MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Rolex “Batman” 126710BLNR Through Chrono Hunter?
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MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Rolex “Batman” 126710BLNR Through Chrono Hunter?

MarketWatch: How Much Can You Sell Your Rolex “Batman” 126710BLNR Through Chrono Hunter?


Updated February 2024

  • Since 2013 at Baselworld, Rolex has been dazzling enthusiasts and collectors with their infamous two-tone bezel, made from their own distinctive and extra tough Cerachrom material.
  • Data of the selling price performance has been taken from Chrono Hunter’s platform in March 2023.
  • Chrono Hunter’s chart reflects detailed figures of the highest and lowest offers received from our trusted network of luxury watch retailers to customers who sell a Rolex Batman through us.
  • Over the course of a four week period, there was a significant increase to both the highest and lowest prices offered by our luxury watch retailers when selling a Rolex Batman via Chrono Hunter.


Introduction To The Rolex Batman 


The Rolex "Batman" is a revered timepiece in the luxury watch world, renowned for its striking design and exceptional functionality. Introduced in 2013, the Batman Rolex quickly became a sought-after model among watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

The most eye-catching feature is of course its bi-color ceramic bezel, which seamlessly transitions from blue to black. This unique feature not only adds a touch of elegance but serves a practical purpose for tracking multiple time zones.

The glossy black dial emanating from the Rolex Batman is darker than the Dark Knight himself. Following the design cues taken from the classic GMT-Master II design, with highly legible hour markers and hands, there is a date window at 3 o'clock, magnified by Rolex's signature Cyclops lens for improved readability.

As with all watches from the Genevan giant, the Batman Rolex is crafted from the finest materials, including 904L stainless steel for both the case and bracelet. The attention to detail and precision in manufacturing are evident, seen across every aspect of the watch.

When it comes to functionality, this GMT-Master II does not disappoint either. Originally designed for pilots, the GMT-Master II line allows the wearer the chance to track multiple time zones simultaneously. Furthermore, the additional 24-hour hand on the Batman Rolex, with its distinctive arrow tip, can be independently set to a different time zone using the rotatable bezel.

As for reliability, rest assured of nothing but the most exceptional durability and accuracy. The Rolex Batman is powered by their in-house Calibre 3186 movement, which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance in various conditions.


Where Did The Nickname Batman Originate?


Before we drill into the figures, let’s take a quick look at the Rolex Batman origins. Known as “bleu noir” the reference BLNR or blue black relates directly to the legendary two-tone bezel on the reference 126710BLNR. As a result, the obvious blue and black hues on the bezel instantly screamed out Batman to many horophiles…holy smokes Robin! And the Caped Crusader of watches is also referred to by many as other names such as The Dark Knight and The Bruiser. Don’t confuse it with other models which have BLRO (bleu rouge) tagged on with altogether different nicknames like “The Pepsi”.


What Are The Benefits of Cerachrom?

This proprietary ceramic alloy exclusively produced by Rolex has a number of different advantages to wannabe super watch heroes. Firstly, this material is tougher than old boots, extremely scratch resistant and takes no timekeeping prisoners as far as fading is concerned.


Personality Of The Rolex Batman 126710BLNR 


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After the original 116710BLNR was discontinued, Hans Wilsforf made a few subtle amendments to the 2019 Rolex Batman model. With it came a 5mm Easylink extension on the brand new bracelet that offered a folding Oysterlock buckle. As a result of the lugs being trimmed down to fit the revamped bracelet, it meant the previous Oyster bracelet was unalterable. Oh and what about the calibre? That too. This was given a new lease of horological life thanks to the Calibre 3285 with a superior escapement. With a 70 hour power reserve, the Rolex Batman really powers through the day and more


Batman vs Batgirl


Due to the Jubilee bracelet amendment, enthusiasts and collectors started to give the 126710BLNR a new name…”The Batgirl”. 2 years after the launch of the new Batman model, Rolex decided to subtly reintroduce the Oyster bracelet as an alternative choice. Henceforth, the Oyster is now referred to as the Rolex Batman while the Jubilee bracelet remains “The Batgirl”.


Analysis Of Selling A Rolex Batman 126710BLNR Through Chrono Hunter - March 2023


When it comes to cold hard facts, you can trust Chrono Hunter to deliver the most accurate figures when you sell a Rolex Batman through us. Taking a look at the chart above, we can see some interesting figures in terms of the sell price last month;

  • At the start of March 2023, selling a Rolex Batman through Chrono Hunter would have netted you a minimum of £10,000 (lowest offers from our array of luxury watch retailers who wanted to buy your Rolex Batman)
  • If a customer had waited until the end of March 2023, our network of luxury watch retailers would have paid at least 20% more for a Rolex Batman - £12,000.
  • The highest price offered at the beginning of March 2023 to buy your Rolex Batman was nearly £12,500.
  • Furthermore, there was a near 6.5% rise on the highest offers received on a Rolex Batman by the end of March 2023 - £13,250 compared to £12,450 at the start of March.

