Question Time: Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Value?
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Question Time: Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Value?

Question Time: Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Value?


In a nutshell, while the vast majority of TAG Heuer watches do not hold value in comparison to the big luxury brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, its rare or vintage pieces do hold excellent resale value and fare better in terms of value. This includes stalwarts from the Carrera and Autavia range to the legendary Monaco, as worn by Steve McQueen.

Now many lovers of time tend to be flummoxed by the world of watches, especially when it comes to which ones hold their value. The questions that we typically receive in our overflowing horological postbox tend to do with whether or not your beloved watches will pull its value back after resale. 

So are TAG Heuer watches a good investment? Are TAG watches worth buying? Do TAG Heuer watches keep their value? If you are still a little concerned as to whether or not TAG Heuer watches retain value, fret not as Chrono Hunter is here to answer those exact questions that may be on the tip of your tongue.

Originally named Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in 1860 and renamed TAG Heuer in 1985, an abbreviation of the real title Techniques d'Avant Garde, they are a private holdings company that's involved with Formula One as well as some aspects of aviation. The timekeeping brand moved from strength to strength in terms of development and growth. Creating a slew of influential collections from The Monaco to The Aquaracer, this Swiss brand has a very strong portfolio of watches.

They are responsible for introducing the first automatic chronograph watches thanks to the much discussed calibre 11 movement in 1969 and released the Mikrograph, running at 1/50th of a second in 1916. Jumping up from the typical 1/5th of a second during the era, TAG Heuer are strong innovators in the technical field too. And the clientele is just as impressive.

Worn by a variety of high society clientele such as Titanic heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, well renowned actor, Brad Pitt and Kill Bill legend Uma Thurman, their watches are only worn by the most established forces of high society. Oh and then there’s the Barbie movie! How could we not mention the hottest social media trend since Sir Tim Berners-Lee plugged everyone in…Barbiecore. 

Thrust into the horological spotlight in 2023, Ryan Gosling, acting as Ken, was seen to be wearing three vintage Gold Carreras, the coveted 1158 CHN, 2448 NT and 110.515, with the oldest dating from 1963. The other two watches flexed hail from the early 1970s. 

So, are they the real deal! You bet your bottom dollar, pound and shilling. It’s high time we got straight into the collections, respective glories and answer the burning question. Are you ready to find out if their watches are a good investment? Let’s find out.


Brief History Of TAG Heuer Watches


TAG Heuer wasn’t always endowed with its great title. 



Monaco Gulf Limited Edition CAW211R.FC6401 - Source - Reddit

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Founded by Edouard Heuer in Saint Imer, Switzerland, he started making waves in the horological world with a highly useful invention, the oscillating pinion. For those who don’t know what this is, it essentially allows a chronograph timepiece to both start and stop instantly with just the click of a push button.

This invention was just the start of a foray into the never ending world of technical mastery. In 1911, Heuer blessed us again with the Time or Trip which was an on board chronograph that could be installed into cars and aircraft. Used to measure how long a journey would take, the invention was incredibly useful. 

Ever looked at the beach and thought, I wish I could tell when the tides were coming in and out? Enter The Solunar! Launched in 1949, the watch was created in collaboration with Jack Heuer’s science teacher who created a timepiece that could indicate the tides after Abercrombie & Fitch requested such a piece. 

By utilising the inner and outer bezels, the user could tell the times of high and low tides, as well as giving the Solunar an extremely unique look. In fact, did you know that Solunar is actually a portmanteau for Solar and Lunar. Fascinating!

The Carrera collection was released in 1963, representing the brand’s first ever collection that was exceptionally well received and remains an icon today. Named after the incredibly risky Carrera Panamericana race of the 1950s, the lineup prided itself on legibility and minimalism. 

Jack Heuer made the executive decision to become one of the leading icons of the chronograph world. He, along with Willy Breitling, joined forces to create the first ever self winding movement, under the codename Project 99. Like a scene out of James Bond, the two companies worked tirelessly to create a movement that was named the calibre 11 and launched it in 1969. 

