Chrono Hunter's Best Pink Dial Watches For Your Collection
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Chrono Hunter's Best Pink Dial Watches For Your Collection

Chrono Hunter's Best Pink Dial Watches For Your Collection


The watch world is famed for its classical stylings and its authenticity, pertaining to the past and the glory of beautiful simplicity. 

The world is changing so why shouldn’t the horological world? As colour is becoming popularised in fashion, we have seen it leaking into the horological world. In fact, we’ve written a nifty article on the most colourful watches which you can read here

Colour is all well and good, like beautiful sheens of yellow gold, but the faces are the real playgrounds for experimentation. A Green dial Rolex piece is looking exceptionally sharp and H. Moser & Cie releasing a hot salmon dial Streamliner, we can only expect great things from this point onwards.

With the latest release of the Barbie film (and its Oppenheimer opposition!) pink is the latest must have colour to be boasted. And you know Chrono Hunter never misses a trend.While we love horophile faves like panda dial styles and chronograph watches, we must step into the light and let some pink in. No this ain’t no salmon or blue dial feature. This is something bolder, something brighter that’s going to hit you right between the peepers.

Pink is very much having its moment in the horological spotlight. From dressy to sporty, let’s get right to the best pink dials for your collection. 


Grand Seiko SBGA413


Grand Seiko are masters of colour in the watchmaking world. While we love their new, gorgeous Evolution 9 SLGA019 with its rigid ocean-like aesthetic, we absolutely adore the Grand Seiko SBGA413. This is flamboyant on an epic scale which is perfect for the best pink dials list!

Source - Grand Seiko

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Taking inspiration from the beloved 62GS from way back in 1967, these watches represent Grand Seiko’s technical showmanship as it was the first piece with an automatic movement as well as being one of the first luxury watches that introduced the brand's unique styles. 

It’s only fitting that the Grand Seiko SBGA413 would be just as beautiful and continue the legacy of this striking collection. Boasting a Zaratsu polishing that’s a signature finishing technique that symbolises the luxury brand, the bezel free watches are opened up to allow one of the best pink dials ever to take centre stage. 

If you love geography and meteorology, you will definitely enjoy the influence behind the piece. Reminiscent of Hana-Ikada, the dial on this majestic timepiece follows the period after the Spring Equinox, named Shunbun where cherry blossoms fall and cover the top layer of the river. Talk about painting the perfect timekeeping picture.

The edition captures this magnificently as the model is textured, boasting a delightfully soft pink colour which closely matches the river. Or is it cherry blossom? Whatever the case, it stands out nicely on the wrist.

Crafted out of titanium, the combination of a beautiful dial with polished and brushed casing offers a great contrast, especially since the baton hour markers and sharp hands match the titanium colour scheme. The power reserve indicator is matched in its sheen but undergoes a different finish to promote its legibility. 

Powered by the 9R65 movement, the watches run on a Spring Drive which offers 72 hours power reserve and a tremendous accuracy of only 15 seconds inaccuracy a month. Timelords listen up. We must give props to the importance of the Spring Drive for a minute or three. 

The Spring Drive is a clever creation, resulting in it being one of the finest horological innovations globally. Through utilising a Spring driven movement with electronic technology, it is powered through just the mainspring, which in turn, moves a series of miniscule gears. All without the need for batteries or other power sources!

This power is what runs both a quartz oscillator as well as an electronic circuit, offering an incredible level of accuracy for a watch that runs just from a mainspring. Of course, who else could attain such glory apart from Grand Seiko, the brand that boasts both mechanical and electronic excellence.

We recommend a black suit to boast the beauty of the timepiece. If you feel that’s too dressed up, why not wear a black tee or jumper instead…as long as it’s dark to let the colour really shine through. 

Its titanium construction, stunning aesthetic and highly skilled movement means that most people could consider this piece as a potentially solid investment option. You can buy a Grand Seiko SBGA413 at retail for £6,200 at the time of writing.


TAG Heuer Carrera Date


The TAG Heuer Carrera Date has been worn by none other than Ryan Gosling, the star man of the hottest film in 2023, Barbie. 

