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Which 5 Rolex Watches Will Increase in Value in 2024



It appears this year there has been a Rolex price increase of 4% in January 2024. January usually yields a price correction so the table has already been set by the Swiss manufacturer. It’s time to grab your knives and forks watch peeps as this year could be a tasty one.

Rolex gets a lot of bad press for their pricings. Some say they lower supply to boom demand and others say it's simply a marketing masterclass. What’s ChronoHunter’s view? Our take on it is that Rolex are fairly regular with their annual price increases - on the surface.

Nevertheless, this still makes Rolex very worthy investments. A heritage of over 100 years old and engineering constantly being developed and upgraded serves to show why these watches never lose value. Rappers like Jay Z to jazz stars like Buble, everyone knows the Rolex brand. Read on to see which 5 Rolex watches will increase in value in 2024. 


Rolex Daytona 116509 White Gold Blue Dial

The ultimate stealth wealth machine! We have our horological nose to the ground that The Rolex Daytona 116509 price is turning in an upwards direction.

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Named after the iconic Florida racetrack ‘Daytona’, the Daytona chronograph allows drivers to time their laps easily by using the pushers in high speed pursuits to measure both seconds and elapsed time.

Essentially, if you feel that a steel Daytona isn’t good enough to flaunt, this watch may prove to be a difficult purchase. The case, bezel and bracelet is made predominantly from 18ct white gold without any pretentious strings to its bow. Whilst it doesn't appear flashy aesthetically, it could easily be mistaken for steel from an armchair expert or those yet to actually buy a Rolex.

Presenting a bright blue dial with white gold hands and indices running over three subdials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and hours, it houses a 4130 calibre. This uses a Parachrom hairspring protecting the movement from any shock or changes in temperature. 

The Rolex Daytona has been worn by the greats, namely Steve Mcqueen and Paul Newman. Notably, Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sold for a tidy $17.8m at auction. While you’d be hallucinating to think all Rolex Daytonas will sell for this, it is indicative that a Daytona still carries value.

So what’s our fiscal lowdown? It seems that Rolex Daytona 116509 prices have been steadily dropping. From its peak of £50,000 to a current pricing of around £40,000, The Daytona has been having a bit of a wobble in recent times!. Do not be perturbed watch lovers. Rolex pricings have the same quality and finish as one of Roman Abrahamoviches yachts.

For example, the average price of the Blue Dial 116509 rose from £42,000 to £46,000 in a matter of two months in 2022. In addition, a long waitlist from authorised dealers further supports the preowned market. 

As I’m sure you fellow drivers know, people despise waiting for that latest car hot off the showroom floor.

Do not fear, time lords. A climb usually follows a fall as we predict Rolex Daytona prices in 2024 to soar.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 126000 - Green Dial

Buy a Rolex of this calibre and you are buying the foundations of the brand. Eternally classic, The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm presents a more diminutive size to its other counterparts such as The Rolex Yacht Master II. 

With larger watches holding the luxury throne for numerous years now, we could see a fast re-introduction of smaller case sizes as is the case with this 36mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual. 

Suitable for both genders, this unisex timepiece will look ideal for a wealth of big parties, after dinner drinks or a white collar, slinky dress birthday bash in a VIP zone. 

A rapid demand may follow for ladies and gentlemen wanting to buy a Rolex like this, resulting in a price boom as loud as New Year's celebrations at The London Eye.

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The unique green dial is something to behold and quite rare when it comes to the luxury watch industry. Watches such as The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute and the Breitling Premier B09 are also rare in their brand in regards to boasting green dials.

This provides a wow factor and a talking point for the majority of watch enthusiasts. At present, Rolex retails this model at £5,100 but with a secondary market price of £10,000, it's a very respectable offer for a Rolex, allowing it to be accessible to a wider consumer market. 

Don’t sleep on this model though. You might just miss the deal of a lifetime.


Rolex Submariner  - ‘The Hulk’

Green is fast becoming a popular colour in this article! Now, let’s smash our way through our next contender! 

Known as “The Hulk” this Rolex Submariner is more unpredictable than Donald Trump’s presidency. If the lighting changes, the dial changes colour from bright to dark green. This is influenced by the distinct Cerachrom finish that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

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This watch features its classic yet robust 904L steel, the identical material utilised in the aerospace industry. So now let’s drill down into the details.

