10 TOP Tips on How to spot a fake Rolex watch | CHRONO HUNTER

10 TOP Tips on How to spot a fake Rolex watch | CHRONO HUNTER

Author: Chrono Hunter
Last Updated: 19 Feb, 2021

How To Spot A Fake Rolex Watch: Top 10 Tips



In this article we’re going to teach you a few things so you will be able to spot a fake Rolex from the real deal. In the horology world, the Rolex name is ubiquitous with precision engineering, high-class functionality and world-beating design. With Rolex, you get what you pay for: it can take up to a year for some models to be manufactured and assembled (entirely by hand), and the level of craftsmanship is clear to see.

Like most luxury products, Rolex timepieces are hugely in-demand all year round. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that over the years, unscrupulous manufacturers and vendors alike have tried to capitalise on the success of the brand by attempting to flood the market with cheap, uncouth and certainly uncool “knock-off” fake Rolex watches.

If you only have a passing interest in luxury timepieces, you might find it difficult to tell the difference between a real Rolex and a counterfeit one - and this can create problems if you’re intending on making a purchase without the right help at hand. When unexpectedly dealing with counterfeit goods, you risk being ripped off - or even worse, falling foul of the law.

When you’re buying a watch via the Chrono Hunter platform, the good news is that you can rely on our expertise and close working relationships with the UK’s most reliable vendors to ensure that you’re receiving the real deal. Likewise, when it comes to selling a watch you can expect to receive a fair price for the genuine article.

With these simple tips, how to spot a fake Rolex watch is made easy - so be sure to consult this checklist before making any purchases. 


Fake Rolex watch and Genuine Rolex watch


Top Tips On How To Spot A Fake Rolex


  • Listen For The Sound Of Silence

Understanding the inner functioning of a high-quality luxury watch will help you to determine whether a Rolex is real or fake. Rolex watches are powered by automatic movements, which means they don’t tick. If a Rolex is ticking, this would indicate the presence of a cheap quartz movement. Ultimately, this would indicate that the watch is a fake. Avoid!


  • Consult The Case Back Of The Watch

Unless you’re purchasing a Rolex Sea-Dweller or a vintage Rolex dating back to the 1930s, your watch should feature a smooth metal case back. At present, the market is known to be flooded with a sizable share of replica Rolex models, many of which feature clear case backs instead.

Rolex is a brand known for refinement, and as part of its commitment to quality, it almost always insists on the smooth polishing of the case backs of all models. You’ll never find transparent glass on the case back of a genuine Rolex - just a stunningly smooth metal finish.


  • Carefully Ponder The Crown Etching

Rolex goes to considerable lengths to deliver the finest possible craftsmanship - and particular detail is given to the signature Rolex crown laser etching. Since 2002, each Rolex model has featured a tiny crown etching at the six o’clock position on the dial (not to be confused with the larger, standard crown logo at 12 o’clock). This delicate, ornate and meticulously crafted flourish requires a magnifying glass to be properly enjoyed. It’s another impressive length Rolex will go to in order to prove its mastery of the art of watchmaking.


  • Check The Weight

This is arguably one of the easiest ways to test the authenticity of a Rolex. It may sound simple, but Rolex watches are made of complex and often precious metals - which is why they feel quite heavy.

Lightweight bracelets on fake products are often a dead giveaway, too - even on well-constructed counterfeits. If it feels too light to be the genuine article, it probably is.


  • Check Engraved Official Rolex Serial Number

All genuine Rolex products contain an authentic serial number, which is unique to each watch. While there’s nothing stopping a seller of a replica Rolex watch from copying a serial number from an official timepiece, it’s nigh-on impossible for even the most skilled of charlatans to copy the complex ways in which Rolex engraves its serials.

A genuine Rolex will contain a serial with numbers which have been perfectly and precisely engraved. Cheap copies tend to have serial numbers “etched” into the watch instead. If this is the case then don’t waste your money: it’s a fake.


  • Cyclops Quality Check

Many Rolex watches include a date display. The crystal usually contains a small magnifying portion which enlarges this display by 2.5 times. This magnifying portion is known as the “Cyclops”. A legitimate Rolex will feature a Cyclops with a smooth and polished quality to it. If it seems bumpy or slightly off-kilter, you could be dealing with a fake timepiece.


  • High-Quality Face Texts

Even older Rolex models tend to stand the test of time and will contain smooth, correctly-spaced texts. Counterfeit Rolex watches are easily identifiable by rough, bubbling and unevenly-spaced texts. In some instances, you might need a magnifying glass to appreciate the quality craftsmanship of real Rolex text work, but once you’ve compared the real thing to a fake, the signs are obvious.


  • Price Too Good To Be True? It Probably is!

Rolex is famed as the world’s most prized manufacturer of luxury timepieces. While it’s possible to get a great deal on a Rolex through a trustworthy vendor like Chrono Hunter, it’s worth remembering that the price of a watch should reflect its overall quality.

In many cases, peddlers of counterfeit Rolex watches will attempt to pass a low-quality watch at a high price - but you should be aware of the opposite, too. If the price seems too low, be certain to consult with an expert or cast an eye over this checklist once again for good measure.


  • Check The Interior

This isn’t always advisable, and you’ll almost certainly need an extra pair of hands to help. Opening a Rolex is always a risky endeavour, but sometimes it’s necessary to prove the authenticity of the watch. If need be, arrange to do this via a trusted vendor.


  • Observe The Quality Of The Second Hand

On many Rolex models, the second hand is used to indicate the current time in a secondary timezone. To ensure the smooth rotation of this hand, Rolex uses a large number of mechanical parts. If it behaves in a jerky manner, you could be dealing with a fake Rolex which only uses the bare minimum of parts in its construction.



By following these guidelines, you should now have a much more informed idea of how to spot a fake Rolex watch. In the luxury watch market, it’s important to stay safe and protect any investment you make - and the best way to do so is to only purchase authentic Rolex watches from a trusted vendor. You can do this by relying on Chrono Hunter’s dedicated network of buyers and sellers. If you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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