Question Time: Is The Rolex GMT “Root Beer" A Good Investment?
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Question Time: Is The Rolex GMT “Root Beer" A Good Investment?

Question Time: Is The Rolex GMT “Root Beer" A Good Investment?


The Rolex GMT Master II was originally designed to help pilots and other frequent travellers to be able to track two time zones at once. Launched in 1985, it has become far more than a tool watch. 

The iconic design and tasteful styling of this timepiece has meant demand has always been high. This particular model was released in 2018. Obtaining one from a dealership can involve a long wait - up to two years in some cases - which is still a testament to its popularity. 

The watches distinction comes in the form of its Cerachrom bezel that was initially blue and red on the original Rolex GMT Master II. Splitting both sides of the watch community, it remains the pilot's weapon of choice and as hot a topic as Rishi Sunak’s finances.

After its muted reaction at previous Baselworld fairs, this rose gold piece is still dividing fences thanks to its daring colour combination.


Design Of The Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR 


Ideal for slipping under a slick double cuffed shirt, this remains one of the most sought-after Rolex GMT Master II watches to buy. Nicknamed the “Root Beer” for its warm colours of brown and black, it showcases a bold 40mm case with black dial. In case you’re wondering, the letters CHNR stand for Chocolat/Noir - or Chocolate, brown and black, in English. 


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The indices are dots, except for the hour markers at 6 and 9 which are batons and the 12 o’clock marker which is a triangle. Right under the triangle is the Rolex coronet, brand name and the words ‘Oyster Perpetual date’. 

The 3 o’clock position has the date aperture with cyclops aperture for easy reading. The crystal and cyclops are scratch resistant, as you would expect. The brown and black bidirectional, rotatable Cerachrom bezel has a beautiful everose gold bevelled edge. 

The 24-hour hand, set in relation to GMT time, works with the 24-hour marked bezel to give local time wherever you happen to be. At the same time, the 12-hour and minute hand still shows you the time at home. The date is synchronised to the local time while the bezel turning is as smooth as silk.

Arrow-tipped to distinguish it from the 12-hour hand which has a small circle, the 24-hour hand is featured alongside, 12-hour hand as well as the minute and seconds hands, all treated with Rolex’s Chromalight luminescent material. This produces a long-lasting blue glow for easy reading in the dark. 


The Finer Details 


The Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR comes with a two-tone 18ct bracelet of Oyster Steel with centre links of Everose gold which complements the rosegold of the bezel. Unlike The Rolex “Batman” model, The “Root Beer” watch is recognised instantly by its striking brown and black ceramic. 


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It features the Oysterlock folding clasp for accidental opening and the Easylink 5mm adjustment for quick and easy personal fitting. Despite its hefty 904L and Everose gold, this watch still has a nice feel on the wrist epitomising luxury refinery.

A tool watch would normally come with a full satin finish..but not this baby as the precious metals incorporated make it more of an elegant look. Central links are polished for visual effect as are the bracelet sides where the screws are located

Concealed like a ninja, you won’t be finding the lug holes in a hurry. Expertly hidden on the inside of the lugs, this gives off a more refined demure. For sporty gents, they do love to see their lugs in all their glory, but this sleek yet sporty watch may sway those sport junkies to buy a Rolex like this.


The Inner Workings 


Buy a Rolex like this and you’ll enjoy the new generation calibre 3285. Completely produced and developed by Rolex, it is self-winding with a quick-set hour operation either forwards or backwards, without stopping the watch movement. 

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It’s accurate to +/- 2 seconds per day, has a 70 hour power reserve and is waterproof to 100 metres (330 feet). And with a TripLock screw-down crown found on Rolex Submariner models, you can swim or dive as well as Mark Spitz. 

But hold on a tick…there’s more. This piece comes complete with Parachrom hairspring ensuring first-rate resistance to any temperature alterations or shocks. COSC certified, buy a Rolex of this calibre and benefit from its superb Chronergy escapement for improved performance and efficiency. 

The Chronergy escapement is a watchmaking triumph in itself. Based on a former Swiss lever, the ticking of the watch is undertaken by the escapement. This essential element is integral to the movement’s time measurement. As complex as The Black Hole, it takes the knowledge and expertise of Rolex to configure this highly complex production process. 


Is The Rolex GMT Master II “Root Beer” A Good Investment?


Considered one of the most elegant and luxurious Rolex GMT Master II watches, The Rolex GMT Master II 126715CHNR is a sound investment.


Source: Rolex

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This is mainly down to the signature bezel on the watch which is combined with rose gold that is becoming more and more sought after among collectors. Secondary market prices are in excess of £20,000 at the time of writing but fear not dear readers. There’s still time to buy a Rolex like this…you just need to get your horological skates on. 

The actual root of the problem is growing demand. As the popularity continues to rise in these watches, the likelihood you can purchase a Rolex “Root Beer” GMT Master II will become slimmer, making it the ideal investment opportunity. The price will reflect both the age and condition of the watch as well as whether or not it comes complete with any box or documents. 


Like most Rolex watches, the prices are extremely likely to hold steady over a period and increase over the long-term. 


Is The Rolex GMT Root Beer Discontinued?


Like the John Mayer and Rolex Milgauss dials, sadly yes, watch fans. The original Rolex Root Beer is discontinued but proves to be popular for keen enthusiasts and collectors as demand grows. There are two specific references that horophiles relentlessly search for, namely the GMT-Master 1675/3, originally introduced in 1970 and reference 16713 which both featured a brown dial. 

Did you know the Rolex GMT Root Beer was the weapon of choice for a Hollywood celebrity? Legend has it this watch goes by the nickname of the “Clint Eastwood”. Reference 1675/3 was in fact Dirty Harry’s favourite Rolex watch to slap on his wrist. It can be seen during a number of appearances on the silver screen, garnering additional interest in this particular watch.

From Tightrope to In The Line of Fire, Eastwood was seen wearing the Rolex GMT Master 1675/3 during a string of films in the 1980s. If you can get your hands on one, as they are highly sought after, these watches have excellent investment potential and hold their value well. Since 2019, many watch peeps have been turning to the 126711CHNR which 


How Long Is The Rolex Root Beer Waitlist? 


When it comes to the Rolex Root Beer waitlist, you can usually expect to wait up to two years but this will be determined by numerous factors. This includes the relationship you have with an authorised dealer not to mention your purchase history with Rolex.

The likelihood is that if you don’t satisfy any of the above elements, the chances are you will not see a Rolex Root Beer for dust.


Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR “Root Beer” Specifications


Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR Specifications 

Case diameter

40mm, 12.5mm depth 

Main materials

Oyster Steel and Rose Gold 


Oyster Steel and Rose Gold with Glide-lock system and 5mm Easylink adjustment function 


24-hour, 12-hour, minutes, seconds and date




Calibre 3285, automatic   


Bidirectional, Oystersteel with Rose Gold fluted bezel, engraved with 24 hours 

Water Resistance

100m (330ft) 




The Rolex GMT Master II rarely goes unnoticed. If you want to wear a statement watch that shouts success while paying respect to heritage and craftsmanship, this could be the one. Whether jetting off on an important business meeting or pairing it with a sharp brown suit and brogues, there’s no denying the inescapable toughness and versatility of The Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer. Add in a distinctive rose-gold hue and you are cooking on gas.



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