Everything You Need To Know Before You Sell Your Panerai
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Everything You Need To Know Before You Sell Your Panerai

Established in 1860, Panerai has grown to be a substantial force in the horological world, fusing incredible innovation with style and precision.

Panerai have influenced the course of watchmaking significantly, popularising watch lume through their patent for Radiomir in 1916. Recently, they created the Panerai Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech, released at SIHH in 2017. 

The calibre in this model has a guaranteed run of 50 years before needing to be serviced. This goes to show the technical prowess, innovation and skill involved in every aspect of Panerai’s production process. 

As you are reading this article, we can assume that you have made the tough decision to sell your Panerai watch. We can't ease the heartbreak, Timelords but we can offer you a hassle free solution to selling your watch. 


Necessary Documentation for Panerai Watches


It is important that you have your papers handy when it comes to you trying to sell your Panerai watch. Don't get us wrong, you could feasibly sell your Panerai without any relevant documentation, it is much more preferred by all parties if you have access to them. As is the case with most things, if you have proper certification, box and corresponding papers, the value of the watch will most likely increase.


Panerai Submersible - Source - Panerai 

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It’s important to remember that an official Certificate of Authenticity can only be released by Panerai. You can't buy one on the internet and claim your watch is good to go. 

It may be worth scanning through your cupboards and drawers for those precious service records, warranty papers or sales receipts before you contact us. This will constitute evidence for any change that has happened to the watch such as repairs, cleaning or replacement of parts.

Luckily, Panerai are pretty good for guarantees as they give you 24 months starting from the date of purchase against any defects. This is only on the proviso that the warranty card is signed by an authorised dealer. 

From our own experience, the luxury watch retailers we work with appreciate original parts so if anything has been altered or changed, it's best if you let us know early on. If you want to discuss the sale of your Panerai watch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chrono Hunter.


Put Your Panerai In The Best Light Possible


Panerai watches should be photographed with the same level of respect as anything else. You need to make your watch's beauty shine through the photo. But not too much as no one wants overkill on the glare!


Panerai Luminor Due Luna Goldtech - Source - Panerai

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For example, the Luminor Due Luna Goldtech is crafted out of Panerai’s own combination of 18 carat gold. Combined with copper and platinum, the watch is revealed with a beautiful golden hue. It would be a shame if its aura was dimmed or made blurry, wouldn't you say?

As long as you nail the exposure of the photo, you don't need to fret about anything else. We aren't asking for National Geographic entries after all.

Still feel a little unsure about how to take photos? A quick Google search for a tutorial on how to take a photo competently should set you right. Find a well-lit spot that doesn't run the risk of the buyer being blinded and you are good to go! This will certainly help you sell your Panerai swiftly.


The Popularity Of Panerai Watches

Since 1860, Panerai have worked tirelessly to create the ‘Paneristi’ community that is still strong today. First founded in 2000, the Panerai collector community appeared before Wikipedia and expanded to being one of the largest watch enthusiast forums around. 

However, it's not just the common man that's so keen about these models. Celebrities are often looked upon as the leaders of culture and fashion. For them to adorn a Panerai is enough evidence of the popularity Panerai has garnered. 


Panerai Radiomir L’Egiziano - Source - Wrist Enthusiast 

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From The Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger to former WWE star and now actor Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson, Panerai’s clientele is as established as its history.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously sported the Panerai Radiomir L’Egiziano. From the iconic Radiomir collection, the collection introduced lumination in 1916 which was Panerai’s first official patent. The Egiziano follows suit and is a limited edition version of The Radiomir collection. At 60mm, it's perfect for a man with wrists the size of tree trunks. 

In order to buy a Panerai Egiziano, you must contact a concierge via their website at the time of writing. 


