The 2023 Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 Watch
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The 2023 Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 Watch

New From Grand Seiko: The 2023 Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 Watch


  • Off the back of their first mechanical complication introduced at Watches and Wonders 2022, the Japanese giant unveils their first ever mechanical chronograph.
  • Part of the Evolution 9 collection, The Tentagraph tantalises horophiles with this new sporty number.
  • First rate watchmaking and precision are again at the forefront of this exclusive model with its impeccable movement.


The Importance Of Spring Drive Movements


There should now be a spring in your step. Especially that Summer is in full swing and the clocks have moved forward. And this is exactly the case with Grand Seiko and their first rate movements which are as high tempo as a David Guetta track. Their horological reputation has gone together with producing an array of movements in the sector. 


Calibre 9F, Source: Grand Seiko

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From the highly revered calibre 9F, the granddaddy of quartz movements to the 9S85 Grand Seiko pushes many timekeeper buttons as they ascend the Haute Horlogerie ladder to success. And then there’s the Spring Drive. Taking nearly three decades to create, many in inner watch circles doth their hat to this example of craftsmanship. Be it manual or self-wound, premium accuracy of one second a day accuracy can be found across both Spring Drive movements thanks to amazing technological advancements. 


Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001


SBGC001, Source: Watchcharts

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Another well respected watch attached to the Spring Drive name is the SBGC001. Introduced in 2007, we see many time peeps coming back to this particular model. And why does it draw people like bees to a hive? The Spring Drive innovation of course! The epitome of watchmaking freedom, it scores highly on detail, its evergreen use, the dial, comfort on the wrist, top notch stainless steel and finishing. It’s what makes the brand so unique especially at this type of price point if you are looking to buy a Grand Seiko.


Personality Of The Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001


Is it an everyday driver? Perhaps. Is it sporty chic? Most likely. Will it make you want to drop your wallet and buy a Grand Seiko Tentagraph? Let’s see. 

Source: Grand Seiko

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Composed of titanium, the Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 is more than equipped to take on your everyday bumps and knicks. Measuring 43.2mm with a ceramic bezel, you will find the standard dial formation located at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. If you are a traditionalist then get your horological bunting out as you will enjoy this classic sports watch. There is a date aperture at 4:30 while we like the rather interesting chronograph pushers which are a little more uncommon and are set nicely into the case profile. Mind you, although the lugs are sleek they are a tad too long for us on the wrist. 

In spite of the titanium lightness, you will certainly know you’ll be wearing The Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 that’s for sure. Ergonomic it may be but suffice it to say I wouldn't wear it as part of your office attire. Far too bulky and cumbersome for our liking especially when paired with a double cuffed shirt. But it’s the chronograph that we are here for right? Thirsty Grand Seiko lovers have finally had their timekeeping prayers answered in the form of The Tentagraph and its ornate caseback.


Source: Grand Seiko

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Made of sapphire crystal, look through the looking glass and you will find on the underside of the watch what you are looking for. The calibre 9SC5. Now put your tongues back in for a second timelords! Elegant and subtle, it looks pricier on the surface with plenty of polishing going on thanks to the bevels and screws. Props to the polished subdials and chrono pushers with its tidy bevelled edges not to mention the brands’ logo situated on the crown.


What We Like: 

The sapphire crystal caseback

High intensity titanium

Ceramic bezel

The polished finished surfaces leading to different shades of light and glean


Don’t Miss A Beat With The Calibre 9SC5


Fresh for 2023 is the showstopper behind the Tentagraph Chronograph watch - The calibre 9SC5. Based on the previous calibre 9SA5, it has made history as their first ever mechanical chronograph watch. Beating at 5Hz, the calibre 9SA5 features the brand spanking new dual impulse escapement. Pulsating away at an impressive ten times every second, this has to go down as one of the best chronograph watches for men in this category.

