How To Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch In Less Than 24 Hours
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How To Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch In Less Than 24 Hours

How To Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch In Less Than 24 Hours


Hello, Timelords. Today, we want to let you in on how to sell your Patek Philippe watch. It's important to add that what you intend to sell is one of the most influential and innovative brands in horological history. Since 1839, this Swiss giant has strived for greatness, battling through some of the most severe economic downturns from the Wall Street Crash in the 1920s to the Quartz Crisis of the 70s. 

In fact, they released the world's most complicated watch, the ‘Supercomplication’ which had 24 complications during the economic crash and Caliber 89 which became the most complicated watch ever, boasting 33 complications. Talk about laughing in the face of a crisis! Producing approximately 60,000 watches annually, Patek Philippe keeps their supply of watches short and demand very high. We can see why you’d be anxious to sell your watch…such a rare commodity for the best price possible. If you’ll let us allow Chrono Hunter to walk you through our easy guide on how to sell your Patek Philippe.

1. How To Identify The Patek Philippe Reference Numbers Or Serial Numbers


The reference number is crucial if you want to find out exactly what the Patek Philippe model is. The build and production year is key. For watch aficionados out there, you’ll even know that some watches are just known by their reference number. 


Patek Philippe 5711 - Source - Wind Vintage

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Take for example the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 which is so popular that just the reference number gets watch lovers foaming at the mouth. Life can be very easy if you have your documentation that came with your watch as the reference number can easily be located in the set.

If this is not possible, there’s no need to despair. You can always check the back of your models to see the reference number engraved. If you are one of those who bought watches with an exhibition caseback, the reference number is usually found on the inside of the metal circle that surrounds the sapphire crystal caseback. If you want to sell your watch and it has a solid caseback, the reference and case number will be on the inside of the caseback. 

Below are a few examples of reference numbers and their meanings. Trust us, Timelords. We know how complicated it can get!


Digits ending in 300 

Gem-set case with brilliant-cut

Digits ending in 30


Digits ending in 50

Decorated Dial

Digits ending in 400

Gem-set case 

Digits ending in 1

Metal bracelet


For those looking to find their serial number, cast your eyes on the watch's movement. While this is visible, if your watch has an exhibition back, you won't be so fortunate. If it has a solid caseback this will need to be removed by an expert in order to see it clearly. 

2. Collect Necessary Documentation and Packaging


As you’ve realised by our previous articles, we are big lovers of documents, papers and anything information based which can be used as part of the selling process.


Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Travel Time - Source - Patek Philippe

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The truth of the matter is that the watch is worth more if you have a complete set. What this means is that if you have all the original paperwork, the value will increase more compared to submitting it without any relevant documentation. 

Have a really good scour around to see if you can find the box, papers, sales receipt or anything else of note related to your watch. As I’m sure you folks can appreciate, the value of the watch will increase if you have the relevant documentation behind you as it legitimises the watch.  Ranging from warranty cards, boxes and packaging to receipts and service records, it is paramount to retrieve the relevant details and achieve its rightful value. 



Patek Philippe 5990/1A - Source - Watch Collecting

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Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for the certificate of origin. This essentially constitutes a warranty certificate and is handed over when you buy your Patek Philippe from an authorised dealer. This is extremely valuable as no other copies are re-issued by the brand meaning if you have this, you can confirm your Patek watches as a genuine item.

It's not just you that has to have everything organised. Patek Philippe has an ‘Extract from the Archives’ which you can request directly. It may be worth looking into this. That's if you have some left over cash from buying your pricey model! Dating back to 1839, these extracts offer information about your specific model, including the serial number, date sold and even the dial type. However, the archives program costs around £450. This is only applicable if the watch is at least 10 years old. Key tip, you can only order one per year! It's completely up to you if you think that this is worth purchasing.


3. Determine the Market Value of Your Patek Philippe


In the modern era, information is quickly available, especially when you are dealing with such a big brand. It's important you conduct meticulous research into your timepiece to determine the value of your watch and its secondary market price.


