New Omega MoonSwatch Mission To MoonShine Gold 'Strawberry Moon' Edition Proves Time Isn't Up Yet!
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New Omega MoonSwatch Mission To MoonShine Gold 'Strawberry Moon' Edition Proves Time Isn't Up Yet!

New Omega MoonSwatch Mission To MoonShine Gold 'Strawberry Moon' Edition Proves Time Isn't Up Yet!


In Brief


  • Moonswatch Madness has made a timely comeback (again) with the new launch of yet another Mission To MoonShine Gold for July 2023.
  • Entitled Mission to Moonshine Gold “Strawberry Moon”, this bioceramic beauty is back with a vengeance…this time with peachy pink strawberries daubed over the chronograph seconds hand. 
  • To coincide with the full strawberry moon in June, Omega and Swatch actually timed the launch of the new watch release for July 3rd.
  • The newest timekeeping collab from Omega and Swatch comes after previous iterations of the Mission To Moonshine Gold including the New York release with a miniscule number 3 on the second hand, floral motifs and even potty pink lume in Vegas.
  • Despite being loyal to the Mission To Moonshine Gold features like its quartz movement, matte black dial and bioceramic case, the new strawberry moon edition is by far the wackiest release yet.


Turning Back Time


No, we don’t need Cher for this one. But if she could actually turn back time, she would have pointed to 2022 when the Moonswatch was the hottest, most talked about watch on the planet. Hang on a tick. Apparently, it remains the case in 2023 as we are still writing about these sought after watches!


Source: Swatch Group

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As partnerships go, this one is more popular than Gilbert and Sullivan. Hitting Swatch boutiques on March 26th last year across the world including Singapore, the Omega Speedmaster inspired Moonswatch was met with horological frenzy. Especially those who queued around street corners, up alleyways and everywhere in between. You can bet that sales of tents, stools, camping equipment and torches went through the roof during this period.


Mission To Neptune, Source: Swatch Group

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With 11 watches released, this covered the entire solar system ranging from Neptune to Uranus (who would want to own Uranus after all!) and Mercury. Combine that with famous Moonswatch owners like Daniel Craig (Mission To Neptune), Ed Sheeran and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and you have a timekeeping ticket to success. 

Even to this day, standard Moonswatch novelties fetch up to eight times the RRP of £250 on secondary sites. Truly out of this world, watch fans. But at Chrono Hunter, we ain’t just about the best place to buy a watch and sell a watch in the safest and most secure environment. Oh no.

We love a darn good iteration. And So Omega and Swatch demonstrated their horological weight in gold with several more new editions in 2023.


Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Edition


The 80s were all about tracksuits, Spandex and Spandau Ballet. Not following? Like Tony Hadley, gold was very much on the timekeeping agenda when Omega and Swatch joined forces one more time to introduce the MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold earlier this year. 


Source: Swatch Group

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Unveiled on March 7th 2023, the horological hysteria started well before this with February seeing a teaser video on Instagram getting all collectors and enthusiasts drooling with anticipation. 

Debuting across a number of different cities featuring Tokyo, Zurich, Milan and London, Japan saw the lucky first horophile pick up a brand spanking new Mission To Moonshine Gold. Omedetō as they say. But what was the furore about? A simple distinctive gold chronograph seconds hand daubed in Omega’s 18k special alloy material. Now who said all that glitters isn't' gold? 

But wait…there’s more. Fast forward a few weeks and another new launch of the MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold was released…in the Big Apple. Times Square, Manhattan to be precise. And you know we are all about bringing you the most minuscule of details concerning all things horology! The difference was beyond tiny, featuring a very small “3” etched onto the teensy weensy chronograph second hand. 

We told you we’re all about the finer things! Complete with a certificate stating the watch was produced under the third full moon of 2023, people came in throngs from across the globe to grab a small piece of the Omega Swatch MoonSwatch mayhem. But for collectors, this imprint made it even more desirable than its predecessor, available for 24 hours only. Less is very much more in this bioceramic case.


Tickled Pink


But the madcap adventures didn't cease timelords…they just intensified around those looking to buy an Omega Swatch MoonSwatch. Long lines reformed in April 2023 as soon as the tents were taken down and pitched again for the Mission To Moonshine Gold mark three.


