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At Chrono Hunter, we ensure you only receive the best deals possible. By selling your watch to our trusted network of luxury watch retailers, we deliver nothing but the top prices paid according to its true market valuation.


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As opposed to open marketplaces, inexperienced sellers and untrustworthy sales platforms, Chrono Hunter ensures you deal directly with the most highly respected luxury retailers.


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Selling your Vacheron Constantin with Chrono Hunter allows you the option to choose from a range of offers. You get to choose the best one for you and allow you to retain full control of the sale.


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Selling your Vacheron Constantin with Chrono Hunter allows you the option to choose from a range of offers. You get to choose the best one for you and allow you to retain full control of the sale.


We understand your concerns about receiving the best possible figure for your Vacheron Constantin watch. As opposed to searching around for the best deals possible on the street, why don’t we ensure that you get in contact with a highly credible source?

Boasting a great deal of knowledge and expertise, Chrono Hunter has established very close relationships with the most highly regarded retailers around.

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Our clientele ranges from first time buyers to experienced collectors. We allow you to liaise directly with knowledgeable luxury watch retailers, as opposed to members of the public or other non-credible sources. Our highly secure platform ensures that you can conduct your transaction with consummate ease, alongside your deal being closely monitored by our own team. 

Browse our Trustpilot reviews here to discover the many reasons why clients rate our exceptional service so highly and why they choose to return. 


You can easily become overwhelmed by the number of options behind selling your Vacheron Constantin. So, Chrono Hunter has taken the time to procure and develop the most efficient, seamless and hassle free way! 

We allow you the best route to sell your watch swiftly and in a highly trustworthy atmosphere. You have the opportunity to receive a range of offers for your watch from our extensive portfolio of verified luxury watch retailers. We typically aim to get your watch receiving offers in less than 24 hours.

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Introduced in 1996, the Overseas collection is famed for the iconic Maltese design along the lugs which is composed of eight points. 

Inspired by the classical 222 styling from 1977 as designed by Jörg Hysek, when you want to sell a Vacheron Constantin, they come in a range of materials including steel, pink gold, white gold and titanium

Noted for dials ranging from skeletonised to beautiful perpetual calendar complications, these are very desirable styles that have the potential to not only hold value but surpass it when you sell your Vacheron Constantin

Willing to sell your Vacheron Constantin Overseas for the best prices paid? Sell the smart way with Chrono Hunter and utilise our abundance of the top luxury retailers to receive multiple offers, quick turnaround and instant cash quickly (subject to an inspection of the watch, we are the number one place to sell your Vacheron Constantin quickly. 


Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

Launched in 2004, The Patrimony collection takes its design cues from the 1950s design codes. 

Uncompromising excellence, they are constructed into circular cases in the ultimate dress watch design, this is a great option for anyone looking to sell a Vacheron Constantin. It’s highly original design and minimalist design allows the watch to have both soft curvature and slender finishes. With a finesse many aspire to, at the heart of each Patrimony timepiece lies a meticulously crafted movement, often decorated with intricate finishing and inspirational Haute Horlogerie techniques. 

Whether powered by manual-winding or automatic mechanisms, these movements exemplify Vacheron Constantin's dedication to precision and performance. The Patrimony collection encompasses a range of models, from simple three-hand watches to more complex complications such as chronographs, perpetual calendars, and tourbillons

Despite the diversity within the collection, every Patrimony watch exudes a sense of harmony and balance, reflecting the brand's mastery of design and proportion.

One of the defining characteristics of the Patrimony series is its emphasis on discretion and nothing but the purest refinement.

Available in white gold, pink gold, yellow gold and platinum, this collection with its exquisite metal is ideal for those looking to sell a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony. The salmon dialled Retrograde Day-Date displays the potential complexity that these pieces have. 

Chrono Hunter recommends that you sell your Vacheron Constantin Patrimony as it's a high quality collection with a lot of resale potential behind it. Sell yours the smart way and safely on our highly secure platform that offers a range of excellent retailers waiting to give you the best offers. 


Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle is one of the ultimate lines from the brand. 

Taking inspiration from the Geneva Haute Horlogerie back in the 18th Century, the watches continue the circular case style that has followed the horological brand across most of their collections. 

Drawing inspiration from Vacheron Constantin's storied past, the Traditionnelle collection pays homage to the iconic principles of watchmaking while incorporating contemporary innovations. Each timepiece in this esteemed collection showcases the brand's dedication to preserving horological traditions while pushing the boundaries of technical innovation.

Oozing refinement and poise, the design language of the Traditionnelle series is characterised by its understated elegance and timeless aesthetic. With clean lines, refined proportions, and attention to detail, these watches exude a sense of sophistication and refinement. The dials are often adorned with classic elements such as Roman numerals, leaf-shaped hands, and delicate guilloché patterns, further enhancing the collection's timeless appeal.

Opting to sell your Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle may be a wise choice as they have been constantly popular. Featuring classic matte dials to Mother-of-Pearl finishes, the watches are built into various case materials, including pink gold, white gold and platinum.  

Featuring tourbillons, perpetual calendars, chronographs and complete calendars, you can sell a Vacheron Constantin with the knowledge that it delivers first rate technical prowess with enduring capabilities. 

