12 Of The Best Cartier Watches To Buy Right Now
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12 Of The Best Cartier Watches To Buy Right Now

12 Of The Best Cartier Watches To Buy Right Now


Established in 1847, Cartier has been at the forefront of Haute Horology. You may already know about its extensive history, including building the first wrist worn timepiece in 1904 for pilot Albert Santos Dumont after a friendship with Louis-Francois Cartier turned professional. 

If the Royal Family is more your thing, Cartier were the official purveyor of fine timepieces for them in 1904 and have since been on the wrists of Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and Camilla, cementing a few pieces like the Française as one of the best Cartier watches to buy. 

It’s fair to say that they have a wealth of great prestige, sleekness and refinery behind the brand allowing it to be perfect for any situation, including those extra sublime special occasion watches. After all, there’s a reason why Forbes estimated their wealth at around £8 billion. Do you happen to be doing loans? From timeless design to an innovative future, Cartier is pushing the envelope of Haute Horologie in all its watchmaking glory, giving us plenty of flexing opportunities.  

Whether looking ravishing in a Ronde or striking in a Santos, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts, or movement and crystals of the 12 best Cartier watches to buy right now. Set your horological peepers to stunned.


1. Cartier Privé Tank Normale


The Privé collection is reserved solely for re-imagination. 

Tank Normale - Source - Reddit

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The classics like the Tank Chinoise entered its storied walls last year to the adoration of the timekeeping world. During this year's Watches and Wonders 2023, the Privé Tank Normale entered with a few tweaks to an already classic and super slinky design which allows it to be boasted as one of the best Cartier watches already.

Based on the original from 1917, the general allure they have gone for is vintage. After all, why change one of the best Cartier watches designs that’s been so successful! It’s like teaching an old dog new tricks. They just have it down no matter what the command. Take for example the face of this beauty.

The timeless minute track circling the centre hands and the Roman Numerals are still maintained.

However, they are slightly adjusted in being a smidgen wider, allowing the piece to have more of a legible and masculine edge. Kinda like me after a night out on the town. This does make perfect sense in the cold light of day as it allows the slender case to not be adjusted.

Rolex followed this style when they introduced their Maxi dials, keeping it the same size but increasing its presence on the Rolex Submariner

If you happen to have a keen eye which we know are you by reading our comprehensive Chronicles, you may notice the small “1917” reference beside the Roman Numeral VII. I wonder what they could relate to…

The classic brancard (French for stretcher) design is maintained with a nice brushed aesthetic. Props to the brand as they have brought back the beautiful bevelled glass element in a modern sapphire crystal build.

The bracelet is given an office block style brick design which harks to the roaring 1920s when Marlene Dietrich was doing her thing. And of course, we want you to flex like it's…2023. 

We do like the effervescent vintage link which is just one of the many reasons why this is one of the best Cartier watches right now. Since the brand has committed to the vintage feel with the crystal and Roman numerals, the bracelet is another nice adaptation.

While it’s optional and you could go with an alligator strap, our heart for now lies with the classic example. 

WIth the option of yellow gold or platinum, the timepieces are limited edition with 600 pieces produced. Style wise, we recommend wearing this with your smartest suit that will be the envy of your colleagues.

After all, this is classic Cartier and it should be treated with the utmost respect! It can be dressed down if you choose to wear a white linen shirt with black chinos for those summer days. 

Its rarity, the options of yellow gold or platinum coupled with its vintage ode makes this timepiece potential investment for those looking for one of the best Cartier watches.

You can buy a Cartier at retail as of April 2024 for 

  • Platinum bracelet on platinum: Around £49,000
  • Yellow gold and bracelet: Around £42,500 
  • Platinum on black alligator strap: Around £42,500
  • Yellow gold on brown alligator strap: Around £28,400


2. Cartier Santos Dumont Skeleton - Yellow Gold

Cartier and skeletonisation isn’t a regular occurrence in the horological world. But like Ed Sheeran performing with Eminem on stage, get the collab right and you are onto an all time winner. 

Simply put, the Santos is an industry leader of the horological world. Created in 1904, the collection houses the first ever model on the wrist, designed for pilot Alberto Santos Dumont who wanted an easily accessible timepiece, as opposed to one that sat in his pocket. 

Its classic minimalist design and visible screws have become an icon of its design up to the modern day. Suffice to say, it’s one of the best Cartier watches out there.

Santos Dumont - Source - Reddit

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Skeletonisation did not occur until 2009 on the Santos 100, yet they have since come to the conclusion that everyone loves a good open worked dial! At just 31mm, the timepiece follows the usual small and dainty design that the brand excels at. 

