Tom Brady & John Mayer Have Just Made The New Rolex Day-Date “ Puzzle Dial” Grail Worthy
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Tom Brady & John Mayer Have Just Made The New Rolex Day-Date “ Puzzle Dial” Grail Worthy

Tom Brady & John Mayer Have Just Made The New Rolex Day-Date “ Puzzle Dial” Grail Worthy


Oh, it’s that time again. You know, the one about the latest purchases from hardcore watch nerds and horological trend setters Tom Brady and John Mayer. Yes, they have been out and about doing their timekeeping thing with the new Rolex Day-Date “Puzzle Dial '', flexing them on this and the other side of the pond last month. 

Between them, their collections run into the millions, if not tens of millions of pounds. Silly money you may say but these two American giants of the sporting and music world know their horological beans. Let’s take a quick wrist check before we dive in. Firstly, the “Gravity” singer owns among many watches the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Music Edition ref. 15601BC. 

This is kind of like AP’s answer to the emoji watch whereby the hallmark Tapisserie dial is transformed into a distinctive music equaliser display. A match better than Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal in one of the longest ever Wimbledon Finals in history. 

John Mayer strumming along with the AP Music Edition ref. 15601BC, Source: Instagram

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Other novelties  in his storied collection feature a Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A in Olive Green, a discontinued Rolex GMT-Master II 11670LN with black dial and many vintage Daytona watches such as the highly revered reference 6263 in both gold and steel. Potentially fetching millions if sold, why have one when you can double the fun! 

In fact Mayer has around 30 watches in his lineup housing many from top luxury brands such as the Aquanaut Travel Time, The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5270G and an IWC Big Pilot 5002. Heck everyone loves a Big Pilot nowadays especially from such a major influencer in the pilot world. As for NFL Hall of Famer and 7 time SuperBowl winner Tom Brady, well his collection doesn’t disappoint either. 

With more luxury than Claridges Hotel, it is jam packed with a whole heap of Audemars Piguet watches, a Limited Edition TAG Heuer Tom Brady Carrera Ref. CAR201R.FT6120 and a very special IWC Big Pilot ref IW500922 Piece Unique, presented to him in 2017 by none other than Johann Rupert, Chairman of Richemont who just so happened to be the owner of IWC


Tom Brady sporting a Big Pilot Chronograph, Source: IWC

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This was given to Brady after he led the Patriots to an overtime victory against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl 51. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. We are referring to the timepiece of course! 

Let’s face it…you are here for the “Puzzle Dial” right? If that hasn’t got you salivating enough in terms of luxury watches then we have saved the best for last. 


Where Was The 36mm Day-Date Emoji Watch First Spotted?


Not on the wrists of John Mayer or Tom Brady actually but at Watches and Wonders 2023. This timepiece caused more of a wave than a Rolex Submariner no date or dare we say it…the Moonswatch


Source: Rolex

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There were all sorts of releases to shake your timekeeping stick at. From lab grown diamonds as seen in the TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma Diamant d'Avant-Garde Chronograph Tourbillon to a green dial Kermit Oris with everyone’s favourite Muppet, there was an array of releases to sink a swamp let alone a ship.  

Yet one of the main unveilings that everyone wanted to walk the plank for was the Rolex Day-Date Emoji…sans days of the week and sans date.  

More on that in good time.


Where Did Tom Brady Wear The New 36mm Day-Date Emoji?


The former New England Patriots star was enjoying a late summer’s afternoon Day-Date of his own…at Birmingham City Football Club. You heard us right. Tom Brady was ready to kick off in an altogether different light. 

 Source: Getty Images

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Not quite the home of football (or soccer as Brady would no doubt call it) but this Championship side has a host of impressive stats to rival Brady himself.  

Former players include Trevor Francis, the first £1 million player, local lad Bob Latchford who scored 68 goals and most notably Jude Bellingham. The former midfielder signed in July 2023 on the dotted line in a near £90 million transfer for arguably the best team in Europe - 14 Time Champions League winners Real Madrid.  