And yes we haven’t forgotten you Buzz Aldrin either. 1969 signalled the first moon walk as conducted by Buzz Aldrin. On his wrist? Nothing less than the highly regarded Omega Speedmaster. Originally released in 1957, it was the first wristwatch to feature a tachymetric scale on the bezel instead of on the dial, pertaining to a racing heritage, but it’s more associated with lunar expeditions as its the only watch to be worn on all six moon landings. 

Of course, it would be foolish if both companies released the same watches with the same movement. So Jack Heuer took it upon himself to debut the now sought after Monaco collection. Housing the world's first automatic chronograph movement in a stunning water resistant, squared case, this legendary timepiece would appear on the wrist of “King of Cool” icon, Steve Mcqueen in the “Le Mans” film from 1971. 

They later joined the Ferrari motorsport team in the 1970s and released the Microsplit 820 in 1973. For the newcomers, this is the first quartz powered sports timer that was small enough to fit in a pocket and run at 1/100th of a second from their very powerful movement.

They became TAG Heuer in 1985 and later owned by LVMH in 1999. 


Most Popular TAG Heuer Watches


We thought we’d put the time and effort in to deliver the best three collections from this Swiss outfit, giving a little insight into why they are so popular.



The Monaco is easily the most notable member of their portfolio. After all, if we say square case, we can hear you yelp Monaco instantly.

Monaco - Source - Brand’s Site

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Originating from 1969, the collection was released as a celebration of the Monaco Grand Prix. After the success of Project 99 and the release of the high quality calibre 11, the movement was supposed to be inserted into the current Autavia or Carrera collections. Jack Heuer one upped this and designed a model that was to become their biggest to date. 

Created in partnership with case manufacturer Erwin Piquerez, a squared water resistant case came out of the workshops as the first case to achieve water resistance. Famed for its adornment on the wrist of Steve Mcqueen in the 1971 film “Le Mans”, he came to wearing it after Jack Heuer’s friend and first ambassador, Jo Siffert chatted to Steve Mcqueen himself. Talk about perfect timing and we aren't talking about the movement!

Steve Mcqueen was supposed to be playing Jo Siffert, named Micheal Delaney in the film, and after seeing Siffert wearing the Monaco, influenced him to wear the piece. Considering Jo Siffert’s timepiece of choice was the Autavia, this was a real stroke of luck for the collection!

Nowadays, the collection is hitting new heights. Worn by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth and even Al Pacino, the collection is the timepiece of the celebrity world. Can you get your hands on one? Sure!

If you are looking for a style that looks most like the classic, we recommend the Monaco CBL2111.BA0644. Given the icon squared casing, stunning blue dial and two chronograph sub dials, the piece is a racer and fashion icon’s best friend. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Monaco CBL2111.BA0644 at retail for £6,700 at the time of writing. 

Now, if you like watches that reach into the realms of iconic, The Monaco may be your main route. Finished with Gulf branding through orange and sky blue racing stripes, there is also a vintage brand logo at 12 o’clock. 

Still crafted in the classic squared casing and featuring the two sub dials, the watch won an iconic watch prize of 2022 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. You can buy a TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf at retail for £6,800 at the time of writing. 



The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is another exciting part of their luxury portfolio. 

Aquaracer - Source - Reddit

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Sailing, diving and Heuer have been conjoined at the hip since 1895. During this period, they had released the world's first pocket model that had waterproof capabilities. What a way to display horological dominance. 

This incredible feat continued into 1939 wherein they released the world's first waterproof wrist worn chronograph. Keeping with the theme of sea based dwelling, Heuer released the Yachting Timer and a regatta stopwatch, kitted up with a countdown function that allowed for a countdown up to 15 minutes until the start of a race. 

As mentioned, the Solunar came in 1949 which was the first timepiece to boast a tide indication and the Heuer Maerograph-Seafarer. The latter was the first ever tide and regatta indication counter on a chronograph. You keen horologists may have also noticed the brand new re-interpretation of the iconic Skipper which used to boast a regatta counter and a chronograph. 