It features eight visible screws which adds the Royal Oak style design long before they were even dreaming up the bezel aspect, this timepiece comes into its own due to Cartier’s very own blue cabochon on the crown with blued Dauphine steel hands. 

We must remember, the design is over 110 years old, dating back to 1904. Father time has been extremely kind, we might add in terms of their aesthetics. The fact it’s still maintained the legendary squared design and slender usability means it's a model which doesn't need any vast alterations. Unlike my crow’s feet.

Cartier does love a challenge however and has replaced the face with the intricate micro rotor. The yellow gold edition features a lacquer treatment in a thin strip along the inside of the yellow gold movement and case. By adding this feature to not only the build and the bezel but the movement too, they are flexing their design muscles to the max. 

After all, who needs a salmon dial or blue dial to boast horological opulence when we have one of the best Cartier watches right now? The latest 9629 movement MC is very stylish. A movement that’s stylish? What do you mean? It’s the architecture that’s as plush as Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago interior.  

At just 4.4mm, the movement features a micro rotor that allows the piece to be as thin as a rake. Take a look at the balance wheel which incorporates a figure of a plane travelling around a globe. Physically being able to move as you move your wrist, it has the threat of being gimmicky, but instead comes across as a rather charming aspect. 

The balance in the movement seemingly hangs in mid air due to the elegance of the framework. The micro rotor in the movement took two years to develop and boasts 212 small components. Offering 44 hours of power reserve, this is weekend-proof…well almost. 

The brand has gone for elegance and aesthetic beauty. We recommend matching their effort with a navy suit to match the lacquer or a simple black tee with jeans if you want to take the formal edge off. 

As the yellow gold version is limited to 150 pieces, it modernises the Santos Dumont with the beautiful yellow gold precious metal and the reliable movement as its heartbeat. We recommend keeping your eyes and ears peeled for this beauty as an investment piece. 

You can buy a Cartier Santos Dumont Skeleton at retail for around £38,300 as of April 2024.


3. Cartier Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary


Okay, The Cartier Tank may appear more than once in this article! But it is as enduring as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Rock solid, allowing it to be deemed as one of the best Cartier watches to date.

Cintree - Source - Rolex Forums

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The reason why? The Tank is iconic ever since its release in 1918 after Cartier’s experience in WW1 seeing Renault F-17 tanks designed with the classic brancard edging. 

Released to celebrate 100 years of this majestic timepiece back in 2018, it is dolled up in a beautiful yellow gold casing. Although, it doesn’t follow the standard design codes of dress watches with circular casing.

The Cintrée was released in the 1920’s and revolutionised the dress models through its curved rectangular design. The 100th anniversary edition doesn't deviate too far away from the original, instead choosing to preserve its heritage in a neo-vintage style rather than going wacky with open faces.

At 46.3mm x 23mm, the model is very slender and tapers to the user's wrist due to its curved design. The dial colour is a beautiful opaline sheen, allowing the stretched Roman numerals and railway track to stand out in their black hue. The classic blued hands make an appearance with circular tipped heads. 

This does look a little similar to the equally accurate remake in 2005, the 2718, but we can forgive the brand as it boasts the design of the original unicorn!

Due to the thinness of the piece at just 6.4mm, the movement is exceptionally slender and offers a 36 hour power reserve. Enough time to hop on a flight to Paris, Monaco or Madrid to seal that new business detail.

This isn’t as much a reimagination as it is a direct remake of the past. Sometimes a model is so exceptional that it needs a little remake in terms of materials and movement power to ensure it’s just as relevant today.

Take the AP End of Days for starters. Following on from the End of Day’s piece in 1993 in collaboration with the (abysmal) film “End of Days”, the timepiece keeps design codes like neon yellow indices and black casing, as per star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s specs. 

Well, guys. It most certainly is one of the best Cartier watches right now. We think that you can’t veer too far off the horological catwalk if you pair this with a camel overcoat and black suit. For less formal events, why not flyback to the past and wear a pinstripe shirt with straight leg trousers.

Capped at 150 pieces and representing the pinnacle of vintage style, we think this piece has every chance of being a solid investment. 

You can buy a Cartier Tank Cintrée at retail for around £31,000 as of April 2024.


4. Cartier Tank Française - Medium


Bursting onto the timekeeping stage in 1996, The Française represented a timepiece that can be worn by any manner of person. Unlike Robin Thicke there are no Blurred Lines here when it comes to the divisiveness of male or female wearers.

