MOONSWATCH ALERT: Omega and Swatch Reunite (Again!) To Mark Swiss National Day Complete With Lanterns
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MOONSWATCH ALERT: Omega and Swatch Reunite (Again!) To Mark Swiss National Day Complete With Lanterns

MOONSWATCH ALERT: Omega and Swatch Reunite (Again!) To Mark Swiss National Day Complete With Lanterns


In Brief


  • The hype, the chaos, the saga and the queues have come and gone again thanks to the new release of the “Mission to Moonshine Gold” MoonSwatch.
  • Introduced on August 1 around many areas, the chronograph second hand is slightly adapted bringing a new motif to this particular watch.
  • Introduced in several Swatch stores across the globe, Omega and Swatch join forces again to deliver a Bioceramic beauty adorned with national flags as an ode to Swiss National Day.
  • This comes off the back of several monthly releases since March involving a subtle “3” on the chronograph hand, floral tributes, pink Moons and even strawberries. Oh, you do get a certificate to attest it was produced under a full Moon.
  • This is a double celebration as it also is an ode to the intrinsic historical heritage shared between both Swatch and Omega. 


Moonswatch Mayhem


As we have reported time and time again, Moonswatch madness has embraced enthusiasts and would-be collectors across the globe. Wrapped up in a 42mm Bioceramic case, the same aesthetics and visuals can be seen across the range which originally spawned 11 models dedicated to the solar system.

In no time at all, the Moonswatch became the must have watch of 2022 and was on the lips of every hungry horophile who wanted to snap up one. No we ain’t chittering about grail watches per se. But this didn’t prevent avid collectors swarming stores like bees to a hive in the pursuit of timekeeping happiness, to see what new delight appeared on the gold-plated seconds hand. 


Queues outside one store in London for the 2022 launch that closed after 30 minutes, Source: New York Times


Based on the precise layout of the sought after Omega Speedmaster made famous by Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing, the next craze for this watch is almost as salacious as Aldrin’s latest pose. Come on...tell us you haven’t noticed?


Buzz Aldrin decked out in three watches, Source: Reddit

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The space cowboy has been spotted recently flexing not one but three watches at once in an audacious triple-wristing pose. Whether on earth or outer space, his obsession with time simply knows no bounds. 

With many going nuts for this as the new Barbie movie, maybe it’s time we came up with a newly invented trend for this craze. Mooncore or Swatchcore, anyone? We have already legged it down to the patent office. 


The Marketing Machine Trundles On


As the Whispers once proclaimed, the beat definitely goes on as far as the new Mission To Moonshine Gold is concerned. Now with release number 5 under its horological belt, the marketing machine shows know signs of slowing down. 

Moonswatch Strawberry Moon Edition, Source: Mercari

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Like the Rolex Daytona…this is more than just a watch. It’s a cultural and social phenomenon that is firmly embedded into the horological psyche of many consumers and enthusiasts. Over the last few months, we have been privileged to some outlandish iterations that have featured strawberry moons and pink moons. And still they came in their hordes like vultures stalking their new prey.

Despite not one but two Speedmaster price increases as recently as last month, this has not swayed from the sheer marketing muscle of both Omega and Swatch. Who cares if some have allegedly reported that the chronograph pushers, colour or bezel has fallen off.

As with Crocs, Dr. Martens and Red Bull, this is something that’s more than a brand. This is clever PR and brand awareness at its absolute finest. 


Has Anything Changed?


So has anything altered on the new Mission To Moonshine Gold? For the most part no. Well let’s face it we are only here for one thing…the chronograph second hand. 


Swiss National Day Edition (Lanterns included) Source: Swatch Group

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According to the blurb it reads as follows this timepiece;

“commemorates August 1st, the Swiss National Day, also paying homage to the Swiss Made heritage of the Omega and Swatch brands… “This series of seconds hands has been produced exclusively during the full moon of July, as stated in the certificate that comes with this watch.” 

Are you following devoted timelords? Measuring 42mm x 13.25mm thick with matte black dial and housed within a Bioceramic case as per all other watches, the head and tail of it is no. Barring of course the chronograph second hand which this time round takes the form of classic Swiss lanterns with the national flag adorned in red together with the iconic white cross.