The Aquaracer developed from the Aquagraph which was released in 2002 and had strong ties with the US Navy, due to its ability to withstand an immense level of pressure. The Aquaracer was then released one year later in 2003. Its design is centred around professional watches and relates to the diving chronographs of yesteryear. Not only are they extremely functional, but look sublime on the wrist for those wanting to buy a TAG Heuer.

If you want a piece that embodies both the style and the functionality of the collection, we suggest looking at the Aquaracer Professional 300 UK Edition. Given an aqua green dial face with eight 1.4mm brilliant-cut VS diamonds representing hour markers, the brushed and polished casing is capable of dealing with 300 metres of water resistance. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 UK Edition at retail for £3,150 at the time of writing. 



Originally launched in 1964, the collection was brought into the world to the adoration of the horological world. No blue dials, salmon dials or tourbillons involved here…just a simple three handed novelty.

Carrera - Source - Reddit

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Named after the very well known Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico, the race was easily the most dangerous racing event in the calendar. As such, The Carrera is built with robustness and strength in mind. As the first chronograph made for the purpose of measuring car racing, the piece is the ultimate timepiece for anyone’s timepieces. 

The models were built with legibility in mind due to the large silver dial, as well as the clever Tri Compax stylings upon the dial's face. The Carrera was confirmed as one of the most iconic sports chronographs in timekeeping history, especially since it has such an accessible and unfussy construction. 

Despite it being over 50 years since its release, the Carrera’s style hasn’t drastically changed a bit. Yet, it is still a fashion must have piece as per Ryan Gosling who flexed a pink dial Carrera WBN2313.BA0001 at the Barbie premiere. More on trend than Barbenheimer, it goes to show how the Carrera has literally moved with the times.

Following the stylish build of the past, the innards are improved such as a move to automatic movements and a classy domed sapphire crystal with a fluted crown for ease of turning. 

Lest we forget, this is the exact same collection that houses the famed Mikrograph in all its speedy glory. As the world's first mechanical chronograph to reach 1/100th second through a central hand, this is a truly genius piece!

We also enjoy a watch created in honour of the man himself. The Carrera Chronograph Gold Jack Heuer’s Birthday is a re-designed Carrera which marks Jack Heuer’s 88th birthday. Capped at 188 models and crafted out of 18K rose gold, it features a white dial with black sub dials. This line has since been discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £10,000 at the time of writing. 

If you want a Carrera with a little spice, we suggest looking at the Carrera CBS5010.FC6543. Following on from 60 years of prestige, this edition plays on the glass box past with a deep blue dial face with jolts of orange, not to mention a skeletonised tourbillon at 6 o’clock. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera CBS5010.FC6543 at retail for £19,950 at the time of writing. 


Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?


It is understood that while their timepieces enjoy excellent construction, they will not perform to the same standard regarding holding value as other brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Both of these luxury brands are more coveted by collectors and enthusiasts, and subject to the model will have some excellent figures upon resale with the potential to be investment pieces. Although caveat emptor as they say, because every timepiece loses value to a certain degree.

However, this again comes down to a number of different factors including;

  • Current market climate.
  • Condition of your timepiece
  • Provenance.
  • Supply and demand.
  • Rarity or exclusivity

Skipper - Source - Reddit

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It is understood that the moment you buy a TAG Heuer from retail, it will naturally drop at around 10% every year for a period of three years. Almost like a new car, dare we say, fresh off the forecourt. If we put this in comparison with Breitling, which can sometimes lose around 40% or even the Haute Horlogerie brand Cartier which can lose around 20%.

There are some standard models which do perform better at resale than at retail. Again, the factors we have expressed above should be taken into consideration. In 2017, a 1969 vintage Heuer Skipper ‘Skipperera’, sold at a Piers Motley Auction for a tidy sum of £60,000. 

