5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches Ever Worn By Musicians and Sportsmen - Chrono Hunter
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5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches Ever Worn By Musicians and Sportsmen - Chrono Hunter

5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches Ever Worn By Musicians and Sportsmen - Chrono Hunter


Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been recognised as one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands. Not bad for a watchmaking company that manufactures less than 70,000 timepieces annually. But less is very much more watch peeps. Did you know one of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches ever auctioned off was in excess of £30 million?

Chrono Hunter tips their horological hat to the stunning Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010. Complete with a salmon dial, it was specifically designed for the Only Watch Charity Auction in 2019. Recorded at the time as the most expensive watch on the planet, this one of a kind steel only version is as rare as a dodo, especially as it's uncommon to use this material in a Grand Complication. A whopping price though commands even more gargantuan features and this beauty is packed full of them - 20 to be exact. 


Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 - Source: Patek

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As complex as the theory of evolution, Darwin may as well shut his book. Crafted to mark Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, mind boggling elements include several acoustic settings, an alert that strikes the pre-designated alarm time and date repeater. Rarer than all the diamonds in the world (almost), “The Only One” is etched on the case ensuring even more rarity. And even rarer is the discontinued Nautilus 5711/A, highly coveted among collectors. But look, there are other Patek Philippe watches that deserve our horological attention as plenty of celebs rock this Swiss powerhouse. 

From Spiderman actor Tom Holland’s Aquanaut 5167R to ex Lock Stock star Jason Statham’s penchant for the Gerald Genta inspired Nautilus 5980, there are many A-listers who revere Patek Philippe. In fact, the 5980 is considered by many in watch circles to be one of the leading sports chronographs of recent years. US rapper Drake is the owner of several Nautilus models. One of the most influential artists in the modern era, he has sported a bespoke Abloh Off White and Louis Vuitton Nautilus 5726, the limited edition 44mm Nautilus 5976/1G Chronograph and a rose gold Nautilus with more than 1340 diamonds. If you wanted to buy a Patek Phillipe like this, the original retail price was more than £500,000. Ouch.

But what about those other celebs and their obsession with PP? Anyways, let’s not waste any more time as Chrono Hunter reveals 5 most expensive Patek Philippe watches ever worn by musicians and sportsmen. Get ready for the drop.


Patek Philippe Ref. 2499, Platinum Version Owned By Eric Clapton


Any enthusiast worth their horological salt knows that the renowned guitarist Eric Clapton is passionate about Patek. His keenness is taken to next level status through his previous ownership of an incredibly rare reference 2499 in platinum. A grail watch if ever there was one, it was launched back at the beginning of the 1950s to great adulation. Limited to just 349 pieces, the model was discontinued 35 years later making it extremely coveted. 


Patek Philippe Ref 2499 Eric Clapton - Source: Oakleigh Watches

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What’s So Special?


We'll let you into a secret. Only two pieces exist in the platinum version…so says Patek Philippe. What’s so special about the Patek Philippe reference 2499? Having replaced the reference 1518, you have to factor in barely 10 were made each year with only four in rose gold. Yet it is the must have reference if you want to buy a Patek Philippe. This calendar chronograph is really the bee's knees with its calibre 13, 20-plus jewels, day and month windows as well as a perpetual calendar showcasing moon phases. 

The bigger 37.5mm case size in contrast to the 35mm case on the ref. 1518 and the vintage platinum Patek theme make this insanely rare. The transaction is as closely guarded as one of Rishi Sunak’s press briefings but coming into the hands of this famed rock star catapulted it into holy grail territory. 

Our friends over at Swiss Watches also noted the incredible worth of the Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 as owned by Eric Clapton in their The Most Expensive Patek Philippe Wristwatches of All Time article. They found that it “carries the Geneva Seal and integrates a chronograph and Perpetual Calendar” plus it only “remained in production for 35 years”. Talk about rarity!

Auctioned for: More than £3 million at Christie's', Geneva.


Patek Philippe Ref. 5208P Grand Complication Owned By Ed Sheeran


Multi Grammy winner and Shape of You sensation Ed Sheeran know a thing or two about owning some of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches. A huge fan of the Nautilus, he was gifted a Nautilus 5726A that features any given moon phase whatever the cycle may be. Capturing various moments in time, Sheeran had this particular model on his wrist when he got married and even when presented with an MBE in 2017.


Is That All?


With an ever growing horological empire, his expansive watch collection is worth in excess of a whopping £5 million. Covering everything from The Richard Mille RM26-02 Tourbillon Evil Eye to a £207 Moonswatch, Sheeran’s collection is home to a few of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches you can get your mitts on - or not.



Patek Philippe 5208P Grand Complication - Source: La Cote Des Montres

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Among the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time and Split Seconds Chronograph is another masterpiece - The Patek Philippe 5208P Grand Complication. This ultra triple-complicated timepiece boasts not only a perpetual calendar but a minute repeater and 12-hour monopusher chronograph. Measuring 42mm, it has a moon phase function, 48 hour power reserve, sublime grey dial and alligator leather strap. With finely balanced pierced lugs, it is home to a Spiromax balance spring…a first in a Patek Philippe Grand Complication. Oh, did we also mention the sapphire crystal caseback, Patek Philippe Caliber R CH 27 PS QI and Pulsomax escapement? It’s the stuff horological dreams are made of.