Source - TAG Heuer

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With Barbiecore running riot on social media and every other platform possible, Ryan Gosling was seen adorning the brand new TAG Heuer Carrera Date in all its pink glory at the movie premiere. However, in the film, Gosling’s Ken sported three vintage gold Carrera watches at the same time, enhancing the magnetic pull this brand has been receiving recently. And that’s not even starting on the new Monaco Chronograph Skeleton either.

With The Carrera’s history being so rock’n’roll, famously named after the Paneramicana race in the 1950s, the collection has taken things to a sparkly new plain with the latest edition with one of the best pink dials of this year.

The Carrera watches are crafted out of stainless steel, pertaining to its heritage as a sporty timepiece. Offering 50 metres of water resistance, this 36mm case is a hot shot for timekeeping genius as it perfectly aligns with the modern wearers desire for smaller cases.

The bracelet is similarly crafted out of steel and given a H link set up, ensuring it is both durable and comfortable. The folding clasp and push safety buttons is another design feature which is very handy to slide on and off when showcasing it to your work colleagues. 

The Carrera watches are exceptionally ambitious in its accents, turning away from miserable blacks and grey hues to exciting neon colours. The face is the ultimate high contrast, pink dial for the similarly steely hour markers and hands like the case. Dosed with Super-Luminova, we will be surprised if you can’t see the model in the darkest corners of your Michelin starred restaurant.

Accelerating past the previous TAG Heuer Calibre 5 to the brand spanking new Calibre 7, the movement has undergone a few updates. Previously given a 38 hour power reserve, the watches are bolstered with a stronger 56 hour power reserve and a date window at 3 o’clock. Yet its simple three handed design still pulls in horological consumers looking to buy a TAG Heuer.

While Ryan Gosling wear’s pink suits, you can go more conservative and wear grey chinos with a white suit shirt to let these watches pop in the boardroom. For more casual occasions, you could go be brave and wear a salmon shirt to keep some element of seamlessness throughout as well as letting one of the best pink dials burn through.

Its highly intoxicating dial, associations with a phenomenal collection and links with the immensely popular Barbie movie makes this a piece to consider as a potential investment. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Date at retail for £2,750 at the time of writing.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pink Dial


Like Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, the Oyster Perpetual has blurred lines between a dressy number and a luxury sports watch.

The Oyster Perpetual collection is extremely important to Rolex’s portfolio as it was one of the first collections from the brand. Fitted with the iconic waterproof Oyster case, stylish Oyster bracelet and the sharp bezel, it’s a beautiful mix of sports and dress timepieces. 

Updated with a variety of styles like the Oyster Perpetual 277200 with its iconic bubble dial, and adorned by Kendrick Lemar at the Grammys with his awesome Tiffany inspired piece, this is a collection that’s not only timeless, but still moving forwards and innovating.

The Rolex Oyster Pink Dial is a bright edition to a typically moody collection. Heck just look at the new Rolex watches launched at Watches and Wonders 2023 including the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date models which featured puzzle dials. We’ll discuss Rolex’s best pink dials shortly!

The latter has almost become grail status this year thanks to Tom Brady and John Mayer’s additions to their collection. On a trip to California in August he got his hands on the effervescent 18K white gold case and puzzle piece aesthetic in an array of colours. Great choice Sirs!

Source - Rolex

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Associated with navy and black, it was high time the Rolex Oyster Perpetual received a dose of unadulterated pinky goodness, allowing it to be one of the best pink dials from this year. These luxury watches are crafted out of the classic Oyster steel that Rolex has been using since 2003.

What is essentially 904L steel, the casing is crafted with the best steel alloys possible, typically used in chemical and aerospace industries. The properties are highly corrosive resistant while being immensely durable to most knocks and scrapes. The background may be as soft as cotton candy, but the case is as solid as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps!

Given a fantastic finish after a hardy polish, the watches will be beautiful throughout the duration of your ownership. The bracelet is similarly crafted out of 904L steel and fitted with a rough and ready Oysterclasp, ensuring you can flex with consummate ease. 

The dial is where the fun comes in. All constructed in-house, Rolex are capable of sourcing their own materials and founding them to their liking due to them being so self sufficient. The colour is gleaned through a lacquer that’s applied to the brass plate of the face. It is applied and reapplied consecutively, all while in a completely sterile environment to avoid dust.

The edition is then varnished and polished to the highest standards, showcasing the depths of the matte coloured piece and its throne as one of best pink dials. The text on the dial has to be pad printed and the hour markers and crown placed on by hand. 

