The Very Best Watches Worn By Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal
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The Very Best Watches Worn By Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal

The Very Best Watches Worn By Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal


The illustrious careers of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal are centred around quality and skill which is unparalleled in the rest of the tennis community and will not be matched for some time. How about we let you in on a secret... All three tennis players are dolled up with some of the finest watches around!

For those of you who are a little unsure about who these tennis greats are, we’ll give a brief summary about who they are and let you in on the key pointers about why they are so revered. Of course, we prioritise the horological universe first naturally so without further ado, let’s get into the very best watches worn by Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal. Time to set your peepers to the overdrive luxury button.


Novak Djokovic


Brief History of Novak Djokovic 

If you know your tennis, this man will instantly conjure up thoughts of last ditch dives, a cool head, unlimited stamina to match the Energizer bunny and serves that could kill a mortal man.

Aged 36, Serbian born Novak Djokovic has been ranked as the number one player for a record 389 weeks. He has been the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles (potentially 24 at Wimbledon 2023?) and the champion of all four Majors and Year-end Championship simultaneously. 

Oh yes, he’s partaken in the longest ever Wimbledon Final with Roger Federer in 2019 which lasted 4 hours and 57 minutes. All of course documented by Rolex, official timekeeper of the Championships. Novak Djokovic has well and truly cemented himself in the folklore of tennis history. 

Suffice to say, he has built up quite the luxury portfolio in his time. So, gents, it’s time we reveal the Novak Djokovik watch collection in all its horological glory.




There was a lot of speculation around Novak Djokovic because of his lack of watch sponsorship. After all, what kind of sportsman doesn't have a watch sponsorship…let alone a tennis superstar.


Djokovic - Source - Hublot

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Lucky for us, Novak Djokovic was hitched up with Hublot in 2021 for the dawn of a brand new collaboration. Hublot was founded in 1980 by Italian designer Carlo Crocco and is now owned by LVMH. The brand has been strong innovators like the tennis player himself so it truly is a match made in heaven, known for let’s say thinking outside the timekeeping box. 

Take for example The Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin. Crafted almost entirely from coffee beans and recycled coffee capsules, the brand is revolutionising the sustainability of the horological universe. They released the Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal which features small gold flakes under a lacquered dial. 

You might say they have taken the watch game by the scruff of its horological neck. Not funky enough for you? Have a look at The Big Bang Tourbillon SAXEM Act II for a healthy dose of otherworldly glow. 

Crafted out of SAXEM, or Sapphire Aluminium Oxide and Rare Earth Mineral to us mortals, the timepiece is given a neon green glow and sapphire construction, complemented with an entirely skeletonised dial. 


Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Blue


The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Blue is a true friend to Novak Djokovic. 


Djokovic wearing the Meca - Source - Hublot

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Worn after winning the 2023 French Open, Novak Djokovic cannot get enough of this impressive timepiece. Crafted out of blue ceramic, the case and bezel undergoes microblasting and polishing in order to attain a beautiful matte finish. Who needs lab-grown diamonds to boast a tasty piece when you can buy a Hublot like this?

At 45mm, it’s certainly a bold timepiece to try and pull off. Ceramic happens to be the perfect choice for such a sizable piece. Its lightweight properties as well as its inherent durability and scratch proof construction, means this model can be worn on and off the court with no problems. Save the salmon dials for everyone else, this model is one for a classic cult piece!

The strap cohesively goes with the model due to its similarly blue accents. Blending both black and blue, the rubber strap is similarly durable as well as being UV and salt water resistant. So, if Novak decides to kick back after Wimbledon in the pursuit of another title he could chill out on his $2.1 million Sunseeker Predator 52 private yacht entitled “Taylor Made”. 

A high horological roller if ever there was one.

The dial is skeletonised, allowing hungry horophiles an insight into the tricky world of Hublot movements. The hands and indices are silver and coated with luminescence, ensuring a quick glance is sufficient for reading the time. The timepiece is not all classic circular design and visible screws. Oh no…The technical side is just as fascinating! 

The HUB1201 movement runs at an unorthodox 21,600VpH. Complemented with a fantastic 10 days worth of power reserve, the dial features a power indicator which is handy for checking up on the juice left in the piece. With this on your wrist, you have enough time for a fantastic vacation from the Bahamas to Brazil.