Valued at: Around £1.5 million


Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P Owned By Conor McGregor


If you know your horological beans, you would know that if you buy or sell a Rolex with a green dial, you would have a queue going around the block - ten times over. Highly coveted by many avid collectors, our next most expensive Patek Philippe comes from the stable of former controversial UFC figure Conor McGregor. 


What’s The Craic?


The Irish combat king brings a reputation to the table for his outlandish behaviour…as does his watch collection, most notably the all green Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P. Created for Irish jewellers Weir and Sons as part of their 150 year celebrations and half decade association with Patek Philippe, the emerald green dial gives a nod to their location. Furthermore, green also pays tribute to the coloured boxes that were used to present their watches when the company was starting off.


Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P - Source - Watch Collecting Lifestyle/Patek

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Limited to just 25 pieces, McGregor managed to bag the 12th watch in this exclusive series, a link to his premium whisky brand Proper 12. One of the most in-demand chronographs, it comes complete with a platinum case, sapphire crystal back and vivid green crocodile skin strap. This flyback chronograph enjoys a 21k central rotor, 45 hour power reserve and is all powered by the Calibre CH 28-520 QA 24H.


Priced at: Buy a Patek Philippe 5905P on the secondary market for upwards of £900,000 - at the time of writing.


Patek Philippe 5971P-001 Grand Complication Owned By John Mayer


American singer songwriter John Mayer is to Patek Philippe what the Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold is for Swatch - just an endless marketing conveyor belt. And this is summed up in the influence he has over timepieces that he has worn over the years that increase in value sometimes overnight.


Patek Philippe 5971P-001 Grand Complication, Source - Phillips

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What About His Other Watches?


Sure, he may have the Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A with a distinctive fourth hand for its dual time zones. But, Mayer has several other Patek watches in his stable, none other than the highly complicated Grand Complication ref. 5971P-001. 

Baguette diamonds? Check. Perpetual calendar chronograph and moon phase tracker? You bet. How about a leap year indicator, platinum bezel, calibre CH27 70Q and diamond hour markers? Absolutely. Lap it up watch lovers as this rare piece will cost you. 


Valued at: In excess of £300,000 on the secondary market - at the time of writing.


Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Gold Version Owned By Jay-Z


Finally, we finish with one of the big boys and a watch that has been hitting the headlines recently - The Patek Philippe 2499 in gold. Yes, we all know Jay-Z is a hardcore collector as seen thanks to his arm candy at the 2023 Grammys. No, we aren't talking about Beyonce, but rather his outrageous Grandmaster Chime 6300G spotted at The Grammys.


Source: Instagram


The rose gold version of the ref.2499 is seen by some as one of Patek's rarest and most expensive watches ever. Sold at auction by Christie's for over £3 million, this particular Patek reference is brimming with history. 


How Rare Is The Reference 2499?


Rarer than a fillet mignon on date night. Launched in 1951, there were less than a dozen manufactured every twelve months. Watches as we know gents are something to be cherished like a snowflake on a cold winter's day. But rarity equals investment potential for many collectors and this is what skyrocketed this particular watch into the horological skies. Fabulous aesthetics together with three highly desirable complications like a moon phase indicator and perpetual calendar make this a genuine bonkers watch. 

Produced between 1950-1985, less than 10 were made in rose gold and now thanks to Jay-Z, the Patek Philippe ref. 2499 is even more overtly uncommon. The hip hop mogul was captured recently on Beyoncé’s Instagram account with one of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches you will ever see…in gold. As Katy Perry sang, the only thing on fire is his incredible timepiece. You gotta hand it to Hov, there is nothing that passes his horological eye. Uploaded by Alex Todd, jeweller to the stars, the Jigga Man was papped by Lenny S alongside words that declared;


Unique Integrated Bracelet!!!! That’s a vintage piece. The kind that makes haters kiss their teeth!!!!”


Source: Twitter

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We can kinda make out the yellow-gold bracelet in 18k gold which leads us to think this is even more of a madly unique piece…as a possible 1 of 4 series. Holy smokes! Measuring 39mm, the ref. 2499 showcases round pushers on the chronograph with a hollowed out bezel. But there’s nothing hollow about this absolutely mind-blowing timepiece. “Dauphine” style gold hands, baton numerals aplenty with sapphire crystal moon phases and a balance spring, the series is part of four versions of the model.

Holier than Pope Francis, Chrono Hunter is actually unsure as to the cost of this rare timepiece. What we are sure about is that other 2499 references have been auctioned off with astronomical figures, most notably a rose gold version in 2022 for (dramatic pause) over £7 million. A watch collector’s fantasy bar none, you’ll be hard pressed to find the other 3!


Valued at: Make your own number up here!




We hope you have enjoyed our deep dive into some of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches ever worn by musicians and sportsmen. Exquisite craftsmanship , rarity, a first rate heritage of perpetual calendar chronographs not to mention musical and sporting appeal. Is it any wonder that many hardcore collectors choose Patek Phillipe to fill their watchmaking boots?

If you want to buy a Patek Philippe or sell a Patek Philippe then Chrono Hunter is here to assist. Download our dedicated app today or contact our expert customer service here who will guide you through the entire process. Whether new or pre-owned, receive multiple offers in less than 24 hours from our trusted network of luxury retailers. Our in-house team will answer any questions and help you gain a true understanding of how much your Patek is worth.


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