Question Time: What Is The Best Way To Value Your Vacheron Constantin Watch?
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Question Time: What Is The Best Way To Value Your Vacheron Constantin Watch?

Question Time: What Is The Best Way To Value Your Vacheron Constantin Watch?


So, you’ve made the executive decision to sell your Vacheron Constantin timepiece. You’ve thought long and hard about the beauty of it and decided that although it's one of the greatest watches you will ever own, you simply have to sell it. May we say, Timelords. That's not a bad problem to have! 

Especially if you intend to sell your watch through Chrono Hunter. Chrono Hunter prides itself on using the most reputable luxury retailers around to obtain the best possible price. That cannot be guaranteed if you go elsewhere on the grey market or eBay sellers as you could be subject to some dodgy valuations which put their interests ahead of yours. 

We are sure you already know the value that Vacheron Constantin watches have the potential to garner value. With an eclectic history stemming back to 1775, the brand resides in the ‘holy trinity’ of watches with Swiss stalwarts Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. They have been strong innovators in the horological world too. Creating the world's first watch complication in 1790 and the most complicated mechanical watch ever made, with 57 complications in 2015, the Reference 57260. 

Vacheron Constantin’s skill and craftsmanship span well over two centuries and as such, it’s only fair that you get the right value for a brand that's exceptionally well regarded. Without further ado, join Chrono Hunter as we discuss the best way to value your Vacheron Constantin watch. 


How To Verify Your Vacheron Constantin Watch


We appreciate that this may be a bizarre question to ask when talking about the value of your timepiece.  


Geneva Seal - Source - 1stDibs

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We hear statements like ‘Of course it’s legitimate! It was a family heirloom!’ or ‘The fella I bought it off is very reliable!’ all the time. While we hope that your watch is legitimate, the best bet is to confirm it by running through a series of checks:  


  1. First, check whether or not the watch runs well. If the watch jitters or frequently loses or gains time by a large margin, you can be sure that you have landed on a dud watch and it will more than likely not hold its value.  
  2. The Canton of Geneva stamp is an instant sign of a legitimate watch. If you can, open the watch and check if you can see the seal for yourself. If it’s there, the watch will certainly gain value. 
  3. Keeping with the theme of stamps, check the movement for a Hallmark of Geneva stamp. The Hallmark of Geneva stamp ensures the legitimacy of the watch as it has gone through rigorous testing to be awarded such a prestige mark, improving the value of the timepiece.  
  4. If you are really unsure, you can get your hands on a certificate of Authenticity from Vacheron Constantin themselves. Professionals will open up the piece and if it's legitimate, will grant you a certificate, allowing you to certify it to the buyer.
  5. Papers please! Check you have a Certificate of Authenticity, a warranty certificate, an instruction leaflet and a certificate of origin. A sales receipt is just as vital in this case. These documents will ensure the quality of your watch not to mention its authenticity.


Wouldn't it be a shame if you sell a Vacheron Constantin like a Traditionnelle Tourbillon from this year's Watches and Wonders 2023 and find that it was missing a Canton of Geneva stamp or worse still, you don’t have any papers or relevant documents?


Check The Serial Number Of Your Vacheron Constantin Watch


The serial number not only certifies the legitimacy of the watch, but it also allows you a direct insight into the value of such a timepiece!


Vacheron Constantin Movement - Source - Professional Watches 

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You can find the serial number on the inside of the watch's caseback, directly next to the Hallmark of Geneva. Simply take a look at the movement and you should be able to see it. Now, let's talk about money! 

While every watch has great value in their own special way, it's typically understood that the rarer watches or the more vintage editions do tend to yield more value. This is predominantly due to demand vastly exceeding supply, resulting in its value rocketing!

Here is a handy table showing a few model numbers and their relevant dates; 



Serial Number












The simple answer is, if you have a model which is older, you are more likely to yield more value from it as its discontinuation and exclusivity means it's rarer to find on the market and thus supply is likely to be significantly lower in comparison with its newer counterparts. Like the Tortoise and The Hare, it’s an old adage of supply and demand.


Examine The Condition Of Your Vacheron Constantin Watch


The value of your watch is highly dependent on the condition your watch is in. 


Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph - Source: Vacheron Constantin

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If you have dug your watch out of a drawer, it may have a few abrasions, bumps or scratches on it. Therefore, it will not look as shiny and be in as good a condition as the first day you locked eyes on it. While this isn't catastrophic for your VC watch, it may deter a few of the neat freaks away from a potential sale, or, result in your watch selling for a lower value due to its poor condition.  

It may be worth getting your watch serviced by a professional in order to restore it to its original condition. Take for example the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph. Crafted out of 18K 5N pink gold case, the watch exudes refinement and quality. After a dust up with the walls and the floor however, it may start to lose its shine and not beam as its former glorious self. Therefore, it is essential you take it to a professional who will thoroughly clean the watch and make sure it's back to its best condition!