We recommend you dress smart in your finest white shirt for those big events in your life such as the big business meet or even a meet and greet with the in-laws for the first time. Or match this with a different shade of blue to accentuate this fantastic looking piece.

Associated with one of the greatest tennis players of all time, crafted in the breakthrough ceramic material and operating with a 10 day power reserve, this is certainly one to consider as an investment piece, especially since it’s from one of the best luxury brands that holds value.

As of July 2023, you can buy a Hubot Big Bang Meca-10 Blue at retail for £20,800. 


Roger Federer


Brief History of Roger Federer

Perhaps the G.O.A.T. of all Goats? Born in watchmaking territory, Swiss tennis maestro Roger Federer is as graceful as a ballerina. Floating around the court, manipulating his opponents into mistakes and his constant feather-like touch has seen him win 8 Wimbledon titles among other Grand Slam titles. 

The 41 year old is the first man to win 20 Grand Slam singles and six ATP Finals crowns. He’s won 11 hard court Grand Slam titles and was ranked number one in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 310 weeks. Time seems to stand still when he’s lauding it on whatever surface he plays on.

Ranked just below Novak Djokovic and Nadal in Grand Slam tournaments, he is a kingpin of the sport. Now let’s deep dive into his wristwear!




Rolex and Roger Federer joined forces in 2006 and he remains a stalwart Rolex ambassador. Seventeen years later, his collection is as extensive as his trophy cabinet!


Roger Federer - Source - Rolex

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Before it was time to call it day and lay down his racket in 2022, he was praised by many for his physical dexterity, even though he would be plagued with injuries later down the line. It only makes sense that he would opt for a brand that’s constantly been on the move since 1905. The brand has a few awards of their own. 

Famous for producing the iconic Milgauss, the brand was associated with creating the first timepiece to be CERN tested and reaching 1000 gauss. With many discontinued Rolex watches including the Milgauss ceasing production, we expect this timepiece to become sought after as a potential investment watch.

Moving on to underwater trickery when reaching the deepest depths of the ocean in 1960 thanks to the Deep Sea Special, strapped to the side on the Trieste submarine. 

Mind you, tennis is about looking the part especially when striking the ball on Centre Court with the utmost accuracy. For those wanting to blend both fashion and accuracy, we recommend you buy a Rolex GMT Master II "Root Beer" which is a firm favourite with aficionados.

Or there’s the new Rolex GMT Master II. Released this year at Watches and Wonders 2023, it is made from both 18K yellow gold and stainless steel. The GMT is powered by the 3285 movement which is COSC and Superlative Chronometer certified. It’s a real powerhouse of a timepiece if we do say so ourselves.

Anyway, enough gloating about the brand's refinery. Let’s get into the best watches worn by Roger Federer!


Rolex 1908


Recently spotted, and later deemed to be the first man publically wearing The Rolex 1908 at this year's New York Met Gala, you can tell that Fed takes his sponsorship very seriously. 


1908 - Source - Business Insider

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Released just this year during Watches and Wonders 2023, The 1908 has replaced the very dressy Cellini model which was subsequently discontinued. The 1908 pulls no timekeeping punches when it comes to prioritising style. 

It appears Rolex has been catering to the modern market with this gorgeous new dress watch. Taking the sizing down to a slimmer 39mm, they have capitalised on the enduring popularity of yellow gold watches by making this beauty out of either 18K yellow or white gold. 

The case and lugs are polished, allowing the luxurious fluted bezel to be enhanced. The dial is available in either black or white depending on the precious metal choice. As far as dress watches go, The brand has kept things as intriguing as an Ian Fleming novel.

Featuring nothing but 3 Arabic numerals, baton indices, hour and minute hands and a small seconds display at 6 o’clock, the model is refreshingly minimalist. We aren’t style stooges but sometimes the best design is one which focuses on keeping things clean. Us horophiles though are never happier than with a circular dial with enough design zest to keep things looking fresh. 

Given a black leather strap, the model is a gorgeous accessory to complement every man’s wardrobe. Powered by the 7140 movement, the model features a Syloxi hairspring and balance wheel to ensure magnetism and knocks are no problem. Running at 28,800VpH of timekeeping goodness, the model can run for up to 66 hours before needing your attention. 

