Here’s Why Avid Collectors Queued For The New Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold
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Here’s Why Avid Collectors Queued For The New Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold

Here’s Why Avid Collectors Queued For The New Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold


We told you we would be back! The horological furore is over and for the most part…we are slightly underwhelmed. The new Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold looks the same, except for the golden second's hand daubed in Omega’s gold alloy. But was it worth spending time queuing in Zurich, Milan, Tokyo and London, before the UK’s coldest night of the year?


The Buildup

Hot off the heels of last year’s Moonswatch release on March 26th 2022, fast forward nearly a year and Swatch and Omega are delivering the new followup entitled the “Mission to Moonshine Gold”


Moonswatch Queues from 2022, Source: Omega Forums

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And timelords got all hot under the collar, or should that be balance spring again two days before the actual launch. Stay with us as this saga has a storyline as dramatic as an Eastenders Christmas special. And precisely like Christmas, it’s all over in the blink of an eye. First, we had the teaser video on their Instagram feed that would make you think ITV are ramping up The X Factor ratings. 

Then we had the official scoop from Swatch that the new Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold wouldn’t be available to purchase online. Major boo. Plus, hardcore watch nerds and aficionados had to not only salivate for 48 hours in anticipation but queue up for hours in four global destinations. 


Source: Bloomberg

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Brave horological warriors waited for hours with one father and son camping out overnight in Milan, Tokyo, Zurich and outside the Royal Exchange in London where a not so glam branded Fiat held the precious bounty. With the UK about to experience the coldest day of the year, this didn’t stop 100-plus watch peeps from forming the most British of lines despite the icy temperatures. Yet, word on the street is people kept their cool in spite of last year’s Moonswatch fiasco that saw as many scrums as a Six Nations Rugby match.

If you are as hyped up as I am, let's find out what all the fuss is about.


Moonswatch Sales Strike Gold


Chrono Hunter never misses a beat in bringing our devoted readers the hottest gossip in the watch world. And as we brought you previously in Businesswatch, Swatch has surpassed 1 million Moonswatch sales making it more of an internet sensation than the Crazy Frog. The hottest collab of 2022 bar none, this Bioceramic masterpiece introduced 11 planetary models including Mission to Mars, Mission to Saturn and Mission to Jupiter. 


Omega Moonswatch Mission To Mars 2022, Source: Omega

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Now, Swatch says they are literally working “round the clock” to replenish stock but this has led to a secondary explosion rivalling Mount Etna. Originally with a retail price of £207, you’ll have to venture to a Swatch store…that is if you can even find a Moonswatch. And if you want to buy an Omega Moonswatch Mission to Jupiter, this will set you back over £1100 on Ebay at the time of writing - more than five times retail. Yikes.

So, have we built up the tension enough watch peeps? See we didn’t need any fancy teasers or pop up Fiats…I think it’s time to pull back the horological curtain.


The Reveal 


Still on tenterhooks? Be it Covid 19 or the fact we were stuck indoors for so long, it seems that Swatch wants us to mingle and shmingle at these one off events. Inspired by Omega’s own Moonshine Gold alloy, the clue is in the name!


Source: Bloomberg

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Launched in 2019 to mark the Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 50th Anniversary, Swatch has laid the golden egg thanks to coating the distinctive gold chronograph seconds hand with Omega’s moonshine gold. Is it different from last year's models? No. Is it a twist that has made collectors go stir crazy? Absolutely. Can you sell a watch online like this that will make you over a grand quickly? Most likely yes.

The recycled gold is taken exclusively from Swatch’s factory and is displayed on arguably one of the most iconic watches of all time - The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The DNA stays true to its roots incorporating its legendary moon landing spirit while staying true to its form. A paler gold in appearance, most of the other details remain the same. 42mm diameter, grey Bioceramic case, black colourway and green lume but this time there’s a subtle twist. 

According to Omega, they say allegedly that the new addition of Moonshine gold is resistant to fading over the years. Bold claims indeed.


The Inspiration Behind The Moonwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold


Wait for this one, you’re going to love it. Apparently, each of the moonshine gold second hands was manufactured by Swatch…under a full moon. No this ain’t Halloween we are in March after all, but the prices these new iteration is going for on the secondary market is positively scary!


Source: Oracle of Time

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In fact, you’ll benefit from full blown certification when you buy an Omega Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold stating this was done upon the emergence of the full moon. Call it kooky or downright clever, there is no doubt that this pre-Easter gift for watch fans has been another cracking concept.


Where Can You Buy The Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold?


As controversial as their social media campaign, the actual retail price of the Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is 275 Swiss Francs…approximately £248. However, whilst this is not a substitute for the other 11 models, it further enhances the collection deeper. 


Source: Oracle of Time

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Never mind the £22 increase from 2022. Perhaps another clever marketing trick? Although it’s too late to buy an Omega Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold from Swatch’s pop up stores if you really want to get your hands all Moonshined up, there are always secondary marketplaces.

Having had a trawl through, there are many newly fledged owners who are looking to sell an Omega Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold via eBay for prices between £500 to a staggering £2,400. Nearly 12 times higher than retail! We must doth our timekeeping cap to the PR team at Swatch who do know how to keep collectors sweating right until the last second.



Although we held out for either an all-gold case or a take on the Omega Speedmaster 3861 Moonshine gold, this latest version of the Moonswatch is another hit for both Swiss giants. Then throw in celeb appeal with famous Moonswatch owners like Ed Sheeran, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Omega fanatic Daniel Craig. The Bond actor owns the Mission to Neptune, still considered one of the most in-demand models from the classic Moonswatch collection.

I get the appeal, especially among watch enthusiasts of this latest edition and the way in which each city was chosen. Bank in London was selected due to the gold prices being fixed at this precise location, while gold reserves and the financial district were chosen for the Swiss location in Paradeplatz. Coincidence, this is not, dear watch fans. 

But do we have to wait another year? Not on your nelly. It looks like Swatch and Omega are intent on milking this PR cow for as much as it's worth as another teaser has come out of the Swatch stable. This time there are clues of an unveiling for a brand new Moonshine Moonswatch. After questions were asked about potential new releases, “probably yes” was their suspenseful response. It may be a timely one as they are hinting a new Moonswatch may be produced when the next full moon occurs. 


Source: Geekalerts

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We may be weeks away from another global horological meltdown. Who knows what’s going to take place but off the bat, we’d love to see a Sedna gold version. Nonetheless, if you simply cannot camp out outside random Swatch boutiques, expect to pay slightly more than £248. And before you ask, unlike Willy Wonka, we don’t have a golden ticket for one.

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