Instantly recognisable, The Carrera Skipper boasts an epic sailing history and identifiable tri-colour sub dial. You can buy a TAG Heuer Skipper at retail for £5,900 at the time of writing. It sells on the secondary market for around £6000 at the time of writing. 

How about The Monaco Chronograph Skeleton? Playing on the stylish squared case and sub dial construction of the Monaco, new for 2023, it has been revolutionised with a skeletonised dial and high quality lume on the sub dials and hour markers, this could be a fantastic addition to any collection, only time will tell if it'll be a sound investment. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Skeleton at retail for £9,800 at the time of writing. Meanwhile, it sells on the secondary market for around £10,000 as of September 2023. 

Of course, if you want us to be like Jerry Maguire and show you the money, well great figures or return on investment can be seen through vintage or rarer models. Speaking of rarity, the Only Watch Carbon Monaco is a great example of such a timepiece. As a re-interpretation of the classic Monaco “Dark Lord” from the 1970s. Crafted almost entirely out of carbon and skeletonised completely, it sold at a Christie's auction in 2021 for around £250,000. Talk about a sublime investment!

Another vintage timepiece we admire is The Camaro. A highly desired chronograph from the 1960s. Given a 37mm case and a Carrera styled cushion shape, they had an exceptionally short timespan of just four years in production. Inspired by Chevrolet’s legendary car, a Camaro 7743 was sold at a Christie's auction in 2021 for around £3,000. 

There are examples of models at retail actually surpassing their original value on the secondary market. The Carrera Year of The Rabbit is one such model. Released in 500 pieces to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this dial is incredibly unique due to its distinctive striped dial along with sharp red and gold hands and indices. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Year of The Rabbit at retail for £6,050 or on the secondary market for upwards of £6,500 at the time of writing. As mentioned, TAG Heuer and chronographs go together like fish and chips. If you happen to have or know anyone who owns an early edition of a chronograph, you could be in luck! The first chronographs from this brand were noted to be created around 1880. 

But, pieces from the early 1900’s are also highly regarded technically as early editions of the brand's chronographs. Released during the 1930’s, Reference 2403 is given a tasteful white enamel dial and a three colour tachymetric scale. It sold at a Christie's auction in 2017 for around £8000. 


Do TAG Heuer Watches Go Up In Value?


For us, their models generally don’t hold value as well in comparison with Rolex or Audemars Piguet. But hang on. Your pre-owned timepiece may be worth more than you think. If you want to sell your TAG Heuer or enjoy a no obligation quote, speak to Chrono Hunter here and benefit from a quick valuation in no time.

Jochen Rindt Autavia - Source - Christie’s

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While some brands can lose 40 to 50% of value upon resale, some models may only lose around 10-20%. That's if you buy at the right price, of course. Take, for example, standard models like the Carrera CBG2051.FC6426. 

Crafted in a premium 18K 5N rose gold and measuring 43mm in diameter, it is part of the revered Carrera collection. While you can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera CBG2051.FC6426 at retail for £12,250 at the time of writing, it sells on the secondary market for around £9,800. 

There are some models which actually fare rather well in terms of resale. The Carrera CBN2A1N.BA0643 is one such timepiece. Given a bold green dial and a fantastic ceramic bezel in the same colour with a deliciously brushed dial, you can buy a TAG Heuer at retail for £5,550 at the time of writing. As for the secondary market, you can snap this up for around £4,500. 

Of course, it’s the vintage or the rare models which yield the greatest results at resale if you are looking to sell your TAG Heuer. The Carrera Tourbillon Nanograph is one such model. Released in 2019, this limited edition piece is crafted out of the revered titanium and an avant-garde tourbillon construction. It sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2023 for £12,600. 

If you are looking for a vintage model that does well, take a look at the Autavia reference 2446. Nicknamed “Jochen Rindt Autavia”, this luxury novelty is named after the legendary F1 driver who was frequently spotted with a similar edition on his wrist during the 60s. 