Anyone can look good with this on. Make sure you dress to impress with your sharpest beige suit and brown brogues. As a new release with a lot of potential due to its unusual status as a Rolex dress watch, we are predicting only good things for this timepiece as a possible investment piece. 

You can buy a Rolex 1908 at retail for £18,500 at the time of writing.


Rolex Daytona 6263 “Big Red”


He may be a young man at heart, but he loves nothing more than delving into the archives of vintage wristwear. Take for example a timepiece that's so lauded in the horological community, it could’ve fallen off the carriage during the Coronation Of King Charles III.

Big Red - Source - Reddit

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The Daytona 6263 typically has a strong association with Paul Newman due to his exotic edition selling for around £14 million at auction in 2017. However, the “Big Red” get’s its name from the sizable Daytona text above 6 o’clock in bright red writing. American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest is such a huge fan he rocked it at the 2017 Oscars.

The panda dial style is infamous in its own right. Federer’s version features the classic black dial background with white sub dials, pertaining to a Panda’s eyes. Not only is this great for legibility, but it  adds a collectability point to the watch. 

As one of the last watches to use an acrylic bezel, these timepieces are exceptionally rare because typically, the brand used metallic then ceramic bezels. Dolled up with an Oyster bracelet, the timepiece is hardy, especially due to its robust stainless steel construction. 

A race timepiece at heart, the model features bulbous chronograph pushers and crown on the right hand side of the piece. The tachymetric scale is very legible in its white text contrasting nicely against the black as night bezel. 

Overall, it’s a classic piece that is steeped in history. Sure, Paul Newman may get the credit for such a collection, but the “Big Red” certainly holds its place in collectors minds. Featuring the rarely used acrylic bezel, panda dial face and bold red “Daytona” text, the model is a great find for any budding investor. 

Adorn this with a simple short sleeve polo shirt. On the flip side, you could jazz it up due to its base colour design of black and white. Nothing wrong with adding a little vintage vibe to your fresh black tie suit!

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy a Rolex Daytona “Big Red” at retail due to it being discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £140,000 at the time of writing. 


Rolex Daytona Ref. 116506


Roger Federer has seen enough gold in his time in the form of ATP single titles, Wimbledon and Australian Open titles. It only makes sense that he’d opt for a precious metal that adds a little unique allure.


Daytona 116506

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Recently updated to the Daytona 126506, Federer needs to get his act together and stay on top watchkeeping form! As consistent as his first serve stats, ref. 116506 was released in 2021 to celebrate 50 years of the iconic collection. At first, it was received with doubt. Brown bezel with the icy blue dial? No thanks…has the brand gone mad? 

Measuring 40mm, the model is crafted entirely out of platinum and shaped at 12.4mm in diameter. Its size is about average for a luxury sports watch so there’s no disagreement to be had here. Platinum, while infinitely beautiful and provides a stunning shine, is quite hefty in comparison to modern materials like carbon or ceramic. That’s the cost of luxury, Timelords!

The entire piece is polished, resulting in a mirror like aesthetic which is exceptionally beautiful when light bounces off it. There’s no exhibition caseback here, just a solid block of the precious metal. This is a sport’s model dolled up in finer materials after all. 

The bezel is an obvious classic racing ode. Given a rich dark brown texture, the Cerachrom bezel is very good at opposing scratches and general wear and tear. The numerals and graduations are literally etched in and filled with platinum, meaning your shirt sleeves won’t rub anything away like a chalkboard!

The dial is given an icy blue sheen. With watches like the icy cool Zenith Extreme Glacier taking this aesthetic further, it’s nice to see that Rolex was ahead of the horological curve. Given a sunray finish, the timepiece offers very legible chestnut sub dials with platinum indices and hands. Dosed with Rolex’s own Chromalight concoction, the timepiece is extremely legible in all conditions. 

Powered by the 4130 movement, the timepiece houses 44 jewels and runs at a pacy rate of 28,800VpH. 72 hours of power reserve isn’t anything to be laughed at. Pound the streets of Pamplona during La Tomatina or enjoy a summer weekend break to Estepona in the South of Spain…this baby will still be functioning. 