Source: Swatch Group

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Las Vegas was the new setting. Elvis must have been keeling over with hilarity as we all waited with bated breath for what was next to appear on the chronograph second hand. Was it a new digit, Sanskrit or an attempt at a minute repeater? By Jove time peeps, it was none of these. 

The chrono hand was pinked out big time to reveal a ravishing pink hue coated with lume. As an ode to the full Pink Moon, (you still with us?) The popularity was still at a fever pitch for this latest edition of the Mission To Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch release.


Flower Power


One month later and Omega and Swatch were still going all horological guns blazing thanks to the new Mission To Moonshine Gold Edition…with a floral twist. 


Floral Arrangement, Source: Swatch Group

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We are talking about the same hand, same timepiece, same brands but with different floral inspirations. Taking inspiration from the manner in which flowers bloom majestically at night or so they say, we thought it was a bloomin' chutzpah to unleash another new Mission To Moonshine Gold Edition.

And still, the enthusiasts came in their droves. 


Strawberry Fields Forever


Whether bringing out more limited-edition watches to satisfy the already insurmountable demand for the Moonswatch or a bizarre Bansky like reinterpretation, there’s no denying the marketing wings at Swatch and Omega


Source: Swatch Group

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Measuring 42mm and 13.25mm thick, they have got this new release on the money with another snappy iteration. May we present (clears throat) the Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry... Dubbed the Swatch MoonSwatch Strawberry, we turn another page in the chronicles of the Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold.

Is it strawberry wallpaper that belongs in a 1970s Manhattan beige apartment? Perhaps it’s a bold strawberry motif in keeping with many other playful Swatch watches? Whatever the scenario, this is a far cry from the normal MoonSwatch editions which were heavily criticised for being as bland as pink blancmange. 

Yet this iteration was produced under the Strawberry Moon in June…and not released until July. Confused? So are we in spite of the certificate demonstrating this timekeeping landmark. Exciting though nonetheless.


Why Do They Call It A Strawberry Moon?


The question is posed though…what is special about the Strawberry Moon? According to BBC Science Focus;


The name 'Strawberry Moon' originated from Native American tribes, specifically the Algonquin tribes, who used the name to mark the beginning of strawberry harvesting season in the northeastern parts of North America. For these tribes, the full Moon in June corresponded with the ripening of wild strawberries in the region. It served as a useful natural indicator (or celebration?) as the time to gather and harvest the sweet fruit.”


It’s enough to make you reach for the strawberry picker.


How Much Is An Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon Edition?


Only available via select Swatch stores, buy an Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon Edition for £250…if you can find one.

As of July 2023, prices of the MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Edition were being advertised for as much as £1,500 on Ebay and other secondary marketplaces. Nuff said.


What’s Our View?


Where do we begin? The new Omega Swatch Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon Edition is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in Pandora’s box. 

In fact, we don’t believe it’s online via the official website either. Open it up and you will reveal what is still on many enthusiast tongues despite all this time. The horological goalposts have been well and truly moved this time thanks to the new MoonSwatch which shows absolutely no signs of abating.

Yes. The Daytona can put a fancy “100” marking in red on the new Paul Newman Le Mans Daytona Cosmograph. But this ain't a patch on the marketing hysteria generated from the new Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Edition. How do they do it? The subtlest of touches and amendments whips new and excited collectors into a frenzy only seen by the launch of…oh wait for it, the previous Moonswatch event.

It seems Omega and Swatch are in for a long partnership. As long as they hype the watches up, horophiles will keep on assembling outside Swatch stores and round street corners like a Pagan gathering. We need their magic formula.




The simple adjustments made to the MoonSwatch lineup since 2022 has seen buyers attend stores in their throngs and droves. A cheaper entry-level alternative to watch collecting per se, is this the driving force behind the MoonSwatch?

Sought after, coveted, desirable, call it what you will. All of these watches can still be bought if you are willing to pay well over the odds. There’s no limit, some might say, in the pulling power of the irresistible and irreplaceable MoonSwatch. Never mind the fact it can only be purchased within a limited time frame.

And as soon as night follows day…a magical horological puff of smoke appears and whoosh, it’s all over. As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink”. Well enthusiasts still remain positively stir crazy and overly thirsty for the next new addition to this ever bonkers lineup. 


Stay tuned.


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