Combining a classic Valjoux 72 movement with an iconic inverse panda dial style on a Singer style case at 38.5mm, this timepiece closely relates to the 1960s Rolex Daytona, ensuring this edition has strong connections to a highly established timepiece. It sold at a Christie’s auction in 2017 for around £35,000. 

EXCLUSIVE: If you want to pick something up that’s far less than a Skipper, why not consider TAG's brand new coffee table book. Not released until October 6th, pick up your version from the brand’s stores and book shops for around £90.

Entitled TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops, it is composed of 352 pages and presented in an off black racing themed chequerboard front cover. It will certainly double up as a sexy piece for your home interiors. Focusing on a carefully picked selection of Carrera models, the brand declared;

“The release of this commemorative book marks a significant milestone in the history of the TAG Heuer Carrera, inviting expert, connoisseur, and watchmaking aficionados to delve deeper into the intricate world of this revered timepiece,”

We second and third that.


Are TAG Heuer Watches A Good Investment?


In our view, we feel some, not all of their models will hold their value better over time while other models will lose more money especially if they are not sought after or coveted as per the Seamaster or Speedmaster collections.

Their pieces have been a staple of the luxury world for quite a while. With a vast portfolio of collections from the Monaco to the Carrera, they have made themselves notorious in terms of creating quality pieces as well as associating with the social greats, making their investment appeal even more attractive.

While we appreciate the glory of current pieces from collections like The Formula 1 series that stem way back in 1986, you may find it’s the older collections or those limited edition pieces that often represent potentially more investment opportunities.
Of course, be prepared to pay a little more for these models while pre-owned watches retain value subject to it being in good working order.


Our Favourite TAG Heuer Watches For Investment


We think it’s only fair to offer you a variety of pieces that are both in retail and discontinued. Lucky for you keen horophiles, the option for having a timepiece that increases in value isn’t subjected to just those luxury models that have been and gone. This means they are still accessible. 

Monaco V4 - Source - Christie’s

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Have a look at the Carrera Porsche Orange Racing. As a special edition timepiece that celebrates the legacy of Porsche and their relationship, the steel and ceramic case is given flashes of orange as an ode to the speed and power of the piece. 

You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Orange Racing at retail for £6,150 but sells on the secondary market for around £6,500 at the time of writing.

Mario Kart F1 - Source - Reddit

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How about The Formula 1 Mario Kart CAZ5080.FC6517? Limited to 250 pieces, need we say any more? This edition is an exclusive tribute to the wondrous world of one of the best selling games on the planet, Mario Kart. Maybe it’s time for Luigi to buy a golden plunger!

Featuring Mario himself in a tourbillon cage with a Spiny Shell and Bullet Bill moving in rhythm, the entire piece is a moody red and black, with Mario’s emblem placed on the crown. You can buy a TAG Heuer Formula 1 Mario Kart CAZ5080.FC6517 at retail for £22,300 at the time of writing, you can buy it on the secondary market for around £28,000. 

You may find that it’s the vintage pieces that perhaps take your fancy. If so, cast your eyes over the Autavia ref. 113.603. Released around 1985, this piece is an incredibly rare military inspired piece that was supplied to Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in the 1980s. Crafted out of PVD coated stainless steel, this chronograph piece is the ultimate for historical and vintage nerds. It sold at a Christie's auction in 2016 for around £58,000 at the time of writing.

You may find precious metal luxury models with a little horological pzazz is what gets your gears going. We recommend the Monaco V4. Created around 2009 and capped at 150 pieces, it’s the only model that is known to be platinum in their entire portfolio. 

Given a linear weight movement as a representative of an engine piston, the piece follows the motorcar inspired design of an engine which is visible through the majestic skeletonised dial. It sold at Christie’s auction in 2011 for around £45,000. 


How Long Do TAG Heuer Watches Last?


They are built with longevity in mind, but should be monitored after around 5-6 years as this is the best way to take care of your watch.

