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How does selling your TAG Heuer watch work with Chrono Hunter?
Click the sell my watch button below and enter the details of your TAG Heuer watch you would like to sell.
Step 2
Receive offers from the most reputable watch retailers, we’ll notify you by email then you decide which one you like the most.
Step 3
Accept an offer to sell your watch, we'll then assist you arranging to sell and get paid for your TAG Heuer watch.
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A few of the following questions have more than likely gone through your mind: How do I sell my TAG Heuer watch? Who pays the best prices for TAG Heuer watches? How can I sell my TAG Heuer watch safely and securely? If you have asked any of these questions you have come to the right place. Chrono Hunter is completely unique to any other watch company that will buy your TAG Heuer Watch, simply because we do not buy your watch, We put you in direct contact with a number of our trusted luxury watch retailers that will offer to purchase your watch. Rather than going to one company and getting one offer on your TAG Heuer watch you can submit your sale request through Chrono Hunter and it will be sent to the most reputable luxury watch retailers in the market who will each make you an offer on the TAG Heuer watch that you’re looking to sell.

The unique and main reasons to sell your TAG Heuer watch through Chrono Hunter is to make sure that you the customer save time, because time is your most important asset, also, we want to make sure you are getting a fair price when selling your TAG Heuer watch, this is achieved by receiving several offers and being able to choose the one right for you, comparing price offered and location. All of our luxury watch retailers have been verified and authenticated by Chrono Hunter before allowing them to make any offers to people looking to sell their TAG Heuer watch, therefore you can be confident that you will be selling your TAG Heuer watch in a safe and secure environment. Our Luxury watch retailers buy TAG Heuer watches but also buy all luxury watch brands including but not limited to Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Zenith and many more brands. You can be sure you will get the best price for your TAG Heuer watch.

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FAQ - Selling my TAG Heuer watch
What security do I have when selling my TAG Heuer watch with Chrono Hunter?
Your request to sell your TAG Heuer watch will only go to our network of luxury watch retailers, all of which are reputable and moreover are businesses. You will never be made an offer on your watch from a member of the general public who you do not know. There have been many cases of people having their watch stolen when listing them for sale on websites that allow offers from the general public, thieves target people selling high value goods. You will not have to worry about this when selling your TAG Heuer watch through us.
How does selling my TAG Heuer watch through Chrono Hunter Work?
You simply enter the details of the TAG Heuer watch that you would like to sell, in this process you will be required to setup a login so you can see your offers when they come through. Once you have submitted your request our team will check it to make sure we have enough information to get you the best offers. We will then make your sale request live and this will notify all of the luxury watch retailers, they will submit their best offers.
How will I be notified when I receive an offer?
Every time you receive a new offer you will be notified by email or push notification if you are using the mobile app. You then decide which offer to accept and make arrangements with the retailer for the sale. You will have the option to visit the store and conduct the transaction there or you may have the option of posting via insured mail. The decision is yours to make.
Do I have to pay to sell my TAG Heuer watch with Chrono Hunter?
No there are absolutely no fees to sell your watch through us. We make our money from retailer subscriptions so do not charge you a penny to use our service.
What if I do not like any of the offers I receive?
You are in no way obliged to accept any of the offers you receive. If you are not made a suitable offer simply decline them and wait for a better one. We are always happy to discuss expectations with you prior to and during the sales process.
What do Chrono Hunter want from me?
We only ask that if you like the service that we offer that you take the time to leave us a positive review on Trust Pilot here or Google Reviews here and recommend anyone you know who could benefit from using the service that we provide.