MovieWatch: Triple-Wrister Ryan Gosling Wears 3 Vintage Gold TAG Heuer Carreras In New “Barbie” Film
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MovieWatch: Triple-Wrister Ryan Gosling Wears 3 Vintage Gold TAG Heuer Carreras In New “Barbie” Film

MovieWatch: Triple-Wrister Ryan Gosling Wears 3 Vintage Gold TAG Heuer Carreras In New “Barbie” Film


Whether on the F1 race track or on the silver screen, TAG Heuer have been tearing up the rule books, leaping onto the timekeeping scene of late as a luxury brand to take seriously. 

And who are we to argue after the insane debut of the new “Barbie'' movie, shattering all sorts of milestones. From one of the biggest box office opening weekends in history, grossing a stonking £276 million to Greta Gerwig’s major role. 

Source: Radio Times


The Barbie director made history on her own merit for the biggest movie opening weekend ever to be directed by a female. This saw off competition from the likes of The Super Mario Bros movie and every Marvel film released so far in 2023. No matter how much Spidey senses Peter Parker has, it’s still no match for girl power.

Even Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer could not outmuscle the plastic fantastic doll on opening weekend as the internet went almost down with “Barbenheimer” trending across social media. But what of its main protagonist Ryan Gosling? And more to the point, his horological flex? 

Source: TAG Heuer

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The former Hercules star (Yep he was in the panned TV series between 1998 and 1999), pinked out for the Barbie movie with a sparkling array of vintage gold TAG Heuer watches. And if you really want to embrace the “Kenergy” spirit embodied within the film, why not slap on not one but three TAG Heuer watches for good measure. 

Like Ken and Barbie, TAG Heuer and Ryan Gosling have been inseparable since 2021. But you have come here for the watches haven’t you? Here’s everything you need to know about Ken’s horological hat-trick of Carrera watches.

After all…there’s no time like the present. Speaking of which, here comes a spoiler. Look away now if you haven’t seen “Barbie” yet.

SPOILER: When on a trip to the real world alongside his all pink squeeze, played by Margot Robbie, a lady rocks up to Ken (Ryan Gosling), asking him for the time. A rather odd but surprising question given how all the Ken dolls are simply in Barbieland to undertake one task…to admire her with gawking eyes. The theme of patriarchy is prevalent throughout the entire movie which Ken seems to embody on his return by placing three vintage gold watches on his wrist at once. 

WATCH OUT FOR: Without going into further detail to literally spoil the film, Ken is also obsessed with horses and the beach. You Barbiecore fans know what I am talking about.


Ryan Gosling’s Association With TAG Heuer 


"I've learned not to take time for granted. What drives me is knowing that the clock is ticking." Ryan Gosling

The blurb is from the official TAG Heuer website. Make what you want of it but one thing is for certain. There's plenty of Kenergy when it comes to the Canadian’s love affair with the brand. 

Netflix’s The Gray Man With Ryan Gosling Wearing The Carrera Source: Tatler Asia


Since 2021, Ryan Gosling has been a part of TAG Heuer’s lineup as an official brand ambassador with a host of epic performances on the silver screen. The former recipient of the Golden Globe Best Actor for La La Land has appeared in many cinematic tales such as “Behind Every Gray Man, There Is a TAG Heuer Carrera” and “The Chase For Carrera ''.

The latter was a five minute short film marking 60 years of, you guessed it, The Carrera. As for The Gray Man, this worldwide global thriller starring Chris Evans and Regé-Jean Page was a Netflix hit and one of the most popular movies of 2022. And what would such a Hollywood hunk adorn for a stalwart movie of this nature? None other than the legendary Carrera three hands timepiece.

More on that later…all in good time. And so to the gold watches.


Carrera Reference 1158 CHN


Hand selected by Ryan Gosling himself, there are three vintage gold TAG Heuer Carrera watches showcased in Barbie. Whether it’s the gold or the Kenergy within them, it has deep lying connection to the glitz and uber glamour of Ken’s personality and fashion sense.


Reference 1158 CHN, Source: Sotheby’s

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First up is the Carrera reference 1158 CHN from 1971. Considered one of the finest examples of vintage Gold Carreras of all time, we can see why Gosling opted for this glittering bit of arm candy. 

An energetic racing spirit can be seen right across this timepiece, especially when we tell you Jack Heuer had the novel idea of giving it to Formula One icons  Niki Lauda, Mario Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve. Presented on an 18kt Milanese gold bracelet, this is one of the three watches Ryan Gosling flexes in the movie. The flashiness is demonstrated by the OTT gold bracelet, adding a significant cost to the overall price back in the day.

In fact, Heuer went on to describe the Carrera Reference 1158 as a little too “California”. What does that mean precisely? Just a tad ostentatious for the record. Dripping in gold from the crown to the bezel, it puts Spandau Ballet’s hit single to shame. In perfect keeping with the Kenergetic spirit. Is that even a word?? 

