Question Time: How Do I Sell My Cartier Watch?
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Question Time: How Do I Sell My Cartier Watch?

Question Time: How Do I Sell My Cartier Watch?


Cartier watches have been making their presence well and truly known on the horological scene since 1833. They have since accomplished spectacular things, such as releasing the first ever wristwatch, the Cartier Santos, showboating the highly avant-garde Unicorn Cartier Cheich and standing proud as the watch of the Royals since they became jeweller for King Edward VII in 1904.  

Us horophiles simply cannot get enough. Now we don’t need to boast a top luxury brand that is already adored by many enthusiasts and collectors. There’s plenty of reasons as to why they are sitting plum in the world’s most valuable luxury brands at number 56. This is above Porsche and even the pumped up Red Bull brand!

With such an eclectic history, we can see why you may be a little sheepish in regards to putting your beloved Cartier timepiece up for sale. After all, the marketplace is filled with online platforms, stores and salesmen who say they can flog you the best possible deal but might not follow through with the goods or price.  

Chrono Hunter is the platform to choose! With top prices paid for your beloved timepiece, there is no obligation to go through with the deals you receive. You can contact us here and we can direct you into the world of their timepieces.  

Of course, if you find the right people to put your faith in like us, you can be guaranteed a high quality deal and best prices paid when you sell your Cartier. Without wasting any further time, please join us as we discuss the delightful intricacies on how to sell your Cartier with consummate ease. 


Where Can I Sell My Cartier Watch?


When you decide to sell your Cartier, it can put you in a trickier position than Matt Hancock during the Covid-19 lockdown. 


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After all, you are selling a luxury brand that is extremely in demand for many buyers. With such a strong desirability factor, it’s important you do your research into who you sell your Cartier to. 

There are a variety of pathways an individual can take considering how to sell your Cartier quickly. Have you thought about taking the auction route? The auction typically follows a series of live bids which people place. The eventual winner is the person who has submitted the highest bid by the time the hammer goes down. 

While this does make sense as you can physically see the watch being sold, most reputable auction houses are licensed and regulated. This ensures no raw deal takes place. However, if you want a certain price when you sell your Cartier, this cannot be guaranteed in terms of  attaining your desired figure. In this instance, it is down to whoever submits the highest bid.  

If your heart can’t take such anxiety, you may find that dishing out your watch to an online platform may be the best bet. Again, you have the option of many online platforms such as Chrono Hunter who have years of experience in selling luxury watches. Thanks to our peerless service, quick turnaround, unmatched brand expertise and top prices paid, we are the go to place to sell your Cartier 

We understand the market like no other and provide valuations daily to many customers who want to sell a Cartier. Another online example is of course Ebay. This is a platform that has been around for a long time, so it’s built up a reputation for many people as the only go-to place. Ebay has its pros such as being a solid platform to buy and sell, but it also has its drawbacks. 

You may encounter some buyers which are slow timers or dirty dealers. You may find if you are selling, that you have picked up a counterfeit watch. In this instance, if you are looking to sell your Cartier, you may deal with people taking you to the end of the deal, and then not following through with the money.  

Ebay has a good policy on refunds when such events occur, but, like all of us at Chrono Hunter HQ, we simply do not have the time to be prattling through the details of the transaction with an online advisor. How draining! Chrono Hunter allows only the most reputable retailers to trade with you, so there is no fear of a raw deal falling through, an inaccurate valuation or being scammed. It’s a win-win! 

It’s especially not ideal when all you just want to do is sell your Cartier watch quickly…and for the best price. 


Things To Do Before Selling Your Cartier Watch


Have a pen and paper handy. We’re about to get into the essential details regarding what you require when it’s time to sell your Cartier.

Francaise - Source - Cartier

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Perhaps the most important part of how to sell your Cartier is to have all the original documents and box handy. We know who  keeps these things? Unfortunately, all the people who are clued up about Cartier watches, including potential buyers prefer all key papers, documents and sales receipts stored safely away. Otherwise, it may affect the overall value and you may receive a lower offer. 

If you decide that the watch needs servicing, ensure you keep all the original parts such as the straps or the links because these are essential to making sure your piece sells for its full value. 

The papers are far more than simple scraps of A4. They actually relate to a few very important components of the timepiece. Referencing a reference number, a model number or a serial number, these bits of information are paramount for not only when you sell your Cartier, but also when you want to learn more about your timepiece. 

These papers reference the authenticity of the timepiece as it’s a direct relation to the original timepiece. If you just produced a watch, it means a number of things could’ve occurred, including the watch is counterfeit, or it’s got parts added on which may not be original.  