Powered by the Calibre 3230, the watches operate between a highly reliable -2/+2 seconds per day. Attained through the Superlative Chronometer certification, guaranteeing the watches reliability, this Oyster Perpetual enjoys a 70 hour power reserve and features a blue Parachrom hairspring and high performance Paraflex shock absorbers. This prevents magnetism or knocks that may affect the accuracy. 

Its super sexy pink dial and associations with a phenomenal collection and brand means this is a superb watch for the investment inclined man. Style wise, consider a white jumper for the colder days, or a grey suit shirt to keep with the steel casing.

You can buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 at retail for £5,100 at the time of writing.


Bell & Ross BR S Pink Diamond Eagle


Bell & Ross are famed for their very tool-like watches, inspired by the boxy shapes of utility. 

Source - Bell & Ross

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At this year's Watches and Wonders 2023, they have progressed, offering a great show of vibrancy and ingenious design. We recommend you take a sneaky peek at the BR 01 Cyber Skull, which showcases a bronze skull with a moveable jaw when being wound, or the BR 05 GMT Sky Blue with an aesthetic that boasts a stunning light blue colourway.

In terms of pink, Bell & Ross also have a horological trick up their sleeve. We mean that literally too! Measuring 39mm, the watches are crafted out of steel and undergo a polished finish. Bell & Ross are now doing away with the sporty brushed aesthetic, instead choosing to go all out with the satin-polished allure. 

As for the dial itself, discover a glorious sunray aesthetic which is gorgeously finished, boasting a great shine whenever light reflects across it. While the hour markers may be hard to see, they are made of steel dotted hour appliques, a strong opposition to their baton and Arabic numeral choices on previous models. 

Bell & Ross are pushing the watchmaking boundaries by featuring a stunning look with 7 diamonds. Why 7 you ask? It’s to do with the Aquila constellation which is named Jupiter’s Eagle. You astrologists will love this beauty, especially since it has one of the best pink dials! The diamonds are placed in the exact same pattern as the stars, lending to the emblematic starry constellation.

These watches blend the lines between celestial and earthly, a wonderful combination for any budding horologist to sink their teeth into. We recommend you wear this with a navy suit shirt to keep with the evening sky aesthetic. If that’s too formal, a simple white shirt while having after work cocktails should do the trick. 

Its bright pink colouring, unusual square case design and fantastic style is extremely readable and vibrant, allowing for any investment minded individual to have a field day, especially since it houses one of the best pink dials of this year.

You can buy a Bell & Ross BR S Pink Diamond Eagle at retail for £2,700 at the time of writing.


Zenith Defy Skyline 36mm

Zenith has a strong reputation in releasing highly innovative watches. Need we mention the legendary El Primero movement?

Source - Zenith

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Take for example the Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton Boutique watches. Given a beautiful skeletonised design, the watches are perfectly avant-garde. Zenith have continued the trend of releasing great watches with the sublime Zenith Defy Skyline 36mm. 

The 36mm case is crafted out of steel which isn’t particularly innovative. However, it’s the perfect material for a collection that's so imbued in the sporting industry. Featuring both polished and brushed aesthetics, the watches blend both dressy and sporty features. Crafted in an octagonal case, the watches are the perfect frame for the glorious pink dial.

Given a steel integrated bracelet, the Defy Skyline is the perfect combination for the casing, especially since it undergoes brushed outlinks and polished inner links. Like the other models mentioned, the beauty is without doubt resonating from the face.

A sublime metallic pastel pink colouring can be viewed on the pink dial with a delightful sun-burst pattern finish. The piece is also made up of a series of small stars which links in perfectly with the emblem of the Zenith pointed stars

While the pink dial is fantastic, we must give props to the bezel. Made up of 52 VVS brilliant cut diamonds that wrap around the frame of the watches, the entire piece gleams with life and vibrancy. Featuring a date aperture at 3 o’clock which has a pink background, the entire piece is a marvel to behold both on and off the wrist.

The watches are powered by the Elite movement which is made up of a small 144 components. It has the capability of running at 28,800VpH as well as offering a weekend-proof power reserve of 50 hours. While it’s a far cry from the infinitely stylish Zenith El Primero, the Elite movement certainly isn’t something to cry about. 