So what exactly was Tom Brady doing in the stands at this run of the mill club located in the Midlands? Turns out that he now has a minority stake in the club! He was captured flexing the 

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36mm in Rolexs own Everose gold while attending a home fixture against Leeds United. With more drama than a penalty shoot-out, you couldn’t write this script. 

Looking dapper both on and off the pitch, Brady should have presented the Puzzle Dial in orange to the players rather than himself. It would have gotten a bigger pop from the fans. Dressed in shades and a smart Colombo Esque trench coat, the Emoji watch made its presence known in the terraces and on Brady's wrist, which until now was proving more elusive than Lord Lucan.  

As per the infamous words of legendary football commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme, a few seconds before Geoff Hurst scored his hat trick goal to beat West Germany 4-2 in the 1966 World Cup Final; 

And there's some people running on the pitch…they think it’s all over…It is now.   

Well, not quite just yet. 


Where Did John Mayer Wear The New 36mm Day-Date Emoji?


This may be a Marmite piece to some, but not for John Mayer. This watch nerd is at the top of horological trends and again, it looks as though he has set another one by rocking this new “Puzzle Dial.” 


John Mayer kitted out in the “Puzzle Dial”,  Source: Instagram/Oracle Time

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Purchased at Fourtané Jewelers in California, Mayer picked up his elusive piece in a turquoise dial while rocking a Daytona ref. 6263, marked with a Tiffany stamp…as you do. Not in keeping with his usual sporty aesthetic look, the musician has gone all out emoji with this newest offering from Rolex

Although this may be puzzling to some, it is certainly not to a timekeeping trailblazer like John Mayer. He has constantly gone against the collector grain and is as shrewd as they come regarding watchmaking decisions.

This is precisely the case regarding the green dial Daytona that shot up in value after he got his wrist and prints all over it. And now it has been discontinued, its value will continue to rise like his ever increasing collection.


Personality Of The 36mm Day-Date Puzzle Dial


Available in either white gold, rose gold or yellow gold on the iconic President bracelet, the Puzzle Dial should have an emoji all to itself. Due to these two American hardcore horological hitters, has catapulted this timepiece into grail watch territory given the short time span of appearances on both wrists. 

 Source: Brand site

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It’s time to see why the new Day-Date Puzzle Dial is such a grail worthy number. On first inspection as we have mentioned, gone are the day and date which have been replaced with 31 emoji symbols and 7 terms that are brimming with inspiration. 

This is sort of like the Seven Dwarves of words but there’s nothing dozy or dopey going on here. In no particular order, the seven days of the week are entitled Happy, Eternity, Gratitude, Peace, Faith, Love and Hope, situated in a curved window disk aperture at 12. 

Still with us? Meanwhile, the date window located at 3 o’clock boasts 30-plus emojis symbolising days of the week in perfect sequence, ranging from a heart, peace sign, an eight ball, a panda and a kissy lips face to an emoji Rolex coronet. They had to get it in somewhere but the poops emojis do not feature. 

With enough whimsy to fill an entire Harry Potter movie, there’s no better ice breaker than asking for the date to have Brady and Mayer turn round to reveal; “Oh it’s Gratitude the eight ball of September” or “Didn’t you know tomorrow is Happy?” Maybe they can take a second to ask Pharrell what time it is on his Richard Mille RM88 Automatic Tourbillon Winding Smiley.


Source: Brand site

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Having fun is one thing. But both Mayer and Brady have elevated this new Day-Date to a whole other level. Sure, many avid horophiles will recollect the corporate collab with Domino Pizza where the brand gave store owners watches emblazoned the logo on the dial. Or how about a Rolex with a Coca-Cola symbol on the face? All in the name of performance bonuses and not for public consumption sadly. I am sure we need a sad emoji here!

And what about the Mickey Mouse Rolex? No, this is not a one of a kind nickname. It refers to numerous watches that incorporated the renowned Disney character like Ref. 1601 or the Oyster Perpetual ref. 6564. Vintage watches of this nature between the 60s to 80s are a great example of entry level luxury watches if you want to buy a Rolex.