This is noted through the repair records which allows the purchaser to check any alterations have been made. After all, the more original condition the watch is in, the more legitimate the piece is and the best valuation you will receive when you sell your Cartier. 

Essentially, the better the paper trail of your timepiece, the more likely it is to see the ownership which is absolutely key for buyers who want to know every minor detail should you sell your Cartier

If you want to push the timekeeping boat out even further, ensure your watch is photographed with only the best images possible. Luckily for you, you don’t need to find the perfect sunset or the best mate who can take a competent picture. You can do this all yourself from the comfort of your home! 

If you are so fortunate to own a Française WJTA0040 in its yellow gold glory and diamond infused bezel, you will obviously only want the highest quality image possible for such a gleaming ball of Haute Horlogerie. It's important you ensure the flash isn’t on as it will blind the diamonds. It’s vital that you don’t stand in a pitch black room either as no one will be able to see such hot horology. 

Well-lit surroundings are imperative to sell quickly and enjoy the best possible price. Let’s face it…you don’t need to be Annie Liebovitz. The basic rule of thumb tends to be that you should find a perfectly lit room in the daytime and shoot away. You don’t want the buyer to be perturbed or put off purchasing your timepiece by your shoddy photography skills, do you?


How Much Is A Cartier Watch Worth?


The watches are very competitive when it comes to comparisons with their horological brethren. 


Tank Small - Source - Cartier

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Take for example Breitling. While they have watches that stem from prices as low as £2,800 for The Endurance Pro, Cartier’s cheapest watch comes in at around £2,590 for the Must De Watch.  

Now, if we look at a more desired collection like the Tank, the lowest retail price is £2,800 for a Tank Must Small. Using Breitling again, their most popular Breitling Navitimer collection has a lowest price of £3,900 for the Navitimer Automatic 35. 

Compared with Holy Trinity member Audemars Piguet who brushes shoulders with mega brands, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, their cheapest watch is £14,900 for the Royal Oak Quartz. 

The brand fills in a niche in the market for high quality and timeless luxury with an established reputation that’s centred around sleek looks, classic design and the signature cabochon crown. This is all achieved with very accessible pricings. If we look at the level of craftsmanship behind each watch, we will see that although their watches are surprisingly affordable, they are also built to last and Swiss made, using the finest materials. 

They put their watches through their horological paces thanks to a series of stringent tests, including mechanical resistance. In essence, this means the crown is persistently pulled out and altered, the clasp is opened and shut while the watch is taken on and off the wrist. This is done to replicate 10 years wear, boasting the longevity of the final product. 

The technical features are also rigorously tested. Each movement undergoes meticulous examinations when it’s outside and inside in the watch. The watches are then studied for 8 days, ensuring the pristine accuracy and stability of these watches are maintained.  

Of course, if you wanted to go nuts, you could easily land yourself a watch that wouldn't be too far off the price of a really top notch house! For example, the Clash (Un)Limited Watch is crafted out of rhodium finished white gold and features around 4,600 diamonds. You can buy a Cartier Crash (Un)Limited Watch at retail for £389,000 at the time of writing.

Not enough? Why not cast your peepers at the Rotonde Watch. Made from 950 platinum across the entire piece and even given a white gold buckle, it is entirely skeletonised, revealing an eerily named Masse Mystérieuse movement. You can buy a Cartier de Rotonde watch at retail for a cool £295,000 at the time of writing.


Finneas Tank - Source - The Today Show

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What Famous People Wear Cartier?


The clientele of the brand lovers is extensive, spreading into social elites and even Royal family members. On the wrists of people like boxing champ, Muhammed Ali, rock n roller Mick Jagger and modern celebs like Billie Eilish’s songwriting partner, Finneas and acclaimed actor Jake Gyllenhaal, they are comfortably a name for the stars. Did we mention they were the official jewellers of King Edward VII in 1904?


Who Famously Wore A Cartier Tank?


There are a number of people who famously wore a Tank. For example, Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of US President JFK, famously adorned one. So did Gary Cooper, Truman Capote and fashion designer Tom Ford to name but a few. And if you enjoy the old school films, you may even have noticed Steve McQueen wearing a Tank while in The Thomas Crown Affair movie.


Do Cartier Watches Lose Their Value?


Their watches don’t tend to lose value as drastically as other brands, like TAG Heuer and Omega that typically lose between 40-50% upon resale, due to

their scarcity, as well as their high quality in terms of construction and technical features.  

The brand has been releasing around 500,000 watches per year. Using the above comparison with Breitling, they release around 190,000 watches per year, while brands like Rolex release 1 million units per year.  