Adorned by Meghan Markle to rock’n’roll star Mick Jagger, The Tank Française was re-released at the start of 2023 to usher in ambassadors Rami Malek, Catherin Deneuve and Guy Ritchie. They have really gone lock stock as far as their celeb line up is concerned.

Francaise - Source - Cartier

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To reintroduce a collection and not butcher it is a difficult task, especially when everyone is already so chirpy about the original. It could be like trying to redo Formula 1 as a BMX bike!

While maintaining the signature squared case while housing the beautiful signature Roman numerals and minute railway track, there are a few updates which you may have glanced over. The case itself seems a little tougher, the lines a little more prominent as opposed to the gentle curvaceous lines of its predecessors.

Not a problem, it could still easily be boasted as one of the best Cartier watches. 

The bracelet is another feature which has jumped up and altered the design of the timepiece. It appears sturdier, with its integrated feature allowing the entire timepiece to blossom in a seamless design. Diving timepiece, it ain’t. More durable dress model? Maybe. 

The crown is no longer an isolated cabochon feature compared to the other collections, instead sinking into the side of the model to again promote the seamless feel.

Given a satin-brushed finish across the board, the timepiece certainly has an inkling of ruggedness but absolute in its strive for the ultimate dress timepiece and possibly one of the best Cartier watches right now. 

Even down to the seemingly classic Roman numerals and minute track, these timepieces include negative relief to promote the visibility of everything on its face. As we said, a swift look wouldn’t garner any changes but they love to be mysterious. The yellow gold casing is undeniably an eye catcher. We told you that yellow gold is on trend right now, haven’t we?

It undergoes brushing which allows the negative relief indices and minute track to boast presence and style than London Fashion Week. The cream white face has a slight golden hue, allowing the grey numerals and blued hands to be extremely legible, perfect for the busy metropolitan man about town, chained to his Filofax. Can we call that a vintage thing?

We recommend adorning this with a tweed jacket for those day’s out in the countryside or wearing a black suit like Rami Malek in his official photo shoot for the brand. Made from yellow gold and adorned by the stars, we believe that this has the potential to offer the business minded man a potentially excellent investment. 

As of August  2023, you can buy a Cartier Tank Française at retail for £24,900 as of April 2024.


5. Cartier Privé Tank Chinoise Yellow Gold Skeletonised


The Cartier Chinoise is one of the more rebellious editions of their collection. Think of the Cartier Crash on steroids. 

Chinoise - Source - Cartier

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Originally released in 1922, the collection was originally a squared case design and featured classic Tank brancards in an alternative construction. Built with parallel bars across the top and bottom of the piece as an ode to Chinese temple designs, the model is one entirely to its own. We love it all the same!

Now available in a more rectangular case, the timepiece still features the classically formed bars that run across the top and the bottom of the piece. Talk about setting the bar high. 

These bars in particular don’t get talked about enough, in our opinion. It’s usually the dial that gets the modernisation such as skeletonisation or various finishes. Nevertheless, they do know how to pimp a model, especially a piece which is long regarded as one of the best Cartier watches.

They include these bars as an ode to culture as well as style. They aren't small either, in fact they are rather bulky and present on the timepiece. As part of the Privé collection, we can safely assume that this novelty follows design codes of the past. 

The face itself is cut open, revealing a Chinese inspired window effect that links in with the bar brachard design. They don’t fear the risk of ostentation or the timepiece being labelled as gimmicky, unlike a certain Kermit Oris. In this way, they have opted to create a timepiece that has a strong connotation of Chinese and East Asian culture. 

The face is filled with black and red lacquer which stands out supremely against the yellow gold design. Sized at 39.5mm x 29.2mm, it is still slender and perfect for the modern gentleman looking for one of the best Cartier watches right now. 

Powered by the 9627 MC movement, the model runs at 21,600VpH and provides a modest 38 hour power reserve for the movement. Heck, this is no Hublot Big Bang MP-11 with a 14 day power reserve infused movement but then again, what is!

Does it look good? Positively radiant. We recommend matching the gold build and black leather strap with a black suit for those important events or some flared trousers and grandad collar shirt for that retro-inspired feel. As part of the Privé collection, it is capped at 100 pieces and given a beautiful avant-garde design.

What does our horological survey say? We predict big things for this timepiece. 

You can buy a Cartier Privé Tank Chinoise Yellow Gold Skeletonised at retail for around £64,400 as of April 2024. 