Panerai Luminor Submersible - Source - Oracle Time 

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Speaking of obscenely large wrists, Dwayne Johnson has also worn many Panerai models, including the Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT, Panerai Luminor Submersible and the sizable Panerai Radiomir 1940 10 Days GMT Automatic ORO Rosso. You’ll need to have oversized wrists if you want to buy a Panerai like this. Measuring 45mm, it certainly suits the bulkier gentleman and is extremely rare with only 150 pieces released.


Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Day - Source - Rubber B

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For the sleeker man, like actor Orlando Bloom, the Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days Oro Rosso is a fine alternative. Measuring 44mm in diameter, it offers 300m water resistance and a fantastic 8 day power reserve. 

You can buy a Panerai Radiomir for the retail price of £18,700 at the time of writing. 


Do Panerai Watches Hold Their Value? 


Panerai are notorious for holding their value. This is primarily due to the brand excelling in innovation and their clientbase is indicative of this. The model is also a significant factor when it comes to the value of your watch. The old rule follows that if a model is rare or scarce, its value has a higher chance of growing after purchase. 



Panerai Slytech - Source - Rubber B 

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For example, Panerai hit a double whammy when they released the Panerai Slytech Watch. Worn by Sylvester Stallone in the 1997 movie ‘Daylight’, only 95 pieces were released meaning that the model is both rare and has a celeb allure making it sought after. 

This is a recipe for a boom in value due to the watch now being extremely exclusive. While I can't promise you will look like Rambo with muscles to boot, I can promise you that the value will have drastically increased when you go to sell your Panerai Slytech. 

Panerai doesn't need to just rely on celebrities to increase their models' value. For example, in 2002, Panerai released the limited edition Panerai Luminor Marina Militare ‘Left Hand’ which capped at 1000 models produced. 

With the crown on the left hand side and the inscription of ‘Marina Militare’ on the dial, it harks to the Italian divers in WW2. An incredible slice of history no doubt warrants a significant price tag, especially due to its limited number and unorthodox left hand design.  

It would appear that the Luminor takes the horological prize for the most popular Panerai model. For you watch fiends who are lucky enough to own one, now may be probably the time to sell your Panerai Luminor. 

This goes to show that you don't need to be downtrodden when you sell your Panerai. It has every chance of retaining and in some cases increase in value past its retail price. 


What Are The Best Platforms To Sell My Panerai Watch?


There are a number of routes you could take when you want to sell your Panerai watch.

While it's nice having so many options, it can easily become overwhelming when you are just trying to sell your Panerai. You could try consigning with an auction house. The only issue is that if your watch is not in high demand, you may not get the price you were hoping for nor the interest.

Another alternative is to use online platforms which you can access from the comfort of your phone or laptop. There are many sites out there which you can sell your watch with. One highly credible example is Chrono Hunter, the quickest and hassle free way to sell your watch in no time at all. There are other options of course. 

For example, one that's probably familiar to 99% of the population is eBay.

eBay is fantastic for the majority of things buying and selling wise. However, it does have its pitfalls. You could encounter a problem buyer who could waste your precious time haggling but never buying. Or you could end up sending the watch and receiving no payment…for shame!

It's a real kick in the teeth when you just want to sell your Panerai




What have we learnt? Panerai is an amazing brand with plenty of valuable watches which have the opportunity to retain or rise in value. 

Its rich history serves as evidence of the level of quality behind Panerai. In order to get the best when you come to sell your Panerai watch, it's therefore key that you do everything in your power to make it look as appealing as when you first bought it. It's also key that you work with established platforms like Chrono Hunter to ensure your watch gets sold swiftly.

Chrono Hunter puts you in contact with some of the most reputable retailers around. We only work with the most trusted luxury watch retailers who have years of expertise in buying some of the most popular Panerai models. This means that we can sell your watch with consummate ease. With offers on your watch within hours if not minutes isn’t it time you sold your watch the smart way? With our peerless service and 800-plus 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, you are in the best hands in the business! 

Contact us at any time and speak with one of our highly experienced team members to walk you through our process or to discuss the specifications of your particular sale. Don't you think it's time to let go and sell your Panerai?


Discover, hunt, buy, sell


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