timepiece look rough and ready as much as stumbling out of that club in the wee hours.

However, it represents a strong contrast to the polished effect they tend to utilise on their models. They have intentionally left the crown guards out of the grainy aesthetic, making them extremely present on the right hand side of the model. The eagle eyed amongst us will have noticed the bevelled lugs have a polished finish which runs in a very thin strip down, eventually forming the similarly polished crown guards. 

They are clearly trying to lose the ‘experimental’ tag the timepiece has and bring it into the mainstream with clever flourishes of various finishes to accentuate the smallest aspects of the model…‘smallest’ in very big quotes indeed.


How Good Is The Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge In The Water?


Easy answer for this one…Yes, Timelords. It most certainly is superb in the water. 



Deepsea Challenge 126067 - Source - Wired

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In fact, it has taken the mantle as the most waterproof model you can get your mitts on. Not just out of the brand's market, literally anywhere! This is primarily due to the ‘Ring Lock System’ that they proudly display in writing around the dial. 


Ring Lock System


The Ring Lock System essentially defines the impregnable system which makes them incredibly waterproof. Inspired by the waterproof nature of the original Oyster, it is in essence a compression ring that is cleverly crafted out of nitrogen-alloy steel. It works as a sponge absorbing any pressure exerted onto the case and sits between the domed sapphire crystal and solid RLX titanium back. Let’s be honest, we didn't think this timepiece was going to come out in an exhibition caseback. The very rigid build means it is very competent at withstanding excessive amounts of pressure, especially at the 11,000 metres the timepiece intends on travelling to. 


What Is The Relationship Between Rolex And COMEX?


The models are also rigorously tested using a hyperbaric chamber as created between the Swiss powerhouse and COMEX. They have had strong links with COMEX stemming back to 1971.


COMEX - Source - Watch Collecting

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The first Sea-Dweller was actually given to divers who used them in deep-sea engineering and general underwater work. The relationship resulted in the creation of a hyperbaric tank which was used to purely test these specific dive pieces. Comex models are extremely sought after due to them being made just for divers, making them very scarce and exclusive. 

In this way, the models are tested to the extreme and given a 25% safety margin making the model water resistant to 13,750 metres depth. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty! While dive timepieces like the Tudor Pelagos 39 don't feature helium escape valves, it only makes sense that the model with the best water resistance in the world would need one. 


Water World


A reason why they are so prolific in making dive timepieces  is due to them creating revolutionary patents which increase water resistance or add more functions to the timepieces. Created in the 1960s by the brand and their old COMEX buddies, the helium escape valve allows helium to be released from the inside of dive models. If this didn't happen and the helium remained trapped, the model would become faulty. Couldn't get any more secure against the perils at sea? They also employ the use of a Triplock crown which offers three zones for water to get caught in before penetrating the inside. It's comforting having so many levels of protection if you decide to buy a Rolex ref. 126067.


How Wearable Is The Rolex Deepsea Challenge?


The $64,000 dollar question. What’s our view? If you don’t have arms the size of Hulk Hogan or Lou Ferrigno, this may look, let's just say out of place on your wrist. Mind you, this bulky beast has its plus points.


Deepsea Challenge - Source - Rolex

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Featuring a highly comfortable and durable bracelet and case made from RLX titanium, the entire model appears seamless. Furthermore, the Oyster bracelet features both a Fliplock extension link and Glidelock system. By conjoining the two mechanisms, the length of the model can vastly increase, reaching 7mm if necessary to cater for the biggest of wrists! This is understandably very important when wearing very thick wetsuits or scuba equipment as is expected when going so deep - if you venture that far.

Fearing you won't be able to see the black dial through the domed sapphire crystal and thick titanium case? Since 2008, the brands timepieces have been able to utilise their patent ‘Chromalight’ display which leaves a neon blue glow on both the white gold hands, indices and the dot at 12 o'clock on the bezel. 


Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk - Source - People

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The luminescence on this model is truly awe-inspiring and allows legibility even in the murkiest of seas. If you can see it down there, you can definitely see it when running for the train, Timelords! You should definitely buy a Rolex Deepsea Challenge if you want the ultimate legibility with exceptional water resistance.  

The bezel features a 60-minute Cerachrom insert which is unidirectional, allowing the bezel to only be moved in one direction. God forbid you nudge it and it goes backwards, possibly risking your next compression phase. It's made out of black ceramic which matches the dial and its scratchproof which means it looks good against the grainy finish on the case. The movement is the calibre 3230 which was built in house and is Superlative Chronometer certified. This means it operates between -2/+2 seconds per day which is even better than the industry standard COSC requirements. Beating at 28,800VpH, it houses a Chronergy escapement which allows it to be extremely precise and resistant to magnetic fields.


Deepsea Challenge - Source - Rolex

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If you decide to buy a watch like this, you’ll realise that this elephant of a model is 50mm in diameter and 23mm in height. Even the lug to lug measures nearly 14mm more than a 41mm Submariner. Admittedly, there won’t be any elephant in the room if you rock this at a beach wedding or dining at that stunning oceanside restaurant. The sizing is absurd but it's all for the greater good of getting down into the deepest recesses of the ocean - if that’s your thing. It's more bearable due to it being made out of titanium which is lighter and therefore a tad better on the wrist. 


What’s Our View?


As an everyday driver, this serves up as much use as a vegetarian in a steakhouse. A steel Submariner like “The Bluesy” or a Sea-Dweller will stand up to the test of time just as well. Sure we love the patents, the concepts…it's a great conversation starter and it pushes boundaries that stir the emotions of the hardiest horophile. It’s a feat which we don't think they would’ve considered when they first released it all those years ago. We hope that you have enjoyed our introductory article on the Titanium Deepsea Challenge 126067 and have learnt that sometimes size does not always equal weight. If you have a multi-billion pound brand to create the finest materials making you dream of plunging nearly 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, this might be the one. 


Will The Titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067 Hold Its Value?


This isn't the kind of timepiece that can be concealed. Trust us, we know you won't be wearing this to try and dive to nearly 11,000 metres. It should be worn with pride and as such, either get the sleeves on your suit shirt rolled up when in the office, or save it for the weekend for a special occasion. Just make sure it doesn't weigh down your throwing arm! This watch is valuable as it has a rich heritage of success and accomplishment and it's incredibly unique amongst other watches due to its size and its purpose. Furthermore, it represents one of the few times that an experimental watch has been released to the public which means you’ll look very avant garde with this on the wrist.




While we can safely assume you won't be deep-sea diving with Paul McCartney in your yellow Submarine, Chrono Hunter is going to sum it up like this. So put your bathyscaphes down for just a second. You can forget the Omega Ploprof at 1,200 metres and even The Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep. Even with the extra 25% pressure allowance by the Master Chronometer certification, the latter can only plunge to 7,500 metres. 

The Deepsea Challenge 126067 is novel. It’s a really interesting design and yes, its size is unbelievable. However, it goes to show what watch brands can achieve when they put their minds to it. You too could be a part of this genius invention if you want to buy a Rolex Deepsea Challenge. The brand has therefore outdone themselves here, cleverly putting the most sizable watch we’ve ever seen in titanium to allow it to be worn by the modern consumer due to its lightness. It means you can buy a watch that is both bulky yet light which is a rare combination to come across. 

Think you need to make a colossal impact? Want to make sure your wrist game is the talk of the town or the deep blue sea? Chrono Hunter may have the horological fix you are searching for. You can buy a watch or sell a watch with complete ease and not risk moving from your new leather chair. Utilising some of the most trusted luxury retailers around, Chrono Hunter is well equipped to get you moving and grooving with a new watch in and out of the water! Feel free to contact us to see what we are all about and why we will undoubtedly become your number one source for your purchase or sale. 


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