Question Time: How Do I Sell My Omega Watch?
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Question Time: How Do I Sell My Omega Watch?

Question Time: How Do I Sell My Omega Watch?


We sympathise with you. The very notion of selling your Omega is a concept which is incredibly difficult to wrap your head around. However, if you own a second hand Omega watch and you know you could make some pretty good money back for it, you have definitely arrived on the right page.

You may have some doubts as to the value. Is Omega still popular? Does the brand have good resale value? Where should I go if I want to sell my pre-owned Omega? 

What if we said that Chrono Hunter has the answer to such a troublesome question? As specialists in the selling arena, we have fast earned a reputation as solid as The Rock’s bicep. With us you can receive multiple offers thanks to our extensive list of luxury retailers and ensure you obtain the best prices paid when you sell your Omega. With brand expertise like no other, peerless service and quick turnaround, why don’t you come onboard as we change the face of how to sell a watch. 

Firstly, let’s get you switched on and clued up on what you need to do to sell your Omega with consummate ease. Read on!


Why Is Omega So Expensive?


One of the big luxury players in the horological market, Omega is in the the top 10 luxury brands in terms of overall revenue. Since 1858, they have a rich history in producing high quality movements and prioritising exceptional design. 

Swiss made which adds to the premium price, they are associated with space thanks to the Speedmaster as the first watch to ever land on the moon. Plus, their incredible use of materials such as silicon and ceramic, never mind precious metals like their own gold alloy!


Buzz Aldrin wearing the Speedmaster - Source - HISTORY

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As horological pantheons, they have been adorned by only the greatest. Take for example Buzz Aldrin wearing The Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch when he first stepped onto the moon in 1969. There’s a reason why the Moon Watches have been on the moon a total of six times. 

The Omega Apollo-Soyuz from 1975 is another piece relating to the moon. The Apollo-Soyuz project ended broken relations between Russia and the USA as both aircrafts in space docked and integrated. Only 500 models sold to the Italian market were released, commemorating such a historic event which has become a highly coveted model.

Manufacturing around 500,000 watches a year, they have kitted out enough models to populate their Speedmaster, Seamaster, Aqua Terra and Genta’s redesigned Constellation collections. Need I mention the highly lauded “Master Chronometer” status that is adorned on each of their watches?

Over time, they have been sported by Daniel Craig in his James Bond roles such as Skyfall and Spectre, Prince William and even the King himself, Elvis Presley. His reference, The H6582/D96043, sold for a bundle! We can completely understand your anxiety when selling such a prestigious brand.  

However, Chrono Hunter would like to assure you that the grass is always very much greener on the other side of the coin! Besides, if you want a no-obligation estimate, feel free to contact us here and a dedicated member of our team will run through a valuation accordingly. 

Want to find out the most in-demand pre-owned Omega watches? Here are our top picks;


At A Glance

  • Moon Watch Professional 310. - Secondary Market: Around £6,000 at the time of writing
  • Seamaster Diver 300m 42mm - Secondary Market: Around £4,300 at the time of writing
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M - Secondary Market: Around £4,000 at the time of writing
  • Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon - Secondary Market:  Around £8,500 at the time of writing.
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer - Secondary Market: Around £7,000 at the time of writing.


Whether you have one or several watches to sell, join us as we run through the exact steps about how to sell your Omega.


Where Can I Sell My Omega Watch?


When you are looking to sell your Omega, there are a plethora of avenues and options you might go down.


Logo - Source - Omega


Firstly, you could try and take the route of an auction house valuation. You do have a series of opportunities to get your piece sold, but if the bids remain less than the total you desired, there’s no way of recuperating such figures back. Plus there’s the weighty commission on top. 

There are online platforms such as Ebay which offer person to person valuations. We all know Ebay allows the user to buy and sell all manner of items like watches. Yet like most things, you may be on the end of a raw deal. 

This is where the other individual claims they will buy your timepiece, just for it to fall apart in your hands as they don’t send money through. Or you may have a winning bid that turns out to be a fake account but it’s too late…you have sold the watch and the money never arrives.