Another point to keep an eye out for is the condition of the bracelet. While it has the potential to lose its shine, it may also encounter a loss of tautness and in some instances, parts of the bracelet may be missing or broken such as links or a faulty clasp. This is not ideal in terms of value when you sell your Vacheron Constantin as its poor condition can impact its value. 

It is just as important to check the condition of the movement. Possibly the most essential part of the watch, make sure it is running at a phenomenal standard as to be expected of countless watches. This means as long as the watch is keeping solid accuracy, there’s no jolting of the seconds hand and the crown can be turned and altered without falling off or sticking. 

Keep the watch in great condition and you will more than likely stand to yield an appropriate price!


Check Key Documentation 


Your watch is running well and you are sure it's a genuine watch in great condition. It must have phenomenal value, right?


Box and Papers - Source - The Watch Club

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The next thing to do is check that you have the relevant paperwork and box with you. This means the exact paperwork and box that came with your watch if you have it. These papers are a key factor in verifying the authenticity of the timepiece which is imperative regarding the watches value and authenticity. 


Your watch may increase in value if you have a complete set i.e. your box and papers complete as it assures the buyer that it's genuine. This means the buyer is more likely to pay a little extra for the confirmation. 


While it’s not a terrible thing if you have lost these items, it may affect the value of your watch and put you in a tricky position when you decide to sell your Vacheron Constantin. You can always apply for the Certificate of Authenticity which at least reassures the buyer that the watch is genuine and can therefore slightly increase the value of the timepiece. 


How Important Are Materials In Your Vacheron Constantin?


Materials in the horological world can be defined as metal, rubber, carbon fibre etc. There really are no bounds!


Tour de I’lle - Source - GPHG 

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While there’s such a rich variety, Vacheron Constantin tends to go with the better materials which are more durable, luxurious and have more value. Take for example the Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222. Crafted out of 18K 3N yellow gold, the precious metal makes up its case and its integrated bracelet. There’s a reason why Micheal B Jordan and Chris Paul wear this bad boy! You can buy a Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 at retail for £66,500 at the time of writing. 

This isn't an isolated example either. Take for example The Tour de L’île which is capped at 7 pieces in celebration of the 250th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. Crafted out of pink gold, you could buy a Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’île originally at retail for £1.2 million. They also utilise platinum in their latest releases during Watches and Wonders 2023 in the form of the Patrimony Retrograde, blending the metal with a beautiful salmon dial. 

Vacheron Constantin tends to delve into the precious metal options because they look stunning and offer a sublime condition when looked after. You can be sure that if you land on a model with a precious metal, you will more than likely be able to sell it for more than its stainless steel counterpart. 


Does Vacheron Constantin Hold Value?


Studying the horological markets like Warren Buffet may not appeal to everyone. It does however help you when you are looking to sell your Vacheron Constantin!


Vacheron Constantin Métiers D’Art - Source - Vacheron Constantin 

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It’s important to be realistic though gents. The watch you bought for £13,000 isn't likely going to sell for £200,000. This is why it's important to check the markets to see how your model is faring in regard to other identical models in similar conditions. There are many ways you can do this including;


  • Looking through the listings on eBay,
  • Checking the latest market prices on Watch Charts,
  • Having a chat with us here!


Take for example the Vacheron Constantin Panda Dial Overseas Chronograph. While you could sell a Vacheron Constantin Panda Dial Overseas Chronograph at retail for £31,200 at the time of writing, it sells on the secondary market for around £34,000. This is to be expected as most watches do increase in value due to their brilliant reputation, exquisite craftsmanship, luxury materials, low production rate (20,000 watches)  and intricate design. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean it will vastly increase in value.

You may be lucky however and land on a model which is extremely rare. Take for example the Metier d’Arts collection which are all limited edition and are therefore more likely to jump in value due to their rarity. In essence, you need to do all of the above…or you could just contact Chrono Hunter to ascertain the true value of your watch. Our team has an understanding of these watches like no other. 

Besides, you don't want to overvalue your beloved watch and have no one buy it. You also don't want to undervalue it and lose out on a better deal. Do your research and trust us as your go-to source! Now, if you are looking for a little more guidance on how to properly value your watch, why not take peruse of our sell your watch page in order to glean exactly what you could be entitled to.




Well then, Timelords. The midnight hour has struck and we are feeling the selling fever ourselves! If you sell your Vacheron Constantin with Chrono Hunter, you can guarantee that you have the right support behind you across the safest and most secure platform! Make sure you properly research your watch, check you have a legitimate model with documents and ensure your timepiece is looking spick and span for the marketplace. Only then will you achieve the value you deserve!

Is it time to sell a Vacheron Constantin? Selling your watch has never been easier when using ChronoHunter. We are your number 1 platform when you wish to buy a watch or sell a watch. Save your precious minutes and contact us today to see exactly why we are revered for our peerless service and expertise. Speak to us for a no-obligation estimate and sell your watch to one of our established portal of trusted luxury retailers who will provide the best possible deals and price. Join our timekeeping revolution today!


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