Now, at Chrono Hunter Towers, we like to consistently move with the times whilst being as precise as a Zenith El Primero. Of course, this is absolutely imperative when you want to sell your watch…and for the best possible amount.

**As of February 2024, you can sell your Rolex Batman 126710BLNR through Chrono Hunter (Oyster bracelet) for an estimated market value of £11,500. As far as the “Batgirl” is concerned on the Jubilee bracelet, you can expect to achieve a selling price of around £11,800**


5 Reasons Why The Rolex Batman Holds Its Value


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Cannot wait to sell your Rolex Batman or Rolex Batgirl through Chrono Hunter? Here are just a few factors as to why this iconic watch remains so sought after;

  1. Supply and demand - The original 116710BLNR has been discontinued making the new Rolex Batman from 2019 even more appealing for retailers who want to buy your Rolex.
  2. Celeb appeal with famous wearers like Roger Federer and Real Madrid’s second highest goalscorer of all time Karim Benzema.
  3. At the time, it was the only stainless steel GMT-Master II to boast the legendary two-tone Cerachrom bezel making it an instant horological hit with aficionados. 
  4. The price of the Rolex Batman has increased majorly over the last few years as more and more scarcity ensures it firmly remains one of the brand’s most popular models.
  5. First rate legibility thanks to the clear bezel distinction of both AM and PM makes this technical innovation highly desirable.


5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Rolex Batman Through Chrono Hunter


  1. Expansive selection of verified luxury retailers - Where else can you receive multiple offers when you sell your Rolex Batman or Batgirl? Only Chrono Hunter of course! Our distinctive platform means you can enjoy several offers on your Rolex Batman from our list of handpicked luxury watch retailers. Simply enter the details here or download our dedicated app to get started right away. 
  2. Speed - Subject to all necessary information submitted such as papers and images as well as after your watch has been thoroughly inspected, Chrono Hunter can transfer funds into your account for your Rolex Batman in a very short space of time.
  3. Accepting an offer - Ultimately, the power is in your hands. You don’t have to accept any offer from Chrono Hunter, giving you complete control over your precious timepiece. Sell at a price that suits you. However, offers won’t be around for long, so it’s best to accept in a timely manner.
  4. 100% Safe and secure environment - All deals are conducted directly with our highly reputable luxury retailers meaning your watch is not subject to any fishy sites, Ebay transactions or dodgy grey market dealers. 
  5. Peerless service - With more than 900 five-star ratings on Trustpilot, check out why we should be your number one source when you sell a watch. Our expert team knows Rolex inside and out and can advise you on the true value of your watch. Contact us here to find out more.




Please note all offers received for customers' watches on Chrono Hunter relate to both the Rolex Batman price and Batgirl models. Whether supply and demand, the Changing Of The Guard or the breeze outside, prices are always dictated by current market conditions. 

What is certain is that the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 126710BLNR gives Commissioner Gordon horological goosebumps! A hot model if ever there was one in the Rolex stable, The Batman from 2019 excels in technical prowess when compared to its former caped model from 2013. Thinner lugs, attractive visuals and a new movement are but a few of the elements that have drawn so many enthusiasts to this model…like bats to a cave. The Oyster bracelet adds more weight to the argument.

Due to its popularity and limited availability, the Batman Rolex has become highly sought after by collectors and keen horophiles alike. Its status as a modern classic is more than a piece of luxury refinery that tells the time. Transcending its cult status, it's often seen on the wrists of celebrities, athletes, and influential figures like actor Tom Holland and John Mayer, further adding to its allure.

Although COVID 19 and global production restraints have played a pivotal role in the production aspects and exclusivity, it still makes The Rolex Batman very much in-demand and well over the MSRP price. This ain't a spoiler nor a joker of a prediction…these are the current times.


Want to sell your Rolex Batman without all the hassle? Looking to put up your Rolex Batman for sale to achieve the best possible price and on the most secure platform? It’s about time you spoke to Chrono Hunter. Contact us here to find out why we are the essential choice when you sell your Rolex. Enjoy multiple offers within hours if not minutes from our extensive selection of reputable retailers all in one place. Short of time? Download our app today, available on both Apple and Android marketplace and save money the smart way.


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