They have a healthy balance of models made to them that are still exclusive and sought after like the Tank and infamous Crash model, owned by Kanye West. Or is that Ye? Strangely, even though Breitling releases fewer models, they lose value at around 30 to 40% which is quite a bit more than Cartier’s which drops at around 10% at resale.  

This shows that even though they have more models available, their quality, reputation and timelessness allow them to still be solid investment pieces. This does vary from model to model and is based on a few factors such as;


  • Provenance
  • Condition
  • Rarity
  • Market Conditions


However, in comparison with big brands like Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe which maintain an increase in value over time, they are not quite ready for the heady heights of elite horology, nor pushing into the “Holy Trinity” quite yet.  

Take a few moments to look at The legendary Santos. Modern additions like the Santos WHSA0016 are crafted out of rose gold and built in the instantly recognisable square design with visible screws and integrated bracelet. 

The skeletonised dial is exceptionally tidy, especially since the 9619 calibre offers 28,800VpH and a weekend-proof 72 hour power reserve. You can buy a Cartier de Santos as retail for £65,000 at the time of writing. 

Of course, the most popular watches are those that are either vintage or scarce on the resale market. Furthermore, the laws of supply and demand dictate that if something is rarer, the demand will be higher as everyone loves to get their hands on something that’s uncommon.  

Take for example the Crash. The Crash by its own accord is extremely highly revered due to its unorthodox design and this historical mystery as to whether the “melted” case design was made via a car crash involving one of the brands founders in the 1960s. They are all excellent models due to the rarity of this particular collection. 

Crash - Source - Christie’s 

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A notorious model from the 1990s which was designed in London is crafted out of 18K yellow gold and has an original London Crash deployant clasp. It sold at a Christie’s auction in 2022 for around £730,000.  

The Tank is another collection that’s steeped in history and performs exceptionally well for vintage or rare models. Inspired by the Renault F-17 Tank brancards from WW1, Louis Cartier’s Tank vision followed the model, bearing resemblance to a birds eye view of a tank from the face with its prominent square edging.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - Source - People

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Following on from the rich historical lineage of the collection, how about a double whammy of a model associated with Jacquline Kennedy, style icon, artist and wife to well renowned, President JFK. Her 18K yellow gold Tank from 1962 and an accompanying painting sold at a Christie’s auction for around £300,000 in 2017. Did you know that the watch was actually bought by Reality TV star and model Kim Kardashian?


Can I Sell A Cartier Watch Without Proper Documentation?


Sell your Cartier without correct documents and you are instantly affecting the valuation of your timepiece. We cannot understate the importance of having the correct documentation and original papers.  

These papers guarantee the legitimacy of your timepiece as they act as cast iron evidence for your watch. It refers to a variety of aspects like cleaning, repairs and even replacements . If you have yourself a very nice, modern timepiece, you could be eligible for warranty up to eight years for the new watches. This should be found through a handy warranty card that comes with the rest of the documents.  

They should come with a certificate which references the serial number of your watch. Every model sold through an authorised dealer comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is the key document and can be a serious help when it’s time to sell your Cartier

Unfortunately, it has been noted that some watches will lose money if they do not have the relevant documentation. Once again, it’s all about legitimacy and authenticity. If you do not have the papers, don’t expect to yield as good a price when you sell. 

It’s frustrating if you don’t have these, but don’t go crazy and throw your piece in the bin. If you have a proof or purchase or a sales receipt, this can be used as evidence of legitimacy when you sell your watch


Do Cartier Watches Have Resale Value?


Some models do very well at resale. 

As already mentioned, most of their standard watches will drop around 10% when you buy them at retail. This shows that although they are a phenomenal brand with excellent resale value in comparison to the average 30% to 50% drop for the rest of the industry, they do not have the staying power of the big luxury brands like Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and Patek Philippe 

Truth be told, who does!


Cheich - Source - Sotheby’s

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Take for example, the standard Santos WSSA0030. Crafted out of stainless steel and featuring the classic rectangular case with visible screw design of the collection, it’s a staple of the brand, especially with its deep blue dial face. You can buy a Cartier de Santos 

WSSA0030 at retail for £7,400 but it sells on the secondary market for around £6000 at the time of writing. 

There are some watches still in production which do exceptionally well. Take for example the Santos Dumont WGSA0054. Crafted out of yellow gold and with a champagne dial, it sold at retail for £11,800, but it sells on the secondary market for closer to £20,000 at the time of writing. 

If we put this into perspective with their vintage and scarcer pieces, we will notice a dramatic shift in the resale value.

