Omega Announces Revamped Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” With Vintage Specs
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Omega Announces Revamped Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” With Vintage Specs

Omega Announces Revamped Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” With Vintage Specs


  • Paying homage to the 75th anniversary of the famous Seamaster collection, Omega have introduced 11 new models in the selection, dressed in a brand new colourway - “Summer Blue”.
  • The oversized Seamaster Ploprof 1200m has been updated and re-introduced as a new gen deep dive timepiece. Complete with monobloc case and invigorating gradient blue dial, it’s a vintage return to its classic design.
  • This follows a major brand unveiling of several new Seamaster watches including the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra-Deep and Seamaster Aqua Terra 38mm “Summer Blue”
  • Composed of a proprietary steel alloy known as O-mega steel, only found on the Ultra Deep, the new Seamaster Ploprof 1200m is big, brash and includes the calibre 8912 movement.


Brief History Of The Omega Ploprof


To start off, we thought we would take a deep dive into the history of the Omega Ploprof. Make sure you have your snorkels at the ready time peeps! Get ready to take the plunge.



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As recreational diving took off during the 1950’s the release of several dive watches was born, namely the Rolex Submariner in 1954 (or was it 53?) The horological jury is still out on that one. Furthermore, deep-sea saturation diving played a vital role in the emergence of the Ploprof. 

As specialist sectors like offshore oil exploration and underwater welding required a timepiece for great depths and even greater risks, a specialist timepiece had to be constructed to satisfy these specific Jacques Cousteau-like requirements. And no, he wasn’t responsible for the design. Although he did use the watch to conduct experiments on the body during the process of deep-sea diving.

Due to these immense depths where divers conducted numerous investigations and jobs, inconceivable to normal diving techniques, (think delving to the Mariana Trench with just a Pound shop scuba mask on), as Bill Shankly once proclaimed about football, these specially designed watches were not just;

“A matter of life and death…I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."

In addition, as helium can seep through a watches seal in these so-called highly pressurised environments, akin to Champions League nights at Anfield, upon resurfacing, the helium gas caught inside does not have sufficient time to escape. Consequently, this led to watch damage which would blow the glass into bits. The solution? Step forward a deep-sea diving company that was to change the face of dive watches forever. 


Omega and COMEX


In October 1961 ,COMEX was created and soon became the most significant deep-sea diving business in the world. Founded in Marseille by professional diver Henri Germain Delauze, he aided saturation and deep-sea divers who underwent extreme risks to assist in the production of a hardy watch that withstand such huge water pressure at incredible depths with no effect on accuracy or precision. 



Gianni Agnelli wearing the Proplof, Source: Cafe Noir


By 1968, COMEX went to Omega, asking the brand to manufacture watches that could specifically cope with up to a 400 metre depth rating. And so, this timepiece f was born out of a dedicated research initiative. And according to the American diving centre Ocean Systems, they officially recognised the Ploprof as having higher levels of water resistance than a submarine. 

One thing is for certain. When you buy an Omega Ploprof, you are guaranteed to sail the seven seas with impenetrable confidence!

Development Of The Ploprof


There were not but two types of prototypes that were produced with the following codes;


  • Ploprof 0
  • Ploprof 1


These watches would later on go on to be sold commercially in the open marketplace. Several field tests were carried out rigorously at a constant pressure of 60 ATM. Findings showed that it could actually be submerged double this depth rating. 

And by 1969, the Seamaster 600 Plongeur Professionnel (Ploprof 1) was introduced at Baselworld and was officially debuted three years later in 1971-1972…complete with signature Monobloc case that was as impregnable as Fort Knox. No gas could get in, whatever the aquatic adventures. 


Mark 1 Prototype (Second version) with red steel nut that was never released, Source -

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Composed of Uranus steel back in the day and measuring a whopping 55mm, it featured toughened mineral glass, bezel locking mechanism and striking crown protection. Although the bi-irectional rotating bezel has the ability to turn, this can only be done via pressing the pusher daubed in red. In fact, there are only 5 models on the planet that offer a red bumpy crown. 

Let’s speed up time a little. and in 1972, the first Seamaster 1000 iteration came to the fore sporting the calibre 1002. Only 150 watches were ever produced. The next iteration followed in 1976 at the same time Apple was formed by Steve Jobs. 