6. Ronde De Cartier 


Why be a square when you can buy a Cartier Ronde? If you are in the market for a more accessible Cartier, it may be worth casting your eyes over this icon and a half.

Ronde - Source - Cartier

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The Ronde de Cartier is one of the rare circular pieces from their usually square or rectangular portfolio. Styled using the quintessential brand face, the Roman numerals and minute track are circular in order to fit in with the matching case. 

Released in the 2000s, the Ronde took inspiration from the circular pocket watches of a bygone era. By adding their own numerals and minute track, the timepiece is utterly contemporary and ready for the modern world which is a big tick for us as to why you should consider this as one of the best Cartier watches.

From the Tank to the Ballon de Cartier, the dial is featured on every collection. They have even included their signature “IIII” numeral as opposed to the standard “IV”. At 40mm, the model is one of the bulkier editions and its stainless steel construction promotes the element of durability and prominence on the wrist. 

Polished and brushed, the cabochon shaped crown is another representation that although this looks a little different to the standard, it’s still a beautiful piece. The face is given a tinge of silver and sandblasted, ensuring the black numerals and blued hands stand out.

As a silky piece, you can get it with a metal H link strap or lose the sporty edge and wear it with a black leather strap. Powered by the 1847 MC movement, the timepiece can run for up to 42 hours. Perfect, as you won’t need to take this beauty off for more than a day without withdrawal symptoms!

It’s a minimalist piece which should be worn with a black turtleneck or a powder blue shirt. Make sure to not overcomplicate it. Its classy circular casing and distinguishable numerals and minute track confirms this piece as a beautiful work of art, and possibly another good investment opportunity. 

As of August  2023, you can buy a Cartier de Ronde at retail for £4,450 as of April 2024. 


7. Ballon de Cartier Carbon WSBB0015

Cartier and carbon? Something afoot here…

Ballon - Source  - Cartier

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Following on from the success of the Santos 100 Carbon model with complimenting gold elements, they have decided to go all black with the Ballon Carbon. No this is not a hot drop with the New Zealand Rugby team.., far from it.

The Ballon is another unconventional circular timepiece from the Swiss luxury powerhouse. What is so unique about it? Crafted specifically out of ADLC, or amorphous diamond-like carbon to the non-science nerds, the model comes in at a pretty big 42mm. The coating is extremely durable, and isn’t particularly obtrusive on the material it’s placed upon. 

The sapphire crystal is domed and fitted with anti-reflection to ensure you get the best view every time. And of course the classic cabochon crown is a hallmark of this legendary brand. In this instance, the crown is protected within a crown guard which is typical of the collection.

Nonetheless, it’s still an eye-catching feature and adds another tick as to why it’s one of the best Cartier watches. 

The dial features a Guilloche finish that allows the face to have a certain je ne sais quoi, especially since it’s all black and silver aside from a burning red seconds hand. It adds a level of sportiness which is necessary for a 42mm timepiece with such a bulky crystal. The classic Roman numerals and minute track are circular, spanning around the piece. 

Available on a black textured strap, the timepiece is one to look out for, especially since there is a tidy date aperture at 3 o’clock. The brand’s DNA is still inherent in this piece. Just because it doesn't have a rectangular design, the model is still beating to their horological drum. 

Pair this with a green cashmere jumper in keeping with the bulked up timepiece. We would refrain from keeping it under shirt cuffs as its domed crystal is likely to catch. As one of the more unusual pieces, it still retains key components such as Roman numerals and the cabochon crown. We think this is a piece which has the potential to do well upon resale. 

You can buy a Cartier de Ballon Carbon at retail for £6,700 as of April 2024. 


8. Cartier Pasha Chronograph


They are associated with royalty, but how about watchmaking royalty?

Pasha - Source - Cartier

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The Pasha was originally released in 1943 before being reintroduced in 1985 under the careful alterations by none other than Gerald Genta. The Pasha has since grown as a timepiece and now features various complications to bolster its sporty allure. 

At 41mm, the timepiece is crafted out of steel and features “Vendome” connectors for the bracelet or strap. This distinctive build is only found on the Pasha, cementing it as an unorthodox yet really special timepiece which might just be one of the best Cartier watches to buy right now.

The cabochon is present not only on the crown, but also on the chronograph pushers between 1 and 2 o’clock, as well as between 4 and 5 o’clock. These crowns mean the model is capable of reaching 100 metres water resistance, a feat which is highly uncommon as they prioritise elegant style and luxury refinery over resistance. How refreshing!

