5 Reasons Why Richard Mille is Adored by Watch Collectors
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5 Reasons Why Richard Mille is Adored by Watch Collectors

5 Reasons Why Richard Mille is Adored by Watch Collectors


Watchmaker to the stars, the hype behind Richard Mille watches is literally off the charts. Blending technical precision with nanotubes, Grade 5 titanium and fused gold with quartz among other advancements, Monsieur Mille has wasted no time in cementing his horological prowess. 

Since 2001, watch collectors have been clamouring to get a piece of the Richard Mille pie. Dripping off celebrity wrists including Rafael Nadal and hip hop icon Pharell Williams, just what is it about Mille’s meteoric rise that has turned so many heads? Let’s find out as we reveal 5 reasons why watch collectors so dearly love Richard Mille.


5. Complicated Movements of Richard Mille Watches


Well, for starters, it's down to the movement quality. Not only are these babies the ultimate wealth symbol but the original RM056 is considered the don of Richard Mille complications. Meanwhile the RM008 is just as alluring as it was the first reference offering both a tourbillon and a split second function.


Richard Mille RM 008 - Source: Haute Horologie

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Sure, we can throw precision, uniqueness, complexity and craftsmanship around. But when it comes to these timepieces, these are the real deal. If you want to buy a Richard Mille watch, the least expensive model will set you back in excess of £60,000 for The RM016 Automatic Winding Extra Flat. Now who said talk is cheap!

Their ground-breaking movements do all the talking thanks to its unusual but effective approach to watchmaking. Mille’s movement parts are composed of materials that are reserved for hi-tech sectors only. Namely 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium and 90% grade 5 titanium.

Taking several years to achieve, Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is applied to both the coatings and baseplates providing first toughness - a feat in itself. Add a range of finishing procedures like Anglage and hand polishing, it’s no wonder they coined their own phrase “Billionaires Handshake” for wearers of the brand.

Everything has been beautifully executed, taken to the nth degree and launched into the stratosphere with limitless horological powers. Mille delivers on both the aesthetics and how contemporary watch collectors go batty for the movement. After all, the best feature of a mechanical watch is more likely than not going to be the movement.

Yet Richard Mille is also famous for his incredible tourbillons that are a clear marker of haute horology. Top notch precision, amazing intuitiveness and striking visual impact make Richard Mille watches at present some of the finest in the watchmaking world.


4. Futuristic Materials of Richard Mille Watches


It’s not just the design that watch lovers are obsessed about. 

The materials that go into a Richard Mille watch are just as integral. Synonymous with Formula 1 teams such as Ferrari and Maclaren, take legendary Finnish F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen who has even had a watch named after him - for a cool million dollars!


Source: Kimi Räikkönen/Twitter

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Limited to 30 pieces, The Richard Mille RM 50-04 Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph Kimi Räikkönen is a feat of engineering. Admire its quartz TPT case and mouthwatering aesthetics. Weighing less than 33 grams, this is one of the lightest watches ever produced by Mille.

We may be in 2023 but Richard Mille keeps on revolutionising the watch industry with epic production and pioneering materials. What’s in them? How about carbon nanotubes, silicon nitride and perfluoroelastomer for starters.

In fact, no two watches are the same thanks to the process method. Patterns emerge throughout the carbon layers making a one of a kind case. As Richard Mille has introduced never before seen materials that you will normally see in F1 vehicles or high end yachts, thus demand grows.

His research and development team has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of watchmaking greatness with new material compositions that have left experienced watchmakers dumbfounded. And the difference is apparent instantly. The second you slap it on your wrist, it’s like wearing an incredibly expensive silk scarf. 

Svelte and almost as thin as a credit card, float around in style be it a ritzy awards ceremony or strolling down the Champs Elysees with this featherweight beauty. The construction is as tough as bricks while the patina is equally impressive.