The combination of the pink dial and diamonds means these are watches with flair, and should be worn with a proud outfit like a cream white suit or a light blue bomber jacket for less formal events. Its extravagant colour, beautiful diamond bezel and associations with the great Defy collection means they are top watches for a potential investment. 

You can buy a Zenith Defy Skyline 36 at retail for £10,600 at the time of writing.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Pink Tourmaline “50th Anniversary”


One for Liberace or Elton John perhaps? If you are looking for a pink dial that has uber luxury written all over it, you may find the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Pink Tourmaline “50th Anniversary” the timepiece for you. 

Source - Audemars Piguet

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If you are turned on by gemstones, this one has it with plenty to spare! As part of the iconic Royal Oak collection from 1972, it is the flagship of Audemars Piguet’s brand. The watches pride themselves on its beautiful gemstones and of course its vibrant colour scheme.

Given an 18K white gold case, the watches are already made out of a highly precious metal which is rarely used in the horological world. The iconic Royal Oak integrated bracelet is similarly crafted out of 18K white gold, allowing the entire piece to be seamless, the perfect background for one of the best pink dials.

Partnering with gem-setting partner Salanitro, he has been at the forefront of invisibly setting gems onto timepieces. As such, his design of 861 stones in 179 sizes in the 41mm editions, boasts his prowess, all while keeping to the iconic design of the Grande Tapisserie finish. 

Keeping with the theme of consistency, the pink tourmaline gemstones are adorned on the bracelet as well as the case. The edition is crafted out of white gold and set with baguette cut pink tourmalines. Legibility isn’t too much of a problem as the Royal Oak hands are crafted out of white gold and dosed with luminescence.

While there are no hour markers, this piece is used more as an avant-garde show of pure opulence similar to the Cartier Tank Louis Cartier which has a pitch black face with no hour markers either. We won’t say whether our preference lies with one of the best pink dials of this year!

At 37mm, the entire oozes power, even if it’s fairly small 37mm sizing. Given a total of 790 baguette-cut pink tourmalines which totals 24.5 carats, it is all made into the classy Royal Oak design with the octagonal bezel and the integrated bracelet. Gerald Genta…we salute you!

Powered by the Audemars Piguet in-house calibre 5909, the watches run at a great 28,800VpH and offer a very reasonable 60 hour power reserve. Made up of just 174 parts, these movements are 3.9mm thick which is very slender.

This model is a definite eye catcher. We recommend the best outfit to wear with this beauty is a camel overcoat to let the piece pop or to keep with the colour scheme and wear a pink suit shirt. No matter what you wear, you will be the talking point of the floor, beach bar or swim-up bar!

Its intense use of gemstones, otherworldly colour and the classic Royal Oak style is perfect for anyone looking for a potential watch investment. Capped at just ten pieces, you can buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Pink Tourmaline “50th Anniversary” when you plan an appointment with the brand.


Rolex Day-Date 36


Being pink is all about power and standing with pride. What better way than with a bucket load of diamonds and one of the best pink dials we’ve seen!

Source - Rolex

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The Rolex Day-Date is cemented in horological history as the collection that brought Rolex into the future. Released in 1956, the collection was the first ever self-winding, waterproof chronometer piece which displayed the week spelt in full and the day in two separate windows. John Mayer’s very own Rolex Day-Date in its funky white gold case and jigsaw pattern is fresh from this year and still has a hot allure among raving watch enthusiasts. 

This highly avant garde mechanic remains to this day, certifying that this collection is one of the revolutionaries of Rolex’s portfolio. Specifically given a President bracelet in only precious metals, these watches boast excellence and accuracy throughout. 

Now, to the Rolex Day-Date 36mm. Crafted out of white gold, the piece is already on hallowed horological ground with its precious metal construction. Rolex loves to do everything in-house, including its precious metals. Using their own foundries, they have competently been able to create the highest quality white gold alloys, ensuring purity and quality of the highest order.

This even stems from the bracelet which is made out of the same material. Utilising the gorgeous President bracelet, the model is controlled, but let’s loose with its sublime use of jewels. Keep your eyes open for the diamonds that reside within the centre links.