Mickey Mouse Reference 6694, Source: Christie’s

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It’s a shame this didn’t sport a Swiss national flag emoji or Roger Federer would have been all over this timepiece. Measuring 36mm, the sheer chutzpah of the dial and multicoloured jigsaw pattern pieces in numerous tones such as yellow, purple and green with baguette gems representing hour markers and you have one unusually zany but hot novelty. 

The other new timepiece launched at Watches and Wonders 2023 displaying a spectrum of balloon colours really does pale into insignificance here. Time will tell if production levels of watches rise but this represents a true break from the norm for the brand which will no doubt sit majestically alongside true horological thoroughbreds like the Datejust, Daytona and even the new 1908


Why Is The Rolex Day-Date So Popular?


Often referred to as the "President," it is popular for several reasons that contribute to its iconic status in the world of luxury watches. It has a strong association with prestige, status and exclusivity. It has been worn by world leaders, dignitaries, business magnates, and celebrities, cementing its reputation as a symbol of immense success and accomplishment.


Innovative Features


When it was introduced in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date was the first timepiece to display both the day of the week and the date in a full window on the dial. This innovation showcased Rolex's commitment to practical functionality.


Craftsmanship and Quality


Rolex is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rigorous quality control. This timepiece is crafted from high-quality materials, including precious metals like gold and platinum, ensuring both durability and a luxurious feel on the wrist.


Timeless Design 


The design is elegant, classic, and enduring and has remained relatively consistent over the years, allowing it to transcend trends and remain relevant across generations.




Despite its luxury status, this timepiece is versatile enough to be worn in various settings. From dining at the beachside to sipping cocktails at the President’s dinner gala, it can be paired with both formal and casual attire, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.


Customization Options


Rolex offers a wide range of customization options, allowing buyers to choose a variety of case materials, dial colours, and bracelet styles to suit their individual preferences.


Reliability And Durability


Known for their robustness and reliability, they are built to withstand a variety of conditions and continue to function accurately for many years if looked after properly and serviced. It’s also a good idea to know how to insure your watch in case of any misdemeanours or possible theft.


Limited Production


While the Day-Date is a staple in Rolex's lineup, its production is limited compared to some other Rolex models. This limited availability can contribute to its exclusivity and desirability.


Heritage and Legacy


Brimming with history, it is part of Rolex's legacy as a pioneering luxury watch brand. Its legacy adds to its allure for collectors and enthusiasts. The combination of these factors has contributed to the Rolex Day-Date's enduring popularity and status as one of the most iconic luxury watches in the world. 


Who Wears Rolex Day-Date?


Known as the "President" due to its association with several world leaders and dignitaries, it has been worn by a wide range of prominent individuals from various fields.  

Its reputation as a symbol of luxury and prestige has made it a favourite among politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and influential figures. Here are a few notable individuals known for wearing Rolex Day-Date watches;


World Leaders And Politicians


  • Presidents of the United States, including Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Dwight D. Eisenhower, right up to Donald J. Trump.
  • International leaders like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, and Nelson Mandela.


Business Leaders And Entrepreneurs


  • Business tycoons such as Warren Buffett 
  • Prominent entrepreneurs like Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson 


Entertainers And Celebrities


Musician and cultural icon Elvis Presley was often seen wearing a Rolex Day-Date.

  • Celebrities like Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, and Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing these particular watches.


Royalty And Dignitaries


  • Members of royal families, including the Saudi royal family, have been known to wear Day-Date watches.
  • Dignitaries and heads of state from various countries have also worn this prestigious timepiece.


Artists And Athletes


  • Artists like Andy Warhol were known to wear Rolex Day-Date watches.
  • Professional athletes, including golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, have been associated with the Day-Date with the latter being given a President one by the brand in 1967. This turned out to be his only timepiece and was later auctioned off for £1 million.


Jack Nicklaus, Source: Golf Digest

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The Day-Date's effortless versatility and timeless design make it suitable for various occasions and personalities. Its widespread appeal and recognition have contributed to its status as one of the most iconic and respected watches in the world.


How Long Is The Waiting List For Rolex Day-Date?