5811/1G-001 - Source - Patek Philippe 

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While it's important to gauge how much the retail value of your watch is, chances are that you are looking to sell a pre-owned model. It's also nice to see as usually, your model will have significantly grown past its retail value, especially if you have a very popular model. Hooray for profit! Special models such as the left handed Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph are the ones most likely to have increased in value. Therefore, it's key that you do your due diligence and keep abreast of the prices. 

It’s not just Nautilus models which are sought after. Take, for example, Patek Philippe Calatrava watches which offer a tasteful addition to the good looking gentleman. There are plenty of models out there to make you look the part! Chrono Hunter regularly publishes articles to help you, including info on your model such as Business Watch as well as our regular Newswatch segments. For more information and to ensure you determine the market value of your model, why not look at;


  • auction house listings by Phillips, Sotheby’s and Christie's.
  • Ebay
  • Watchcharts
  • Contacting Chrono Hunter here for a no-obligation estimate of your Patek Philippe.


4. Is It Time To Service My Patek Philippe Watch Before Selling?


This is a good question as most people fall into this trap.

Most people think that servicing their watch is a sure-fire way to sell your Patek Philippe watches because its now spick and span, right? In reality, dealers love originality. We’re talking the nitty gritty details which although you think look unsightly, are key to making a quick sale. If you choose to service your watch, it's important that you clarify it before listing it. If you don't, you could be potentially misleading the buyer which is a risky road to travel. 

If you are unsure as to whether or not the watch has been serviced while in your possession, have a little dig around for any service papers. To summarise in a little rhyme, It's better to know and inform the buyer than not to know and be called a liar. 

This is due to original parts, especially on vintage watches, proving that your prized timepiece is authentic adding bags of legitimacy. If these have been replaced, dealers no longer have faith that your precious watch is entirely original due to it having various parts removed and replaced. Even if the parts are better, authorised dealers are a funny crowd who like to have everything the way it was. 


5. Take Photos Of Your Patek Philippe


It's important that you properly snap good photos. Keep the lighting consistent by getting the photos with enough light. 

Don't go fiddling with the exposure either, all we want is clarity so you can get a clear shot of your watches. For example, if you were to shoot a Patek Philippe 5723/1R-001, as worn by comedian Noah Trevor at this year's Grammys, you wouldn't want the baguette diamonds to be blinding or the 18K rose gold to be dimmed. That's why when you come to sell your watch, make sure you do it properly and with some effort. Take your time and reap the benefits of success when you nail that sale later down the line. 


Patek Philippe 5723/1R-001 - Source - Superwatchman

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6. Receive An Instant Offer from Chrono Hunter


There are many places you can go to in order to try and sell your Patek Philippe watches. You can visit auction houses or venture online to start the ball rolling. The problem with auction houses is that you may end up having one of your watches vastly undersold if your model is not in demand. 

While online sites like Ebay have their pros such as communication with buyers to work out a reasonable price, there’s every chance the buyer could jump out of the deal at the last minute, wasting time and effort. I mean It's a shame when you just want to make a sale. 


May we turn your attention to Chrono Hunter? There are two ways to sell your watch with us; 

  • Enter the details of the model you wish to sell here 
  • Download our app via the Apple and Android marketplace to receive multiple offers within 24 hours from our trusted network of luxury retailers


Utilising our strong portfolio of the best luxury retailers around, it can be even sooner. When you sell any of your watches with us, our premium network of retailers are always on the lookout to buy your Patek Philippe. Our online platform allows you to conduct transactions and accept offers all from the comfort of your smartphone via our dedicated app. You can sell your Patek in two

By entering your details into our simple form here, we can show you why we are so revered by our happy clients. In fact, just take a look at our Trustpilot reviews to see exactly what our enamoured customers have to say about our peerless service. Time to rest your feet, watch peeps and see those offers come streaming in. 




We hope you’ve found this step by step guide useful. Patek Philippe provides phenomenal watches that regularly produce high quality works alongside exquisite craftsmanship for us to salivate over. Feeling like you need to sell your Patek Philippe right away? Feeling the desire to sell your watch the smart way? Let Chrono Hunter sell your watch immediately and let us work our horological magic.


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