The white guilloche face promotes the sub dials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, all of which feature small blue hands. Pasha’s signature triangle at 12 o’clock is a useful feature for quickly measuring time elapsed. 

The chronograph counters read 30 minutes, 12 hours and a running seconds counter. Don’t miss the little date aperture between 4 and 5 o’clock. Powered by the 1904-CH MC movement, the movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal caseback.

Running at 4Hz and offering a fairly reasonable 47 hour power reserve, the timepiece is more than competent in the technical department. 

As far as sports watches go, they have dressed it up with a circular face and a beautifully finished guilloche dial. Connected with a black leather strap or steel bracelet, the model can be acknowledged as suitable wrist wear when in the office or as an everydayer. Meanwhile, the Quickswitch allows for both the strap and the bracelet to be alternated seamlessly. 

Let your wrist do the talking if you wear this with a white suit shirt or take it down a notch with a suave suede jacket for less formal events. Its sporty edge is unusual for the brand but its circular face and classy cabochon heads on the pushers and crown clarifies that this is a peach of a model which certainly has the potential to be a solid investment piece. 

You can buy a Cartier Pasha Chronograph at retail for £9,900 as of April 2024. 


9. Drive de Cartier WSNM0004


You’ve been looking for a timepiece that epitomises you as a man who drives his own path? We have the perfect piece for you, ready to take on all horological challenges. 

Drive - Source - Cartier

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The Cartier Drive was originally released in 2016 during SIHH and brought a great amount of acclaim upon its release. They sought to replicate this again with the WSNM0004. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the brand’s novelties are renowned for their ingenious case designs, ranging from squares to circles to well, pretty much anything in between! The tonneau shape case here has its edges very slightly cut into a bold circular construction. 

At 38mm, the timepiece is perfect for any modern consumer’s wrist. The sapphire crystal is unusual because, just like the build, it follows every indent and strange bend that the case takes.

A bit like being on that roller coaster at Alton Towers. Mind you, we don’t want to get off this ride. We can only begin to imagine the painstaking process behind fitting it on…

The combination of brushing and polishing ensures the model gleams a very pretty shine, enchanting the unorthodoxy of the model. The silver flinqué face allows the black Roman numerals, minute track and the blued hands to be very clearly distinguished especially since it undergoes a guilloche style pattern in the centre of it.

It doesn’t have a catchy nickname, but it does look sublime! 

The cabochon crown is there, offering a little sense to this unusual timepiece. The dial features a slew of innovative complications like a calendar aperture at 3 o’clock and a small seconds counter situated at 6 o’clock. 

Powered by the 1904-PS MC movement, the timepiece is prepped and ready with a 47 hour power reserve with the capability to run all the complications via the skilled movement and provide an accurate time reading.

Combined with a black alligator strap, the model is a beauty to behold for casual or professional wear, making it on to our list of the best Cartier watches.

We recommend looking your sharpest with a navy suit to keep with the moody colour scheme, or going to the lighter side of life with a pink linen shirt to keep things light while boosting the silver dial.

Its unusual design, long lasting movement and fascinating face means we are pretty confident about the investment potential behind the Cartier de Drive WSNM004. 

As of August 2023, you can buy a Cartier de Drive WSNM004 at retail for £6,750 as of April 2024.


10. Cartier Tank Solo W5200026


The Cartier Tank is the original beast.

Solo - Source - Reddit

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Following the true Cartier shape, they follow the same sizing and design codes of its predecessors, especially in the Solo line. The Solo line was released in 2004 as a perfect entry- level piece for the iconic Louis Tank. 

Measuring 31mm x 40.85mm, the watches are the ideal size for the modern gent wanting to flex his horological dress sense. Of course, this is one of the best luxury brands that holds value

Consisting of rose gold, they feature a steel back, ensuring first rate durability. Featuring a synthetic cabochon spinel crown, the model is already a stonewall Cartier piece and maybe a contender as one of the best Cartier watches.

The face features an opaline hue which allows the chemically blued hands to beam out, especially with the black Roman numerals and minute track.

The date aperture based at 6 o’clock offers a little alternative to the usual design which is kept pretty minimal with the time keeping functions alone. The alligator strap looks sublime against the gold case, especially since it has such a dark hue, allowing the light of the gold to shine brilliantly. 

The watches are exceptionally slender at 7.80mm, thanks to the miniscule movement and casing meaning you can strap this on under your shirt cuffs with no catching or dragging. We therefore recommend you wear this in the office with a suit shirt in order to catch your bosses eye.

Not stylish enough a setting? Get it on for drinks in Dubai during your work retreat.