You could always put a claim through for a refund but can you really deal with the endless phone calls and emails when all you wanted to do was sell your Omega efficiently and in the least possible time…hassle free. 

This is precisely why when you sell your Omega through Chrono Hunter, they only deal with the most reputable network of luxury retailers where transactions are conducted in the safest and most secure environment.


Things To Do Before Selling Your Omega Watch


So what do you need to do before you pull the horological plug and sell your Omega?


De Ville Prestige - Source - Omega

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The thrill of the valuation, the bids, the racing heartbeat as the price climbs higher… It’s almost like watching Formula 1! However, if you want to reach this stage, you have to first get your watch in pole position for a valuation. After all, the devil is in the details.

A key component is ensuring you have its original box and papers. These aren't just boring administrative sheets, Timelords. These are absolutely crucial aspects to determine the ownership trail, as well as confirming the authenticity and legitimacy of the piece. In addition, having documentation of this nature will increase your chances of receiving a higher offer when you sell your Omega.

It always helps to have your model confirmed as a legitimate piece after valuation. Just as a reminder, some pieces may be counterfeit. Take a look at the alleged 1957 Speedmaster 2915-1 that was “produced” between 1957-1959. Achieving almost £2.75 million at auction, it was later found to be a fake.

If you don’t have confirmation that the watches are genuine through these items, you may find that prospective buyers are more furtive and skittish when it comes to following through with the transaction. Buyers like knowing that a valuation yields proper documentation. Don’t give them a reason to be nervous!

The papers also correlate to the repairs undertaken on your timepiece. Of course, everyone likes a genuine model, so any replacements may alter the value of the piece. It’s better to be honest about it than get caught later on down the line which might affect your valuation. 

The papers feature the most important part of all. Your model name and number which are essential to the final valuation. These parts can be inserted into the main search engine and offer an online trace of the timepiece and if it’s genuine. Get your documentation found to ensure your watches sell.

Another key part is making sure the photos of your model are crystal clear. No smudges or glare please. Whilst we don’t expect you to be Mario Testino, we are sure you can snap an excellent photo of a sunset on Mallorca beaches. Therefore, please give your watches the same level of attention which is just as essential for the final valuation.

Watches like the Omega De Ville Prestige 434. are littered with diamond hour markers atop a yellow gold construction. Wouldn’t it be a shame if those diamonds were dulled or the yellow gold dimmed? Ensure the photo is looking as sharp as a pin to make sure the buyer is blown away with your beloved timepiece. 


How Much Is My Omega Worth?


Even though it does depend on the rarity or exclusivity of the timepiece, Omega watches don’t tend to fare too badly upon resale. 


Speedmaster 105 - Source - Omega Forums

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After all, this is a brand that has revolutionised the horological world as we know it. From creating the first tourbillon calibre, the 301 in 1947 to the world's first model resistant to magnetic waves upwards of 15,000 Gauss (Take that, Rolex Milgauss!) In 2013, Omega are horological heavyweights, just waiting to send us to the timekeeping canvas with another beauty.

Back onto the watches themselves and there are some cases where some models are exceptionally rare, boosting their resale value. Take a look at The Speedmaster 105.002 as an example of such a timepiece. Running for six months in 1962 and the last reference to feature a silver rehaut, the model is highly coveted. 

Sometimes, you may land upon some watches which are a hidden gem! Take for example the Omega 145.022-69. Released after the historic moon landing, Omega released 1014 pieces of the Speedmaster Apollo XI 1969 in yellow gold. The first two models were offered and declined by the president and Vice president of the USA. One of the models was picked up and sold at a Philipps auction this year for £138,500 at the time of writing.  

Simply put, if you have rarer timepieces, you have a significantly better chance of garnering a better resale value when you sell your Omega


Do Omega Watches Lose Their Value?


If you Google do Omega watches lose their value, there are many pertinent questions around this. Be it do Omega watches hold their value, do Omega watches depreciate in value and is it worth buying a used Omega? All natural questions we say.