Have you considered questions such as where do I go to sell my Vacheron Constantin or how do I sell my Vacheron for the best price? Chrono Hunter is the go-to platform to ensure you sell your Vacheron Constantin swiftly and securely. Featuring multiple retailers that can offer exceptional deals for your timepiece, you can be assured of the best offers possible and a speedy turnaround, saving you both time and money


Vacheron Constantin Historiques

The Historiques line is arguably the brand's most unique series, reinterpreting classic designs with a contemporary flair, marrying tradition with modernity in horological form.

Steeped in history, it offers a contemporary play on the vintage styled timepieces, they are noted for 45 degree angle dials. Quality and impeccable refinement is found within every timepiece. This means the Roman numerals and the complications are tilted to allow you instant access with a simple glance of the wrist.

From advanced movements with improved accuracy and reliability to innovative materials that offer enhanced durability, the Historiques collection represents the perfect fusion of tradition and progress.

Perfect for aficionados, there are some more ‘normal’ models which have classic dials with calendar complications, Roman numeral hands and tachymetric scales. Available in materials like steel, pink gold and white gold, the dials are displayed mostly in silver, aside from the brilliant Historiques 222 in yellow gold


Designed by Jörg Hysek, the watches feature a cog style bezel alongside a beautifully tapered case and a Maltese cross emblem residing at 5 o’clock. Feeling empowered to sell your Vacheron Constantin? Want to achieve the best prices paid when you sell your Vacheron Constantin.

Chrono Hunter offers the best deals via our rich portfolio of luxury retailers thanks to our secure platform. Understanding the market like no other with true market value figures, we provide no-obligation estimates to customers should they choose to sell a Vacheron Constantin and would like a valuation in no time.


Vacheron Constantin FiftySix

Merging contemporary design with vintage-inspired elements. Introduced in 2018, the FiftySix collection pays homage to the iconic reference 6073, launched in 1956, while infusing it with a fresh perspective and innovative features.The watches are noted for a segmented dial which splits Arabic hour markers into “boxes”. 

Characterised by its distinctive blend of classic elegance and casual sophistication, the FiftySix collection appeals to a new generation of watch enthusiasts seeking a timepiece that effortlessly transitions between special occasions and more informal settings. Available on a range of leather straps and bracelets, watches like the Fifty Six tourbillon offer a rose gold case with a stunning skeletonised tourbillon. 

In addition to this, many models feature sapphire crystal casebacks, allowing the wearer to admire the intricate movement within, while others boast water resistance and anti-magnetic properties for added durability and reliability.

Derived from a range of materials like pink gold and steel, the dials come in silver, brown and navy blue. Furthermore, the watches feature technical complications like complete calendars, tourbillons and day-dates. This is a very popular collection that could yield a solid resale figure, if you decide to sell your Vacheron Constantin

So, do you want to sell your Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix? Chrono Hunter puts you in control when it comes to your sale. Benefit from numerous offers from our carefully curated selection of luxury retailers and keep track of proposals through our live portal available on our dedicated app. 

Simply choose the offer that suits you best and conclude the deal with the retailer directly. Discuss your requirements with ease by contacting our team here. Offering a swift turnaround, avoid the pitfalls of selling independently or on an open marketplace which is prone to scams or timewasters. Chrono Hunter fully understands the significance of such a high value sale.  

If you make the choice to sell your Vacheron Constantin FiftySix, Chrono Hunter is the best option to sell with. Capable of swiftly selling your timepiece with the best service around, we are the smart way to sell your Vacheron Constantin.


Vacheron Constantin Métiers D'art

The Métiers D'art is Vacheron Constantin’s ultimate platform for creativity. Selling a Vacheron Constantin Métiers D'art is to leave conventional watchmaking and sync together elements of fine art, history and culture. 

Vacheron Constantin's Métiers d'Art collection stands as a testament to the brand's mastery of artistic craftsmanship and dedication to preserving centuries-old decorative arts. Renowned for its exquisite enamel work, engraving, guilloché, and gem-setting techniques, the Métiers d'Art series showcases the pinnacle of Haute Horlogerie as wearable works of luxury refinery.

One of the defining features of the Métiers d'Art collection is its use of rare and traditional decorative techniques. Enamel painting, for example, involves applying layers of powdered glass onto a metal surface and firing them at high temperatures to create vivid and enduring colours. Guilloché, on the other hand, involves intricate engraving and embossing techniques that add depth and texture to the dial.

The themes explored in the Métiers d'Art collection are as diverse as they are captivating. From nature-inspired motifs like flora and fauna to cultural and historical themes drawn from art, literature, and mythology, each watch tells a story through its meticulously crafted design. Whether depicting a delicate floral pattern, a majestic wildlife scene, or an intricate geometric motif, the Métiers d'Art watches are as visually stunning as they are technically impressive.

This particular lineup goes beyond telling the time. Crafted from precious metals and adorned with precious gemstones, each Métiers d'Art timepiece is a true masterpiece of luxury and exclusivity. Made only by the best craftsmen in Vacheron Constantin’s Maisons, the watches stem from the Great Civilisations line like the Grand Sphinx de Tanis and The Legend of The Chinese Zodiac like the Year of the Rabbit model. 

Available in a range of materials like pink gold, white gold and platinum, the dials combine a variety of finishes, including guilloché with large emblems relating to each line.These watches are often produced in limited numbers, making them highly sought-after among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Available on red, brown and black leather straps, do you want to sell your Vacheron Constantin Métiers D'art? Chrono Hunter allows you to sell your Vacheron Constantin the smart way. Simply list the watch you are interested in selling and our plethora of highly respected luxury retailers will offer you the best deals around. Receive the best service for an exceptionally quick transaction.