Mikrograph - Source - Brand’s Website

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There’s nothing that says power and durability like the solid materials of a luxury timepiece. From using an incredibly robust 316L stainless steel for their sporty models, highly innovative carbon with various finishes coupled with titanium and gold, this brand has a strong portfolio of materials that stretch across a vast range of collections. 

Their materials are shock and corrosion resistant, allowing them to accompany you in all manner of scenarios. From countryside walks to cocktail clinking and beachside strolls, it is the beautiful finishes materials and vintage appeal that contribute to their watches allure. If you consider the elements above and buy a pre-owned TAG Heuer from a trusted source like Chrono Hunter, you are well on course to choosing a viably sound investment.

Technically, they are as reliable as Lewis Hamilton’s driving. As a brand that has been highly influential through their much loved calibre 11 movement, unbridled speed and accuracy of the Mikrograph and the Semikrograph which reaches 1/50 and 1/100 of a second, they are horological beasts not to be taken lightly. 

In the modern era, luxury timepieces like the brand new 2023 Carrera Skipper are powered by the TH20-06, a movement which has an astonishing 80 hour power reserve and a hardy 28,800VpH from the movement.

For the Monaco collection, you will regularly see the movement Heuer 02, a movement that is an automatic chronograph and houses 80 hours of power reserve and a 4Hz frequency. Considering most models have between 36 to 42 hours of power reserve, they are blowing the competition out of the park with their movement, boosting their investment possibilities. 


Is TAG Heuer Considered A Luxury Watch?


Yes, they can certainly be classed as a luxury brand. 

Tiger Woods Kirium F1 - Source - GolfWRX

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For example, while they may not lay a horological hand on Rolex, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe in terms of brand recognition and watchmaking, they stand out significantly out of the vast majority of other Swiss watchmakers. Don’t underestimate their enduring sporting prowess and true racing spirit which has captured many enthusiasts for decades. 

Ranked 12th out of all Swiss luxury watchmakers and in the Top 50 timekeeping brands globally, they are working at an extremely high level, making them a significant force to be reckoned with. 

Historically, they have also been tremendous influences on the horological universe. As the first brand to introduce automatic chronographs to the world with the calibre 11, the main supplier of chronographs for the Olympics, Indianapolis 500 and Formula One races, not to mention their highly innovative use of lab-grown diamonds on their Carrera Plasma, they are considered the pinnacle of luxury timepieces. And we don’t have time to mention the influence of the Glassbox models. The glass box is famed for its raised tachymetric scale with a prominent domed dial which stems all the way back to Jack Heuer’s 1963 Carrera design.

Look towards who wears the pieces too, in order to see why they are so luxurious and sought after. The past conjures up images of Steve McQueen wearing a Monaco, while the future shows great actors and leaders like Obama, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods and Will Smith all adorning the brand.

Therefore, are they a luxury watch? You’re absolutely right!




Well, Timelords. We think we should address the horological elephant in the room. Do their watches hold value?

They were and are a very high quality brand that is absolutely worth their weight in gold. By keeping essential elements from their collections like the Carrera’s sporty legibility, Monaco's iconic square case and the Formula 1’s bright colour schemes, they have rendered their collections essential to the horological world. 

As the movements keep on growing and the designs undergo only the slightest adjustments to keep them modern, they have moved to in-house movements and sleeker designs to keep up with the Joneses, Ronaldo’s, Elordi’s and Goslings of this world.

The phenomenal celebrity clientele coupled with the actual quality of their luxury models cannot be understated, pressing them further into the realms of Haute Horologie. Of course, not all their luxury timepieces will hold their value. That’s the sad fact of supply and demand unless you are the big boys like Audemars Piguet and Rolex

A little bit of research and comparison between retail and resale values should allow you to locate the pieces which are immensely valuable and perform exceptionally well in terms of holding value. Confirmed as a piece of the greats ever since Steve Mcqueen made it uber cool in Le Mans, their modern ambassadors are keeping the popularity of the brand very much alive and kicking…or should that be ticking.

One thing is for sure, they are not going anywhere soon. Made to last and firmly in the spotlight, now might be the best time to invest.

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