Watch Your Investment
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Watch Your Investment

We know you derive a great deal of pleasure out of watch ownership, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But why not combine some of that pleasure with profit? Wouldn’t it be ideal to buy a watch, enjoy it for a while then sell it for a profit to buy another? Chrono Hunter is pleased to advise you of five watches we think will allow you to do just that. 


  1. The Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi Bezel”. This was the star of Basel World 2018 and if you got yourself on the waiting list early enough Rolex may have as well have sellotaped £10,000 to the box it came in. Originally listed at less than £7,000 it is not too hard to find people willing to pay up to. £17,000.


  1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A: The Nautilus is Patek’s sportiest watch, but it still manages to look as elegant as almost anything its rivals can produce. This model is perhaps the plainest, but also the most sought after. The waiting list can be up to two years. If you’re prepared to bide your time the market will value your new watch much higher than the price you paid for it. Patek list this watch at £22,820. They are being sold independently for more than £45,000.


  1. Rolex Daytona white gold 40mm with steel and black dial. Perhaps the most handsome of the current crop of Daytonas, Rolex lists this beauty at £21,050. You will find it listed privately at more than £25,000.


  1. AudemarsPiguet Royal OakSelfwinding. This classic watch, by the same designer as Patek Philippe’s Nautilus is the simplest and therefore most saleable of the Royal Oak collection. AP lists this model at £15,800. If you try to buy it on a whim, you’ll pay beyond £21,000.


  1. Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition. This is based on the original 1959 version of the Omega classic and only 2,998 pieces were produced. The black and white face with red detail is designed with function and beauty equally in mind and it is powered by Omega’s 1861 calibre movement, one of the best in use today. Omega list this watch at £4,320 and if you find it for that you should buy it immediately. If you can bear to let it go, it will already fetch up to £5,500. If you hold on to it, we predict the price will climb higher.


  1. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight. The brand that used to be seen as a cheaper version of a Rolex has really come of age recently and its current Black Bay collection is simple, functional, extremely hard wearing and beautiful. The company now makes its own movements which puts it right up with the big companies when it comes to quality, but the watches remain incredibly good value. Stick to one of the simpler models keep it for a few years and you may well find it has new-found classic status and a price to match. The Fifty-Eight is listed at £2,340.