3. Marketing Prowess of Richard Mille Watches


Usually reserved for only the highest echelons of society, the super rich and mega stars, clever marketing plays a role in those looking to buy a Richard Mille watch.

These are not just ordinary watches…oh no. They are status symbols in their own right. As mentioned above, they don’t call Richard Mille wearers “Billionaire’s Handshake” for no apparent reason.

Clever marketing has now seen the Swiss brand rub shoulders with the big boys like Rolex and Patek Philippe in a short space of time. The creation of a premium luxury brand within this price range was Mille’s sole focus. Therefore, it was the prices that formed part of the company's individual philosophy. 

Then there’s brand advertising with their slogan as the ultimate “racing machine on the wrist” together with colourful visuals and how they are promoted. This takes on an altogether new dimension if you want to buy a Richard Mille watch. This is because you can only find their timepieces in a smattering of more unusual locations, guaranteed to grab the headlines.. 

From F1 drivers to football players, music stars and sportsmen, Richard Mille watches have taken the horological scene by storm. Even US golfer Bubba Watson was noticeable when he wore The Richard Mille RM038 at the time of his 2012 Augusta Masters victory. In turn, this delivered the strongest possible impact to a global audience. 


Bubba Watson with the Richard Mille RM038 - Source: Revolution.watch

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This resulted in a surge of interest as many were focused on the flashy watch rather than a monster putt. Big players go hand in hand with big money. 


2. The Cool Factor of Richard Mille Watches

The wow factor is evident through brand ambassador partnerships. Teaming up with the likes of Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal is no everyday occurrence watch nerds. 


Richard Mille RM027 - Source: Richard Mille

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The RM006 tourbillon was designed specifically for the former Brazilian petrol head. And whereas Massa experienced head injuries after a crash at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, his watch fared much better without a scuff. 

In addition, Mille developed a watch for Spanish multi Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal. After 5 prototypes were damaged, the RM027 emerged tipping the scales at an astonishing 20 grams.

And for good measure the coveted Richard Mille RM030 White Rush model has been spotted adorning the wrist of French international Paul Pogba. Sacre bleu indeed.


1. Exclusivity of Richard Mille Watches

Finally we come to the scarcity of these prized watches.

According to folklore, Richard Mille only produces around 5,000 annually. Consequently, due to the small amount of timepieces, rare materials, price and brand affiliations, this has made the Swiss watchmaker a tasty proposal on the luxury watch market. 

Mille’s roaring runaway success shows no signs of halting. One other point to consider watch fiends…is Richard Mille a good investment? You bet. This is because their watches are only available in their boutique stores and a handful of resellers. This less is more approach has reaped dividends and has become very profitable. 

Ranging between £60,000 right up to more than £1.5 million, you can see why these watches hold and increase in value. It is all in the exclusivity.

This can be viewed in one such model The RM 35-2 Automatic Rafael Nadal



RM 35-2 Automatic Rafael Nadal - Source: K2Luxury

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With a former price in the region of £112,000, this discontinued model is as hard to find as Where's Wally. Currently, this watch fetches up to three times as much on secondary markets.

Let’s turn to revenue briefly. According to a study undertaken by Morgan Stanley from March 2022, Richard Mille is the 7th most profitable brand by revenue. 

Despite only around 5,000 pieces manufactured, they only fell short by one position to one of the big three in the renowned “holy trinity” watchmakers Patek Philippe. The latter ranked in sixth position. 

Money does talk as they say.



The luxury watch community are no fools. They can identify an outstanding watch at the turn of a tourbillon. Whether you want to buy or sell a Richard Mille watch the value will remain and increase no matter how long you intend to hold on to it. Their unparalleled reputation in the watch sector makes the brand as sought after as their rare timepieces.

Coupled with ostentatious design, celeb collabs, atypical materials and super smart PR strategy, Richard Mille is the equivalent of wearing a mini Lambo on your wrist. Time to check that Swiss bank account!

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