How To Buy A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe: The Ultimate Guide
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How To Buy A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe: The Ultimate Guide

How To Buy A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe: The Ultimate Guide


Established in 1839, Patek Philippe has been a huge influence on the watch world since its inception. Part of the “Holy Trinity” of luxury watchmakers including Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin, this Swiss brand patented the first ever precision regulator and perpetual calendar. 

A trailblazer of innovation, precision and watchmaking, Patek Philippe released the world's most complicated wristwatch in 2014 named the Grandmaster Chime and the Oscillomax patent which blended both their Spiromax balance spring, Pulsomax escapement and GyromaxSi balance. 

A quick glance at modern day Patek Philippe shows that they are still pulling out the big guns and releasing some top notch models. Watches and Wonders 2023 is a prime example of this wherein they released a stunning Grandmaster Chime in white gold to alter their Calatrava model, the 5224R so that the 24 hour time starts from the bottom and works its way to 12 at the top. How funky!

Suffice to say, you shouldnt experience any faults with your Patek Philippe purchase! The only question is, where can you buy a Patek Philippe watch? With such a low production rate at around 60,000 watches annually, it can be hard to actually get your hands on one. Not to fear Timelords. Join Chrono Hunter, as today, we run through everything you should know before you buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch!


1. Check The Paperwork Before You Buy A Second Hand Patek Philippe


The most important thing to check when you get your hands on a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch is whether or not it comes with relevant documentation.

Patek Philippe Watch Documentation - Source - The Watch Club

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Every Patek Philippe watch comes with a Certificate of Origin which is further confirmed in the Extract from the Archives. Patek Philippe have been keeping a note of all the watches released from their factories as far back as 1839. 

In essence, the most important thing to check is whether or not there’s a Certificate of Origin as only one copy is ever made. This means that there is categorically no chance of re-ordering one from Patek Philippe. While this may seem like a daunting prospect if you buy a Patek Philippe without the Certificate of Origin, the seller may have been kind enough to present you with a copy of an Extract from the Archives. The extract is just as useful as it refers to all the key bits of information about the watch such as the date manufactured, the date it was sold and the type of watch. 


2. Things To Verify Before You Buy A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe


There are a few key pointers you should look to before you decide to buy a Patek Philippe watch;


1. Check if You Are Buying A Patek Philippe Watch From A Reputable Source. 


While we will discuss the best sources to buy a Patek Philippe watch from, the key things are to make sure the place or person has an outstanding reputation (like Chrono Hunter!) and you will be offered a fair price. After all, you’re not purchasing a pair of socks!


Twenty~4 Automatic Stainless Steel - Source - Watch Collecting

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As we’ve previously mentioned, Patek Philippe watches are invariably more expensive pre-owned, you shouldn't be paying astronomical prices over its retail value. In some cases, the pre-owned value may be under the retail price. For example, you could buy a Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic Stainless Steel 7300/1200A at retail for £23,620 but you can buy it on the secondary market for around £17,600 at the time of writing. Of course, if you want to find out the true value of your Patek Philippe watch, it's best if you contact Chrono Hunter! Utilising our high quality services and our extensive list of highly reputable retailers, we can get you the best deal possible when you purchase a Patek Philippe!


2. Look For Any Marks Or Damage On A Patek Philippe Watch. 


While you are guaranteed that the watch is in pristine condition when you buy it through a reputable source like Chrono Hunter, you may have your doubts if you buy it from a mystery seller or someone from eBay.


Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar - Source - Patek Philippe

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If you really can't resist waiting for the model to come through an established source and decide to buy a watch from the unknown, the key thing is to check the state of the model. For example,  if you buy a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar 5261R-001, you’ll notice the beautiful shine of the polished rose gold case. Scratches and abrasions will therefore be very evident on the watch. 

If you notice a Patek Philippe watch isn't moving as smoothly as you anticipated, the movement inside the watch may be damaged. We do not recommend you open up the watch as they are gentle creatures! Take it to a Patek specialist to get it checked out. 


3. Are Patek Philippe Watch Parts Original?


This is very important as the authenticity and value of the watch may be impacted if they are not. Original parts are highly respected by the watch community as it means the watch hasn't been altered, increasing its value. Any replacement parts means the watch loses its genuine build and can adversely impact the price if you decide to sell your watch on. 


4. Has A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watch Ever Been Serviced?


Servicing the watch and having new parts added to it are two different things. Servicing the watch means that any scratches or abrasions have been buffed at, leaving you with a gleaming piece of high quality wristwear. If the watch hasnt been serviced, you will be left with a watch that's seen its fair share of damage! Make sure that the watch has been given a service to get the best of the Patek Philippe watch!