Kitted out with a Parachrom hairspring, the model repels magnetism and stands strong against knocks. Platinum is a highly desirable material due to its rarity and shine when polished. The contrasting blend of a brown bezel with icy blue dial is controversial but represents the brands move towards colour and vibrancy. It is a solid option for those considering investment in the brand. 

Keep things light with the icy blue dial. We recommend a powder blue or baby blue shirt for this summer or a white tee if you want to feel dressed down. 

You can no longer buy a Rolex Daytona ref. 116506 at retail due to it being discontinued. However, you can buy it on the secondary market for around £100,000 at the time of writing.


Rolex Day-Date Rose Gold 228235 - Green Dial


The Day-Date has been associated with a slew of high profile celebrities. Take for example its association with U S Presidents like Nixon, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan straight off the bar. Or cultural icons like Jay Z and Ed Sheeran. Smile, Federer. You are in the big leagues now!


Day-Date ref. 228235 

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Federer seemingly has a thing for the brand's anniversary watches. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Day-Date in 2016, this model has become a sign that you’re doing rather well. Its associations with wealth, luxury and prestige only serve to bolster its fine reputation. 

Crafted out of their own Everose gold, this model provides a stunning pink hue which is crafted in their very own foundries. First seen in 2005, the material is a physical manifestation of the brand’s stamp for elegance and quality. While it’s controversial due to its competition with the classic yellow gold sheen, we believe it’s a great colour that goes well with a variety of outfits.

Featuring the timeless Day-Date charm, the model is given an Oyster case with a tasty fluted bezel. Introduced in 1926, it was originally used to waterproof the watch. Now, it's become a symbol of the dressier watches as trotted out by the Swiss giant. 

Oh yes. The dial. Rolex are already known for their vast array of green dial watches, so the Day-Date doesn't come as too much of a surprise. It’s no Submariner “Hulk” or “Kermit”. 

Its rich green colour doesn't come with the fear of it having the potential to be considered tasteless or gimmicky like the Oris Kermit watch. Its sunburst finish enhances the glow of the dial while the white date function at the top offers a little burst of relief from the intensity of the sheen. 

The model runs on the 3255 movement which is deemed a Superlative Chronometer. This entitles the timepiece to run between a great variation of around +2/-2. A steady Eddie movement this is not. It is as reliable as doing your taxes every year. All too familiar with not too many surprises lurking underneath.

As a celebration of 60 years of the collection, its suave green dial and delightful Everose gold construction, this is a solid investment piece for the heritage hunters! You can wear this with pride alongside a light green turtleneck if you feel bold or wear it to Wimbledon with tan chinos and white fedora. After all, you don’t want to let the style stakes down, do you?

As of July 2023, you can buy a Rolex Day-Date Rose Gold 228235 at retail for £35,000. 


Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934


Roger Federer is a busy man. As a man with Australian Opens, US Opens and French Open titles under his belt, he’s probed for interviews globally. And of course, time is of the essence especially when you are as in demand as a Patek Philippe 5711. Good job he wears a timepiece that lets him travel with horological peace of mind!


Sky-Dweller Ref.326934 

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The Sky Dweller came about in 2012 as a solution for the passenger instead of the pilot. Released as the most complicated Rolex of its era, this timepiece has since developed both in style and technicality. 

The Sky-Dweller 326934 is kitted up with two complications in the form of a GMT function and an annual calendar. The GMT function allows for two time zones to be ready simultaneously, all through the benefit of an hour hand that can move without disrupting the general timekeeping. Pretty nifty if you are hot footing it around the globe playing tennis for fun or for serious dough and ranking points. 

The annual calendar is a great function and is exceptionally readable due to its presence as a circle around the centre of the dial. It only needs to be adjusted once annually to account for that tricky February to March leap year jump. 

But like MTV Cribs, the magic really happens with the Ring Command bezel. By allowing all the indications to be set one by one through each turn of the bezel, it saves the excess hassle of scrolling through the crown and readjusting it. 

Federer’s version comes in steel and white gold which offers a refined alternative to the lavishness of the Everose gold edition. The combination is known as Rolesor and is highly desirable due to it blending both the durability of steel and the precious metal white gold into one cohesive piece. 

At 42mm, the timepiece is a good size for the travelling man. The bold cobalt blue dial is tasteful, especially since it houses an array of neatly organised complications. The baton indices and slim silvered hands are fantastic for legibility, especially since they are dosed with Super Luminova. 