Take a look at the Tortue Minute Repeater from 1929. Deemed to be the only minute repeating watch made by the Swiss outfit during the Art Deco period, the timepiece not only has the history, but is encased in a stunning 18K yellow gold case. It sold at an Antiquorum auction in 2002 for just under £900,000. 

If you want to go one step further, take a look at The Cheich. Taking influence from the Paris-Dakar races, an impossible to navigate set of races across the desert, the design is inspired by the Turaeg, or the cloth the riders wore over their faces, offering protection from dust.  

With just four pieces produced, with only two models remaining due to loss, these pieces are extremely rare and highly stylish. Crafted out of yellow gold, white gold and pink gold that’s woven together, this edition, owned by competition winner Gaston Rahier, was sold at Sotheby’s auction in 2022 for around £870,000. 

They are by no means a poor man’s brand. Far from it. They excel at high quality craftsmanship, exquisite materials and have a very rich history of releasing exceptional timepieces that have gone on to do very well upon resale.


Does Cartier Hold More Value Than Rolex?


The watches do not hold more value than Rolex. Simply put, this is because Rolex is a much more coveted brand.


Tank - Source - Cartier

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For example, Rolex releases around 1 million watches per year, yet all of them will hold or increase in value upon resale. Take for example the brand new Rolex Sky-Dweller 336934, given a beautiful green dial and the classic Sky-Dweller dial complication style. You can buy a Rolex Sky-Dweller 336934 at retail for £13,300 but as of August 2023, you can buy it on the secondary market for upwards of £25,000. 

Another popular collection is The Rolex Daytona. Rolex released a slew of very exciting timepieces at Watches and Wonders 2023, namely the all gold Rolex Daytona 126508. Given an all yellow gold case, bracelet and a highly visible black dial, you can buy a Rolex Daytona 126508 at retail for £35,000 or buy it on the secondary market for around £70,000 at the time of writing. A 50% jump!

In comparison with Cartier, the stats are wildly different. Similarly crafted completely out of 18K yellow gold, the Tank Francaise is iconic in its construction and bolstered with the highly popular yellow gold material. You can buy a Cartier Tank Francaise at retail for £24,900 or buy it on the secondary market for around £19,000 which is a decrease of around 23%.

Sometimes their watches can perform very well at resale, even when they are in production. The Tank Louis WGTA0091 is crafted out of yellow gold and features a highly minimalist black dial. You can buy a Cartier Tank Louis at retail for £12,500 or buy it on the secondary market for prices of around £14,000 at the time of writing. 

While this isn’t a massive drop, it shows the disparity between the two brands in terms of value upon resale. However, the trends are fairly similar when it comes to vintage and rare models doing well. A Rolex Daytona owned by actor Paul Newman sold at auction in October 2017 for around £14 million. Compare this with the Phoenix Decor Secret watch which has 3010 diamonds and a white gold construction, it has been valued at around £1.8 million.  

Both brands have the potential to boom in value and have extortionately priced pieces. It just so happens that Rolex’s standard models have the ability to go way, way past their retail value upon resale due to the factors expressed above. 




Time is finally up on how to sell your Cartier watch. Whether it’s down to your concerns about documentation, how to snap the best pics possible, or even if your watches are worth selling, we can assure you that our guide encapsulates everything you need to get the ball rolling before you sell your Cartier.

Of course, it all means nothing if you don’t use the best site or platform to sell your Cartier. At Chrono Hunter we offer swift responses and no obligation valuations when you sell your Cartier. You can receive real time offers in less than 24 hours with our very handy app, dedicated to the best deals around, provided by our trusted network of luxury retailers.   

Our extensive list of the most established reputable retailers means you have the option to choose from a vast array of deals. What can we say? You get to receive all of this horological know-how from the comfort of your sofa, and we get the pleasure of your business.  

Sounds like a great trade to us!


Feeling hopped up on horological happiness? Got you all revved up to sell your Cartier? Chrono Hunter is the only option to sell quickly and for the best value possible.  Why not take a look at our form here to see how much your watches could be valued for. By including a few details, let us do the leg work and get back to you on what you may be entitled to for your watch.  

After you’ve snapped some photos and located the necessary documents, put the power of your timepiece into our hands and we’ll connect you with only the best luxury retailers around. Contact us any time to dispel any points of concern or chat with our dedicated team on +44 20 3966 5775. 

With our outstanding Trustpilot reviews, unparalleled brand expertise and market knowledge, we know how vital it is to experience a world class, seamless and most importantly secure sale. Expect nothing but the most accurate valuations and best prices paid when you go with us. 


Discover, hunt, buy, sell


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