Its precious metal build and sublime shape means they make it on to our best Cartier watches list. Plus, these watches are certainly one to keep an eye on as a possible investment piece.

You can buy a Cartier Tank Solo W5200026 at retail for £9,400 as of April 2024.


11. Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique


The Tank is well endowed in its variety of lines and reinterpretations. Truth be told we are yet to come across a version that we do not like.

Asymetrique - Source - Cartier

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The Asymétrique is another edition that fails to deliver the timekeeping goods. Originally released in 1936, the line is a testament to the Tank design. Crafted out of rose gold, the watches are imbued with a precious metal that gives off a tantalising shine to us horologists. 

In the highly unique rectangular shaping, the dial is black and undergoes a sunburst finish and features the bare essentials, such as Arabic numerals…no Roman numerals going on here and similarly subtle rose gold hands. The change from Roman numerals to Arabic and baton indices is refreshing and offers an altogether new slant on the Tank. 

Speaking of slant, have you noticed anything strange about the face? All the numbers and even the text “Cartier” is given a slight tilt! Originally made to tell the time in a more comfortable and natural manner, it also adds a hint of uniqueness to the piece allowing it to be one of the best Cartier watches.

Measuring 47.15mm x 26.2mm and with a thickness of just 6.38mm, the watches are exceptionally slight and a perfect addition to any formal wardrobe. Want something else unique? The watches add an extra lug onto each side of the piece which adds another dimension to the model. 

The classic cabochon crown is present on the side in a blue hue which looks sublime against the sheer classicism of the precious metal and black face. It’s refreshing face design in its black hue should be the centre of attention. As such, fight the darkness with a light sky blue suit shirt or a white tee for those casual days when you want to look effortless. 

Its iconic slant, limited edition release and precious metal construction means these watches are ones to keep your eyes on if you are looking to invest in a beautiful piece of watchmaking. 

You can buy a Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique at retail for around £29,000 at the time of writing. 


12. Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver


So, are there any watches that are out and out sports watches?

Calibre Diver - Source - Reddit

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The diver rendition of the Calibre de Cartier line is something that's absolutely necessary for any brand to prove their mettle in all industries and dress codes. 

Significantly thicker than the other watches at 11mm, this certainly has balls of steel, and undergoes a beautiful brushed finish, pertaining to the sporty aesthetic. The bevels are polished, giving a gleam brighter than Simon Cowell’s teeth to oppose the overall ruggedness.

Featuring a crown guard which marries up well with the cabochon crown in its centre, the cabochon’s neon blue aesthetic is a bit of a shock to the grey timepiece, but it’s an essential part of their heritage so it’s necessary. 

At 42mm, the model is a beast which we can easily appreciate. Yet, the bezel overhangs from the case, allowing for grip to be easily accessed. While it’s unconventional, its function enhances its form…a bit like the IWC Ingenieur.

Given an impressive 300 metre water resistance, it is highly durable and ISO 6425 certified as a dive watch. This means that the timepiece undergoes stringent tests such as depth pressure, temperature and a salt water test to read its capability of reaching 300 metres of water resistance.

If there’s no ISO 6425 certification, it can’t reach the 300 metres depth and be classified as a “dive watch”. Nothing can touch this movement….

The caseback is solid and bolted in with eight screws and the crown screws are down, answering as to why it’s so good in the water. It’s no Tudor Pelagos 39mm, but it’s a solid effort from a dress timepiece brand.

The case is also bolstered with a ADLC coating which enhances the durability of the piece. We all remember our article on Panerai California, right? Well, this model features the same dial style as the top half, composed of Roman numerals while the lower half displays baton indices. 

The sapphire crystal is slightly domed, boasting the watches fabulous dial face. At 12 o’clock, the “XII” Roman numeral is enlarged, clearly standing out from its face. As any nervous Timelord knows, crime is rife in the horological world so their secret placement of its name at “X” allows you to know that it’s genuine. 

Featuring Super-Luminova on the triangle, bezel, hands, sub dial edge and on the small dot’s behind the hour markers, the dial face is exceptionally legible. The small seconds sub dial is a great feature for quickly determining the time. Powered by the 1904 MC, the movement runs at 4Hz or 28,800VpH and runs for 48 hours. 

It’s a great timepiece that is made for the outdoorsy type or adventure-seekers, especially with the supple rubber strap. We recommend you wear this while dive-bombing into the sea in Zante or shaking hands with your buddies when watching the big game from the stands. 