Mark 1 with calibre 1002 and red lock nut made from plastic Source:

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Powered by the calibre 1012, there were only 300 watches produced of this particular timepiece. After a period of thirty years away from the timekeeping limelight, the Ploprof burst back on to the horological scene in 2009, courtesy of the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m. 

By 2016 as Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo lifted Euro 2016, Omega scored on the timekeeping front with a new edition of this popular classic novelty. This time round it came with not just an uncommon design, but Co-Axial and Master Chronometer movements, titanium cases and bezels made from ceramic. 

Bringing you right up to speed (as ever) the new Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m for June 2023 has 3 references, enjoying a grade 2 titanium case alongside some mammoth measurements. Get ready Timelords.

Tipping the scales at 55mm width x 45mm height x 15.5mm thickness, the new Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m also features a helium-relief valve, sapphire insert, screw down crown and a METAS certified calibre 8900. More on this shortly.


What Does Ploprof Stand For?


In its simplest form, Ploprof is derived from Plongeur Professionel, translated from French into English as Professional Diver. 


If you are looking to buy a watch with a soupcon of diver inspiration check out our 9 best dive watches for under £9000.


Personality Of The Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Summer Blue


So, what are we calling this next gen Ploprof? Regardless of your weird and wacky names, time peeps, it’s time to crack open the bubbly and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic Seamaster series. 


Source: Omega

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Yes, time may have moved on but with a retro twist as Omega has gone back in time quite literally to replicate its previous dimensions. With a 55mm case these watches are not for the faint-hearted…oh no. But like Gladiators back in the 1990’s on ITV, will this be a successful reboot? Hmmm let’s wait and see.

What dominates of course is the single piece case or Monobloc that has proven so popular on this classic timepiece. Back with a bang for 2023, the transparent caseback has been replaced with an etching of the god of the sea, Poseidon riding crestwave alongside a couple of seahorses…trident in hand. Now that’s one way of introducing these new watches.


Source: Omega

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The mythical theme on the Ploprof is a beguiling ode to the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster collection, no bones about it. Makes us want to break out into the Wellerman shanty! Sure, it has the same 1200 metre water resistance, helium-relief valve, oversized specs and quirky angular case. 


Source: Omega

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But the O-MegaSteel, free of nickel with corrosion resistance, brings something new to the horological table. Note as before…the bigger the depth rating the darker the blue. And the new Seamaster Ploprof 1200m is at the darker spectrum of blue but still classified as “summer blue”.

Fit for elegant affairs, working on your tan on Bondi Beach or relaxing in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea, the sun-brushed blue dial benefits from extreme clarity seen through the markers. For us, the minute hand on the Ploprof is a tad oversized and resembles a miniscule 14th century warrior sword on the dial. This is despite having the chance to record dive times quickly.

Both hands and indexes are coated from tip top in Super-Luminova which enjoys a one of a kind light blue accent not to mention the diving scale and bezel locking mechanism


Calibre 8912


Calibre 8912, Source: Omega

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On to the movement and this METAS certified baby is home to Omega’s calibre 8912. Brimming with timekeeping goodies from a coaxial escapement and free sprung balance with a 15,000 gauss magnetic resistance. 


Calibre 8912, Source: Omega

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Pah! The Rolex Milgauss at 1,000 gauss is not a patch on the new Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue”. Pulsating at 3.5Hz, the double barrel calibre 8912 has a time-zone element, performing alterations across 60 minute increments without the necessity to stop this timepiece. 

Running with a 60 hour power reserve, rest assured the Ploprof has enough time for you to enjoy a weekend getaway and still be back for the Monday morning rush hour panic...If that’s your thing.


Other Specs


  • Reference:
  • Jewels: 38
  • Buckle: stainless steel
  • Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, time zone function


How Much Does An Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” Cost?


Available from November 2023 on a blue rubber strap with distinguishable “isofrane” ladder-like  outline, you can buy an Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” for £13,200 - at the time of writing.


Are Omega Good Investment Watches?


