Breaking Newswatch: Omega and Swatch Launch “Mission To Moonshine Gold”
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Breaking Newswatch: Omega and Swatch Launch “Mission To Moonshine Gold”

The Hype

Last year, you couldn’t go five paces without watch nerds uttering the word “Moonswatch”. If you wanted to buy an Omega Moonswatch, you would have had to get to the back of the line. And we mean as long as the Rolex Daytona waitlist. Queues for this puppy went round several blocks with many staying the course overnight waiting in front of Swatch stores in London, Singapore and New York.


Source: Irish Examiner

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Yes, watch peeps, the partnership between Omega and Swatch with their beloved Moonswatch collection is set to go off the charts again in the next 24 hours. We think they have already surpassed the scales! For those not in the know (where have you been?) this series boasted 11 timepieces with a vibrant spectrum of bold colours based around the moon, sun and nine planets connected to the solar system. 

From Mission To The Sun and Mission To Jupiter, this watch gives a nod to the legendary Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch from 1969 when NASA selected Omega to provide chronographs to go on board the successful Apollo 11 lunar mission.

Swatch really are the kings of marketing as pandemonium took over horological receptors in favour of incredible sales, overwhelming demand and remarkable secondary market activity. This resulted in a retail price of £207 selling for three times and now even up to four times its original price. Yowzers. But that was ancient history. In case you were too busy or not up to speed, here it is below in its full horological glory.


Source: Instagram

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What Would We Like To See?


All that glitters is certainly gold, especially if you are CEO of the Swatch Group. With the PR machine set to overdrive and with no idea what will be unveiled, what would Chrono Hunter like to see?

Well, step back in time to the infamous 2019 Omega Days in Miami and the introduction of the first Speedy made from 18k yellow gold alloy. Known as Moonshine Gold this could be a sparkling interaction of what’s in store for the Golden Moonswatch. It pays homage to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landings but blends the Speedmaster heritage with an aesthetically pleasing display resonating with the vibrant and eclectic landscape of South Beach.

Lineage is one thing but if you want to buy an Omega with sublime looks and precious metals, look no further than the Omega Speedmaster 3861 in Moonshine Gold.


Omega Moonwatch Professional 3861 in Moonshine Gold, Source: Omega

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Developed by Omega in-house, this paler brand alloy made from silver, copper, palladium and gold was launched as a different option to regular 18k yellow gold - with enhanced performance. Now, the distinctive sheen has added value in appearance emanating a more golden accent while stopping any fading in its tracks. Plus it is powered by the impressive Co-Axial Chronometer Calibre 3861 with a premium finish.

Measuring 42mm, the panda dial design albeit black subdials and gold dial or PVD green dial and the ceramic bezel is the perfect durable steel sports watch packed with encyclopaedic history. The break from the norm yellow gold in this piece may just be demonstrated in the Golden Moonswatch number that has many watch nerds salivating. Shiny, unfancied and captivating, the retail price to buy an Omega with added moonshine sits at £38,400 for the PVD green dial version. Though do expect to go straight on their own waitlist.

Who knows what we will see in 2024…the all gold Vacheron Constantin 222 Swatch. How about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Swatch or even the Chopard Alpine Eagle Swatch? Suffice to say that gold watches are making a long awaited renaissance in watch circles. 


The Drop


Everyone synchronise your watches for the following times and in the following Swatch locations only;

Nihonbashi Kabuto One - Tokyo, Japan (6:30pm JST)

Paradeplatz/Peterhof - Zurich, Switzerland (7:00pm CET)

Piazza Affari/Galleria Meravigli - Milan, Italy (7:00pm CET)



The Royal Exchange, London, Source: Wikimedia

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And if you are in the UK;

The Royal Exchange - London (6:00pm CET)


I mean online is just so 2023 isn’t it? Home to the UK’s gold reserves, ideally positioned in the heart of the banking district, it’s quite apt that Swatch intends to release their hotly anticipated glitzy model here. Mind you, hysteria and a smidgen of panic will have well and truly set in before this as Japan is first off the horological starting blocks. And if the internet goes down later, we all know the reason why!




March the 7th is D-Day for the Golden Moonswatch. But will it be the golden egg that Swatch are hoping for? Given its previous iterations that sold out and exploded on the secondary marketplace, time is a great leveller. However, online watch communities seemed to have had differing opinions with many reporting colour transfer issues. 

But this is only the beginning watch enthusiasts. Is this set to be a gargantuan watchmaking gargoyle or another tick for Swatch? You’ll have to stay tuned until after the big reveal on Tuesday to see what has really dropped. And no we can’t fast forward time…you'll just have to come back to find out.

While we cannot guarantee you a brand new spanking Golden Moonswatch in time for the start of the business week, Chrono Hunter can provide the very best offers and peerless service if you want to buy a watch or sell a watch. If you are looking to buy an Omega for your collection or simply a fan of its heritage and accuracy, contact us here to discuss your specific requirements. Benefit from our trusted network of luxury watch retailers and save money on your next watch.


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