Generally speaking, the brand's watches do not fare too badly upon resale in comparison with other brands like Panerai or Breitling. This is due to their timepieces being highly desired and being crafted to an exceptional standard. If you sell a second hand Omega, this is much more of a savvy decision as many tend to decrease more when purchased brand new at retail. 

Opposites attract in this case and if you own a second hand Omega and subject to the demand for the model, the resale value will more likely than not hold or go up in value.


Apollo 11 50th Anniversary - Source - Omega

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Of course, rarer pieces are the ones to look out for in terms of price increases such as the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Chronograph, limited to just 1014 pieces. Celebrating 50 years since the Speedmaster’s inception, the piece was gifted to astronauts following the Moon landing in 1969. 

Or let’s consider the Speedmaster CK2915 for just a second. Originating from 1958, this model sold at Sotheby's auction in 2019 for around an astonishing £230,000. The Speedmaster is a timeless classic which is always in demand. And to get a model released just one year after the collection's inception is almost a sure fire winner!

You may find that you've been slipped a piece from a famous celebrity. Take a look at Elvis Presley’s 1960’s H6582/D96043. Owned by the King of rock’n’roll, this particular model sold at a Philipps auction for around £1.5 million in 2018. 

Associated with Tiffany (just like Patek Philippe), the piece was originally celebrating the milestone of 75 million records sold which was given to Elvis by RCA records. Time to get those blue suede shoes out.


Does Omega Have Good Resale Value?


Pre-owned Omega watches tend to be highly regarded and as such, will be valued accordingly. However, this doesn’t apply to all of the brand’s models. 


Seamaster - Source - Omega

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The standard models do well, but not well enough to recoup its original price at retail. Take for example a second hand Omega Seamaster 300m. As a really reliable piece and famed for its associations with the Seamaster collection, it sells for £5,500 at retail at the time of writing. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £4,000 at the time of writing.  

Other collections like the Constellation follow the same route for the standard models. The Constellation shows the famed half moon design and claw stylings on the case. Given a Grand Feu dial, you can buy it at retail for £6,500 at the time of writing. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £5,000 at the time of writing. 

As we said, this doesn’t mean that it's all doom and gloom. If you land on a rare or sought after model, you may be in for the biggest surprise of your life! The Stainless Steel Tourbillon is a representation of the brand’s technical genius being noticed and priced to extortionate figures. 

As mentioned, they were the first to release a tourbillon calibre. While they were typically kept in pocket watches during its release in 1947, a few were put into wristwatches. These rare pieces have since come to the surface, garnering incredible figures like £1.2 million at a Philipps’s auction in 2017. 

How about if you owned a second hand Omega 145.012-68SP? Manufactured in 1968, these watches were issued to NASA and feature NASA serial inscriptions. The unique caseback with a large imprint of the serial number means they are associated with the aerospace team that first reached space. Its association with such a feat means it sold for around £255,000 at a Philipps auction in 2022.  

Why not one more, eh? A pre-owned Omega 145.022 is similarly associated with the aerospace industry. Associated with the secret “Alaska Project” the brand undertook to provide high quality watches to NASA, the figures from the watches are extremely limited due to the hush hush nature of the operation. As such, the 145.022 and its link with the scarcity of the event meant it sold at a Philipps auction for £470,000 in 2022. 


How Do I Know If My Omega Watch Is Genuine?


There are a number of ways you can check the authenticity of a second hand Omega :


  • If it has precious stones, check their shine and firmness in the piece. The Constellation is made up of 634 precious stones!
  • For the majority of pieces, the serial number is accessed on the back of the case. However, if it’s vintage, it may be on the inside of the case back instead of on the bottom of one lug like on modern editions.
  • Unbelievably cheap tends to rhyme with unbelievably tacky in the horological world. Don’t fall for “too good to be true” prices
  • Most of their watches move to around 4-8 movements per second. Don’t get caught with a piece that runs like Grandad from Only Fools and Horses.
  • Check the movement if you can. If you have the luxury of a sapphire caseback, you may be able to spot the words “Omega” and “Swiss Made” on the movement. This confirms that the piece was made to an excellent standard. 

Can I Sell An Omega Without Proper Documentation?