Just wait till the internet crashes later!


Carrera Reference 2448 NT


Subtle yet brimming with as much gold as a New York jeweller, is one of the other watches Ryan Gosling flexes…the Carrera reference 2448 NT. 

Reference 2448 NT, Source: TAG Heuer 

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Paying homage to the original model from 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated and Martin Luther King gave his infamous speech, this gold-plated beauty is shown on a black leather strap.

This classic timepiece may not entirely belong to Ken’s lexicon but in the world of Barbie, I guess anything goes! Especially when you are slapping on three vintage Heuers at the same time. Too flashy as an everydayer, it is kitted out with faceted lugs, a black dial not to mention gold hands and markers. This novelty offers bags of vintage vibes that simply ooze Kenergy! 

Fitting perfectly into Ken’s garish yet contemporary wardrobe, this 1960s horological blast from the past is full of vigour, sporty looks and sports a flash of gold. Featuring traditional characteristics, we see Gosling flex three watches at once, namely reference 1158 and reference 2448 on the right wrist, while the left wrist is solely reserved for reference 110.515. 

Perfect timing as this is the final in our trilogy of vintage gold watches we spotted in the Barbie movie. 


Carrera Reference 110.515


Introduced originally in 1974, reference 110.515 is another gold-plated box of timekeeping treats for hardcore vintage fans. 

Reference 110.515. Source: TAG Heuer 

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Complete with a barrel-shaped case, this novelty is given a sunray-brushed dial and a Côtes de Genėva finish. As 70’s as avocado bathrooms, Smash instant potato and prawn cocktails, reference 110.515 is powered by the in-house calibre 12, beating away at 21,600Vph. 

This was an upgrade on the previous calibre 11 which only pulsated at a paltry 19,800Vph and now delivered far greater levels of precision and accuracy. 




Paying homage to one of the biggest selling dolls in history, Barbiecore symbolises and captures everything that is vibrant regarding the plastic doll’s hot pink demure. Capturing the true essence of her pink couture and hue, Barbiecore has maxed out every social media platform and trend to the point of meltdown since 2022. 

Source: Getty Images


And even before this movie was released, Ryan Gosling was pinked out to the nines thanks to the signature three handed Carerra, in what else…pink. Recently unveiled by TAG Heuer, the new Carrera date with upgraded calibre was the latest red (correction, pink) carpet contender at the launch of the Barbie premiere in mid-July. 

A sure fire winner for one of the most popular colourful watches, the ultra sleek pink reference WBN2313.BA0001 has turned into one of the hottest watch dials of 2023. 

Source: TAG Heuer 

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Released at Watches and Wonders 2023, the Carrera collection is so called after the iconic Panamericana race, debuting in 1950. Stretching across a gruelling Mexican landscape covering 3000-plus kilometres, this model is the inspiration behind Gosling’s latest slinky number. 

And together with the unveiling of the new Monaco Chronograph Skeleton, the oh so popular premium 39mm Glassbox and the Plasma Diamant D’Avant Garde, complete with lab-grown diamonds, this Swiss watchmaker isn’t pulling the brakes on their luxury novelties this year. 

Measuring 36mm in line with horophiles' unwavering demands for slimmer watches, it provides 50 metres of water resistance, sapphire steel caseback, calibre 7 automatic calibre and a weekend-proof 56 hour power reserve. 

As of August 2023, why not enjoy the Ryan Gosling look and buy a TAG Heuer Carrera date with a pouting pink dial for £2,750? Forget green dials or salmon dials. Pink is very much on trend and on point…the hotter the hue the better. With the Barbie marketing machine in overdrive, this is without a doubt the timepiece of the moment.




It seems fashion and pop culture has been awash with Barbiecore fever gripping both the internet and the streets, spawning the term Kenergy that has catapulted this turn of phrase to stratospheric heights. 

Another claim to fame is the actor’s pay packet for Barbie, believed to be just as out of this world…and to the sweet tune of circa £11 million. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling was revealed recently as the highest-paid actor on the planet to endorse TAG Heuer watches. 

Now, to experienced enthusiasts and devoted timelords, we all know about the phenomenon of double wristing, made famous by Prince William, Diego Maradona and wait for it…Fidel Castro. But perhaps this time round we are seeing Ken create a new craze all on his own. Triple-wristing! Move over double wristing, there’s a new horological trend in town

Source: Twitter

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That’s right time peeps, he’s not the only one getting in on the horological act. In fact, Buzz Aldrin (of said Speedmaster fame…you know the one that went to the moon) was pictured wearing three watches at once. 

We don’t know what looks tastier, his wholesome eggs sunny side up or his wonderful wrist flex! Though when questioned about this latest flex show his response was as cryptic as the riddle of the Sphinx declaring; 

“See, you need an odd number in case there is a discrepancy so you can sort out which one is what

At 93 years old, this important old timer is still making horological headlines all by himself. It just goes to show that every second counts.



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