Even if you decide not to use the Ring Command or pay any attention to the complications, the timepiece is stylish enough to be pulled off with a suit for the office or with a bomber jacket and jeans for meeting with friends. It’s an extremely versatile piece!

Its highly complicated movement with its exceptional build quality ensures this timepiece is a great option for those looking to invest in a Rolex timepiece.  


​​What Watch Is Roger Federer Wearing At Wimbledon?


Well, Federer definitely knows his horological beans. He was rocking the new Rolex Sky Dweller at Wimbledon 2023 after being honoured by the All England Club, He was joined by his wife Mirka during Week 1 of the tournament at SW19 in the Royal Box with her own potent arm candy in the shape of a $500,000 Rolex Day-Date. Kerching!

Having a rebirth of its own and available in a range of shimmering accents like black, mint green and white Rolesor, (two-tone to those hardcore collectors), you can buy a Rolex Sky Dweller 336934 for around £13,000 as of July 2023.


Rafael Nadal


Brief History of Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal is the Spanish superstar on the tennis scene. You might say he is the Rolls Royce of the hallowed turf. Quick, fleet footed and with an uncanny ability to get a few sneaky points from his opponents, he has quickly risen to the top of the tennis world and has officially been ranked Number 1 five times at the end of the calendar year.. 

The 37 year old has since claimed retirement by the end of 2024. Undoubtedly a monumental blow for the sport, he will be remembered through his amazing accomplishments. He’s won the Career Golden Slam which is where you win all four majors and the Olympic gold medal in singles. 

He’s accomplished the Surface Slam wherein he won majors on three different surfaces in a calendar year in 2010. He’s also won 22 Grand Slams in total, placing him a close second behind who else…Novak Djokovic. What a fantastic set of tennis players we get the pleasure of seeing in our lifetime!


Richard Mille


Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal started swinging from the same horological hymn sheet back in 2010 when he became an ambassador. 


Rafael Nadal - Source - Richard Mille

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Previously, he wanted no part of watches in the tennis arena. After all, it is a sport that requires the utmost balance and coordination. Even a few grams on the wrist could make or break for a player, especially one as nimble as the athlete. 

Upon becoming an ambassador, Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal came to an agreement for him to wear their timepieces while on the court. This agreement was a bold move into his gameplay. Would this represent a down turn in his skill or ability? 

In fact, he has been a key component for Richard Mille’s watches. He personally has been involved in the watches, ensuring they are light and durable enough for the hard hitting conflict on the tennis court. 


Richard Mille RM 027


We mentioned that he had a strong influence on the watches made by Richard Mille on his wrist, right?


Nadal RM 027 - Source - Richard Mille

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In fact, the pair worked in tandem so well that he tested the Richard Mille RM 027 out on the tennis court, ensuring the quality and inoffensiveness of the watch. Suffice to say, the collaboration resulted in the RM 027 becoming the lightest model ever produced at an astonishing 20 grams. 

The baseplate is crafted out of titanium and LITAL, an alloy featuring aluminium, copper, magnesium and zirconium. This specific model utilises lithium which is scientifically deemed to be one of the lightest elements. The alloy is associated with the aerospace industry, pertaining to the durability and lightness of the watch. 

The case itself is carbon focused which is known for its strength and feather-like weight. Well, knock me down with a feather! But there’s actually a reason F1 cars use it so regularly! The dial is skeletonised and enjoys a mass of levers and pushers, powering the manual winding tourbillon movement and general timekeeping functionality. 

The model is built to cope with the insane level of G force the athlete fires out during Wimbledon or The US Open. Originally debuted at the French Open in 2010, this model is exceptional as it’s worn on the court instead of just having to knock around. 

The model is sleek and avant-garde to the extreme. The magnificent polycarbonate strap is ergonomic and is just as lightweight, allowing the timepiece to retain its slender allure like Cindy Crawford. Truth be told, it’s a difficult timepiece to find. 

Limited to 50 pieces, it is lauded as an exceptionally light model and as good looking as Chris Hemsworth due to its blacked out design. The RM 027 is certainly one for the investment minded. We suggest wearing it to the big CEO meet abroad in your freshest threads or taking it out on a Kensington rooftop with a few summer cocktails. 