Its unique dial face, powerful movement and dive certified claim is something that’s immensely unique for their watches. As such, we believe it may be a solid investment piece and maybe one of the best Cartier watches right now.

You can no longer buy a Cartier de Calibre Diver as it has been discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for upwards of £2,500 as of April 2024. 


Best Cartier Watches To Buy In 2024


13. Cartier Santos-Dumont Rewind

For Cartier, the Santos-Dumont holds the legacy as the first ever pilots watch and perhaps the best Cartier watch that’s ever been produced. Quite an accolade but this isn’t your ordinary dress watch.  

Designed by Louis Cartier for close friend and pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aviator turned to the Cartier in order legend to create a classic piece that he could access quickly on his wrist in 1904. 

Source - Cartier

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New from Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva, Cartier has given us a throwback to the brilliance of the Santos-Dumont line, but with a little extra horological kick for good measure.

Given a total case size of 43.5mm, the platinum watches are instantly a hit for those looking to buy a Cartier for unbridled luxury, combined with sufficient wrist worth presence to make even A Space Odyssey seem insignificant.

With a thickness of around 7.3mm, these timepieces utilise both polished and brushed finishes in order to give the watches a signature dress aesthetic. The polished squared bezel is fitted with 8 screws and the surrounding case is vertically brushed. 

To the right of the case is a gorgeous ruby-red cabochon crown…a signature of the brand.

This isn’t a random colour either, as it works perfectly with the dial's crimson-red shade. This colour is not made using the blood of Cartier’s enemies like some horror film or gory James Bond movie… But rather like Daniel Craig, they’re much more sophisticated and with an luxury edginess to it.

However, they have decided to shake and stir things up in 2024 with this stunning piece, opting to use a carnelian stone with a fabulous Christmas-cracker red colour. Santa will be envious. It’s a luxury material that is only used by the brands with enough quality craftsmanship behind them. 

Do we dare say this is the best Cartier watch for materials? A strong contender! Alongside the rich shades of the dial, they use decidedly contrasting Roman numeral hour markers to clearly stand out. We don't use the word “decidedly” lightly either. 

If you have your spectacles on for a second, you’ll have noticed that while the polished XII and VI numerals come across as normal, the rest are backwards. What this means is that you will have to read the dial counter-clockwise. This is as crazy as the Franck Muller Crazy Hours (well almost) but nonetheless a genuine showstopper in their collection.

Sure, it may seem like excess hassle, but Cartier have gone to great lengths to ensure the new 230 MC Cartier calibre accommodates this new dial configuration. At just 2.15mm, the 38 hour power reserve movement operates in reverse meaning it follows the “backwards” Roman numerals. 

Capped at 200 pieces, you can buy a Cartier Santos-Dumont Rewind at retail for around £32.380 as of April 2024. 


14. Cartier Privé Tortue Monopoussoir Chronograph/Time Only


A blast from the past during Watches and Wonders 2024, the iconic Tortue is a point of great interest for keen connoisseurs who know their timekeeping beans. But to newcomers, it may not ring a bell. 

After all, this is the luxury brand that has produced some of the most popularised collections of all time, including the legendary Tank (inspired by the Renault F-17 machines) and the instantly recognisable Crash, worn by Tyler the Creator and Kanye West. 

Have we got you hooked? If so, it’s time for a little background history… 


Monopoussoir Chronograph

Originally known as the Cartier Privée Paris Collection (CPCP), this design was released by Louis Cartier back in 1912, which developed into their first ever chronograph design back in the 1920s. The designs were noted for being tonneau in shape and fitted with a one-button chronograph pusher. 

Source - Cartier

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Joining the CPCP line in 1998, the watches have been fairly quiet in their releases and updates. Watches and Wonders 2024 sought to put an end to that, pushing the line back to its previous legacy as arguably one of the best Cartier watches.

Available in platinum or yellow gold, the pieces are given an extraordinary 34.8mm case diameter which is very small for modern novelties. This correlates with the slender 10.2mm thickness, allowing these beauties to slip under shirt cuffs. That’s if you can fit it on!

The tonneau case shape is thoroughly polished and limited to around 30 metres of water resistance while the dial is refreshingly classical and brimming with elegance of a bygone age. There’s no gimmicks or crazy finishes here, just a simplistic matte opaline background. Sometimes that’s all it needs to be a contender for the best Cartier watch.  

There are two snailed sub-counters residing at 3 and 9 o’clock which relate to the chronograph functionality. Across both models, they use blued steel hands for contrast with the white backgrounds. Time is read via a ring of Roman numerals and a minute track on the periphery. 