Source: Grand Seiko

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Nothing but the highest accuracy is guaranteed, giving you the opportunity to measure all manner of elements such as elapsed time. Plus you can keep time ticking for up to three days with its two barrels and energy conserving escapement. This ensures you have enough time in the tank for that weekend getaway or surprise anniversary trip. But you’ll soon be falling in love with this beauty thanks to its rigorous and time defying testing. 

Not only is the time of day measured to the nth degree in half a dozen different positions over a period of more than a fortnight, extra testing is performed. This is conducted by way of when the chronograph is functioning and is checked in three separate positions. With more testing than an Oxbridge examination, the Tentagraph is put through its horological paces for a total of nearly three weeks to satisfy its accuracy levels of +5 to -3 seconds daily.

And we ain't even done yet. How about MEMS technology maintaining the robust escapement parts, vertical clutch and column wheel? Time for a rest? Not quite yet. All this lends itself to a true testament of a premium quality and contemporary chronograph extending the power reserve to its fullest potential. Bravo Grand Seiko!


What We Like: 

72 hour power reserve

10 beat, 5Hz chronograph 

No sudden hand shudders thanks to the vertical clutch

Outstanding accuracy and control while in operation


Dial M For Mount Iwate


Feeling blue? You need not be when you buy a Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001. Particularly when I divulge to you loyal watch fans about the signature Mt. Iwate blue dial pattern. Synonymous with Grand Seiko since 2006, the blue dial hue is as famous as David Beckham's association with Tudor.


Source: Grand Seiko

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This is of course draws its inspiration from the mountainous landscape nestled outside the iconic Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi where each mechanical timepiece including the Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 are produced by hand. And it is this close affiliation that attracts enthusiasts again and again when they decide to buy a Grand Seiko

This understated blue accent is as serene as a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. The ridged blue dial emanating Mount Iwate is particularly captivating with its ever changing sheen depending on the light. Oh did you not know about the stunning green Mount Iwate dial? This achieved success at GPHG 2014 by winning the “Petite Aiguille” award and alongside its legendary “Snowflake” face has really put Grand Seiko on the horological map. So what else can we highlight about the blue dial that will whip you into a frenzy? 


Source: Grand Seiko

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There’s a miniscule seconds counter located at 3 o’clock, 30 minute chronograph counter situated at 9 o’clock and 12 hour chronograph at 6 o’clock. Don’t forget the indexes, minute and hour hands coated with their signature Lumibrite material allowing excellent visibility and wow factor legibility. Watch out for the blue disc that compliments the same blue accent found on the signature Mount Iwate dial


What’s Our View?


The Japanese brand has been slowly growing in popularity due to its innovation and timekeeping spirit. Sure it’s not a sought after Rolex Daytona or a timeless Cartier Tank. Nevertheless, it has enough legs to make it a strong timekeeping contender in the chronograph category. Thanks to refinement, Zaratsu style polishing and finishing, many of their calibres including the famed 9SA5 has taken Grand Seiko to new levels of Haute Horlogerie and craftsmanship.

The strong reserve, exhibition case back, high-powered movement and that old adage, the iconic Mt. Iwate blue dial makes The GS Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 a winner with many enthusiasts. And the dial clarity rates just as highly with us. But Grand Seiko doesn’t cut corners as can be clearly seen in the high-intensity titanium ensuring feather light properties on this particular timepiece. 

Not available until June 2023, watch peeps can buy a Grand Seiko Tentagraph Chronograph SLGC001 for the RRP of £12,500 at the time of writing.




Tentagraph is a tad bizarre in terms of the title of this watch but this does not detract from the classic aesthetics and cool chronograph that GS has delivered. Overall, The Grand Seiko Tentagraph SLGC001 is lightweight on the wrist, pulsates more than Usain Bolt running the 100 metres and enjoys plenty of top specs and materials. 

Many may plump for the popular Spring Drive chronograph watch which is a third less at retail at £8,950. Talking of which, what is going on with the rather fat hour hand on this new model?! Yet, many will admire the 10 beat frequency, exquisite precision and new 9SC5 calibre taking the brand almost to the very peak of the horological mountain.

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