Best Special Occasion Rolex Watches
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Best Special Occasion Rolex Watches

Best Special Occasion Rolex Watches


When it comes to Rolex watches, there is a big emphasis on the men’s steel sports models.  They are the most recognisable, and usually the best investments.  


But Rolex also makes some of the most beautiful watches in the world.  The bejewelled and diamond-sprinkled watches made in the smaller case size are designed for women, but there are also diamond-set watches designed for men.  Some watches work for both men and women.  


Women don’t always want dainty, understated watches.  Quite often they want to make a splash  with an oversized statement piece.  Likewise, men don’t always want to wear the testosterone, alpha-male-looking steel sports watches.  For instance, Sandra Bullock has been known to wear a Submariner.  Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have both worn 40mm Rolex watches that were designed for men.  


But when it comes to Red Carpet events, you need something more spectacular, and this is where Rolex brings out the diamond and colour-studded watches that add wow to an outfit.  


So if you’re looking for a really special gift for an anniversary or mile-stone, here are some of the most beautiful, eye-catching pieces to consider. 


The Pearlmaster (81405RBR)

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39mm Everose Gold-Paved diamond-set dial as well as diamond-set bezel and Pearlmaster bracelet is just as adorned with jewels as you can get.  Waterproof to 100 metres - although, would you really wear this in the shower or to swim?  It has a 3235 calibre movement and a date aperture. This is a major piece to say that you’re successful and happy about it.  It would look stunning with a simple, elegant gown that allowed the watch to be the star of the show. 


The Yacht-Master (116695) 

Photo credited to A Blog to Watch 

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One of the most impressive, yet fun loving watches is the gem-set reference 116695SATS.  Also affectionately known as the “Tutti Frutti”, “Haribo” or “Candy” and can look equally impressive on men and women.  This dated Yacht-Master comes in 18k rose gold.  The dial comes in either black or diamond-studded (if the gem-set bezel isn’t enough bling for you) and the thickness of the case is just 11.5mm.  It first appeared in 2017 and has been spotted on the wrist of Sir Elton John.   


It comes with a black rubber Oysterflex bracelet which might sound odd being as Rolex is so famed for its stainless steel bracelets,, but the black is so dense and smooth that it’s actually surprisingly beautiful.  Also surprising, there is a titanium nickel-alloy hidden under the centre of the rubber band, meaning that this bracelet is immensely tough and secure.  The metal centre means that cutting the band to size isn’t an option.  Rolex offers different sizes so when you buy, be sure to get the correct size.  The bracelet mimics the stainless steel bracelet in that there are three distinct sections to it, the raised middle looking very similar to the centre link in the Oyster bracelet.  There are three positions to the bracelet for micro-adjustments for a good fit for the wearer. In addition, there is a “bellow” system underneath the strap which allows for air circulation as well as allowing for some give when it comes to fit.  


The bi-directional bezel is the most obviously outstanding feature of this watch. Set with 32 coloured sapphires, 8 tsavorites and one diamond.  The gem stones colours are pink, yellow, blue, orange, green and yellow, perfectly matched in colour and are fitted next to each other with no visible pincers or clasps of any kind holding the gems in place.  There is one diamond which is normally positioned at 12 O’clock which acts as the count-down indicator.  When in its “home” position, there is a pink sapphire and a green tsavorite at each 15 minute point around the clock face. 


The indices are represented with a triangle at the 12 point, rectangles at 3, 6 and 9, and bold circles for all the in-between numbers.  They are coated with chromolite luminescence paint making it easy to read the dial in the dark.  


The calibre 3135 is 100 metres water resistant and has a power reserve of 48 hours. It’s very shock resistant and the movement has built-in anti-magnetism and anti-gravity qualities.  It also has a quick-set date function. 


Lady Datejust Chocolate 28mm (279171)

Photo credited to Rolex

Photo credited to Rolex

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The Lady Datejust Chocolate comes with either a fluted or diamond bezel.  It has a velvety-brown face and comes with a choice of indices including diamonds, Roman numerals or batons. 


If you can’t choose, one option is the star-shaped diamonds for each number except for a diamond studded Roman 9 (IX) at the 9 point and date aperture at the 3 point.  The Chocolate Lady Datejust comes with either the Oyster bracelet or the Jubilee bracelet and any version of it is slightly understated and extremely elegant. 


Lady Datejust Ice-blue 28mm (279166)

This has most of the same details as the Chocolate, but the ice-blue face is delicate and mesmerising.  It comes with a President bracelet and the indices are diamond-set.  This reference is also available in other beautiful colours such as light green, lilac and available with fluted bezel rather than diamonds. 


There are other choices too.  It comes in Oystersteel, in white gold, yellow gold or Everose gold and even in Rolesor which combines Oystersteel and one type of gold.  You can always choose a diamond-set bracelet and watch face, for maximum bling. 


The Datejust 41 Blue (126300)

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This Datejust, reference 126300, has the most beautiful medium-blue face set off by a diamond-set bezel.  At 41mm, it sits comfortably on a man’s wrist but makes a big statement on a woman’s.  You can wear it with the Oyster or Jubilee bracelet.  


The Rainbow Daytona 40mm (116595) 


Photo credited to The Collectors Circle

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This Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph is the blinged-up version of the original Daytona.  This version was first introduced in 2012 and was a big hit.  They can be difficult to find. 


It comes in yellow gold, white gold and everose gold.  The bezel is set with sapphires that are graded in colour to produce the “rainbow” effect.  The Calibre 4130 is waterproof to 100 metres and gives up to 72 hours of power reserve.  The subdials have “gold crystals” to make them shimmer, in keeping with the rest of the watch. The indices are also sapphire and each one matches the colour of the sapphires closest on the bezel.  


Ladies Cellini Orchid (6221)

The Ladies Cellini Orchid is a much more delicate-looking Rolex watch with a 23mm circular case made of white gold and a surround studded with no less than 86 diamonds.  Dating around 2001, this is an unusual watch with an elegant art deco design.  The Cellini line got a somewhat mixed reception through the years, and has since been discontinued.  However, this particular reference stands out for events. 


It has a textured mother-of-pearl dial and three diamond indices, with the 12 represented by the Rolex crown.  The Rolex name sits just beneath it.  This would look stunning with an art deco-inspired sheath dress.  The strap comes in crocodile with an 18k gold buckle, but for a really glitzy event, go for the diamond-studded bracelet. 



Whether you’re an extrovert strutting the red carpet, buying as a gift for someone who is, or wanting to treat yourself to dazzling special event watch to keep in your collection, hopefully these beautiful examples of craftsmanship and style will give you some good ideas as to what your next watch purchase should be.


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