Powered by the 1928MC calibre, the Monopoussoir Chronograph has a 44 hour power reserve and skips away at 28,800VpH. With a 4.3mm thickness, would we be remiss in suggesting this could be their thinnest chronograph calibre to date?

With a limited edition run of 200 pieces, they are available from October 2024. 


Time Only

Just like the chronograph models, the 2024 Time Only editions are available in platinum and yellow gold. 

Measuring 41.4mm x 7.2mm thick, we like the sleek and slender lines which would suit the gentleman looking for one of the best Cartier watches to buy this year…and one that isn’t a giant statement piece. 

Source - Cartier

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Both platinum and yellow gold are top options, depending on what style and aesthetic you are going for. Platinum is more refined for a red-carpet runway and not as ostentatious. On the other hand, yellow gold is the most outwardly luxurious. All of them are polished and finished spectacularly. 

The tonneau case design is inspired by the shell of a tortoise. That’s right, who knew animals could be so influential on horology (cough cough Chinese New Year Dragon IWC). Hold your horses, though Timelords.

Did you know you could land yourself a platinum edition which features a spectacular diamond bezel which equates to around 2 carats? John Mayer, are you interested at all?

This remarkable yellow gold piece landed at Watches and Wonders 2024, evoking a champagne style dial with equally golden hands and pitch black Roman hour markers. 

The platinum model goes for the less-is-more approach and opts for rhodium plated silver Roman numerals.

La dolce vita of timepieces, the time only version is powered by the 430 MC movement which simply has to power general timekeeping. Available from September 2024 and limited to 200 pieces with the diamond edition capped at 50, we don’t see these hanging around too long. 

 You can buy a Cartier Tortue at retail as of April 2024 for:

  • CRWHTO0008 (Platinum Monopoussior) - Around £49,750
  • CRWHTO0007 (Yellow Gold Monopoussoir) - Around £40,000
  • WGTO006 (Yellow Gold Tortue) - Around £23,800
  • WJTO0010 (Platinum/Diamond Tortue) - Around £45,320
  • WGTO0008 (Platinum Tortue) - Around £26,550


15. Cartier De Santos Dual Time

The Cartier De Santos offered wearers a chance to move away from the classical circular designs that popularised pocket watches in the early 20th Century. 

Given a squared case, the line has remained very consistent over the years and earned a reputation as one of the best Cartier watches to date.  

Source - Cartier

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For Watches and Wonders 2024, the models continue in the same vein, albeit with a few slight alterations that would make the most staunch horological traditionalist weak at the knees. Sized at 40.2mm, the watches are very slim at only 10.1mm thick. This is surprising given the 100 metres of water resistance they can deftly resist. 

Built into a squared case, the watch utilises a similarly shaped bezel that's thoroughly polished and locked in with a total of eight screws. The edges of and the bracelet are brushed which adds for us a far more sportier dynamic to the pieces. 

The dial is given a slate grey shade in keeping with the steely case whilst the sunray finish allows the small date aperture at 3 o’clock to be promoted. This is perfectly aligned with the ridged crown that's fitted with a fabulous cabochon sapphire. 

This works alongside the dual time complication that resides at 6 o’clock. Dual time is correct and of perfect standard! It is made up of a 24 hour scale with a day/night indicator at the top of the snailed sub-dial. There are Roman numeral hour markers (not reversed this time!) with grey sword shaped hands that are coated with lume. 

Within the timepieces is a phenomenal automatic movement that runs at a hardy 4Hz and ensures a 40 hour power reserve. Its calibre may not be too high-powered like the El Primero, but that doesn't restrict it from being one of the best Cartier watches we have seen of recent times.

- You can buy a Cartier De Santos at retail for around £7,680 as of April 2024. 



Michael Jackson sang “Baby, love never felt so good”. Well, Mike…we think Cartier watches have never looked so fine! They have been running for over a century and most of our tributes must go to none other than Monsieur Louis-François Cartier. Merci beaucoup. 

From the artistry of the Santos Dumont Skeleton - Yellow Gold to the sportiness of the Calibre Diver and the scintillating Santos-Dumont Rewind in 2024, they have us covered from sipping cocktails on Oxford Street to deep sea diving in the azure-coloured seas of the Maldives. 

We recommend doing some of your own research before making a decision. Hopefully reading our guide to 12 of the best Cartier watches to buy right now is a small price to pay to look the best. And we know the place to find the best Cartier watches at the best possible price in the safest and most secure environment.

Time is ticking.


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