Crazy Frog: How The Kermit Oris Green Dial Edition Is The Talk Of Watches and Wonders 2023
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Crazy Frog: How The Kermit Oris Green Dial Edition Is The Talk Of Watches and Wonders 2023

Crazy Frog: How The Kermit Oris Green Dial Edition Is The Talk Of Watches and Wonders 2023


  • Watch enthusiasts have gone green with envy thanks to the latest collab from Oris and none other than Kermit The Frog.
  • The green dial watch has been the talk of not just Geneva but the entire horological community.
  • As Miss Piggy’s on and off squeeze for the last half a century, this fun timepiece captures the bright green frog majestically, adorned in the unique calendar function at 6 o’clock.


The chutzpah of it! You really couldn’t write this script if you tried…not even Jim Henson. Yet this hasn’t stopped Oris from unveiling what is arguably one of the highlights of Watches and Wonders 2023 -  The ProPilot X Calibre 400 "Kermit Edition.” And here’s the video to prove it! Working in conjunction with The Muppets, this “Kermit” Submariner wannabe has a fabulous green dial with many details you should be accustomed to from the Swiss watchmaker. But more of that in a tick.


Personality of The Kermit Oris Green Dial Watch


Source: Oris

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Now you wouldn’t think a green amphibian living in a pond eating flies and mosquitoes all day would make their way on to a Swiss dial…a green dial to be precise. But that’s what has taken place with the latest drop by Oris and their Propilot range. Firstly it ticks all the titanium boxes with both the bracelet and case. Measuring 39mm, it shares similar characteristics with the ProPiot X Calibre 400…but with a brand new flashy green dial and of course that all time favourite Muppet. Revamped for the modern aficionado, take note of the angled lugs, sapphire caseback emblazoned with “Kermit edition”, 100 metres of water resistance and that outrageously blaring dial accent. In fact it is a genuine explosion of colour that ensures the Kermit like hue is replicated perfectly.


Who Is The Star Of The Show?


Our green fingered friend of course. Oris in conjunction with Disney+ has been showing The Muppets, their movies and all TV programmes since 2021 and has really gone to town on the dial which stands out as far back as the Tudor and Rolex stand. As any connoisseur worth their horological salt should tell you, green dial watches are as on trend as Julia Roberts’ new hairdo when she appeared at Chopard a few days ago. But let’s face it, we don’t need any pretty woman to tell us the impact of this new Kermit inspired timepiece. Almost lime in colour, the Kermit Submariner looks like it’s getting a run for its money. A far cry from the pastel tones of the Sixty-Five Cotton Candy, the Kermit green accents fits like a glove in the Oris lineup. But don’t be a muppet as we haven’t got to the best part yet…the date wheel.


Give Us A Smile Kermit!


Source: Oris

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A symbol, an emoji or a logo. Call it what you want, this unique calendar function is what sets the Propilot X model apart with this popular icon taking time out at six o’clock. So how does it work? Replacing the “1” is a happy, cheery and cheeky smiling Kermit The Frog arriving on time to mark each new month. Sure it’s not a Patek Grandmaster Chime 6300G, but there’s just enough frivolity to make it an invigorating and retro inspired timepiece many enthusiasts will love. You really cannot help but turn that frown upside down when placing this on the wrist.


The Calibre 400


Source: Oris

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Powered by their in-house automatic Calibre 400, it has enough energy to keep it going for a whopping 5 days thanks to its almighty 120 hour power reserve. That’s right, you could take this to Sydney and back twice in that time. Durable and reliable with a 10 year manufacturer warranty, it is extremely reliable. Ideal for those green-fingered enthusiasts who want to buy a watch with reliability, we do like the no-nonsense aesthetic emanating from the Calibre 400 with a brushed skeleton rotor.


What’s Our View?


Kermit and Oris…two things an enthusiast would never have put together. Yet, this pioneering new pilot’s watch is playful, hilariously clever, understated yet robust in its execution. Oozing charisma and horological effect, this sporty watch will be long talked about when the horological curtain finally comes down on  Watches and Wonders 2023. 


When Can You Buy The ‘ProPilot X Kermit Edition?’ 


Available to purchase from April 2023 via authorized retailers, the retail price is £3,700 - at the time of writing.




Watches and Wonders 2023 really is the timekeeping gift that keeps on giving. And we are not even through with Day 5 focused around sports pieces. Fitting then this piece should be right in the mix among the big boys. What is certain though is whether you are a fan of the new Montblanc 8000 Capsule Collection which has just been released or the new Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver White Bronze introduced yesterday, this cultural green-eyed phenomenon has only gone and stolen the show this year. And if you want to find out just how Kermit got on when Co-CEO of Oris Rolf Studer interviewed the legendary frog, check out this hysterical interview here. You really would be hopping mad to miss it!


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