You can no longer buy a Richard Mille RM 027 at retail as they have sold out. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £1 million at the time of writing. 


Richard Mille RM 35-03


The RM 35-03 takes strong inspiration from the original RM 27 collection. After all, this is the line that has the lightest weight and best G force protection in horology!


35-03 - Source - Richard Mille

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Available in either blue or white, Nadal goes for a fancy white strap. Of course he does. The man has to wear the colour throughout his entire career! The case is crafted out of both Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT. Both materials are exclusively associated with Richard Mille and their construction tends to be unlike any other.

Utilising different strands of carbon fibre and silica threads, the materials ensure smooth design with immense levels of toughness. There are 20 spline screws in this piece, all of which are crafted out of grade 5 titanium. 

The dial's face is openworked, complimenting the skeletonized hands and the grade 5 titanium micro blasted flange which features super bright yellow indices. Arabic numerals take over 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Since its open work, the movement features sandblasting on the grade 5 titanium baseplate, burnished pivots and the wheels which are circular grained and bevelled. 

The watch is powered by the Calibre RMAL2. Given a patented butterfly rotor, the watch is capable of being altered, depending on your lifestyle. The movement winding system can be altered by clicking a pusher at 7 o’clock to “Sports Mode”, which keeps an eye out for excessive winding of the calibre through balancing the rotor. 

Given variable inertia and a Glucydur balance, the watch is perfectly safe in the face of everyday life or for the challenges on the court at the US Open! Running at 28,800VpH, this movement beats at a competent rate for the user. 

The strap comes in white Quartz TPT which is exceptionally light and durable just like the rest of the watch. We recommend contrasting this watch with a black cashmere jumper or getting your business head on with a navy suit, cognac brown belt and matching brown shoes. Featuring the highly exclusive butterfly rotor calibre in Richard Mille’s patented casing, the watch has every potential of being a solid investment piece. 

You can no longer buy a Richard Mille 35-03 at retail due to it being sold out. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £500,000 at the time of writing. 


Richard Mille RM 27-02


The original Richard Mille RM 027 was promptly followed by the 27-01 which replaced it as the lightest watch ever manufactured. At this point, the collaboration between Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal was so profitable that they decided to nickname the Richard Mille 27-02 after the man himself. Ay Caramba.


RM 27-02 - Richard Mille

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The watch is the pinnacle of avant-garde design. Richard Mille used a ‘unibody’ baseplate which is essentially the first ever skeletonised baseplate. Crafted out of Carbon TPT, the watch links to the materials used in racing cars, demonstrating its durability and lightweight build. 

The watch itself is black and white, offering first class legibility. The dial is skeletonised, and the indices are small red dots. The hands are a steely grey with yellow lume tipped heads. As per the previous model, Rafael Nadal was part of the experimentation phase. Through testing with a top athlete, the watch was broken six times before the final release was tough enough to cope with his sporting demands!

Weighing under 19 grams, the watch can deal with up to 5000 Gs of force and its ergonomic shape is so tapered to the wrist that it can be worn while hammering balls on the court without you even noticing. The movement powers 21,600VpH and offers a 70 hour power reserve. Considering this runs a tourbillon complication, the watch is extremely reliable. 

Given a bright orange strap, the watch is one for the discernible user, even though the colour is so sharp. The watch is not even there in terms of weight on the wrist, allowing you to go through your daily life without risk of being weighed down by your wristwear. We suggest wearing it with a white polo shirt for those cool summer days or under shirt cuffs for more formal occasions.

Capped at 50 pieces and crafted out of the highly regarded Carbon TPT, this watch is certainly one to consider for your investment portfolio. 

You can no longer buy a Richard Mille 27-02 at retail as it’s sold out. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £1 million at the time of writing. 


Richard Mille RM 011-03


Rafael Nadal has had a say in every Richard Mille he’s ever owned. That is, apart from The RM 011-03. 

011-03 - Source - Richard Mille

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The watch features the classic tripartite tonneau case that makes up most of their other watches. Meanwhile, the bezel is given a revamp as it has more presence on the watch. This references that Richard Mille are sporty watchmakers by trade. As a result, the style seems to be influenced by the RM 27-02. 