Short answer is not really as when you buy an Omega at full retail price, the likelihood is the watch will diminish quicker than on the pre-owned market. As night follows day, it is the example of buying a new car off and driving off with it instantly from the dealership…it’s guaranteed to lose a certain percentage, come what may. 

This is in contrast to the secondary watch market where you will lose less over a longer period of time as you are not paying the retail price. This is precisely the reason why Chrono Hunter ensures the best possible prices when you buy an Omega through us thanks to multiple offers from our expansive selection of the best luxury watch retailers. 

Exceptions to this timekeeping rule is down to of course the old adage of supply versus demand, coveted watches that are highly elusive and limited edition Omega watches. But potential investment value is only achieved if you keep your timepiece in pristine condition over time. We recommend you service your watch annually. 

Safe bets when asking are Omega good investment watches lay in some of their most coveted models. These not only include the Seamaster but the legendary Speedmaster which made it all the way to the Moon, namely ref. 105.012 and 145.012, worn by Buzz Aldrin and other Apollo astronauts. 


Does Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

Ultimately, this boils down to a number of key factors such as specific model, supply and demand (quelle surprise) desirability within the secondary market and even condition of your watch. This will have an impact when it comes to the value of an Omega.

Marks, abrasions, scratches, scuffs…they all count when ascertaining how to value your watch, especially if you are looking to sell an Omega. In addition, does your timepiece come as a complete set with papers, box, documents and sales receipt? The more accessories you possess, the more value you will achieve when it’s time to sell your Omega

Regarding supply and demand, Omega watches are plentiful. Therefore, you will have sufficient access to them on the pre-owned market. Fret not. There will not be any shortage depending on the model, unlike other luxury watch brands like Richard Mille (5,000 pieces) and Patek Phillipe who produce only circa 40,000 watches annually.

Be it intentional or not, quality control or other mysterious factors limiting production to bump up prices of hot models through scarcity, leading to increased hunger from horophiles, so far, we don’t see the ahem so-called waitlists as seen by Rolex


Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, Source: Omega

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As mentioned, demand will be high for those exclusive watches, rare watches or vintage watches. Aside from the iconic Seamaster series and the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, a vintage Ploprof can fetch impressive sums on the secondary market and will hold its value well due to high demand. So, what other Omega watches hold their value? The least depreciation of Omega watches can be found in the;



As a rule of thumb(ish) the Seamaster steel version and Moonwatch Professional will only drop around 25% if bought brand new at retail. On the other hand, greater depreciation will naturally be seen in the less in-demand watches such as the Constellation and DeVille models. 


These watches tend to diminish in value up to 40% on the secondary market…as of June 2023. Again, supply and demand not to mention lower interest in these novelties means secondary market prices are lower.


What’s Our View?


Let’s put our heads above the water for just a split second. On the surface, it appears the new Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” is more of a cult icon than Fawlty Towers.

Served with a big slice of 75th anniversary cake, we tip our hat to this new yet vintage inspired novelty. It has history, retroism and oh my…boy does it have the bulk. Spanning 11 watches in various blue colourways across the collection, it shies away from the modern trend for slimmer watches. Nonetheless, the Ploprof remains a true divers-watch instrument like no other. 

The question is, do you really need all that water resistance? It's certainly caused a splash at Chrono Hunter HQ. Especially as prototype Proplof watches are estimated to be worth upwards of £50,000 up to circa £150,000. Money does seem to talk.




Mark Morrison talked about Return of the Mack. Well, this is without question not a return to sender. Sorry Elvis. To be blunt, there could not have been better timing to bring back such a fans favourite.

As part of the Sea Master's 75th anniversary celebrations, there’s something special about this particular comeback…in spite of its colossal size. The epitome of a dive watch if ever there was one, the new Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue” demonstrates unequivocally what the brand is so good at.

Like a good wine, the Ploprof has managed to fuse both old and new civilizations together in perfect harmony with a touch of vintage appeal for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Did we mention the monobloc case and the sparkling summer blue hue? As the NHS celebrates its 75th anniversary this year…one thing is quite clear. The long term plan looks far brighter for the revamped Seamaster Ploprof 1200m “Summer Blue”...on the surface.

We salute the new Seamaster lineup in all its epic seafaring glory. 



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