18ct gold, trimmed hour markers are luminescent, standing out from the green bezel and dial. The Mercedes hands are similarly white gold and the cyclops eye expands the date complication providing easy readability throughout the dial.  

Unfortunately, the production of The Rolex Submariner 116610LV has been discontinued in exchange for the 41mm Rolex Submariner 126610LV. Luckily, for those wishing to buy a Rolex for investment purposes, supply has been cut resulting in potentially burgeoning demand.

We don’t have a crystal ball. However, we can see that prices have gradually decreased reaching a current price point of £17,000. It must be noted that 2020 saw the retail price at £7,550, a double in price in just 2 years. A phenomenal feat!

This is a solid, fashionable watch with the usual Rolex charm of a rotating bezel, sapphire crystal and phenomenal accuracy provided by the 3135 calibre. With a waitlist of up to 3 years at authorised Rolex dealerships, its discontinuation allows for a one way trip to investors paradise.

Definitely one to watch for a possible Rolex price surge this year. 


Rolex GMT Master II - ‘The Sprite’

Rolex fans love their nicknames and our next possible riser is no different. Nicknamed ‘The Sprite’, it's the first watch to offer a green and black bezel designed for left handers.

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The Rolex GMT Master II 126720VTNR is a newcomer to the Rolex world having been released in 2022. The ideal first luxury watch purchase for those looking to buy a Rolex, it has become one of the most sought after pieces at the time of writing this. 

The watch fits onto the left hand effortlessly due to the crown being reversed to the other side of the case. A fascinating yet uncommon feature, it's very much a quirk which could relate to a possible increase in value later down the line.

A selection of straps awaits you featuring extremely durable 904L finishes in either oyster steel or a jubilee strap when you buy a Rolex. In this case, the GMT Master II allows the option for an oyster steel or a jubilee strap, both of which are interchangeable.

Unfortunately, The Rolex GMT Master II collection is renowned for its egregiously long waitlist, spanning as long (and unclear) as the solar system. We live in a far more egotistical society than former days when you could leave the back door open. 

But they’ll be no playing on the streets with these precious babies as the secondary market can comfortably ratchet up the prices. Expect this 40mm behemoth to be chased like a stolen car. 


Rolex Daytona 116500LN

Released in 2016 at BaselWorld, The Rolex Daytona 11500 immediately hit superstardom as quickly as Mr Beast. 

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Despite its not so confident beginnings, it is revered by everyone in horological circles who want to buy a Rolex. Unfortunately, it was born in a period of the self winding watch, automatically winding watches, which inevitably hexed them as a manual wind watch, where you have to manually turn the crown to power the watch.

This resulted in the Swiss giant making an automatic movement based on Zenith's successful creation, the ‘El Primero’ in the early 1990’s. 

By 2000, Rolex were on a roll (sort of) and released their own chronograph in the form of the 116520. Rolex moving to in-house automatic movements eventually led to the creation of the Rolex Daytona 116500LN. This model became the first automatic sports watch with a ceramic bezel.

Everyone loves a comeback story and this piece of timekeeping history is considered one of the greatest. As Rolex later became Global Partner and Official Timekeeping of Formula one in 2013, the Daytona 116500LN reputation was sealed as the champion of the racing timepiece world. 

The famous 4130 in house calibre resides in a 40mm stainless steel Oyster case and Triplock screw down crown. The ceramic bezel is virtually impervious to scratches and offers resistance against corrosion and discolouration. Boasting 100m of water resistance, there’s a number of reasons why you should buy a Rolex like this one!

Pre-owned prices of the 116500LN have sat in the £40,000 zone. Currently floating at around £25,000 and in the uncertainty of its discontinuation and limited supply, now would be the time to pull the trigger.



Ladies and gentlemen, Rolex will forever be the epitome of luxury refinery. It's unique enough to stay relevant, as we’ve seen with the iconic green dial models, and its indubitable 904L steel make it resilient enough to be worth the investment.

Behind the bluster of critics and doubters, Rolex has triumphed again and again. New models are snatched up and old models are revered, allowing the preowned market to dictate value outside of Rolex’s suggested retail price. With new Rolex releases expected in 2024, this list could’ve gone on forever!

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