As you educated time peeps should already know, the Rolex waitlist is extensive as we have covered in depth for the Daytona waitlist and Sky-Dweller waitlist. The Day-Date is no different and you can expect to wait anywhere between 6 months up to 3 years…sometimes longer depending on the model. 

If you do not have an outstanding purchase history or close relationship with an authorised dealer there’s always the pre-owned market. Online platforms such as Chrono Hunter are the ideal way to buy a Rolex Day-Date thanks to our USP of multiple offers via our trusted network of luxury retailers, all transacted in a safe and secure environment.  

Accept the offer that’s right for you and conclude the purchase with the retailer, saving time while enjoying a seamless experience.


Does Rolex Day-Date Hold Value?


In a word, yes. Considered one of the safest investment choices, investment value can certainly be seen in the Day-Date and over the last decade has outperformed some stocks and the S&P 500 

The Day-Date's reputation for holding its value well over time has contributed to its appeal as a potential investment piece. This is down to several factors like limited production. While the Day-Date is a flagship model, its production is relatively limited compared to some other Rolex watches. Limited availability contributes to higher demand and better value retention. 

Next is the brand's reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, and quality that contributes to the value of its watches. In addition, the Day-Date is typically crafted from premium materials, including precious metals like gold and platinum. These materials not only contribute to the watch's luxurious appearance but also hold inherent value. Historical demand plays an integral role in its value.  

It  has a long history of being sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Historical demand for the watch contributes just as much to its value in the secondary market. Finally, when it comes to the secondary market (pre-owned), Rolex Day-Date watches tend to retain their value well over time due to continual demand from collectors and buyers, making them highly appealing investment pieces. Some of our best Rolex Day-Date watches for investment include;


  • 40mm dial with reference number 228238 in yellow gold.
  • 40mm dial with reference number 228235 in rose gold.
  • 40mm dial with reference number 228349RBR in white gold.
  • 40mm dial with reference number 228206 with icy blue dial
  • 40mm dial with reference number 228396TBR in Arabic letters with diamond set bezel (as worn by Tom Brady, exclusive to the Middle Eastern market). You can buy a Rolex like this for upwards of £120,000 on the pre-owned market at the time of writing.




The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is not only a luxury watch exuding elegance and status but a cultural institution. This is what makes this timepiece a potentially excellent investment opportunity that can be easily handed down. 

Subtle modifications to the dials, movements and materials like onyx and fine burlwood hasn’t stopped this enduring watch from delivering the goods for enthusiasts and collectors. Still to this day, it is considered as one of the most coveted watches on the planet. And for good reason. 

Pristine craftsmanship, coveted brand recognition, exquisite materials and pure luxury ensures it is the “made it” watch for every generation. Whether it’s diamond set bezels, yellow gold, Everose gold, platinum, white gold, fluted bezel or a Carnelian dial, the magnetic pull of this timepiece is everlasting for those looking to buy a Rolex. 

If you want to buy a Rolex Day-Date, it’s crucial to undertake research and buy from a trusted platform like Chrono Hunter. If you take care of your timepiece and service it regularly, it will stand you in good stead, making it appreciate in value. 

In conclusion, these new gem-set watches or so-called Puzzle Dial watches will no doubt again elevate the enduring Day-Date to even greater heights…and all thanks to Mr. Mayer and Mr. Brady. Now collectors and enthusiasts have yet another timekeeping trend to follow that may send many in the community into horological meltdown.  

Be it a sporty dress watch or something that turns heads on the golf course, the Day-Date is the ultimate stamp on classic watches. Nonetheless, we like what Rolex has done here, stepping out of the box and, well, plastering this new novelty with emojis and all manner of intriguing motivational terms.  

It’s a bold move, dare we say, very unRolex. But one that demonstrates they can definitely not just step, but think outside of the horological box. Mind you, their box is as secretive as a James Bond mission.  

The new emoji Rolex will split many horophiles down the middle. But we doth our cap to Hans Wilsdorf for continuing progression and inviting new consumers and enthusiasts to sit at the timekeeping table. And that deserves a round or should that be love or four leaf clover of applause. 

However, for now, we don’t think John Mayer or Tom Brady is likely to fumble the ball on this one any time soon.

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