Speaking of jewels, we assume you’ve noticed the bezel? With each stone meticulously placed, the gems shine a beautiful frame around the elegance of the pink dial. Oh yes, they are placed in gold or platinum settings. Calm down, Rolex. You’re going to give us an horology induced heart attack, especially when it's all on one of the best pink dials of this year!

The pink dial is made up of Roman numeral hour markers that are set in 18K white gold and filled with a total of 32 jewels. Crafted out of opal which comes as a decorative stone, they are cut and match the exact requirements by Rolex for colour and structure. The small date aperture at 3 o’clock and the classic week day counter at the top boasts the Day-Date’s impeccable history. 

Powered by the calibre 3255, this timepiece offers an outstanding precision of -2/+2 seconds per day with a power reserve of around 70 hours. This is all guaranteed through its incredible achievement of being a Superlative Chronometer, which means it’s COSC and Rolex certified. Its diamond laced dial, bezel and sharp white gold casing means this is a model that should certainly be considered for investment.

You can buy a Rolex Day-Date at retail when you request a price from Rolex. 


Longines Master Collection Pink Dial


With Longines celebrating its 190th anniversary last year, yes, you heard that right, The Master Collection could very easily be one of their biggest and most important collections.

Master Collection - Source - Reddit

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Originally released in 2005, as a blank slate for Longines to innovate, they have released a number of models that feature complications, moon phases and eventually an annual calendar in 2019. 

Longines have now released a very exciting small seconds addition to the collection with a pink anthracite aesthetic. Of course, we will be focusing on the pink dial watches. 

At 38.5mm, the timepiece has a dress aesthetic, which is enhanced with a fairly slim 10.2mm height. While this is thicker than last year's anniversary model but smaller in size, the proportions are still perfectly accessible for the everyday gentleman.

Crafted out of steel, we like this Longines timepiece for its durability and polished finish, again boasting the dressy feel of the timepiece. The case is wonderfully rounded, negating sharp edges for a more casual look. 

Where would we be without the beauty of the face? Featuring Breguet numerals as well as leaf shaped hands, these aspects pertain to a vintage era which more than suits the classicism of the piece with its old school rounded case. 

Featuring a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock, the edition is a hot horological property due to its numerals which are laser engraved in a style that could easily be passable as hand made. The model holds nothing back in terms of promoting its beautiful vertical brushing. It’s an extremely prominent finish which is striking and a delight to view. 

Powered by the L893 calibre, the model runs at an unorthodox 25,200VpH and offers a very strong power reserve of 72 hours. Its sharp hue and stylish dressy build is something that could allow it to be considered as an investment piece. 

You can buy a Longines Master Collection at retail for £2,250 at the time of writing. 


Omega De Ville Stainless Steel Pink Dial


The De Ville Prestige may not have the same horological pull as The Speedmaster or The Seamaster, but it turns more onto the side of Omega’s out and out dress collections.

De Ville - Source - Omega

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In production since 1994, The De Ville Prestige has reached its 3rd generation of timepieces, and with that brilliant stat, has decided to update the catalogue even further. 

Crafted at 41mm out of stainless steel, the Omega model is layered with PVD, as well as being domed, ensuring first class visibility and simplistic design of the timepiece. Undergoing a sun-brushed finish, the eagle eyed horologist will notice very light lines emanating from the centre outwards, allowing light to showcase different parts of the piece at every angle. 

The Omega hour markers are made up of cabochons and Roman Numerals, coupled with a set of wonderfully suited PVD greyed hands in keeping with the grey hour indices. 

Look out for its power reserve situated at 6 o’clock that is made up of four sectorial cut segments, shaped like a crescent moon. Given an applied underplate with an alternative finish to the model, this stands out very well. 

Given a date aperture at 6 o’clock, a small seconds function at 9 o’clock and a railway minute track cutting around the periphery of the model, it reeks of elegance and purity and reminds us of the Constellation Rail Track.

Would it be an Omega without the certification? Powered by the calibre Omega 8810, it is a Certified Master Chronometer, meaning it is given a big green tick by METAS and by COSC. Resistant up to 15,000 gauss, housing 55 hours of power reserve and a 3.5Hz frequency, it's a secure watch with a guarantee of precision. 

The Omega’s stylish combination of cabochons and Roman numerals, as well as the beautifully polished case means this is a timepiece for your investment books. You can buy an Omega De Ville Prestige at retail for £5,600 at the time of writing.