3. Do Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watches Hold Value? 


The key question is whether or not it's even worth buying a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch. The short answer ladies and gents is an absolute yes!


Patek Philippe 2499/100P - Source - SJX Watches

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Patek Philippe watches hold excellent resale value. In fact, there are numerous instances wherein they have vastly surpassed their original retail value due to them being rare or vintage watches. One such example is The Patek Philippe 2499/100P in rose gold. This model only has 349 pieces made, making it extremely rare. As such, it sold for an incredible £2,903,760 at a Christie's auction in 2012. 

Vintage models are also extremely valuable. Take for example the Patek Philippe 5711/1A-018 ‘Tiffany and Co’ watch which was released for the 170th birthday of Tiffany and Co. With only 170 pieces released and the model featuring the very rare baby blue Tiffany dial with accompanying ‘Tiffany and Co’ emblazoned on the dial, the watch sold for a staggering £5.25m at auction in 2021. 

More modern Patek Philippe watches are extremely valuable with excellent investment potential. Even though they may not be rare or vintage, just being associated under the Patek Philippe name entitles them to being extremely desirable among enthusiasts. 

You can buy a Patek Philippe 7118/1A at retail for £25,720 at the time of writing. It sells on the secondary market for around £38,500 currently at the time of writing. And then there’s the Grandmaster Chime. Rocked by Jay-Z at the 2023 Grammys, its release in 2017 brought an immense value of £1.8 million. Given 20 complications, it's crafted out of 18k white gold and can tell you the date up to the year 2100. 

This goes to show that most Patek Philippe watches will yield exceptional resale value. While it means it may be a little tougher for you to buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch due to the higher price, supply and demand, not to mention overwhelming exclusivity, there is the opportunity to own something which should certainly increase in value… and looks rather sublime on the wrist! 

Look, you have tried the rest…now try the best and let Chrono Hunter help you source a pre-owned Patek Philippe. Chrono Hunter already has an established network of luxury retailers in place who are on hand 24/7 to offer you the best offers possible for your next purchase. If you choose to buy a Patek Philippe through us, we can guarantee a high quality service, seamless experience and brand knowledge like no other. 

You can contact us here, or download our dedicated app which is available on both Apple and Android platforms. 


4. Where Can I Buy A Pre-Owned Patek Philippe?


If you want to buy a Patek Philippe pre-owned watch, you will have to look to other sources outside of official Patek Philippe authorised dealers.

Now, you could venture to an auction house where you could try to look at bidding for a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch. This however comes with numerous risks as you may end up in a bidding war and pay vastly over the odds. 

You might try online platforms wherein all your transactions and purchases can be done from home, relinquishing you of the unnecessary burden of travelling. Nothing better than a nice day in with your feet up looking to buy a Patek Phillipe watch! 

You could try utilising other sites like eBay for buying and selling watches. However, it also has its flaws. Take for example a buyer who may not have your best interests at heart. You may haggle a price for ages and have the deal fall through or worse yet, having the individual not send through the watch after you’ve bought it. Or…it could be a fake Patek Philippe. Now, why cut corners when you can visit Chrono Hunter directly to alleviate your timekeeping concerns?

Enjoy the safest and most secure platform when you want to buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe. As counterfeit watches continue to rise, there’s nothing fake when it comes to our peerless service and expertise in Patek Philippe watches. Benefit from our established network of luxury watch retailers who really want to sell a Patek Phillipe to you for the best possible price! We are just one click away.




Listen up time peeps…you don't need us to persuade you any further do you? Patek Philippe watches live in the realms of Haute Horlogerie, alongside the likes of Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. It doesn't pull any punches either as all of their watches are crafted to the highest levels of design, exclusivity, materials and craftsmanship. 

If you therefore feel inspired enough to want to buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe, we recommend a few things. Firstly, make sure the watch is as tantalising as when you first saw it in an authorised retailer or online. Check it has no abrasions or marks, that it comes with all the relevant documentation and that it's valued at a price that you deem to be fair. 



Chrono Hunter will of course give you a no-obligation estimate when the time comes to buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe to ascertain the true value of the watch you wish to purchase. Simply fill in our online form or download our dedicated app, available on both Apple and Android platforms.

To determine the true value of a pre-owned Patek Phillipe watch, Chrono Hunter puts you in contact with some of the most reputable retailers around when you decide to buy a watch. We only work with the most trusted luxury watch retailers selling some of the most popular Patek Philippe models to our loyal customers from the Calatrava and Aquanaut to the Nautilus. 

This means that you can buy a watch with absolute confidence whilst receiving the best possible price and impeccable service. Check out our first-rate Trustpilot reviews to see why we are so revered! Contact us any time and speak with one of our exceptional team members to guide you through our process or to discuss the specifications of your particular purchase. 

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