Source: Swatch Group

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Traditional Swiss lanterns…whatever next? That’s the horological conundrum that keeps everyone on their toes baying for more like salivating hyenas. By the way, we have no idea why SWATCH AG 2021 is incorporated on the dial of these specific watches located at 6 o’clock! Any handy pointers, please do inform us. 

This crafty quartz calibre has smashed every timekeeping ceiling known to the watchmaking world. More talked about in recent times than the Royal Oak and Nautilus combined, Moonswatch mania never ceases to amaze us, no matter how miniscule the alteration to the chronograph second hand. 

Less is more as they say.


How Much Does The New Mission To Moonshine Gold Swiss National Pattern Cost?


You can buy an Omega Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold “Swiss National Pattern” for around £250 at the time of writing.


What Is The Resale Value Of A Mission To Moonshine Gold Swiss National Pattern?


On the secondary marketplace, as of August 2023, we can see the Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon is a 60% increase at around £400, while the new Swiss lantern pattern watch is fetching double the price with flippers reselling it already at £500. 


People Also Ask


Want to discover what other time peeps are nattering about? Here’s what other people are asking when it comes to the Moonswatch;


Can I Buy MoonSwatch Online?


No, the new Omega Moonswatch is not available to purchase online and is limited to designated Swatch stores. That’s if they have not run out already of watches after the August 2nd release.


How Do I Get A MoonSwatch UK?


Although the original Moonswatch from 2022 is easier to get hold of, you will be hard pressed to find the new version from August 2 2023. This is down to the fact there are only three Swatch stores in the UK which are located in London in Battersea, Covent Garden and Oxford Street. You may have to venture north to Scotland where there are two Swatch outlets in Glasgow on 220 Buchanan Street and in Edinburgh, based on the main shopping artery in Princes Street.


Is The MoonSwatch Limited Edition?


To a certain extent, the Moonswatch is a limited edition due to the one-day only releases. Supply and demand as ever come into play with these particular watches, but although the chronograph second hand has been produced under the latest full Moon, it is not a limited edition timepiece. 


Is MoonSwatch Worth The Hype?


Affordable it may be, but where else can you buy a watch that has Omega on it and for less than £300? This is the reason why many have been drawn in by its attractive allure and low price. This is especially true if you compare it to the cheapest Omega which is the Prestige Co-Axial with a retail price of £2,970 at the time of writing.

Yes, it may resemble something that you might win for hooking a duck or shooting a clown at the funfair on first inspection. But there’s no denying this special collaboration which is the timekeeping gift that keeps on giving.


Which MoonSwatch Is Rarest?

Source: Getty Images

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The Mission To Neptune is considered one of the rarest Moonswatch models and has been spotted on the wrists of many celebrities including Italian footballer and 2022 European Championships winner Leonardo Bonucci as well as Layer Cake and Bond star Daniel Craig. 

He was seen flexing the Mission To Neptune on stage above, addressing a crowd at the 2023 National Board Of Review Awards Gala in New York.




Across 85 cities and 97 stores, they came, they queued and they conquered. Some enthusiasts did just that as the new Moonswatch Mission To Moonshine Gold edition has been well and truly extinguished…for the meantime. Time to douse the flames off this hot little number.

Available for just 24 hours, like a puff of smoke the watches are gone as soon as they are launched. Puff the magic dragon doesn’t stand a chance. Unless he’s already bought his tent and camp stove ready for the next unveiling. Plus he won’t need anyone to light his flame of enthusiasm. It puts David Copperfield in his place.

For us, this kinda reminds us of the Police Academy movies…weren’t there seven in total? You want to know what’s in store next time and that’s without buying the director’s cut. 

The Fast and Furious franchise is up to 12 iterations, so they still have a long way to run. Yet the anticipation remains the same for each new release. However, if you are in London and have a second or minute for the next drop, here are the official Swatch stores with full address details so you can stake your place in the line;


  • Battersea Power Station
    Circus Rd W, Nine Elms
    SW8 5BN London


  • Covent Garden
    31 James Street
    WC2E 8PA London


  • Oxford Street
    313 Oxford Street
    W1C 2HR London


Don’t say we didn’t warn or prep you for the next release. The best of British to you. Try not to burn the candle at both ends just yet as you’ll be the first to know!


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