Chopard Mille Miglia GT Xl Pink Dial


Chopard and racing watches go hand in hand like Robin and Batman

Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL - Source - TP Auctions

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The Mille Miglia is no such exception. As the proud sponsor and timekeeper of the Mille Miglia event, an epic race navigating through the most beautiful parts of Italy totalling 2000 km since 1988, every time a new event has come around, Chopard have released a new timepiece into the collection.

We suppose that’s why we weren’t too surprised that it was introduced. But we were incredibly surprised by the hot pink hue! Very similar to the black editions of the GT XI, this version is different in its colour. 

It is a strong ode to Chopard’s racing heritage. Take for example the characteristic rubber strap that closely mimics the tyre tracks of race cars. The case is crafted out of steel and measures 44mm. The case and bezel is polished beautifully, resulting in a dressier angle Chopard is gearing towards. 

Water resistant to 100 metres, the model enjoys sapphire crystal which is glare proofed on both sides ensuring maximum legibility. Meanwhile, the front has a magnifying lens to further bolster the visibility of the model. The caseback features the same sapphire crystal and tinge of colour. The Chopard is varnished, resulting in a matte finish that looks sublime against the white Super-Luminova infused rhodium plated hour, minute hands and hour markers. The second hand features a red arrow tip, beaming with top notch legibility.

Running at 28,800VpH, although the movement is not weekend-proof with 46 hours of power reserve, it is COSC certified, ensuring longevity and precision. Its COSC certification, unusual tone, limited edition model and deviation away from traditional black means this could be an investment opportunity for eagle eyed enthusiasts.

You can no longer buy a Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL at retail since it was released in 2011 and capped at only 1000 pieces, this has subsequently been discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £3,000 at the time of writing.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Date


The Master Ultra Thin Date collection pays tribute to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s philosophy of beautiful design and Haute Horologie. 

Master Ultra - Source - Jaeger-LeCoultre

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The collection prides itself on clean lines and rounded dials, akin only to the dress watches of the world. Yes, Jaeger-LeCoultre has got us smoked with this subtle pink blush shade! At 39mm, the rose gold case boasts precious metal beauty with a sizing that’s perfect for being suited and booted around Mayfair.

With a height of 7.58mm, it is very sleek and ultra thin. Boasting the odd shine of gold which is exposed from under a loose cuff, this is not a revolutionary piece for the modern gentleman as gold and dress pieces go together like cream cheese and smoked salmon. However, it’s timeless and that in itself is a rarity.

The pink dial is utterly simple, removing the need for ostentation or ego through excessive complications. Featuring sleek arrow indices and sleeker gold Dauphine hands, the piece is sharp for in and out of the office. 

Minimalism is the order of the day, so Jaeger-LeCoultre even refrains from adding more than just its brand name, movement type and confirming it’s Swiss made. JLC are at the forefront when it comes to subtlety but remain current thanks to new 2023 brand ambassador Lenny Kravitz.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Date is fitted with a brown alligator strap for that uber luxury feel. The band is sleek and elegant, especially since it’s in such a contrasting darker shade of chocolatey brown. The small seconds feature on the piece is also kept to a minimum. It is slightly sunken in to differentiate itself from the rest of the beautifully presented matt blush sheen. This is one pink dial we can all agree is hypnotic to say the least. 

The calibre 896 powers hour, minute and seconds functions alongside the small, unobtrusive seconds feature at 6 o’clock. Running at 28,800VpH, it offers 43 hours of power reserve which is great considering its exemplary thickness of 3.98mm. We can see why it's an Ultra Thin model!

Unsuitable for bigger wrists, its precious metal case and clean design is always in demand. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre at retail for £19,800 at the time of writing. 




We hope you are as pinked out as we are! We’ve given you nothing but the best pink dial watches to add to your ever growing collections. From the stunning sheen of the Rolex Oyster to the incredible luxury of the Day-Date 36, we simply cannot choose our favourite edition!

With the burgeoning popularity of salmon dials and multicoloured pieces like the Daytona Rainbow bringing such exciting conversation to the horological table, this colourful trend is de rigueur among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Whether powder pink, neon pink or cerise pink, bold experimentation of men’s watches shows no signs of abating, with each brand vying for that illustrious cash pot of gold at the end of the horological rainbow.

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