We’ll be honest, Timelords. It does make things quite a bit harder if you don’t have the relevant papers or box…or anything for that matter.

The papers and box ensure that the piece is of top horological quality and made from a phenomenal brand. If you don’t have these items, you may find that the watches are possibly “Fugazi”. These papers include warranty, sales receipts and service records, pertaining to the model undergoing standard checks as it normally would. 

The brand does provide a specifically designed Card Pouch which is a wallet that carries all of these cards. If you have lost them however fret not time peeps. Check in with Chrono Hunter and let us work our magic to ensure you can sell your Omega with a no-obligation quote. Contact us here to find out more and speak to one of our dedicated representatives.


Why Should I Sell My Omega Via Chrono Hunter?


When you want to sell your Omega…who better than Chrono Hunter? We are one of the most established and trusted online luxury marketplaces where you can sell a watch quickly and receive top prices paid…all within a matter of days. 

In case you didn’t know, we’ve actually surpassed 1000 Trustpilot reviews with an abundance of 5 star ratings. Here are a few reasons why you should sell your Omega through us;


Reason 1: Time

Why waste your time knocking on doors in the hope you land on a credible source? There’s better things to be doing than pounding the streets in search of a jeweller who will accept you. Will you obtain the best price? What is their credibility and reputation? Why not save yourself time and get multiple offers, all from one trusted source.


Reason 2: Safe and Secure Platform

Sometimes the horological world can become a minefield of buying and selling from so many different avenues. We’ve taken the initiative to curate a safe and secure platform where you can receive all the offers you want from the comfort of your sofa. Using only the most reputable retailers around, our transactions are categorically secure ensuring we prioritise you getting the top prices paid for your beloved timepiece.


Reason 3: Multiple Offers

Our extensive list of retailers are more than happy to liaise and give you the best possible prices based on current market conditions. Our relationships with these retailers stem over years, allowing us to guarantee the experience and trustworthiness of each one. What’s better than getting a single offer? Getting lots of offers!


Reason 4: Trusted Luxury Retailers

Our highly unique position as a key luxury online marketplace means we have ties with only the best retailers around. With our own team closely monitoring each sale until its completion, we strive for a positive experience for everyone! First time buyers and avid collectors alike are accepted and given the fairest deals possible. 


Reason 5: Fast Turnaround

Since we have such extensive links within the industry and with our retailers, it may be a matter of hours or minutes until you receive your very first offer. This can all be observed through our very handy mobile app, available on Apple and Android marketplace. Capable of viewing deals 24 hours a day, rest assured that you have full control over your beloved timepiece.

Check your emails for any notifications that you’ve received an offer and simply log in to your account to communicate with the retailer. Subject to a close inspection of your timepiece, receive funds within a matter of days. It really is that simple! 

With unrivalled brand expertise, we have developed extremely close-knit relationships with some of the most established luxury retailers who want to give you the best prices paid when you sell your Omega. Why not give us and them a chance and ascertain the true value of your timepiece. 




We hope that our latest Question Time article has offered you the best insight into steering through the turbulent waters of how to sell your Omega watches. 

If you’ve received it as an heirloom, own a pre-owned Omega or picked one up years ago, you may be onto a winner! Hopefully, you’ve realised all the key aspects to getting your piece prepped, ready for the big day. 

There are many watches out there from this Swiss giant that enjoy impressive results. While they may not yield resale value quite like horological giants Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe, we can assure you that they are certainly not a luxury brand to be slept on. 

Of course, it all means nothing if you get swindled at the final hurdle. Consider a retailer with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot, a trusted retailer list as long as a Martin Scorsese film and with only the best prices paid.



Want to sell your Omega quickly and with no hassle? Have FOMO as all your friends are using Chrono Hunter? Why don’t you contact us at any time to establish the value of your timepiece and take the next steps selling your beloved piece and enjoy the best prices paid. 

Are you ready to sell your Omega? By using our dedicated app, you can receive multiple offers in less than 24 hours. Priding ourselves on first class service and lengthy expertise from our dedicated team, we can clearly ensure that you sell your Omega quickly and for the best possible price. 


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