The bridge near the top is crafted from grade 5 titanium and given a satin brush due to the dial being skeletonised. The rest of the movement is similarly crafted from the material, but goes decidedly against the finish, this time adopting a PVD treatment instead. 

The dial is as busy as Piccadilly Circus, as it has the classic timekeeping functions, date and month display not to mention three chronograph subdials. A geometry rotor is included to benefit the movement by assessing the amount of activity the user is performing and adapting to the amount of wind. 

The RMAC3 skeletonised calibre operates a flyback chronograph function with date and month indicators. The crown is crafted out of grade 5 titanium and wrapped in a double seal O-ring and accompanying rubber protector to ensure it doesn't get over winded. 


The sporty chronograph pushers are pretty awesome on their own accord due to their carbon fibre and titanium combination. The rose gold case adds a bit of overall vigour and weight to the piece. Luckily, Rafael Nadal was spotted with this while hanging around off the 8mm grass so there’s no negative influence here. 

We recommend going with the gold and wearing a sunset red suit shirt for those evenings gazing over Moroccan starry waters. If you don’t fancy leaving the country, a camel overcoat should more than compensate for the luxury feel. 

The rose gold case, complemented by the immense technological skill of the watch demonstrates Richard Mille’s technical prowess and sumptuous design that they have mastered. We feel it’s therefore a worthy investment piece. 

As a historical piece, you can no longer buy a Richard Mille RM 011-03 at retail. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £300,000 at the time of writing. 


Richard Mille RM 27-04


Rafael Nadal and Richard Mille have spent over 10 happy years of collaboration and innovation. Congratulations (clinks glasses)


RM 27-04 - Source - Richard Mille

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To celebrate a decade of tying the horological knot, Richard Mille released the RM 27-04 as a celebratory piece. The blacked out case is crafted out of TitaCarb. Originally a polyamide, the material is bolstered with carbon fibre to enhance its strength. Made with the classic 8 titanium spline screw design on the case, the watch is truly a stunner for many enthusiasts and collectors to get their timekeeping chops around.

As per the previous editions, the watch utilises skeletonised base plates from grade 5 titanium, ensuring the endurance of the piece when diving for a loose ball in the French Open or on the shores of Sicily. The movement has to not only run well but look great too due to the openworked dial design and caseback. 


The calibre is held together by a steel mesh that’s subject to 5N gold PVD treatment. The “webbed” effect is visible through the dial and it’s immensely complicated since there's no sheet for a baseplate. It’s very much like looking at the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “Spider-Man”. How is it hanging there Spidey?

The movement can therefore withstand 12,000Gs which represents a new record for Richard Mille. The movement is further protected with a free sprung variable inertia and Kif Elastor KE 160 B28 shock absorbers. 

Featuring jolts of red for the indices, hands and screws on the dial, the watch is legible among the hustle and bustle of the skeletonised dial. Complemented with a blue strap, the watch has a strong array of colours which counteracts the industrial style finish of the matte black case and movement. 

Capped at 50 pieces, the watch is rare, especially due to its association with the athlete. It can therefore be considered that this is a valuable timepiece with room for investment potential. You can look your best when you match the strap with a navy suit or a simple blue tee and jeans. 

You can no longer buy a Richard Mille RM 27-04 at retail due to it being sold out. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £1.1 million at the time of writing.




We hope we have served up a thrilling selection of the very best watches worn by Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

We’ve covered the wristwear of three of the greatest tennis players of all time. Admittedly, they have all been tied down to various brands as ambassadors for Rolex, Hublot and Richard Mille. Chances are, if they didn’t get sponsored by them, they would wear the pieces anyway due to the brands' uncompromising craftsmanship, refinement, exquisite materials and technical skill. 

Novak Djokovic keeps his watches short and sweet with the Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 blue. Roger Federer always looks his best with a variety of Rolex watches like the latest 1908 or the vintage Daytona “Big Red”. Rafael Nadal is so in love with Richard Mille, he has his fingerprints laced across the construction of almost all of Monsieur Mille’s novelties!

It’s nice to see big sportsmen enjoying Haute Horologie. While to the mortal consumer, any of these watches may be considered a grail piece, Chrono Hunter is the number one source to getting you the watch of your dreams…in next to no time via our established network of luxury retailers. 


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